2010-08-16: Heros And Halo


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Summary: What is supposed to be a relaxing evening of Halo co-opping turns into insanity, when Domino is interrupted just as Hero's is starting to take on the task of taking Alex out. Hobgoblin on her tail in an attempt to unmask her and gain points for The Great Game, brings even more insanity to the evening.

Date: August 16 2010

Heros and Halo:

Rating: PG-13

In-Town Suites room, Manhattan

A simple room, that is kept in near imacculate condition. It's clear that whoever is staying here, doesn't bother with the maid service except for new linens, keeps everything in it's exact place. A bed dominates the room, with a flat screen centered on teh far wall. A small desk sits next to it, with a balck duffel back, full of the few positions Laura carries with her when she uses this space. To the left is a small closet and the door leading out to the hall, and one that leads to the bathroom. The the right the wall is cominated by a large bay window.

It's early in the evening, and Alex has been on surprisingly good behavior. Sure, he gives her the obvious looks, he can't help but check her out, but he hasn't propositioned her since the night before. And other than having the habit of calling her cute, he's been oddly less vulgar than when she first encountered him. Maybe he's just more comfortable?

He sits on the bed next to her, having set up a 360 with Halo, since it's a fairly easy game to start with. He also brought a Wii and a PS3 with him. "See, I know it's not realistic, but it's fun, right?" he asks as he lightly nudges her, then goes back to exploding NPCs. They're playing in co-op mode.

At the moment Laura was mashing down on buttons furiously. It was quite clear to see that she was going to be one of -those- people. You know the kind. The ones who get entirely too focused and through tantrums when they don't have things go their way. With a normal human, that may result in a broken controller or two.. A mutant with unbreakable claws though.. well, it certainly would be interesting. Her brow was furrowed in intense concentration as she expertly knocking off one NPC after the next, her tongue poking past full lips and off to one side as she sits cross legged on the bed. "It is more enjoyable then movies." she agreed, though it was clear she was a little more then distracted by the game. As an NPC managed to get a lucky shot, that had a quiet stream of cursing escaping, as she mashed buttons down even harder.

"Christ, you're intense. I can hardly keep up." Alex is getting his share of kills, but it's clear she's quickly gotten far better at it than him. "I don't think I've ever seen a chick who can play a game like you. This is a great way to relax after my daily ass-kicking from you, not that I mind a few grappling moves here and there."

Laura grunted her eyes narrowing as she refocused on the game, thumbs flying over the various keys. Another few NPC's go down before there is a whole slew of them sniping from one vantage point or another. "What is the purpose? To just continually kill them?" she asked, as her gaze shifted from the screen towards Alex for a moment, watching him. The video games had been an interesting surprise, when she'd woken up. "And where did you get them from? Are they yours?" her questions spoken her attention refocused on the screen, expertly taking out one NPC sniper after the other. She grinned in earnest, as she sat up a bit straighter, proud with her epic score.

At the end of the stage, their scores get tallied up, and her's is indeed epic, with a few achievements popping up as well. Then it goes to some sort of cut-scene, and story stuff happens! "You go through the story, kill shit, and we try to beat the entire game. It gets harder and harder, with boss battles and stuff. And yeah, this stuff is all mine, you get them at video game stores. There's all sorts of them, some you might like, some you might hate."

She reclined back against the headboard as the cinematic continued, still in a pair of dark gray boxers and tank that she'd changed into earlier in the day when they had first come back for food and movies. "I see." her reply was thoughtful. The story didn't interest her much, though the shooting certainly did. "And why do you play them?" she asked, turning to glance his way again a dark brow arching upwards as long legs stretched out in front of her. She seemed much more comfortable, hardly even flinching or going rigid when he did get closer or touched her in the casual way all humans seemed to do with one another. Though Laura did keep a careful amount of no contact with him. "I mean, it does seem mildly enjoyable, but I see many at school playing them all day long. I do not understand this."

"Well, they're all fun for different reasons. Shooters are mostly fun with another person, it's fun to play and see who's the best at it, or just work really hard to beat a game. You really feel accomplished after it, y'know? It depends on the game though. Like Left 4 Dead, the purpose is to survive a zombie apocalypse, you kill zombies and try not to die." Alex slides back to the middle of the bed, not having his shoes on anymore, then looks up to her boxers, then the tank top, with a very wide grin. "Most games work completely differently than other games, so it's always something new to learn too."

