2010-01-08: Heya Roomie


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Summary: Zack meets his roommate, Robyn.

Date: January 8, 2009

Log Title Heya Roomie

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Robyn and Zack's Room

Robyn's side of the room is cluttered but not messy and has a bit of a creepy feel to it. His bed has black sheets with a Nightmare Before Christmas pillow and comforter. On the wall is a Nightmare Before Christmas poster and a poster showing the art of Edward Gorey. On his end table are a collection of little figures that seem to have a deamonish quality to him. On his desk are more little figures like a tree that instead of leaves has hands and a snake eating someone holding a help me sign. He's got a few art books on his desk along with his regular school books. A cased cello sits in the corner of his side of the room.

Zack has left two suitcases here on the bed and obviously someone has been here, hte bed being moved awya from the wall quite a bit!

Robyn has been in a deep sleep as he didn't even hear his new roommate get up and leave this morning. He was used to almost having a room to himself since his roommate was rarely around, but the school decided to change that. The psychic vampire is up and sitting on the corner of his bed, trying to fully wake up. He's just wearing a pair of black pajama pants and a Ziggy Stardust shirt and a Nightmare Before Christmas Vampire Teddy sits by his pillow. "Thank god it's Friday." He mutters.

Zack is back, from breakfast! Click, clack goes the lock as he opens the door and he shuts it, giving a little bit of a sigh, "Weird…" he mummers, well nothing in this school is normal, including him, walking back over to his bed he just sits down on it, causing the whole thing to groan loudly. Blinking as he sees life to theother bed, and he'll keep watching you as you get up, "Uh, good morning?"'

Robyn's hair is sticking up in funny spots as he's got a great case of bedhead right now. "Hey, you must be the new roommate, I'm Robyn." He says pushing himself up and offering a hand to Zack. "What's so weird?" He asks looking around the room trying to see if there is anything out of place.

Zack nods and waves his hand, "uh, hi, I'm Zack, ya, they said I was your room mate." nodding again as he sits on the bed, "Nothing, just had breakfast with a Russian Water guy…I guess." he says, "Which is kinda weird…"

"There's a lot of weird stuff here." Robyn says with a chuckle. "Nice to meet you Zack." He says as he tries to flaten out his hair. "Yeah, I'm your roommate, don't worry, I'm not overly messy or anything." Just a bit cluttered as he has quite a bit of stuff with some of his strange sculptures everywhere on his side of the room. "I don't think I've met the water kid yet."

Zack nods his head, "Ok…well they said I was your room mate on the paper Igot, so, ya, it's nice to meet you, and stuff, I'm just really kinda new here, Saw the cafeteria but nothing else…" he hms, "Just got in yesterday"

"I've been here a few months so anything you need help with, I can probably help you." Robyn's not the newest kid but he's not the oldest kid either. He also remembers how withdrawn he was when he first came here. "It's kind of overwhelming at first, isn't it?"

Zack nods his head, "ya very" he says as he has his headphones around his neck, looking down he gives it a tap, and his ipod turns off, standing up from the bed he removes them and sets it down on his given desk, "So ya, I guess this is the first day of many ya know…should unpack I suppose" looking at his suit cases.

"Just be yourself, that's the best advice I can give." Robyn says but then that's what his parents told him all his life so to him, it's words to live by. "If you want to get settled in, probably. And it might make it feel a bit more like home. Sorry if my stuff is weird." He says knowing he has an interest in macabe things.

Zack huhs, "No it's all right, I've seen weirder things are school." he looks at you, "Not very frog like, suppose he was just pulling my leg." he says, "Then again he was made of water so I belived it. You know it's gonna be really hard to tell when someone is joking around here." he comments as he unpacks things…very little cloths actually having grown out of most things. Nah, just some pictures, some books. His chaging station. He's got several home CDS of various things and he'll set them on his desk.

