2010-06-16: High Strung


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Summary: Caleb and Star are interrupted by Domino and Agent Madrox, followed by a short visit from Cannoball

Date: June 16.2010

Log Title High Strung

Rating: PG

Westchester - Salem Center Mall

On the far end of the Food Court lays the long, wide hallway of the Mall. Over-sized skylights let the sunlight pour in during the day, while the florescent bulbs light the Mall at night. This hall has a number of kiosks, selling anything from cheap jewelry to car stickers to on-the-spot portraits, along with them come a number of benches and let's not forget the store fronts calling out to the consumers with their bright lights and attention-drawing displays.

It's the glow that snaps Star out of her anger and she backs up a step, surprise and the faintest bit of shock replacing it, "You're a mutant…" Her voice is the faintest of whispers when she makes that not quite accusation. It's the only explination she has for what she just saw, even if it might not be the correct one. Then he's running out the door, accompanied by that same irritating chime as when he entered; leaving the shorter teen standing starring after him.

Caleb sits on a bench outside, clenches his fist and closes his eyes trying to calm down and stop the glow, "This is the next century, Where the universal's free, You can find it anywhere, Yes, the future has been sold, Every night we're gone, And to karaoke songs, How we like to sing a long, Although the words are wrong", come on, please stop..

Star steps out of the music store after just a few moments, following the apparent mutant boy into the rest of the mall. She grimaces lightly, faint irritation washing off of her when she hears the singing, though it's overshadowed by curiosity, concern, and wariness, "Hey. You okay?" She pauses for a moment, "Sorry for making you mad. I seem to have a talent for that." Especially when she's already irritated about something else. She doesn't ask an invitation before she flops boneless onto the other side of the bench, giving Caleb a considering look for a moment and lowering her voice so that most people won't hear, "So what is that?" She gestures with her chin in the direction of his clenched hands, her eyes alight with curiosity.

Caleb looks up when the girl from the music store comes over and is tempted to run again, however doing that might risk releasing some of the energy, "Err, yeah, i'm starting to calm down, i don't know what happened", when she sits down and asks about the glow, he opens his hands and the energy disappears, "I'm not completely sure, some kind of energy, it can do some serious damage though, so i gotta be careful".

Star grimaces and shrugs, "Like I said, happens a lot when I snap at people." She laughs almost nervously, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was some kind of superpower or something." Her brother's the mutant, though, not her. There's another shrug, "Anyway, I'm used to it. I think people just don't respond well when blown up at for no reason." And being irritated about a song really isn't a good reason to snap at someone. And it was misplaced anger, anyway. Chagrin colors the air as she says this, "I really wasn't upset with you or anything, anyway." Though she doesn't say what she was upset about. She makes a face at his admission that he doesn't know what the energy is, but that it's dangerous and nods, "Yeah… being careful is good."

Caleb smiles at the now much nicer girl, "Could be, stranger things have happened", he shrugs when she says she wasn't really angry at him, "No worries, sometimes other things build up and something small will set you off, i should've responded better", he usually is careful but you know, accidents happen.

Star is sitting on a bench with Caleb outside of the music store chatting quietly; the petite teenager half turned to face the pale boy beside her. She grimaces and shakes her head, "No. I'm no mutant." That would be her brother. She nods, sorrow and worry filling the air around her at the little reminder of just what it is that's got her so uptight and moody at the moment, "Yeah… Well, like I said, I'm not worried about it." In other words: Shut up already with the apologies! She reaches up to tuck a lock of hair behind one ear and then extends her hand to the other teenager, "I'm Star, by the way."

Domino really hated these overpopulated places, at least where being confined was concerned. A mall was the worst of it, like hamster overpopulation in a mini tank and you were forced to move with the crowd. She needed new boots though and this was the next best thing considering she had yet to locate the local army surplus. Doc Martens would suffice, but the look she got from the sales clerk while she laced up the calf high boots and swatted his attempt for aid away which caused him to jump back more than necessary. "High strung aren't we?" Pushing to a stand she rocked back and forth to work some pliant into the leather with a protesting groan resounding, but that could have come from anywhere on the body suit that stretched over her form, mostly concealed by the buckled close of it over her torso for reasons all her own. Reaching into a pocket she withdrew a small fold of cash and counted out the amount while moving to the cash register with the box in hand. "Throw these away will ya?" Inside were the other boots, one pair modified for wear over a slice down the front of them that looked like splitting that leather was like butter.

Agent Madrox of SHIELD stood quietly off on the corner, his hands shoved into his pockets as his head was downcast, casually looking over towards the direction he believed his query had wandered. His boredom was easily taken care of by going over a list of what all he was to remember upon assignment here, fully aware he was a duplicate of the original Jamie Madrox his memories were still intact Domino was a known face, not that he'd seen her yet, Caleb's files he'd read through in passage here, recently the youth was a troubled student in Barnes, vanishing at odd hours, coming in drunk, more or less acting in a typical teenage fashion, but this sort of behavior was never one taken lightly when your entire 'school' was a secret. He exhaled a heavy sigh, rain was beginning to pour lightly from the skies it was obvious, today was going to be a wet one.

