2011-09-19: Heroes And Death

Players: Kai and Vance

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Summary: Vance visits Kai at the medbay.

Date: September 19, 2011

Log Title: Heroes and Death

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Medical Center

The name medical 'office' rather undersells what his, in essence, a state of the art, high-tech and extremely well stocked medical bay and treatment center. There are always orderies and nurses in attendance to handle minor injuries and a doctor is always on call for more serious problems. In addition to a locked medicine storage facility, there are modules for isolating patients, a (hopefully never used) cryogenic storage and stasis module for preserving life (or bodies) when the local team can't stabilize a patient and a pair of ten bed infirmary modules attached to the main area. Each bed and exam table is equipped with the latest Stark-tech diagnostics gear.

Kai has spent the last few days in the medical center, he's still got some healing to do but he's feeling a lot stronger and his powers are functioning again. This monday afternoon finds him sitting up in bed wearing blue and grey Barnes sweats, doing reading he needs to catch up on when he goes back to class.

Having been off-planet on an Avengers mission, Vance was informed of Kai’s being in the Infirmary and once he returned to Earth, his first stop was to go straight to Barnes. Entering the medbay in full Justice costume blue and white bodysuit with long blue cape and an Avengers insignia on his belt. “What happened?” He asks as his expressions as a cross between concern and annoyance.

Kai looks up when he hears Vance's voice, seeing the full Justice uniform he's half impressed half thinking it's way too dramatic, "I got shot", ok stating the obvious a little there but Vance didn't really say how much he was looking for, he lifts up his shirt to show the bandages, "See?"

Looking at the bandages, Vance shakes his head and approaches the Stark-tech gear at the edge of the bed and begins to review all it says on Kai. Examining the report, he ahems and repeats in a firmer tone, “What happened?” Clearly more of an explanation than ‘I got shot’ is wanted from Kai. From the report, Vance can see that Kai is doing alright considering.

Kai closes his book, "I was at the train station with a guy from Xaviers and a group of people calling themselves the Friends of Humanity showed up claiming that mutants are the real cause of 9/11, they had a scanner which scans for the x-gene and the guy i was with tested positive so they assumed i was one too and took a shot at me, i got hit, bled internally for a while then woke up here".

“Ok thank you for the full story. And I am glad to see that you are ok.” Vance finishes reviewing the diagnostic information, “According to the scans, you should be out of the medbay and back in class in no time.” Moving to the edge of the bed and telekinetically moving a chair for him to sit on, “Sounds like it was a crazy event. How is your friend from Xavier’s doing?”

Kai nods, "So am i, bullet wounds aren't the walk in the park i thought they'd be", he's more than happy to return to school, the infermory reminds him too much of the old base, "Friend from Xavier's?, which one?, the one at the shooting or the one that got me here?"

“Both” Vance responds in regard to the question of which friend. He looks over the teen and smirks a bit, “Well you have survived your first shooting. That is very good.” He offers a smile and then hmmns, “Well it is very unfortunate this happened, and not to say it happens regularly, but it goes to show that stuff like this can happen to anyone. There are a lot of nuts out there whether it be Friends of Humanity or Minder and Upgrade or Hydra and AIM.”

"Well the guy at the shooting didn't get shot so i'm guessing he's doing just fine and the one who brought me here Kevin, is doing fine last i saw him he had to head home because his dads wanted him back home", Kai's only responce to the mention of HYDRA is a non-commital "Mmmhmm".

“Well, we’ll have to be sure to thank this Kevin from Xavier’s.” Vance offers a smile, “Well, I’ll find out what has become of the shooter and any other loose fringes of the Friend s of Humanity. And they are just nuts. They would attack anyone not just mutants considering that a train station would have been full of non-mutants too. And of all days to do it.” Vance sighs.

Kai nods, "I did say thank you, he helped me out a lot, right now you could be visiting a bodybag", he shrugs, "I checked out the news and the police have them now but i reckon SHIELD had some involvment in picking them up", he doesn't mention the guy he shot, twice. "You can't reason with fanatics".

“Well good. I’ll see about contacting this Kevin myself too. Just to thank him.” Vance offers a smile, “As for the mad gunman, I’ll find out what is being done with him and if SHIELD took care of him, then it is a VERY good thing that you are here at Barnes.” Vance stands up as he moves the chair back telekinetically, “So tell me, did you use your powers?”

Kai thinks how best to answer the question, "Sort of, when the nice men with the guns started shooting at me i tried to aid my escape by freezing their feet to the floor, obviously didn't work aswell as hoped", to be fair he's not exactly lying, "Should i not have?"

Staring at Kai when he is asked if he should have used his powers, Vance replies with his own question, “You were in a literal life or death situation where you and other innocents at the train station could have been hurt or killed. What do you think?” Vance smiles, “I’ll check the reports when I get back to the Avengers Headquarters to see if there is any specific mention of you or photos. But it seems you used your powers without harming anyone and in a creative way to try and stop villains. Doesn’t always work, but you attempted to and no one was harmed. So good job. Your heart and mind were in the right place.”

"I shouldn't have not have?", Kai shakes his head at the mention of photos, "The lights were taken out before anything really happened, so it would be hard to make out any photos, even then i was wearing a hat", for someone who nearly died a few days ago Kai is pretty non-chalant about it, "So here 3 days then shot, did i break the record?"