Laura's nose wrinkles at the mention of zombies, immediately associating it with the campy Bruce Campbell flick they'd watched earlier in the day. "I see." she murmured again, his gaze going unnoticed by her, as the game picked back up again. She sat up once more legs pulling up to her chest as her chin rest on her knees and she began furiously mashing buttons again. "And what else do you do? Aside from having bounty's on your head and playing video games and watching questionable movies?" she asked, making an attempt to keep the conversation rolling. Small talk had never really been something Laura had picked up on, despite her best efforts and others attempts to teach her to fit in better.

"I drink, go to strip clubs, have loads of sex, and smoke the occasional joint. I'm not the best role model, if you didn't notice. I'm an alright cook too, but I'm not what you'd call a very interesting guy, y'know?" Alex hunches over and starts playing along with the game as well, though he seems to get a little worse at it after the minor detour his eyes took a moment ago. "I'm just indulgent, I do whatever makes me happy at the moment."

Laura continued to mash buttons, keeping the screen in her peripherals as she casts a sideways glance over at Alex. "I do not understand how they think you could be fit to be in any sort of teaching role." she commented as he listed off what his daily activities consisted of. It wasn't an attempt to be unkind, merely her being too blunt as always. Her focus returned to the game for a moment. "Does all those things make you happy?" she asked after a long moment or two of silence. "I mean, aren't there more useful things to do with your time? That sounds like a waste."

"Hey, it's not like I go telling students to do this stuff, and like I said, I'm just an assistant." Wesley blows the head off of something on the screen, looking back at her again before promptly losing another life. "Drinking, strippers, and pot might be a waste, but Christ, have you even had sex? I wouldn't call that a waste to keep in my daily activities."

That question had gotten her full attention, complete with a narrow-eyed glare in his direction, causing an NPC to get in a good shot as she went running out into the open randomly, getting her killed. Looking truly uncomfortable for the first time since they'd started the video game marathon, Laura grunted under her breath. "Yes I have." came her clipped reply, "And I do not see it as a necessity. Merely something people feel the urge to do when they can't keep their own hormones in check." She turned her scowl back on the screen, fingers still paused over button on the controller. "You know, perhaps you would not find yourself in the situation you are in if you focused on more important things. Seems to me that your lack of motivation is really the sole cause for you being a cyborg.. or whatever, and having a bounty on your head with a psycho trying to gun you down."

"Sex isn't a necessity, but hell, it's fun. Maybe the guys you did it with just sucked, that's how it is with a lot of chicks who don't like it." Alex says as he sits the controller down, and looks back at her again, noting her discomfort. "Sorry if I hit a nerve or something, didn't really mean to. But like, I can't help not being motivated, I've tried all my life to figure myself out, and I just don't know what I want except the most basic human crap. I mean, what's your motivation?"

The phone call was one that had Domino in a not-so-happy mood. She was kicked back, watching Heroes and perhaps in search of a role model still in a TV show when the cutting ring came into her cell phone, making her toss of popcorn at the screen come to a halt. "Yeah?" .. "Yes it is." … "Okay, get to the point.." … "So you want him shaken but not stirred?"…"Right, what are you paying me?" … "More, your interrupting Heroes."… "That's better, I'm your lady."

The phone was closed after a moment of more listening, tossed aside and she was suiting up. Blue on black leather body suit zipped up to leave a deep V at the neck line and the shoulder rig strapped on, Browning's checked for being loaded as well as tac belt for gear and the zip line as well holstered to said belt. Around her upper thigh were throwing daggers as well as the array that were concealed beneath the snug fit of reinforced attire.

Slipping from her apartment through the window she ascended the fire escape and began the trek
across town to the given location. A hotel called In Town Suites room 310 is where they saw the man enter with an unnamed woman. Standing on the roof she lowered to a crouch, looking over the ledge and down to where their window would be by calculations. "Sylar's hot and this just sucks. In and out Domino.."

Laura merely met his response with a grunt, smashing buttons in more vigorously, and probably leaving his controller a little broken when she was done with it. The A button just didn't want to come out, and was proving be problematic as she continuously fired and wasted ammo. "Missions." she replied, ignoring his apology all together, as she refocused on Halo. "That is my motivation. And training. If there isn't something to be completed then there is training to perfect technique and skill." she repeated mechanically, clearly something that had been drilled into her since birth and it showed.

