2009-03-30: Here We Go Again


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Summary: Eddie comes to tell his parents about what he's discovered.

Date: March 30, 2009

Here We Go Again

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Master Bedroom

A very large bed dominates this room. The bed itself is apparently a custom made one, because it's quite hard to find beds that size. Like the rest of the house, it's hardly been decorated, since someone else seems to enjoy doing so.

After coming home from talking with Scott about something that happened the other day, Christopher currently in just a pair of pants in the bedroom. The sound of bathwater can be heard running as Christopher plans to relax in a nice hot bath instead of the hot tub today. At the moment he's lying on the bed looking through a magazine as he waits, some soft celtic music of the Loreena McKinnett variety plays in the bed room as he plans on having some relaxation time.

Jeri's actually in the bathroom off from the bedroom adding some things to the bathwater, though he hasn't told Christopher about that yet. He has a bathbomb as well as a few new soaps. He's waiting to see how Christopher responds to 'Demon in the Dark'. He's humming softly along with the music, wishing he had his violin here to play along.

After coming home from a walk with Nova, Eddie's found that his fathers are home. Taking a deep breath, the teen swallows and after a short search, heads to their bedroom. He listens just a moment with a blush on his face to make sure it's not a 'bad time' before knocking. Dressed in jeans and a Quicksilver-themed t-shirt, he waits and starts to hum along to the music as well.

Christopher looks up at the door and smiles. "Come on in, it's safe." He says with a chuckle as he closes the magazine and sits up, stretching back a bit. He runs a hand through his hair and calls to the bathroom. "Is the water almost ready?" He asks as he doesn't want the bath to get too cold before he gets to enjoy it.

"Just about. Gotta wait a few more minutes to fill." Jeri calls back out as he stops it anyway, they can add more water in a bit. He gets the implements ready before stepping out and checking on things. "Who were you talking to?"

"Me," Eddie squeaks as he enters the room slowly, peeking first before coming all the way in. After all, he does have a slightly different definition of 'safe'. "Hey, Dads…" he trails off. "I…um…can we talk about something? It's…kinda important…"

"It's Eddie." Christopher calls out as he gets up off the bed and looks at Eddie with a smile. "Sure, you know you can talk to us about anything. What's up honey?" He asks as he looks to the bathroom to make sure Jeri's there too to hear this. Christopher then reaches out to put a hand on Eddie's shoulder and give it a light, comforting squeeze.

Hearing that he wants to talk, Jeri steps the rest of the way out of the bathroom and sits on the bed next to Christopher. "What's on your mind, kiddo?" He asks, tilting his head. Jeri's actually more clothed than Christopher at the moment.

Eddie glances at the hand on his shoulder and then smiles nervously. In his head, he's picturing about twenty worst-case scenarios but that's just Eddie. "I umm…well, it's about something those people…the Resures did. Something Mr. Resure did…that was pretty bad. -Really bad-…"

Christopher looks at Eddie with worry and surprise. "You're okay, right Eddie? He didn't come looking for you and do anything did he?" Christopher asks obviously getting into bit of a panic quick. He thinks that Mr. Resure did something to hurt his son.

Cue over-protective Papa in three… two… one. Jeri cracks his knuckles and his neck individually. "What did they do, Eddie?" His voice takes on that icy tone that it used to when he thought about them. They thought it was bad having ONE Jericho there, imagine having four. "Let us know and we'll see what we can do to take care of it."

Eddie frowns. "Dad, do you honestly think I'd let him get close enough to touch me?" he asks. Shaking his head to snap out of 'grrr I'm tough' mode, he takes a deep breath. "No…no it's something he did to someone else that I just found out about kinda recently…Jared knows too cause he was there and umm…can we sit down?" he asks, still worried.

"I don't know what that asshole of a man would do." Christopher says, perhaps a bit to bitterly. "Well I'm glad you're alright." He says as he looks at the bed and shifts so Eddie can sit down next to him and Jeri. "Well what's up then Eddie?" He asks sounding concerned still. The sort of waiting game is getting him nervious.

"It doesn't matter who he did something to. I'm still waiting for an excuse to claim temporary insanity on him." Jeri says, in the sweetest most polite voice he can muster. It sounds very strange coming from him.

Eddie gives Jeri a little frowny look. "He's a bit injured right now so it's not a fair fight…" he trails off, looking away for a moment. "But…uh…well, about seventeen or eighteen years ago…before I was born I think…that…man went and had an affair with one of the women working for him…and when she told him she was gonna have a kid, he fired her and threatened her and she had to leave the country," he says, swallowing. He's just repeating what he learned from Olly. "Anyway…after some pretty bad stuff…that woman's son…my umm…other Half-Brother…he came looking for me."

"Oh like that asshole would care if you were injured or not for a fair fight." Christopher says with a sigh as he has a lot of dislike, well hate, for Eddie's biological peoples. He does listen to what Eddie says and nods slowly as he lets out a sigh. "Other son…half brother…what?" He asks as he's still getting used to Jeri's long lost son randomly appearing now there's a long lost half brother for Eddie, he's not sure what to say.