Chuckling at the mention of the record, “I believe so. I’ll have to check.” Vance is pleased that while Kai is non-chalant concerning the situation, he is able to see some humor as while his injuries are minimal it was still a potentially traumatic event. “Well, the most important thing is that you are fine.” Vance offers another smile, “Hey I’m curious. What were you feeling or thinking during the situation?”

Kai nods, "I'll drink to that, or i will when i'm twenty one, if i remember that is", he thinks back to the moment he realised the situation would turn violent, "Well the phrase 'holy shit' comes to mind", also "fun", "ameturs", "four down…" and "i hope that hurt" came to mind.”

If he were sipping soda through a straw it would all spill out when Vance hears the catchphrase thoughts that came to mind during the shooting incident. Chuckling loudly as his face gets red Vance joins in, “You would be surprised that a lot of heroes think similar thoughts.” Through laughing bursts, “In particular the ‘holy shit’ and similar situations.”

Kai grins, "Well i'm not exactly a hero but it's cool to hear that i think a little like one, though i think heroes are better at dodging bullets too", to be fair he's not that bad at dodging bullets, "Does this place have a bullet dodging class by any chance?, cos that would be handy should this happen again".

“Oddly enough…No there is no specific bullet-dodging class. But there is a gymnastics and acrobatics class. Perhaps something akin to bullets but safer can be incorporated into your classes. Talk to Ms Drew or one of the other professors regarding something a bit more streamlined for you.” Vance notes a perk in Kai’s attitude, “And you acted like a hero. You know walk like a duck. Talk like a duck…Act like a hero, Defend people. Get shot.” Vance smirks, “I’d say that is heroic.”

Wow thats the first time anything Kai's ever done has been or could be called heroic, usually you could use words like dispicable or evil weither the intent is there or not, "Do i get a cape?, or am i short a few bullet holes?", he smiles, "If so it better be a good one, bullets hurt".

Shaking his head and smiling, “Well get shot only gets you a set of tights. And those ugly red underwear ones that Super-Man wears. To earn the cape, you have to die and be resurrected.” While it is a funny comment, Justice has known of people dying and coming back.

Kai hmmms, "I don't know if i'd look all that good in tights and as much as i like red, i'm a little old fashioned as i like to keep my underwear under my pants", he pulls out a notebook from the bedside table, writes down 'Get shot - Tights' and ticks it, then under that, 'Die and come back- Cape', "Ok so not sure how to pull off that one but it's better than the alternitive, die and stay dead, what's next?"

“Well as someone who has done it. Trust me, it sucks.” Vance speaks matter-of-factly from firsthand experience. “Goodness, Kai. I’ve never known to be so light-hearted. It seems Barnes is a good fit for you. Who would have thought you had to go to military school to find your sense of humor? How are you getting on? Any friends yet?”

Kai mouths 'wow', "How did you manage that?, what was it like?", he grins when Vance mentions him finding his sense of humour, "I guess i'm just weirdly comfortable here, oh god, i'm insane aren't i?, most people see military school as a punishment", he shrugs, "I like it here but i havn't really spoken to anyone yet, i've been down here so i havn't actually met my roomate yet".

“Oh ok. Well, it would have been nice for Jeremy to come down here to visit you while you’re down here. Maybe he doesn’t know.” Vance shrugs, “And no you are not insane, you just like here, so that is good. Though when you are out of here I’d like you to make a concerted effort to meet more students from this school. Xavier’s is nice and all, but try some friends from here too.” He exhales, “As for my death story, it’s a bit too long. I’ll tell you sometime. The quick summary. Evil alien named Thanos takes over as powerful weapon. Kills like half of the universe. Few select heroes sent to fight him. We get resurrected unintentionally by his granddaughter. Everything is undone. Fight again. Thanos commits suicide. Universe is saved…for the moment.”

Kai smiles and nods, "Ok, as soon as they let me out of here i'll make enough friends here to fill up a facebook page", as he listens to Vance's story several things grab his interest, "An evil alien?, where did he come from and how did you find out about him?, whats it like in space and what sort of planets have you seen?", "His granddaughter brought back half the universe?, wow thats mindblowing"

"Ok good. Then." Vance offers the teen when he states he'll make a concerted effort to make friends. WIth regard to Vance's story. He notes the interest from Kai and simply answers the questions, "I'll tell yo the whole story when you are out of here, but to answer those questions, Thanos is from Titan. He has been on Earth and has fought the Avenger and other heroes. Space is cold and lonely. I have been to a bunch of planets and even other dimensions. And yes, his granddaughter brought us all back even though she didn't mean too. Thankfully…Nebula is an idiot!"

Kai nods, "Is SHIELD's information on extraterrestrial life on the Barnes computer systems?", he raises an eyebrow when Vance calls Nebula an idiot, "Even if she was an idiot thats an amazing level of power, when you tell me the full story you gotta tell me haw she managed something like that, it's worrying that someone could have that power".

“Yes, well one of your teachers here is extraterrestrial. You’ll meet him soon enough and if you are not in his class, you will definitely notice the talking raccoon. Rocket Racoon is from Half-world. He is basically a talking raccoon. Great guy…er creature…he’s just great.” Looking towards the door, “Well, Kai. I’m glad to see you are doing well. I’ll be back to visit, but I have to head to Avenger HQ.”

Kai raises an eyebrow, "Wait, did you just say i'm gonna be taught by a talking raccoon?, thats a little odd just so you know", he nods and smiles as Vance says he has to go, "Thanks for coming to see me, i'll give you an update on the friend thing next time i see you and you can tell me the rest of the story".

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