Robyn blinks at the frog than rubs the back of his head, messing up his hair more. "Well…not anymore. I was stuck as a frog for about a month. I'm just happy to be myself again. Freaked a couple people out." He avoided his family like the plague during then too. He can't help but look at the CD's to see what kind of music Zack is into. "Need any help?"

Zack nods, "Oh you mean you did actually turn into a frog? that's double weird…" he says, well most of his listening music is on the ipod, hopefully his computer arrives soon most of the CDs are hand made various things, concerts and other musicial recordings, looking hand done and all sorts of things. "Hope thtat doesn't happen to me…" he says as he looks at the bed again, "Think I'm gonna have to ask for a new one, it's a little too short, and I think I'm gonna break it" he says as he unfolds his clothing and sets it into he dresser.

"I doubt it, it was some weird thing with Robin's sister being what they call an…Omega leve mutant?" Robyn doesn't fully understand it himself. "I somehow got turned into the Frog Prince…it's weird and I'm glad it's over. And yeah, I'm sure they have stronger beds." He can't help but stare at how tall his roommate is. "My bo..friend Jordan can grow but he's not always bigger…are you always that size?"

Zack nods a small bit, "Ok, I…I don't understand that either, all I know is they did the tests and said I had the gene too, and really I was gonna be diffrent, don't know what…" he says and looks back at you, "Oh…uh…ya. I can't stop it, I mean I don't think I can." he frowns, "All last year I kept growing, still am, it's just kinda…annoying" he finally says, "In a month nothing fits anymore"

"I went through the tests too when I went into a coma for a few days." Robyn says as he starts going through his own clothes to try to figure out what to wear, there's a general theme of black and Tim Burton about them. "It gets easier once you get used to. I mean, it's gonna take time. At least there are some cool people here and I'm also lucky, my family is only like an hour or so away."

Zack nods, "Oh ya, my family lives in the city too." he syas and puts up a picture on his desk, getting everything towed away and sliding his bags under the bed, looking around agian he sits back upon the bed. "So everyone here is special then, really literally evveryone" he thinks to himself andp onders that.

"Really, which part are you from? I'm from Williamsburg in Brooklyn." Robyn says finding it nice to have a fellow New Yorker as a roommate. At least they have that in common. "Yeah, it's a school for mutants. We're all here to learn to use our powers, like me. I need to learn control and how to manage since my powers are kinda…well…they're all mental based." Is what he leaves it at.

Zack nods, "Up in Harlem." he says with a light little nod as he fiddles a little with his fingers, and he looks down at his hands and back up at you, "Oh really? Guess that means it's all on the inside huh? Ya I think I'm just…really strong."

"No, I just think you're really tall." Robyn says as he didn't know that strength was a factor in that. "Sorry, but..yeah, that's what I think. And Harlem…wow." He makes a mental note not to mess with Zack too much as Harlem has that rough reputation. It's not that Harlem is a 'poorer' section since Robyn's family isn't exactly wealthy. "All on the inside?"

Zack isn't that bad! really he's just kinda shy and sitting there rubbing his hands together and he thinks a moment, "Well I mean, I am big, but I kept growing muscle too, and once day I think I tore the railing out of a building and then I REALLY had to be careful and all thatcause of uh…ya…" he says, "Well mental you said right, all in your head?"

"Oh okay, so you're like the big strong guy or something." Robyn says as he lies down on his bad, classes aren't for a bit and he can take a quick shower, or he thinks he can. "Yeah, they're all in my head. I can posses people and stuff, but I just don't go around jumping in peoples heads. I can't read minds or move things with my mind, or anything like that."

Zack nods a little bit, "So you think they're gonna tell me what my classes are, or is there anything that I need to know. Bathroom and showers are at the end of the hall right? Guess it's kidna like camp like that"

Robyn nods. "Yeah, showers and bathroom at the end of the hall, and at least they keep them clean and fairly private so they're not gross." Robyn says as Xavier's is a lot more luxary than most bording schools. "They'll give you your schdule and stuff, they just have to figure out what classes to put you in. They'll also give you one of the school phones that has an emergancy button in it."

