2012-02-07: Hiding


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Summary: Taylor finds Nick hiding in the stables.

Date: February 7, 2012

Log Title: Hiding

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Stables

The smell of horse and hay immediately hit the sense for anyone who step in here. There are empty stalls for students with horses, and school owned horses for those who wish to ride. Tackle, saddles (English and Western), helmets, and grooming supplies are found neatly tucked away in a supply closet.

Instead of going to classes, Nicholas has decided to spend the day, and now night, in the stables. He's currently sitting on the ground in front of Orion's stable with a backpack next to him and a notebook in his lap. It seems like he's either fallen asleep as his head is leaning back on the wooden door to Orion's stall, his eyes are closed and there's shallow breathing coming from him. A pen sits limp in his hand as it looks like he feel asleep while working on something.

Taylor walks through the doors of the stable, sniffing about lightly, and then the feline student glances up upon seeing Nicholas sleeping. The ocelot student gets a curious look and then approaches silently to peer at him, and glance down at what he was working on.

The piece of paper seems like a list of sorts with words like food, clothes, sleeping bag, flashlight, money and similar items that almost make it seem like a camping list. In large letters at the top it says 'DO NOT BRING PHONE'. He doesn't wake instantly and it's a while after Taylor's there that Nick wakes with a small snore. He looks around and jumps seeing the cat teen right there. "Oh…Taylor."

It likely doesn't help that Taylor's eyes are presently glowing red in the low light. The feline is squinting at the paper when Nicholas wakes up, and jumps slightly at being talked to. "Hey, Nick, I was wondering if you lost your way or something… But you seem like you're pretty prepared…"

Nicholas shakes his head. "No I'm not lost, the stable is the place I just feel the most comfortable in." He says closing his notebook almost a little too quickly. "I guess, I've been taking to sleeping here, better than being in a room with Ahmed." He says with an irritation to his voice. "So how are you Taylor?"

Taylor sits down with crossed legs and says, "I guess that's fair…" The feline student shrugs and says, "Like I said, I'd offer the other bed in my room, but…" The teen pauses for a moment and says, "Well, I'm fine. I dunno. I was just coming out to look at the horses, but I caught your scent and it was fresh."

"Fresh?" Nicholas asks Taylor. "I've been out here all day since right after breakfast." Indicating that he hasn't gone to any of his classes. "I don't think that's a good idea, I don't want to seem like a pervert trying to room with a girl or in the girls dorm." He says sighing and leaning his head back. "I like that you're not afraid of the horses.

"It wafts, Nick," says Taylor, "From where you are, and then the wind carries it… so it'll stay fresh so long as you're here." The feline nods at Nicholas and says, "Yeah, I know what you mean. I just wish I could offer something other than, well, out here. Doesn't it get a little cool?" The feline glances towards Nicholas and says, "I'm not scared, no, I used to want a horse. I mean. They're big, though. They could make me scared if they wanted to."

"Yeah but I have a few blankets in here or if it gets too cold I'll go crash on a couch inside. Just, really don't want to see my roommate right now." Nick says with a sigh before looking up. "Did I tell you, back home my family owned a stable so I grew up around horses. When I was thirteen my parents got me Orion and got to help train him."

"No, I don't think you told me that…" says Taylor, head tilting lightly, "I think that'd be cool, training a horse… I don't really have the skills. Or a way with animals at all, really… ironic, really. Cats hate me." A small smile is given and Tay says, "Does Ahmed still make you nervous? After the whole big fight? You could request a different roommate…"

Nicholas closes his eye and shakes his head. "We got into a fight today..verbal. He turned into a cat, I stormed off." He says before opening his eyes to look at Taylor. "Really? I love animals, especially horses, obviously. I'm really good with them just know how to read 'em. I think Orion is the best friend I have here."

"Oh, I love animals, just don't love me back. Maybe I manifested earlier, but not fully? Heard that ocelots will kill pretty well anything they can. Make bad pets 'cause they'll kill cats and dogs, and they could smell that," says Taylor, shrugging lightly, "Or my body language sucks. Whatever. I've never really had a horse up close." The feline student frowns and then glances towards Nicholas, "What happened when you got into the fight? You and him? Just that?"

"I always wanted a dog but with all the horses my parents always said we wouldn't have time to take care of it and give it as much attention but then I can't complain because how many kids have horses?" Nick says before a small smile turns to a sigh at the question. "Mostly just a lot of yelling between each other, Shane telling me to chill and Jill just…she was the one who forced me to stay there and talk to him and then she just throws me under the bus and sits there."

"Yeah… I can see why that'd suck. I mean, Ahmed, yeah, that's scary what he did. And yeah, you, well, sorry but you can be an asshole sometimes," says Taylor, shrugging lightly, "I can get why you'd be scared. I talked to Ahmed, we were just fooling around and I mentioned I kind of understand why Quenton is the way he is. I said, it's not an excuse, it's a reason, but Ahmed was so upset at me. Stormed off…" The feline student looks down and shrugs.

There's a look of annoyance given to Taylor before Nick sighs and relaxes. "I know, I can be a total jerk sometimes." He says frowning. "And I'm sick and tired that, people making excuses why Quenton deserved it. First Nigel then Ahmed, and I don't know why I'm defending him because he's irritated me more times than I can count but….he's so damn confusing."

"Quenton didn't deserve it. I mean, Quenton sometimes deserves a smack, but if Ahmed started it? With someone whose power is being fucking angry?" says Taylor, shrugging, "Not a good idea. Seriously…"

"I think that's part of the problem, people don't know his power makes him angry and even when I tried to explain it to him, it's like he ignored it." Nick says sounding frustrated. "I'm so done with this place Taylor, I really am. I just want to run away and not look back."

Taylor nods slowly at Nick and shrugs, "I can understand that. I really can understand that feeling…" The student glances down and then says, "But where would you go, if you left from here? And I dunno, there are people here who do care, y'know… Even if most of us are assholes half the time."

"Florida." Nicholas says as if he's thought about it. "My grandparents are there, I don't care if Ms. Frost said that the Purifiers got to them they can't still be down there or doing whatever to keep them from wanting to see me. As for people who care, no one here cares if I stay or go."

"I dunno, some anti-mutant groups seem like they're pretty fucking zealous…" says Taylor, looking down with ears splayed lightly, "And I dunno, I care. Offered you a bed, if I could. I'm an only child and was always a loner. Sharing doesn't come easy." The student considers for a few moments and says, "Want you to be safe, though, y'know?"

"I was an only child too." Nick says intentionally ignoring the other conversation for the time being. "I wasn't a loner but I was used to getting my way and not having to share. My Mom and Dad were….really amazing people ya know?" He says looking down on the ground. "And thanks, for caring Taylor." He says quietly.

"Yeah, sounds like they were amazing," decides Taylor, looking aside, "And yeah, you're welcome, I guess. Never know how to respond to thank yous like that. Socially retarded and all that." The feline student shrugs and says, "Mean it though."

Nicholas stands up and stretches. "Well, I care about you also Taylor, thanks for trying to help me out." He says picking up his stuff. "I think I'm going to head inside for a bit, maybe take a shower and try to clear my head. Figure out what I'm gonna do."

Taylor looks towards Nicholas and then nods, "Alright, then… you have a good evening. I think I might just stay here for a bit. Look at the horses for a bit, maybe take a nap." The feline student shrugs lightly and says, "Hope clearing your head works, whatever it means to work."

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