Caleb feels the wave of depression Star's putting out hit him, mixing with his own feelings of worry and suddenly giving him a rather bleak outlook on life, , he shakes Star's hand, "I'm Caleb", he would find her name odd, but he's a little distracted by what she's giving off.

It can be a pretty vicious cycle with Star: Her unwittingly feeding others emotions, then 'reading' them back, and forcing them back out again. This time, though, she tries to latch onto someone else being upset to give herself something to focus on besides her missing baby brother. She forces a smile when he introduces himself, trying, and not really succeeding, to sound cheerful, "Nice to meet you, Caleb." She pauses for a moment and studies the strange boy, "What's wrong? You sound kinda… upset…" As upset as she is, truth be told, but she's not going to go thinking about Cloud right now.

Domino's steps were not silent, and this had her feature's contorting into a frown, her brows dipping in the center to furrow as she stood outside the store and shifted from foot to foot. The look in her eyes was hidden behind the sunglasses that covered the black inkwork around one eye and the bruise around the other, but not the split across her pale cheek bone. She had luckily had a 'near miss' of a broken nose. The falling droplets of rain slapped over her attire and this caused her to look up and exhale a sigh, but one of relief. This would cool things off, as long as it lasted. Moving along the rows of shops she paused in front of the electronics, a silent debate before she moved on, her eyes skimming the crowd as she moved, passing the music store and those seated in front of it. One glance to Caleb and Star and a double take was had, almost slamming her into another person headed in the opposite direction. Quick footwork from squeaky leather and she had dodged the collision with just an angry leer and a muttered "Watch it.." from the other.
Big city, small world, it was hard to miss that youth she had last seen at the rally.

Agent Madrox was in fact following one Caleb O'Callahan, studying a future student but Domino's appearance had things more interesting. He shifts against the pole he was leaning against just a few feet more and the collision course would have included him, "Miss Thurman." Came a quiet voice from him, a greetings of a sort. His own black shades being pushed up his nose as a rather flat expressionless face was shown. James Madrox, the times she'd met him he was connected to New Mutants, Muir Island or X-Factor, possibly even a few unspoken run-ins with 'evil' dupes. But here, he stood wearing a suit and a dark brown outer jacket, no smile, no glare, just a calm, placid look. Giving her one glance before checking over her shoulder, making sure his 'target' was still in sight.

Caleb shrugs, he has a lot of reasons for feeling worried and depressed, but he shouldn't feeling this bad, all of a sudden he felt sooo much worse, "I don't trust what my school does, but i didn't feel this bad before, i don't know whats happening".

Star is pretty much oblivious to the other mall customers, focusing on trying to cheer Caleb at the moment, and so misses Domino's near collision and subsequent meeting with the man in the suit. "Why wouldn't you trust your school?" She's truly confused by this statement and it shows both in her changeable eyes and in the air around her, earning a puzzled glance from another teenager that walks past and slows to turn and walk backwards for a few steps before he bumps into an older boy and a small scuffle ensues. The little fight barely registers a grimace of irritation from the girl before her attention returns to her companion, "What school do you go to, anyway?"

One greeting was typical of New York with a misstep, the other however, was not. Domino's reaction to a name known elsewhere had her eyes darting to the man who spoke, one hand ascending to the center fold of her coat while the other drew a digit up to curl around the bridge of her glasses and slide them down a bit. Slate blue eyes stared at Madrox flatly, placing that face before following his gaze over her shoulder to the boy.

Not here for her, good enough. Domino stepped aside to allow clear vantage for Madrox and thusly herself. "I would say coincidence in so many ways in this city to have a potluck and all my friends have been invited.." Pushing the glasses back up she returns her own look in Caleb's direction. "Know him too, I take it?" The girl with Caleb got a slight moment of study and scrutiny, but not enough to put her anywhere but as another teen in the mall.

Agent Madrox was adept at tailing someone, knowledge of him even following Caleb was highly unlikely in most cases but right now, as of the last few minutes he was not hiding himself. He was even within ear-shot, able to pick up fragments of what was being said of the conversation, when question arose of the youth's school from the girl his brows rose up. Hearing Domino speak his lips parted and he spoke, "We're not friends Miss Thurman, I take it that is what you're going by? Subjectively speaking you and I have never met if you catch my drift." Following her gaze he nods a little,"He is of some interest you could say, more curiously do you know him and might I inquire why you are here or is this all simply coincidental?" This Madrox was entirely matter-of-factly and authoritative acting, not at all the intelligent youthful jokster Madrox Prime was.

Caleb lowers his voice, "You know what i can do, i go to a school for people like me…", that's when he catches Domino's reflection in a mirror outside a shop, listening he hears part of her conversation with a man just out of site of the mirror, he leans closer to Star, "Do you mind if we move?, this place is getting to me".

