2010-01-07: Hi Neighbor

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Summary: Zack has his first 'real' encounter with James. Dallas too.

Date: January 7, 2010

Hi Neighbor

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

Zack has dropped his bag, staring at the room he's got now, taking a deep breath. Wondering if he can request a bigger bed, everything just seems so…small." his headphones blasting around his neck

James ambles by your room, covered in mud and debris. As the hyena picks a twig out of his fur, he looks over and says, "Just push both beds together, and when your roommate says something, threaten to eat him. Worked for me."

Zack looks over at you, "Uh…that doesn't sound like it's a good plan at all." he says as he moves away from you, despite his size still shy at the threat of violence

James gives you the crazy eyes, and tilts his head looking over at you, "It was perfect, until they gave me another roommate. They said, 'just because the other one ‘disappeared,’ it doesn't mean that I should get another one.'"

Zack shakes his head, "Well, I don't know, I guess that's all your style, sure." he keeps sliding away from you. into his open door, you do kinda freak me out a little bit.

James breathes heavily, "It's like christmas every day around here. Meatloaf…under the tree! Again!"

Zack blinks, "What?" he asks and stares at you, "What is…uh…ok?"

James shussshes, like you're speaking too loud, "It's alright. You'll understand soon enough. They'll….Make! Ya' understand!"

Zack stares at you, and he pushes back into his room, as if that would actually make it better, to hide behind the door, "Man you're freaking me out"

James cackles! He looks at a vase sitting on a nearby table. With that he gasps, recoils, hisses at it and runs off, "They're on to us already. Run!!"

Minutes later:

Zack is now unpacking, his door remains open, and he just settles the stuff down onto the bed and he sits down upon it…it creaks.

James peeks at you from the door, "Hi neighbor! Getting settled in?" His fur is all clean, shirt changed, and his pants show no sign of road rash or forest pickings.

Zack looks up and nods, "Ya…" he says though it doens't look like he's unpacked anything, just set his bags down and sitting on the bed, looking around at his room mates stuff

James nods, looking and sounding completely normal…for a 7' gnoll-sorta thing, "Have you met your roommate yet?" He leans against the door, looking the place over.

Zack shakes his head, "No, not at all I dunno where it all is." he says, "Where he is, or what not, I don't know." he says as he rocks back and forth, thinkin about it, "Hm…" he says and thinks some more, "I wonder what he's like."

James nods, and considers that, "Most of the students around here are pretty nice. If you have issues, or want re-roomed, just ask Rob, or someone else. They'll handle it. I might have a vacancy soon if you have issues."

Zack nods his head and he just looks down at himself and back at you, "Why would you have a vacnecy?" he asks with a rub of his hands, "I dunno, I just feel like I don't fit in, then again I guess you feel the same right?"

"Ohh…" James says in a slow sorta way, "I dunno. Just a feeling. Stop my and check the place out some time." He grins. "But yeah, it's different. Just remember that being abnormal is the true state of normalcy around here. Best to think of it as a new start with the like-minded."

Zack nods his head a little bit, "Ah all right I see." he says as he keeps leanining forward, and he runs a hand through his hair, looking back up at you, "hm, well…ok…I guess that's what it is right, this xgene, all got it"

James pffts and twitches an ear, big black eyes regarding you, "Yep! It's with you from here on out. No better place to deal with it, so they say. It's this, or stay locked away in a room for years on end."

Zack nods, "ya, well I didn't want that, I couldn't go back to school in the city." he sighs and s tands up, stretching. His shirt rides up, still ill fitting, and he looks donw at himself, "Doctor said I was still growing an inch a month," he looks back up, "Didn't know when it would stop…"

The hyena-thing gives you a quick study, "Yeah, the doctors here say I'm over the worse of mine for now—whatever that means. You might want to check in with one. It'll probably happen when you get situated. They like to know what they're dealing with, for everyone's sake." He gives you sideways glance, "So, what is it you do? Or do you know?"