As the current stage of the game wore down and drifted into more cut scenes, Lara stared morosely at the screen, the line of questioning seeming to pt her back into her usual sour state of being, reverting back into her head as her expression settled in a blank mask once more. "I am not saying my motivations should be yours but…" she finally started and then trailed off, whatever she was about to say lost as a familiar scent caught in her nostrils. Her chin tipped up, as nostrils flared out pulling the scent in again. Faint. Her head snapped first towards the door as she unfolded her slender frame from the bed and padded towards it on silent feet. Another sniff and she was turning back towards the window, eyes narrowing. What was she doing here? "In the bathroom. Now." she barked orders in Alex's direction, though her tone remained quiet. "Don't talk, don't move, don't even breathe loud." Laura was already moving towards the window and drawing curtains closed. No need to jump to conclusions. Perhaps she was here regarding the mission… Though Domino did work with Deadpool on a seemingly regular basis. And why would she come in through the window? Laura had never told her where she was staying, unless the woman had followed at one point, which seemed unlikely.

"Missions? That's… so fucked. I'm totally gonna show you normal sex one day." Alex decides, but then she starts moving, and things are getting a little more tense for entirely different reasons now. When she says to go into the bathroom, he listens, and doesn't speak. He closes the door behind him, but doesn't lock it. Whatever's going on, he's certainly not going to lock himself in and leave it up to her to protect him.

He's a man! That's his logic.

From the tac belt at Domino's hip she pulled a canister free from one of the pouches - Smoke bomb. A good deterrent, and one that did not harm the senses it would just haze the view a bit and leave her reliant on her own uncanny ability to come out on top. Though she was clueless who sat beneath with her target, to her it was just a woman, a civilian and one who could easily be left in the dust. Boy was she in for a surprise.

Stepping up to the ledge of the building the measurement of cord needed for a 3 story drop was an estimate, her torso turning to the side as the cord firing gun shot out, embedding into brick surface as she free fell from the ledge, swinging down in an arc along the side of the building, her feet kicking off to bring her to a swift run along the side for momentum. The window was reached and breached with her head tucking and her upper weight crashing through the glass to bring Domino to a rolling stand as the smoke bomb was released to omit a thick cloud of white into the room
room - Browning's drawn and muscles reticulated, ready..

As the sounds of Domino grew closer, Laura dove for the bed, landing on the other side, closest to the bathroom Ina low crouch, only her forehead and eyes visibly over the rumpled sheets and comforter. Both sets of claws push out from her knuckles just as the window shattered inward and the smoke bomb went off. A quiet sigh escaped through gritted teeth, as Laura remained where she was for the moment. Clearly this was not mission related. The room filled with dense white smoke, and Laura used that to her advantage, remaining low tot he ground as she crept towards the end of the queen size bed. Having an idea Laura stood slowly, hands falling to her sides but at the ready. "You certainly do enjoy your entrances don't you?" she murmured, eyes squinting through eh smoke in what she assumed was where Domino now stood.

Great, from the sounds of things a fight is about to happen. And here he is, hiding in a bathroom while the girl he's trying to impress is out there protecting him. Alex won't stand for it, he stands up, starting to look around the bathroom. Sure, he's got super lasers, but who the hell knows how to use those? He grabs a bottle of shampoo, then squeezes it into a little cup. And while the two are occupied with each other he turns the water on, filling the cup and swirling it around slightly.

These are tactics of grand proportions…

In her entrance Domino had a matter of seconds to survey the layout and the flash of movement that showed their was a body in this room, but she only counted one. One arm swung out towards the open left side of the room bearing one Browning, her landing having her closer to the right and the door out to the hall, adjacent was likely the bathroom. Towards those two doors is where the other Browning was leveled, shifting back and forth in a slight motion of estimation.

The voice of Laura was not yet recognized, but the words did get a response. "Just a lowly magician looking for a tip. Where's the other? I have to pull him out of a hat."

As she spoke though her body was moving in the direction where Laura's voice had come from, a fast movement that had her springing up in estimation, kicking off the foot of the bed and swinging her arm down to use her reinforced fist like a javelin to impact her body. Get the civilian unconscious and finish the job.

"You're sure it was Domino?" Asked the brunette who stood next to the hovering form of Hobgoblin.

"Of course we're sure you calling us blind? She came this way… "Came the sharp reply as the jets on the glider fired in and he would coast out further scanning the building line before them. "We lost her though… she went into one of these buildings."

"Smell that? There!" Points the tiger headed figure wearing a blue and black costume, floating aloft not far away from his two companions.

The first of the trio began to run towards the fire escape, "She's mine!" He yells behind him in his rush.
Hobgoblin snickers the other soars after him shouting, "We'll wait for these idiots to flush her out then she' is all ours." Having no idea Laura Kinney or Alex Heckler were within the building Domino had just entered.