"Apparently you did not catch my sarcasm. If you were a friend you would know what I was going by here." Stepping back she pressed against the wall behind them, staying out of the way to not cause another near run in and draw more attention than needed. "No, I don't know you, I'm trying to pick you up at the local youth plaza. It is all coincidence surprisingly. I was only here to get new footwear and I am running into familiar faces…A familiar face and one I want to take home." She rolled her eyes behind the dark rims of glasses and that motion in itself ceased when Caleb's stature seems to change.
Domino was not one to stand idly by or play chase, what Madrox's business was with the kid was his own - she just wanted to check up on him. Pushing from the wall she was making her way over to the two, standing beside Caleb one pale hand rested on the bench in a nonchalant lean. "Good to see you well kid, who's your friend?" Her head tilted slightly as she looked towards Star, some form of reaction narrowing her eyes slightly. Somber bunch here..

Star is too new in town to have drawn the notice of anyone other than a few of the other students at Xavier Institute and possibly the headmaster just due to the troublemagnet that she calls her twin brother. She makes a small oh sound, surprised to hear that he, to her mind at least, goes to Xavier's. It's the only school for 'special people' that she knows of, anyway. Finally she's gotten confirmation that she's been wanting that the school her brother was invited to attend isn't the wonderful place that it was made out to be! She's smug about this little bit of misinformation she thinks she's managed to pick up and nods at the request, "Sure thing…" She glances around, as though trying to identify just what it is that has suddenly made the other teenager uneasy, her eyes settling on the suit and the approaching woman in leather suspiciously, "Yeah… I think that might be a good idea." Wariness again flairs up when Domino leans over the pair and she straightens to her full, not so impressive, height; a defiant glare aimed at the apparently rather beaten up woman.

"Very well." Sarcasm seemed to fail on Agent Madrox before he was watching her stride off, "Coincidence indeed." He mumbles to himself before lifting up his cell-phone, his thumb tapping over the key to number pad. Confirmation Domino was indeed in New York City, connection to one Caleb O'Callahan also confirmed, odd that there - something in it did not add up. If the young man was already under some form of scrutiny for his ill behaviors he was even more so now, what business did a teenager have with a known Mercenary whose antics leap in and out of the lines of terrorism. He was now striding after her, moving with an easy stride, "Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot, Miss… well, Miss." Quieting himself as he neared Caleb and Star. His recent transfer to Barnes Academy had him unknown to any of the students, this was his FIRST appearance to any of them, noone would have a clue he was attached to it right now. Stopping near Domino as she stood before the two younger present, not saying anything just yet. But not finding any reason to let Domino inform them Caleb was being followed, if that is something she was up to or capable of.
Especially since this was something of his own volition and not having been required of him.

Caleb gets up to leave with Star but they're interrupted by Domino, he's seen her before but is having trouble placing her, "Err, i'm good thanks, lovly weather isn't it, well nice to see you an all, but we gotta go", he walks past Star and mutters, "Lets go"

Domino only cast a small glance with a dart of her eyes to Madrox as he stepped up behind her, the shift likely unseen behind dark glasses as brief as it was only to come back to the indignant stare of the female that was with Caleb. Star got a flash of ivories in a wavering smile. For whatever reason the re-approach of Caleb had her recalling that blast and a pang of…something she hadn't focused on to feel had her brandishing an all too fake smile. Shake it off. To answer Madrox's question as well as introduce herself to the wary youth's her hand rose. "I think last time we didn't get acquainted, lots of people—," When Caleb went to stand the final was added on in atempt to get him to stop in his tracks. "running and all…I'm Miss Carlisle. You are?" Her eyes shifted between Star and Caleb now, pushing back to a stand and slowly letting her hand drop.

And then there's someone else approaching the pair and Star turns her defiant look on the suit. The teenager never has liked unnamed guys in suits and a hint of anger and rebellion seep from her pores as she rises with Caleb, giving the two adults a tight smile as she turns to follow her new acquaintance. Forget the fact that she's wandering off with a virtual stranger that has the potential to be dangerous, by his own admission, she doesn't want to stay and see what these two freaky adults want either. Domino is offered a smile that's just as tight as the one that the man got, though it wavers slightly when she catches a hint of… something… from one of the other three and gives herself a little shake to dismiss it. It's not her problem, after all.