Zack sighs a little again, "just happened, ya know, it's been a year, and it sucks." he frowns a little again, as he stands and rubs his head once more, "I dnno. What od you mean what do I do?" he asks "Well I used to sing a bit"

James listens, but adds to your inquiry a "Naaa, like…super power. This school has people that shoot lasers from their eyes. Mikhail…his super power is his irritability. Mine is my good looks. Yours is…your…." He fishes for something, tapping his claws lightly on the door frame.

Zack shakes his head, "Ah…I don't know, mabey I got…I gotta be really careful about what I grab…" he says and looks around, pulling from his pack, a barbell, smal one, and he just twists the steel into a knot…and then unbends it again.

James's ears perk forwards, eyes going wide, "Now that's what I'm taking about!" His tail swishes a little, "See…you'll fit in fine. It's the normal people that'll be the outcasts here. Heck…right before you showed up, someone 'flew' through."

Zack nods a small bit, and he sets it down, "That's not normal, I mean, I'm growing bigger, I'm strong, I don't know what to do with it." he sighs, seemingly depressed about it, "All right…I just gotta get used to ti

James smiles and nods, "Nothing is normal here. And, as far as what to do with it…I think that's how we all ended up here. I don't think the mundanes can abide things like us running around unchecked."

Dallas has arrived

Zack nods as he stands there in his room with the door open he's just standing up and letting out a sigh, "You're right, I just, it's too much to process, I just…I just wanna think about it. I mean in my class I was totally out of it, and now I'm in a new school and…ya'

James nods and scratches his back against the door frame, "Less than a week ago, I was sitting in a room where I had been, basically, locked inside for the previous year-plus. Trust me, there's worse places to be."

Zack nods his head, "ya I imagine, I mean…ok. THat is pretty rough to be" he walks over to the door frame and he shakes his head a small bit, "really though? That…guess you are here now and that's all that matters right"

Dallas wanders out of his room. He's dressed in the dark blue t-shirt and sweat pants of his old high school with the Thracian helm logo and lettering across the chest and down one leg respectively. His feet are bare and there is a text book under one arm as he goes looking for food and stops just outside his door. His expression says it all. A giant and a …what the heck /is/ that?! He clears his throat and says, "Ah, hi."

James is about to say something to Zack, but gets sidetracked by the hallway traffic. He nods at Dallas, looking at the other teen over his muzzle as he crosses paths, "Heya." He's wearing a black shirt, black BDUs, and a set of welding goggles on his head—his usual garb. He crosses his arms and smiles.

Zack looks back over to Dallas dressed in the tight vclothing he ohs and waves, "Um, hi there…how are you…I'm Zack." he says shyly and nods his head, talking with James.

Dallas is not exactly reassured by that smile, given the jaws the teeth are set in but he just nods and tries to answer it with one of his own. He looks back to Zack and then up somewhat. "Dallas. New?" Well, at least he doesn't have to ask at least one, maybe both, the most popular question at Mutant High.

The beast nods, "New, James." He offers an oversized paw…hand…thing to Dallas. If he takes it, he's friendly enough with the handshake. Afterwards, James then steps out of the way to let the two introduce. He steps behind Dallas and gives Zack an intense look, eyes suddenly crossing as his tongue hangs off to one side. "Well, I have a test to study for. Who I'm going to administer it to, I haven't decided yet…but soon!"

Zack nods a little again, "New, Zack, yes, of course, I just moved in" he motions over towards his two bags on his bed. He will look back over towards the two of them again, "So, what is there to uh…do around here?"

Dallas shakes James hand (more or less) and is actually rather proud of himself for not hesitating. He twitches a little as James gets behind him, a purely instinctual response to several billion years of evolution in which letting big hairy things with giant teeth get behind you was usually not a survival trait. When Zack points out his baggage, Dallas nods and sort of half steps sideways, politely, so he can see both of them. And then back a step so he can see both of them without craning his neck quite so much. "Test?" And then to Zack, "Other than study and powers training? There's a heated pool, a full sized gymnasium, a great weight room, good hiking trails, a basketball court and tennis courts, but those are closed for winter, I think and, um, other stuff to do when all that is closed."

James suddenly yawns widely and nods, "Test…" He smiles, and leaves it at that. "Well, I'll be seeing you both later, I'm sure." And with that he takes off to his room.

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