"Lovely. So, he knocked her up, KNEW it, and threw her to the side." Jeri growls. It's unthinkable to him. Admittedly, he didn't know he HAD a son, or he would have taken the appropriate fatherly measures earlier.

Eddie gives Chris a look. "Just because that scumbag'd do it doesn't me any of us should," he says firmly, scars flickering blue for a second without him noticing. Sighing, the scarred teen looks back down. "He found me…but first he went after the Resures and…Kevin," he just about growls that name. "Hurt him. He's been coming by here since then…I managed to talk him into letting Jared heal him but…" he sighs. "Olly…that's his name…he's in some trouble. He's a mutant and he was being used as slave labor until he escaped and came here and he's been staying in a tent in the woods and…"

Christopher nods, taking a deep breath, as he listens. He's quite for a bit as everything just sinks in. "Well…if he's a mutant, Jeri and I can do what we can to get him enrolled in Xavier's and what he needs." He looks to Jeri and shakes his head, the idea that someone would use a mutant for slave labor doesn't sit well with him but he knows Jeri would have a better understanding after Genosha.

"Slave camp. Wonder if Cecilia knows about this. She's spent some time in Canada after all." Jeri says, shaking his head before nodding at Chris. "Yeah. If he's willing to come to the school, we'll talk to Scott and see what we can do with this one." After all, the house is full already, and… add to that the fact that this is another Resure child, certainly the school could get custody. Jeri and Christopher? Not a chance, especially with them trying to gain Jared.

Eddie shivers. "He said it was near a mine and he had to work in it…" he trails off. "I…don't know how to convince him to go up to the school…but umm…" he squirms. "Could…could he stay here for a few days? To get him out of that tent in the woods?"

Christopher closes his eyes and sighs, it's hard to tell which part he's sighing at. "A few days? We might be able to do a few days and nothing more. We really don't have the space to accomidate for much longer. We can do what we can to help but honey…" Christopher trails off and shakes his head. Just too much going on right now and now this, the stress is really starting to show now as he rests his head in his hands.

"We'll talk to him about the school and see what he thinks. I'm already trying to get custody of Jared as well. The state won't look too kindly on us trying to get another so soon. Not to mention, a pair of openly gay men adopting teenage boys." He admits with a soft shrug. "You know how people are. How it will look. But we'll see if he wants to learn to control his powers in an open environment, and help with getting him what he needs."

Eddie just sighs and leans back against the nearest Dad. Going quiet, he's really not sure how to react anymore.

Christopher nods and rubs at his temples. "I'm sorry honey, but that's the best we can do right now. Jeri's right." He says as he puts an arm around Eddie. "You were terrified to go to Xavier's at first and look what happened." He offers in hopes that will help Eddie with thinking about convincing his half-brother to live and go to school there.

"We'll need your help to do that, if you want him somewhere safe. And the school is known for taking in students that come from… damaging backgrounds like that. There have been students legally adopted by the school or by teachers before." Jeri says with a quick nod, patting a hand on Eddie's shoulder.

Eddie nods slightly. "I need help though…" he murmurs. He's just not confident in his ability to convince Olly. "A pair of teachers tellinh him about the school might help convince him…"

Christopher leans against Eddie, pushing him a bit, so he's sandwhiched inbetween Jeri and Eddie. "You know we'll help Eddie, you just have to get us to meet him okay? And we can tell him all about Xavier's the same we did with you." Christopher says as he knows he's really going to need that relaxing bath in a bit. "And like we said we can help him with anything he needs too just, we don't have the room here and what Jeri said before."

"I already said I would, Eddie. And you know I want to do what's right for people. But they have to accept the help as well. You almost didn't." Jeri says, ruffling Eddie's hair as he starts putting things together in his head. With the war, and tomorrow being the end of it, there's just so much to keep his attention.

Eddie squeaks when pushed and again when ruffled. "Thanks, Dads…" he trails off. "Just…angry that that jerk hurt someone else too…"

"Well you're away from him now and so is your half-brother, there's always light at the end of dark times and we'll help you brother out okay Captain Muffin Pants?" Christopher says trying to sound positive through his stress. "Why does everything seem to happen all at once?"

"Go bathe, love. There's a bath bomb ready. Happy Pill." Jeri says with a chuckle. "And a new soap I picked out to see what you think." He says to Christopher before he flops back on the bed himself. "Alright. We'll get through things. We always do. And so will he."

Eddie gives Chris a strange look. "Captain Muffin Pants? What?" he's confused. Shaking his head, he stretches. "I'm gonna go out back with Nova for awhile…" he trails off. The scarred teen gives both of his adopted dads a quick kiss on the cheek before rolling right off the bed. THUD. "Ow," he mutters. A moment later and he's getting up and heading out.

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