Seeing Caleb try to make a haste escape he can't help but wonder why he seems so skittish, is it perhaps Domino's presence or his own. Maybe something more, in a scenario like this he had one of two options, observe or cut in and disrupt, both had their merits one was just a more direct route. For some, un-explained reason his mood seemed to sour and the idea of following them around annoyed him, instead he would take route two and make his presence known, figure out what the possible issue was. Suddenly feeling as though he was some sort of babysitter. This weird onset of mood change being an effect of Star's powers, stepping quickly he puts himself in Caleb's path. " Actually, Mr.O'Callahan, why don't you introduce me to your friend and I'll introduce myself to you. Or are we in a rush somewhere important? "

Caleb stiffens at Domino's words and with that he knows exactly where he's seen Domino before, the bombing at the Friends of Humanity rally, he gulps and moves to continue his escape when he's cornered by Madrox, there is only one type of person that refer to him as "Mr. O'Callahan", those affiliated with Barnes, he gulps again, "Yes, i have to take my friend home, any change we can do this later?", the worry he's feeling about his situation is obvious in his voice.

Why was this falling into a situation where Domino felt she was suddenly aiding Madrox, an unconscious effort made to at least slow the teens enough for his advantage. Though she did not know what his business was with Caleb or Star she knew what her own was with Caleb. His well being after the event, which seemed fine. He was walking, talking, and still bore his attitude to boot. Unscathed and lucky enough on that one, though she still wondered her the suits were he defied at the scene. This drew her eyes up towards Madrox and again her head dipped in contemplation while watching them.
Domino was not about to make any effort to follow, but she stepped around the bench and folded her arms across her chest to watch the proceedings as if it was something that entirely amused her and was deserving of concessions, though neatly hidden behind a mask she was growing more agitated, and she was trying to sort even why.

"Missing school is never a good thing, young lady. If you do believe you'll melt then I am sure the transit won't keep you, or we can give you a ride. Or, if everyone would prefer since it's starting to rain heavily how about all of us head down to the corner where I seen a quaint little coffee shop that smelled nice as I passed, we can all eat and have a chat. It's on me. " It was quite obvious the Agent was not going to let Caleb skirt around him so easily, not like the youth had done with others in the past, this game was ending now before the more drastic was implored. Madrox stood patiently waiting a reply, a flip phone flicking open and closed in his coat pocket, not out of use just an idle activity.

Caleb is tempted to just grab Star, phase and run, but this guy is giving off a different feel than the other Agents he's met, he gets the feeling that wouldn't work this time, "Ok, i'll go with you", he resigned to his fate and is currently hoping Star has the good sense to run for it.

Domino had nothing to add to this situation. It was apparent there was some underlying issue with Caleb that had nothing to do with her own business. The sudden shifting moods flicking on and off like light switches was alos becoming very bothersome and when Madrox began to offer the kids a better place to go to finish their own private business she took one [squeaky *wince*] step back and turned on her heel. "It appears Mister O'Callahan has prior engagements. Mine can wait." One hand rose and she tossed a wave to them over her shoulder, not moving to the side to try and avoid the rains downfall, instead remaining quite out in the open of it. Handling the kiddies was not something she signed up for.

Star's eyes roll, dark brown, the color just a shade or two lighter than true black, with irritation at the scolding about missing school, "I only just got here yesterday. And school's already over, anyway, I'm just summering over to be around for my brother." Her voice takes on a ridiculing tone as she speaks, "Why don't you go preach at somebody else, huh?" It's clear that she expects him to do just that, though only because she's accustomed to getting Cloud to do so when they were kids. And then she hears her 'new friend' caving in to the suit's demand and she gives him a stunned look, shock almost seeming to crackle around her as she shoots Domino a glance at the sound of the squeak and little wave. She's at least going to be polite and return the wave with a tiny little finger wiggle before she looks back to the two guys, one her age and the other years older, "Look. It's obvious he doesn't want to go with you, so why don't you just march off on your merry way before I call the cops?" She's about as fierce as an angry kitten, but she means every word of her threat. She does have a cell phone issued by the institute, after all.

"Smart lad." He offered towards Caleb, a quick," The offer was to you as well Miss Carlisle." About to say more he pauses as Star spoke, " Call the cops young lady, they'll very politely tell you it is none of their business. I assure you. " Agent Madrox states flatly, his hand reaching into his pocket to take out his wallet, holding it in his fingers before he was thumbing through it as if taking his time to look for something, his eyebrows lifting up again as he gave a VERY curious glance at Caleb wondering just what this kid has fed this girls mind full of.

Through ths slapping drops of rain she heard Madrox's offer and her dark stained lips split into a small smile. The distance between herself and the kids giving her enough to feel her old self again, any anger, sorrow, or worry seemed gone. "So you do want a date. Offer accepted." Domino stopped and turned back to reapproach, skirting the two with a up-tilted brow over the rim of glasses that were obviously not needed, but it served more than one purpose than just an accessory. "The cops only scare the illegitimate bad guys sweetie." One hand rose and pulled the glasses down enough for bruised eye to toss a wink at Star. That statement said everything and nothing as she paused at their side and waited for the posturing from kids came to a halt, at least Caleb had given in, smart.

Caleb is suddenly angry as Star gets angry at the way Madrox speaks to her and the violet glow returns to his palms, "These guys already seems to have the police in their pocket, one just flashed a badge the other week and the police just handed me over", he glares at Madrox, "What is it you want exactly, most of you guys wound just bundle me into a van and be done with it, who exactly are you?"