Relying heavily on her other senses, Laura's stance shifted as she heard Domino move, enhanced reflexes doing their part, to moving her from Dom's intended line of striking, though she herself refrained from striking back. "What exactly do you think you are doing?" she growled as she straightened up again. "No one else is here. You're late. The mark and the female left almost twenty minutes ago." The shift of movement had Laura tot he side of the bathroom door now, and she continued to turn, facing Domino again fully. This could either go very well, or very poorly. Hallway would have been better. Laura should of had the poor idiot running before Dom even entered the room, but who knew how much trouble he could manage to get into if he took off on his own? "Honestly Domino, it's me. And I would appreciate it if you would refrain from trying to rend me unconscious." Both sets of claws retracted with a quiet yet still unmistakable sounds of adamantium coated claws reacting back into her forearms.

Alex just holds his glass tightly, fully prepared to defend himself or Laura if it turns out to be necessary. It's his ultimate weapon right now, it could not fail if he needed to use it! He tries to control his breathing, in the nose, out the mouth, that's how Laura said to do it.

The adept dodge from Laura had Domino landing on her feet in the space between the bed and the wall, spinning to keep the wall at her back and the open space at her front. The weapons were lifted already and aimed into the open yet smoke huen space. This time though, the voice was pinned to a face when Laura began talking and Domino hissed through clenched teeth.

"Bullshit X, I don't take that long to get where I need to be when called." The pause was thought on the descriptions she was given, Laura matched the one of the female, the coincidence was the issue. The tug on the line had come and she could do nothing to X, though she had the opportunity! She'd kick herself for not taking it later her back slid across the wall as she side stepped towards the end of the wall, where the curve off would lead to the bathroom door.

"You won't have any more attempts made against you, but stay out of my way." To ensure the truth was being told as she reached the corner one hand reached out and slammed open t
the sliding door to the mini closet, lowering the aim of the pistols into there, waiting for the small wisps of invading smoke to clear.

At this point Domino is completely unaware of the company on their way up to the room, her work and intentions commencing.

Flying Tiger zips around the corner of the building floating near where Domino had entered through the window and smoke was pluming out, she was on to them? Perhaps trying to lose them and here the Hobgoblin said he had been sneaky in his surveillance, what a putz. A pistol in both hands he starts firing into the smoke.

Below first floor with no desire for tact the front door of the hotel was punched shattering in all directions with shrapnel. Instantly the man began to sprint up the stairs taking two or three at a time,

"Shit, what floor did she go into… they're going to get to her first."

Circling the building in waving figure eights Hobgoblin watched as Flying Tiger attacked, having no idea where Shatterfist was currently, this was amusing, such beautiful chaos was about to unfold. He couldn't wait, it made him giddy and impatient, already he was holding a pumpkin bomb in each hand, just… biding his time.

Well shit. Laura leans back, reclining lightly against the as she followed Domino's movements, muscles in her forearms tensed and relaxed. "You do realize that you are wasting your time, don't you?" she sneered in the other woman's direction, her head shaking slowing, sending a few stray strands flying as the escaped from behind her ears. Laura pushed off the wall, and paced Dom as she started her search. "You know, just because you miss one…" Whatever X had been about to say lose as a barrage of bullets fly in through the open window, and had her ducking down low and a snarling rumbling int he back of her throat. "What the hell? You brought Deadpool with you? Why /would/ you do that?" she snapped in Dom's direction, mistaking the gunfire from Flying Tiger to be the work of the psycho who she'd last seen parading around in a dress and busting his ass in heels.

X kept low to the ground, assuming Dom would be just as distracted by the random gunfire, she moved towards the bathroom door. "Time to make an exit." she muttered, as she turned the knob and started pushing the door open. "Get out of here before you get killed would you? I'm not in the mood to play Babysitter if Deadpool is around." This all being spoken directly at the door, hoping Alex would take the hint. Deadpool's regeneration far surpassing anything Laura's could hope to have, a fight against him would be firstly very messy and secondly, fucking annoying, because he probably wouldn't shut up for even a second. "Dom tell him to cut it out would you?" she hollered over the fire, hoping to keep her distracted long enough to get Alex out.

"Fine, come on, let's get the hell out of here!" Alex starts to run for the door, but his body suddenly freezes. "Come on, damnit, not now!" he argues with seemingly himself, but after about thirty seconds, his eyes turn red, and he turns around to face the two women, his face cold and serious. «Host is attempting to ignore a Level 5 crime, combat sequence initiated. Scanning for hostiles.»