Zack nods, "All right, that's good…" he rubs his hands a small bit and hmms, looking around and seeing all the statues, "So you do a lot of art then huh?"

Robyn smiles and nods. "Yeah, I love to sculpt. It's kind of my, thing I guess. My mom's an artist so I got it from her. I also play cello a bit but I'm not as crazy about it as I am sculpting." Robyn can spend hours in the art room and lose track of time. "What about you, any hidden talents?"

Zack nods his head, "Oh so you do you play Cello and you sculpt well that's good, guess they got art here, that's nice…" he syas as he rocks, back, "Oh me…well I used to sing…"

Robyn nods. "Yeah, my Dad's a musican so he made me take up at least one instrument. I like the cello though, it can be relaxing and maybe one day I can be like the guys from Apocalypica playing heavy metal on the cello." He says laughing. "And used to sing, why don't you anymore?"

Zack ohs, "Well, nothing when my voice changed, I started changing and really I'vej ust been going from doctor to doctor, I havn't really had any time to practice, and I gotta chage my pitch and everything so…I dunno, just hanv't done it"

"Well there is a music teacher here, I take a music class. It's not like it was back in my old High School." Robyn begins. "You don't practice the same songs for a boring concert playing some Brahms or something, it's more music theroy and just learning. It's cool. Kenta is the music teacher, he hates being called Mister though."

Zack nods, "Oh, all right, well mabey I'll look at it then, uh…after class…" he fiddles with his hands again, and thinks, "So you've been here a while the classes are good? I mean, mabey not so boring as they were back in the PS…"

"When aren't classes boring?" Robyn says as he pays enough attention to get passing grades. "And yeah, I think it was April I got here, things do get crazy sometime, I will warn you. I mean it's a school full of kids with powers…I'm surprised the school hasn't exp…well it did kind of do that once, nevermind.'

Zack blinks a moment, "So it's kinda ok if you accidently break stuff, I mean before I got in a TON of trouble for being rough with stuff, and then, it was really bad,a nd I had to drop out for the time being, course now I'm here but…ya classes ar boring everywhere I guess" he sighs and flops back onto his bed and it groans. "Hm…"

"It happens if you break stuff, I haven't cause my powers don't work like that but I've accidentally possesed people and I've accidentally absorbed pyschic energy from people." Robyn says though it's always weird telling people your a pyschic vampire at first. "Some students might get upset but you gotta let it roll off your back. You get assholes anywhere you go." Robyn says with a shrug. "So what kind of music do you like?"

Zack hmms a little bit and he looks up at the ceiling, "Ya I just try to be careful, you just can't be rough with stuff or somthing like that…" he says and lets out a slight puff, "What to listen to or to sing? I dunno, I usually just buy what's on the top list and put it on shuffle, you get a mix of everything…" he says, "That way you're never bored with it…" he thinks again, "Verdi…"

Robyn nods. "As long as you know what to be careful with. I mean at least you are becoming aware of your strenghts and such. I just hope that I can learn to deal with this whole, need to absorb other peoples psychic energy so I can eventually go to college for art." Robyn says as he doesn't want to be a superhero even if he enjoys it from time to time. "Well I meant more listen too and ah, I don't really listen to top list stuff." But to each their own. "Verdi?"

Zack nods his head a small bit, "Verdi you know…you should heard somthing…uh..operas? How about Bizet? Carmen?" he nods, "I loved alto parts…oh well." he leans back again and thinks, "Singing"

Robyn nods and stands up. "I don't know much opera. I know a lot of stuff from the eighties and a lot of European Industrial, EMB type of music?" He says with a shrug. "I gotta hit the showers before I'm late to history." Robyn makes a face at that. "Nice meeting you Zack and welcome to the school an all. If you need anything, let me know." He says before getting his shower stuff and heading out.

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