Star is just having a really bad week so far and it's affecting her more than she wants to admit. Unfortunately, it also affects those around her more than she knows. "Oh, I'm sure they'll be interested to know that you're harassing a couple of innocent kids at the mall." Innocent on her part, anyway. She doesn't have a clue exactly what Caleb has been up to, after all, but she's willing to defend him for the time being. She reaches in the pocket of her jeans and pulls out one of the standard phones handed out by Xavier's to their students, already pressing the numbers for 9-1-1 and hovering her thumb over the dial button, waiting to see if the suit is going to press the issue. Wait a minute… Her attention turns to her companion and confusion returns, "The cops handed you over to guys like this bozo?" She doesn't care that she's talking about the Agent as though he weren't even there, "My dad would never do something like that…" Her dad the cop. "What the crap is going on here?!" Her raised voice, not quite a shout, earns a couple of looks and whispers from passers by. Maybe she won't have to call the cops? These guys, flashed badges and rants of misuse.

Clearly the youngster had everything wrong, it was documented he had broken several taboo rules agreed to as per regulations on getting into and remaining in the school, secrecy, no use of powers in public, adherence to curfew, secrecy, no drinking on premise and once more secrecy. Agent Madrox chin uplifts and he exhales loudly, a stern and rigid reply is given cordially towards Domino, "Yes, there are things we have to discuss." His head slowly, mechanically turns to look at Caleb, "You understood the rules when you were approached, your John Hancock was put down in understanding these, they were very clearly written out and you proceed to break them, explain to me where you have been victimized in this? Everything is done in accord for your benefit and safety. Young lady, your new friend here… " Agent Madrox hesitates a second as he looks at the glowing palms then gives a very level stare at Caleb while speaking to Star, " He is troubled, not in his right mind and off of his meds right now, I am sure he's said any number of things to you but you seem sensible enough, how long have you known him an hour? Perhaps two? If I had intended any harm what so ever, I would not be here speaking to either of you, use some bit of logic and rationalize this out. Think for a moment, I am sure you are highly capable." Still looking at Caleb he asserted his voice, " I suggest you stand down and behave Mr.O'Callahan."

The glow from Caleb had Domino laughing softly and shaking her head. "Calm down and just take his offer, coffee wont kill you, but I am sure you are well aware mutant haters would love a chance - and you're making a scene." Her eyes lifted then to the few people that had stopped in their shopping tracks and were staring their way, leaning into eachother and whispering. Domino sure as hell didn't want the attention but this kid was a purple blinking beacon for it.
Star get's the shift of Domino's eyes and a derisive snort as the agitation creeps in once again. "Kids these days, want all the answers but don't answer the questions asked first. How about we work with eachother over a mocha and some biscotti before this gets entirely too…" As Madrox spoke she gestured towards him in a silent, what he said. His business with Caleb though did have her curious, and if not for coffee she didn't have to pay for she was going to stick around and see what intents were with the boy, the girl apparently not a part of the equation until her mouth made it so.

The comment about his meds snaps him out of Star's pheromone based anger and the glow fades, "I have taken my meds thanks", not like he could forget, he constantly has the school medic reminding him, he's only been taking them for four years for feck sake, "Anytimes i've used my abilities in public was necessity, first time i was attacked by one of the other students, the other was avoiding getting blown up", he sighs at Star, "Trust me, the police won't do anything".

"Meds?" Okay… Star's known a few kids that had to take medication everyday, but she doesn't think any of them were mutants like this guy seems to be. Do mutants even need to be doped? Her brother may be one, but she doesn't know very much about the… condition… "All he said to me is that he doesn't trust his school. He didn't even tell me what school he goes to before you two interrupted us." Her eyes narrow into a glare as she stares up at the suit, "And I don't see that it's any of your business how long I've known him." Beat, "Hells bells! I could have met him at the school for all you know." Although she thinks he goes to Xavier's since she's seen that glow. The very same glow that's coming from him now. She glances over at him as it goes out and a small frown forms when he admits to actually taking meds. The frown deepening when he admits to using his abilities in public, even if it was in self defense. She sighs, forcing her rebellion and anger down to something that smolders instead of burns, worry for her brother replacing it once more and joined by resignation, "Well, even if he is someone dangerous, I'm still not going to leave him alone with the likes of you. I'm going too." Plus, it really is raining pretty hard.