He looks around on the infrared spectrum, then suddenly squints as it locks on to the glider outside of the building, two small concentrated lasers firing from his eyes, through the wall, and aimed at the glider with the force of a sports car. "Unknown vehicle, not registered as current public U.S Government technology. Engaging."

Nothing in the closet. "Come on out.." The words were murmured from Domino's dark lips but the rest faded into a noise that was white to Domino, it sounded like home, but was not coming from her hands and the reaction was instant to take her low as the shrapnel of the plaster backing of the closet shout out at her and covered the black clad woman in small flecks of white.

X was yelling at her now and that was not helping, being shot at and yelled at - Call it a day, its fulfilled. "Deadpool?! Oh…Hell no…Not again!" Another job of hers he was on and ruining. Her focus now was having her take a crouch walk towards the window where the fire was coming from, peering around the lip of the wall before sliding back again in time to hear X speak to another and that mechanic voice call out the small Doomsday alarm.

"So you did have him!" Her weapon swung around and took aim at Alex, pulling the trigger just as the lasers shot out, making Domino backpedal in a look of mild shock - likely fouling the AI
aim a bit she had on his abdomen. "Oh what a night," but no more needed to be said, her back hit a wall and she was bolting for the window, barely misstepping flying bullets. The devil you know…. "Wade! I am going to hurt you."

Still outside the window past the smoke hovering Flying Tiger would ask "Deadpool?" quietly, glaring under the tiger mask. "IT'S FLYING TIGER! Remember it!" The gunshots rang out again as he began firing into the building, obviously he wasn't the marksman that the Merc-with-a-Mouth was or he would have hit something by now.

The gunshots and shouting would lead Shatterfist to the correct room, he looks to see the door then steps to the side of it, his fist balls up inside the power-glove and he destroying a healthy eight by eight portion of it in one swing, knocking a portal into the hotel room the trio occupied. "Hello! Mutant… who the hell are these two?"

Hobgoblin was spiraling when the beam of energy burst through the roof of the building straight up towards him unable to move out of the way quick enough the glider began to spin as it was clipped on one side dumping him off to fall with a healthy crash into the top of the building. Destroying the stairwell covering and door to the roof. "

Laura couldn't help but sigh as Alex's A.I. decides that precise moment to make itself known. "Great.." she muttered to herself as she moved forward and closed the distance between them in two long strides, trying to force the cyborg out the door with brute strength alone. "Now is not the time." she snapped at the A.I., as she shifted a glance back towards Dom. "Can't have him. Sorry." was the clawed mutant would say as she continues in her attempts to shove him out into the hallway. "Go take care of your partner would you? He's going to get someone killed." And by killed she meant a civilian not in this room with the way he was firing out there.

The A.I.'s lasers had her ducking as well, though which immediately ceased any sort of escaping she was trying to work out. "Watch it." she growled at Alex, momentarily debating giving him to Dom, just for the sheer fact she would be rid of the amount of problems that seems to circle around him. All six claws pushed out, two in each hand and one in each bare foot as she kept low waiting for the cyborg to figure out what ti was doing. Her gaze shifting again to Dom as she starts screaming out the window. The scream that answered back had X's head cocking to one side, though she hardly had the time to really ponder that one as something came crashing through the wall.

What the hell was happening? Seriously.

When Laura jumps out of the way, the A.I immediately whirls around in the blur of a speedster when the bullet fires out at him at such close proximity, though it still grazes against his side, apparently not reacting fast enough to completely dodge it. Unfortunately, when the whirling ceases, he stretches a foot out as he attempts to slam a kick into Domino's chest as a finger extends out to his side to fire a concentrated blue laser at Shatter fist's chest.

His skin and hair have taken on a reflective silvery color, fully showing the A. I's current level of control. "You're attempting Level 6 crimes, you'll be brought to incapacitated and brought to justice." he says as quite a bit of blood drips down his metallic side… so apparently he can still bleed from the wound.

When Laura jumps out of the way, the A.I immediately whirls around in the blur of a speedster when the bullet fires out at him at such close proximity, though it still grazes against his side, apparently not reacting fast enough to completely dodge it. Unfortunately, when the whirling ceases, he stretches a foot out as he attempts to slam a kick into Domino's chest as a finger extends out to his side to fire a concentrated blue laser at Shatterfist's chest.

His skin and hair have taken on a reflective silvery color, fully showing the A. I's current level of control. "You're attempting Level 6 crimes, you'll incapacitated and brought to justice." he says as quite a bit of blood drips down his metallic side… so apparently he can still bleed from the wound.

Domino was already trying to exit stage left when the kick came at her, she was heading for the window she had shattered and that had a visitor outside of it. Perhaps it was hope that it was Deadpool, a good fight, go home, do the thingy on the cable that will replay Heroes and go to bed. Confidence was her bad bed-mate tonight because she was brought to a screeching halt by the voice on the other side of the smoke with the firing weapons. "Tiger…what?! No..Seriously X, let your friend go to town.."

Stopping seemed to be an overall bad idea, one of those bullets hit Domino in the shoulder, spinning her body in time to see who was smashing his way in through the wall, and he was not Green. Domino's paranoia was smelling a set-up, whether off or not. The thought was a flicker before she hit the ground and was regaining footing using one arm to push herself back up.

The one Browning was holstered and she spoke in a sharp yell to X as she again set pace towards the window in a dead run that had her

moving in a serpentine arc with her body in time to dodge more incoming bullets. "Get out X! I got the Kitty."

Leaping out the window her good arm swung out, catching the hanging cord she had used to enter, her other hand rising to fire rounds in the direction of the Tiger, still not having full clear sight due to the smoke, but his own firing giving him somewhat away.

"FLYING TIGER!" The man shouted again the tiger clad form flying in an irritated circle only to fire more shots into the room, unmindful of where they could be going until Domino swung out leaping, instantly he ascended whirling around evading the gunshots she returned. "Where are you Hobgoblin? Help us!?" He shouts.

Shatterfist, "Looks like another super, that just means bon-URK!" The laser-blast caught him in the chest and bowled him through the wall into another room, ending up in a sprawl on a messy floor filled with cats, he stood back up and ducked behind the wall hiding himself. "You'll pay for that!"

On the roof picking himself up in a frustrated rant Hobgoblin pushes a button on his forearm before leaping down the stairs through the rubble, in the hallway that would lead out. One of his bombs exploding somewhere on the roof where he had dropped it in flight causing the building to quiver, his other hand rolls the jack o lantern explosive down the hall. "Come out trick, I have a treat f
for you!" He shouts with a chuckle, still assuming they were fighting just Domino.

Things were getting out of had much too quickly, and with the shudder of the hotel jarring Laura back into action she stood once more. As Shatterfist was blown /through/ a wall and into another room, X dashed past Alex out into the hall, hopping over the bomb as it rolled down the hallway, watching it for a moment before continuing on to pursue the threat. Jumping through the gaping hole just as he was recovering and getting back on his feet. X remained in the low crouch claws fully extended, "Any particular reason for being here?" she growled at him, lips curling back showing a sliver of ivory as over bright green eyes paced the beefy man. Alex would just have to take care of himself, which he seemed more then capable of at the moment.

"Explosive in the vicinity of civilians. Scanning…" Alex suddenly bursts across the hotel room, rocket thrusters pushing from the bottom of his feet as he flies straight out of the window. He's apparently satisfied that innocent people should be relatively safe. "Assessing the situation…
Formulating tactics. Level 6 crimes being attempted, still assessing if they're level 7."

The building was shaking from the concussive forces of explosions, and the one dropped by Hobgoblin on the roof jarred the brickwork loose that held the line Domino was clinging to, bringing her shots towards Tiger to an abrupt halt as her form fell five feet to the fire escape, landing in a heap. It did not take long before she was rolling to her back and aiming up at Flying Tiger and releasing more rounds towards him while the explosion now rocked the inside of the building.

No more time to worry about X she had her hands full, even as blood stained the front of the leather suit, seeping from the bullet wound there. The hand to that arm was pushed to its capacity of functionality though, her hand diving within a pocket on her tac belt and withdrawing another small explosive, one that bore an adhesive so when thrown and sticks it triggered a timer of 5 seconds until detonation. This was launched at Tigers flying device while her heels bit into the fire escape, sliding her back enough to regain footing and try to descend….rapidly.

"How much is this one worth?" Shatterfist asked no one in particular, a small round orb flew near his head it swam through the air in a circle. An English woman's voice was heard from it, "Unknown superhuman, will need more research, she is still worth points Shatterfist." The man grinned and looked back at Laura, rubbing one thumb across his nose. "It's go time then. " Jumping at her he punches hard and fast, superhuman force propelling a punch that was hard enough to knock Thor off his feet.