Already he was saying too much with 'students and other students' the blown up thing he was unsure was even gone over with in the past few weeks, remarking on his powers before this young woman had Agent Madrox looking at her again, wondering just what or who she was, his cell phone lifting up from his pocket as he dialed a few buttons tipping it enough to just roll his thumb, image saved. This entire action was masked with everyday movements, a trained spy like him had no problem concealing a little sleight of hand like that. While looking down appearing absorbed in text messaging he spoke. "Now now let's not make it sound as if you're a prisoner Caleb, you're here on your own free will. Noone forced you to accept our help, without us you wouldn't even be in the United States. " Anything done up to this point was not to protect him so much as the rest of the school as well, he was not only jeopardizing himself but other students by breaking secrecy, perhaps noone had yet to make him understand this. "I was making a guess on how long you knew him and a simple 'consider do I know this person' sort of statement."Why speak on their level or explain? It was frustrating, normally he had bounds of patience but so far, he was on E. "Then we are agreed, let us go get some coffee and maybe a doughnut." The phone shoving away now Madrox turned and began walking. "The likes of me, if you must really know, I am a teacher and the school he speaks of is a private prep school for the gifted."

"The likes of us? You don't even know." As for the rest of what Star had to say, she wasn't even going to start arguing with the young girl despite how much she desired to, for whatever reason. So not like her and she was noticing it; though her routes of argument normally lead to someone bleeding. At the thought alone Domino shoved her hands in her pockets and starts to make distance between herself, Madrox, and the kids heading towards the cafe. The only thing holding her presence now was not even the slight inquiry to Caleb, the kid was proving to me more of a pain then worth the effort, it was what Madrox had to say and his purpose. This had her eyes trained on him for a moment too long and then looking away, again any expression remained hidden behind glasses, but the firm set in her jaw and the line of her lips in contemplation said something about the path she was sniffing along.

Star falls silet for a moment, rolling over this information about the guy in the suit being one of the teachers, her expression thoughtful as she tries to decide if this means that he's safe to leave the other teen alone with. Well… With the suit and the woman with the leather fetish. "So you're a teacher, huh… Maybe I don't want to go to the Xavier Institute next year, after all, if they've got creeps like you teaching there. I'll just take Cloud and go home as soon as someone manages to rescue him from whatever mess it is that he's gotten himself into this time." 'Private prep school for the gifted' was how Xavier's was phrased to her parents, after all. A place for her baby brother to learn how to control this… thing… that he has.
A place that seems to have done nothing but get him in trouble. There's definite bitterness there. Cloud was supposed to be safe and learn, not be put in harm's way twenty-four seven, after all! She's still not thrilled with the fact that she's at the school, no matter that she agreed to go for her twin's sake. Her voice drops to a low mutter, "I'm so going to have to get a leash for that boy…"

"We have no connection to Xavier's." As Madrox speaks he gets memories of the Prime, a thoughtful hum coming from him,"So you are a student of the X-Men. I guess that makes this entire scenario not as terrible as I had assumed, this means you know the value of not being an exhibitionist with your abilities."Glancing once over his shoulder at Star to make sure she was following as he stopped infront of the coffee shop. "It is unsafe for mutants like us to do as much," In revealing more about himself maybe he will lesson this 'aura' of unease that was permeating around them right now. His hand was thrust out, Madrox arm pushing the door open with a ding of the bell, baked goods not entirely fresh at this hour but they were there and still looked tasty in the display, the coffee and drinks though, obviously quite fresh by the smell. It was quiet in here, only one person at work in the front, the other in the back. They could talk with relative privacy here.

Domino was already in the cafe, climbing into a seat with a slow shift of her weight. Her back was to a wall and her front facing out and towards the windows as well as the entry. She was setting her vantage point as the ever ready one while the others seemed to be discussing their business. Bits and pieces were caught but they were not relevant to anything she seemed to care for. But that was also part and parcel to the placid fascade she had managed to re-seat with the separation from them and her own person.

"I don't know anything about the X-Men. My little brother goes there, he has since last semester, and one of their recruiters came and asked if I could come so he could have some family closer." Star follows the adults into the cafe, her arms folded across her chest as she sulks along behind, and grimaces at the accusation that she's a mutant, "I'm not a mutant. That's Cloud. I'm just here for him, like I told you." No, she's not a freak like the other kids at the school. The only thing special about her is that she always knows best. Just ask any of her friends back home! Sure, most of the student body would tell you other wise, but most of them are just too stubborn to listen to what she tells them to do. She enters with the others and settles down into a chair, being rude and pulling one foot up onto the seat with her and wrapping her arms around her leg with her chin resting on her knee. Ah, the limberness of youth…

Two tiger claws and a black coffee ordered Agent Madrox was seating himself drawing a chair over to sit at the end. Hearing Star he releases a 'hrm', "Interesting, generally… going to school there…" He gave a small shrug one hand was fishing forward to pick up a napkin setting it closer before he was peeling off abit of one doughnut dipping it in his coffee and eating slowly. Caleb disappearing into the restroom. Madrox didn't finish what he was saying instead now eating the food he'd just dipped, once able to talk again he asked, "Might I ask your name?" Star being shot this question while he gave Domino one brief look, as if indicating he knew she was still there, more passed in that glance than just that. A 'our business is soon'.

Domino slid in her seat, never undoing her coat or seeming to adjust anything further for comfort, she was comfortable as is but seemed to adjust, knowing this was going to take a bit and none of it was anything she was going to speak on, she had nothing to say. One foot slung up onto the seat but was not hugged, her back remained pressed against the wall and arms in a full out slung repose, one finger idly sliding across the table's surface. The glance from Madrox had her offering a low dip of her chin in acknowledgment and nothing more.

And speaking of X-Men, one on the current roster of the X-Men walks into the coffee shop, dripping with rain. Blond hair plastered to his head and jeans and t-shirt soaked, Sam Guthrie, also known as Cannonball, has ducked in here to get out of the rain for a bit. "Well Ah'll be, it's raining cats 'n dogs out there." He says to the woman at the counter as he orders a regular coffee, black, nothing fancy about it and a corn muffin. He takes a second to look around the coffee shop and sees two familar faces. That of Jamie Madrox and Domino, but it's Domnio that gets the reaction. "Dom…what are ya doin' here in Salem?" He asks as he approaches her. What a nice greeting for a long time friend and acquaintance.

Agent Madrox eyes were fixed on Star but from this vantage he seen Sam Guthrie come in, the rain opening up and spitting him into the cafe they were all chatting about in right now. "What an interesting day." He remarks, trying to bite off any negativity that was wanting to burble upwards, this unnatural uneasy outside influence was still something he was toying with, he knew of Domino's powers, his own and now Caleb was not near yet this girl claims she was not 'gifted' but she was a student in Xaviers still. "It's good to meet you Star Rosen." That should not have been hard to say, "Unpleasantness aside, you seem a bright woman." Madrox let his attention shift, "Mr.Guthrie." He says in a bizarre, mannerly yet plain manner of greeting towards the man. There was probably never a point in Cannoball or Multiple Man's life where he'd ever called him that before.

If there was anything that would get her posture to straighten is was the arrival of Sam. Domino's foot pushed on the seat to slide her back upright along the wall and then the aiding appendage dropped to join its counterpart on the floor, aiding in her stand. "You have to be shitting me…" And for once those sunglasses were tugged fully from her nose as if to remove any possibility of hallucination or obscure blur from her gaze.
One eye was brused, beneath the cheek cut, but that was part and parcel, the other eye bore the circle of the dark tattoo around it, signature of Domino. "Me, you should know I travel where the business is. What brings you here?" She remained standing but did not close any distance, waiting for Sam to possibly join them, though a glance did go to Star and Madrox at the table, still listening while "distracted".

Coffee in hand, Sam does join them, and Jamie gets an odd look. "Ah ain't ever really been 'Mr. Guthrie', Sam." He says as he finds the odd turn of attitude for the well known jokester odd, but then when is the last time they worked together. "So ya ever get that mayonnaise jar open?" He jokes with Jamie before looking at Domino. "Dom, is it really a big surprise Ah'm back with the X-Men?" After all he's always been tied to the school. "Have ya seen or talked to Cable recently? Ah ain't heard from him in a while." The man that became the closest thing that Sam has to a father.

"Yeah, sure. And you are…" Star trails off expectantly, though she can't help but blush at being called 'bright'. Still, the comment is dismissed a touch of smugness flairing and fading almost as quickly. When the other adult joins them, irritation rares it's ugly head for a moment before she hears that Sam is one of the X-Men and it's replaced by something that's not quite hatred, but something close; perhaps distrust blended with intense dislike? He's one of the moron adults connected to the school that managed to lose her baby brother not once, but twice! Her leg is released and her foot returned to the floor with a small thump and she slouches back in her chair with her arms folded across her chest, glaring daggers at him.

"James Madrox." He repeated, having said as much earlier the girl in her annoyance and valiant yet mislead attempt to defend Caleb had probably overlooked it. "Speaking of the X-Men." He would say outloud towards Star before Madrox blinked at Cannonballs remark, apparently lost on the impossible to open cursed mayonnaise jar that not even Strong Guy or Quicksilver could open. This 'dupe' had been set out before that and had no idea of it, or simply was lacking the memory. "Excuse me?" He questions confused before carrying on, "Now that is a good question."He adds in with the comment on Cable. SHIELD for their own reasons was curious on the where-abouts of the man, most of the Six-Pack outside of Domino having been arrested aside from G.W. Bridge who joined SHIELD, Domino herself and the elusive unfound Nathan Summers. Another dunk into the coffee cup before Jamie was chewing the soggy doughnut.

Caleb comes back from the restroom after spending several minutes deciding if he should phase and walk though the wall to make a run for it or not, deciding running would just make it worse he goes back to the group, which now has a new member, a blonde guy, the teen walks over and sits back down, kinda hoping the conversation might make Madrox forget about him.