Flying Tiger was furious, his guns were still firing, yet his marksmanship was erratic and not very tight, as the explosion would be flown by he caught its appearance a notch late. "Oh no-" *FKWOOOM!* Fire, force, eruption and shrapnel along with a body went sailing.
Hobgoblin's explosion in the hallway sounded off a second before Dominos,

"HEHEHAAHAHaahahheehehahahah!" Echoes throughout the building after, such chaos had him excited, laughing out of nowhere in the hallway arms up as fingers were curled
You page, "So gonna try and knock out a rough draft of her bio at work tomorrow :D" to Alex.
were curled in, "DOMINO come out come out you stupid b###h!" He still had not seen Laura or Alex. Doing well to make himself look like a maniac.

Once the explosion clears, Alex is watching Hobgoblin's form through the walls from outside, in infrared. "Extrapolation: Judging by the explosion proximity, this is likely the hostile causing them." Then his thrusters start flaring up again, and he flies right back into the hotel room at bluing speeds, causing the television glass to crack slightly as he slides out into the hall, landing in front of the Hobgoblin. He holds up a silvery hand, aiming it directly at him as blue energy begins to charge with a high-pitched whine. "Surrender or you will be aggressively maimed and subdued."

Another snarl erupts form the half feral girl as she lunges at the precise time that he does, claws extended outwards as she keeps low to the ground, not missing the punched he was attempting to throw at her but doing her best to dodge them. After the incident at the modeling agency, Laura wasn't all too keen on getting knocked around again. Right arm would shoot out as the distance was closed an attempt to drag adamantum coated claws across the top of one thigh as her left foot found firm footing to extend her right leg upward in a perfectly executed kick tot he side of his face. Another attempt to pierce skin with metal. The explosion from the jack o lantern doing its best to unbalance her, and succeeds, her left foot crumpling underneath her before her kick could even full extend. "The hell was that?!" she screamed at no one really in particular, but all this chaos was wearing on her fast.

The airborne kitty was down, and Domino watched as his body shot in a small arc across the night sky and plummeted towards the solid surface of ground. That was likely going to hurt for days and she really did not get time to think happy thoughts on that because the voice behind her was calling her name, abruptly followed by the swift re-entry of robo-Alex. "Okay, who'd I piss off?"

The desire to save herself and continue an unhitched escape came….and went. Domino turned on heel and drew the other Browning once more, dropping the near empty clips and reloading them with two harsh clicks before she climbed back through the window. "I really do not like being referred to as that!" Though as she came around the corner and witnessed the buildup in Alex's palm as well as the fight between the man with the Hulk-Smash and X she settled for the cackling one as well, not wasting a moment before the triggers were being pulled.

Hobgoblins eyes pulled a o_0 before his madcap smile split wider sharp teeth displayed, stretching his mask across his features one gloved hand rose up as well mimicking Alex, "Aggressive maimings sound like our cup of tea. Can you say, zot?" As the last bit came out his hand would crackle with light, flare and an bolt of electricity would arc out, 10,000 volts to be exact send directly towards the man.

Shatterfist tried to dodge to his own right and swing a powered fist at Laura but ended up falling to one knee his thigh slashed open. Yet, his momentum still carried a one fisted swing towards the mutant, "Argh… you cut me! "Not answering her question on who that was, only glad it was on his side or hoping it was most likely Hobgoblin.

Flying Tiger landed a distance away, sprawled out unconscious for several seconds. He would wake shortly to ringing through his ears, his hand rising up to rub at the predator cat mask.

Alex takes the bolt of electricity with wide eyes, yelling in both a mechanical and human voice before he's stumbling back, holding the wall. The silver around him seems to sink back into his skin, taking on his normal color again, and he looks up without that red in his eyes anymore. "W-what… the… hell?" he asks, and immediately falls backward, hitting the floor like a rock.

With the feeling of claws successfully splitting open flesh, X would try and right herself bring her left hand up at the same instant with another wild sing at the man. It was then, two seconds too late that she noticed the fist that was still coming towards her, aimed squarely for her face. IT connects with a sickening serious of cracks and crunches as facial bones splinter and fracture, sending a mini-Niagara fall of crimson out of both nostrils and stops her next attack before it was even half way to it's mark. X collapsed in a heap, blood gushing from her nose and mouth, she was out cold. The beefcake could certainly throw a punch…

Perhaps running was the better thing to do, because before Domino could take a second glance both of them were down and she was unloading one clip in continuous fire in the direction of the Hobgoblin. Once X fell though her right arm rose stiffly and slid within her tac belt, withdrawing another of those adhesive explosives, her fingers sliding calmly over its surface, a small wry grin curling dark stained lips.

Eyes settled between Hobgoblin and Shatterfist with a resigning indifference on features.
The gunfire had stopped then and the silence was ringing in her ears before she spoke. "Well, looks like we all lose eh?" And with that she pressed the bomb, the low beeping giving it five seconds until detonation.

Shatterfist staggers up, propping himself at the window. "I'm really bleeding bad here…"He almost whines. "That count as points right?" He asked the small orb, "Yes, defeat and point for Shatterfist. Finish her off for double points." Grinning he pushes from the wall but pauses seeing Domino.

Hobgoblin drew his hand back, "O… that was all you had in you?" A grunt escapes from the madman before hearing Domino, staring over at her, his eyes locking on. As his left hand rose and pushes down on the button on his wrist, giving coordinates to his glider. Not that she would know this. "What do you plan on doing with that girly girl?"

Smiling Tiger outside was up on his feet now, groaning as the goblin glider zips past.

"This.." With the single word she tossed it down between them, making an invisible line between the fallen and the ones that had come to get them. Dropping quickly one hand gripped X and began dragging her back towards the room while her other remained up and the Browning aimed at Hobgoblin and Shatterfist. Since when did a mission to kill a mobsters kid turn into As the Hotel
Turns…Super Villain style? Domino was at a loss and was trying to at least get X's body out of harms way, though why was even beyond her at the moment.

Still unconscious, X was dragged across the all, the girls' inert form giving no resistance at the slightly out of character rescue made by Dom. Had X been conscious to see this happening, she probably wouldn't have even believed it then. On the plus side of the things the blood flow finally seemed to be stopping, as her healing factor kicked in to began repairing the damage of ruined bone and cartilage.

Shatterfist was looking awfully pale as he stood there beginning to wobble on his feet, both of his 'mitts' reaching down to grasp at his thigh applying pressure. "Damn she really really cut me."

The other villain remains smiling, staring at Domino in this bizarre Mexican stand off, the glider however was about ready to crash through the window aimed to nail Domino square center backside but she had moved, it whipped past headed in a return flight for Hobgoblin who latches onto it a second before the explosion covered the entire room, blowing the floor out and the rest of the walls Shatterfist was thrown from the building with a scream as he plummets, smoke covering Hobgoblins possible escape.

Flying Tiger remained outside watching, it was best to cut tail and run right now… cops or worse would be here soon. He had no desire to tangle with SHIELD or the Avengers.

Several of the walls concaved while others in collective mass just fell over towards their sides. The buckling of one wall brought chunks down, while the fall of the other had Domino looking up and ducking just about then with her injured arm coming up to cover her head in duck and cover. The rubble caught the wall as it crashed down over-top of them, leaving just enough gap that the trio did not get crushed, but it was going to be a long dig out, and alive. "I'm crazy, I'm totally fucking…crazy. That's it, I'm not going to pancakes with Wade…anymore." This said as she begins trying to heave X out and go back in for Alex.

"Guh…." X sputters and coughs as consciousness is forced back on her with the explosions. A few staggered breaths later she is turned on her side spitting up the remaining blood that had pooled in her mouth and throat. "The hell… happened?" she managed to get out as she watched Dom dig through the debris, a hand coming up t try and clean the drying blood from her face. "And what are you doing?"

Domino glanced over as X got up and sputtered back to life, causing her to stop in her one handed dig and make her way towards the window where she came in, stepping over the bits of brick and wall to do so. "Good, you're up. Your friend is under there somewhere." A small wave of her hand gave a 'thereabouts' gesture as she stepped out of the large hole that was once a window, onto the fire escape that let out a protesting groan. "I Blew up the hotel." With some help… But there was your shiny answer X. "Now I am going to go get my arm fixed. Toodles." Slowly she made her way back up the fire escape and was gone.

Laura just stared for a good solid minute. Then she locked back to the rubble pile, and then once more tot he hole that Domino had disappeared through. With a sigh she finally got to her feet and started sifting through what she could. "Alex, if you're dead I blame your A.I." she muttered under her breath as she slowly lifted the large piece of debris away until she what seemed to be his leg. She nudged at his foot with her bare toe, lips pursing together, "Some help would be nice" she all but snarled down at him as she waited for some sort of response.

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