Domino had not even thought to have contact with the X-Men while here. In fact it had completely slipped her mind with the turn of events that brought her here and made her decide to stay; otherwise she would have been long gone and a forgotten memory to any faces in the crowds. Sam's inquiry on Cable had something flicker over slate blue eyes and her head shook lightly while the glasses were brought up, but instead she managed to reign in the sudden flicker of thoughtful emotion and replace it with the enjoyment of the moment. Familiar faces that wouldn't sucker punch her [so far] were always good ones. "Nor have I, I think my last run in was none too pleasant…But he is well, last I made contact." Lightening the end for Sam and herself.
A shift in her eyes had her looking back to Madrox and then Star as the glare and shift in attitude came in a small wave. She had caught the bits of conversation tying her to Xavier's but the look now at Sam had a brow winging up. "Seems you have a fan Sam.." Her tone leveling to flat and monotone trying to curb the sudden unnecessary irritation.

"Ah've got tons of younger siblin's Dom, Ah'm immunte tah lettin' one brat annoy me." Sam comments softly to Domino. "At some point we'll have tah catch up, Ah ran intah 'Star not to long ago and James is back 'round too." Star meaning Shatterstar and James meaning Warpath, part of the /old/ X-Force team. "Well Ah just hope that Nate's doin' well." Then Jamie gets an confused look about not knowing about the mayonnaise jar. "Ya sure ya alright Ja-ames." Stopping himself from saying Jamie.

Star gives the suit a smarmy little smile, her eyes never leaving Sam, "Nice to meet you." Her tone declares that it's been anything but. She's so focused on the X-Man at the table that she doesn't notice Caleb's return from the restroom, though Domino's comment earns a quick roll of her eyes before she's again focused on glaring holes in the blond. There's a small blink at her name being mentioned in reference to someone else, but she just huffs and settles low enough in her chair that she looks like she might be in danger of sliding out onto the floor.

"Yes, Mr.Guthrie. I am quite my usual pedantic self. I appreciate the inquiry. I take it you are well? " Agent Madrox doesn't smile but instead looks over towards Caleb as he returns, "Order what you like Caleb. As I said before, it's on me." He looked once at Domino, hoping she would bring mention as to where exactly Cable was but she didn't even open up slightly on it. This wasn't a major concern, he was sure if she knew they'd find out eventually, SHIELD always found out what they wanted to.

Caleb nods at Madrox, "Thanks", then gets up and walks to the counter, he doesn't drink coffee so instead he just orders one of those big cookies, then walks back to his seat and thanks the man again, he's being nicer than most of the SHIELD agents have been.

The low chuckle did come from Domino at Sam's words on Star's glare. "We do have…" Hearing who else he had run into the blink was slow and the smile returned to creep at the corners of her lips. "We should get together, all of us, and fill one another in. I plan on staying for now. I tend to linger more in Mutant Town these days." A hint as to where to locate the alabaster femme fatale, a dart of her eyes to Madrox for affirmation.
"Sorry to break our date sugar, but I must be going. Always a pleasure Sam. Kids…Behave.." The glasses then were placed in a perch back on the bridge of her nose as she made her way out of the cafe. The emotional roller coaster was not a fun one to ride, and somewhere in there, the mention of Cable brought a sorrow she batted away from the surface and kept deep but it was there. Some path's were slipping while other's were resurfacing.

Sam dose not trust this 'Jamie' at all, he's nothing like the Jamie he's met before in the past but now isn't the time to bring it up. Maybe to good ol' one eye later. Looking over at Star, Sam raises an eyebrow. "Is there a problem ma'am? Did Ah accidentally drip on your stuff and forget to apologize, if so Ah'm sorry ma'am." And there is kindness in his words. "Ya take care of yerself Dom." Sam says before looking back at Star waiting for an answer.

"Domino, a moment." Madrox says quickly, pulling out a small card. "Take this before you go, we'll be in touch. " Holding it out towards her, his number on it, name, nothing more. It was entirely blank. Hearing Sam speak towards Star he only gave it a small look before replying to Caleb, "You're welcome." Having stood back up Sam would see he was dressed in a nice sharp suit, a gun was holstered under his jacket. He looked very… 'suit'ish.

Star glances over at the woman as she leaves, rolling her eyes at the order to behave, though a small frown appears as she catches a the smallest whiff of sadness from her. The feeling is dismissed as being imagined, though; Domino doesn't really look like she's sad, after all. It's got to just be the petite teenager's imagination. Then Sam is speaking and she returns her attention to him, her voice accusing, "You lost my brother." Beat, "Again." So he wasn't actually there when her brother was lured away? He still belongs with the school that's responsible for him.

Caleb has one quick question, "What is Xavier's?", other than that he's just listening to the group speak, slightly curious at Star's accusation the Sam lost her brother, apparently not for the first time.

Sam walks over and sits by Star and gives her a confused look, he hasn't met this new student yet. "Excuse me but, who is yer brother? Ah'm sorry Ah feel like Ah'm missin' part of the conversation here." Sam says as teenagers, they always go for the dramatics. You should see the dramatics that go on back home in Kentucky.

"Another school." Not unlike our own yet this was unsaid, the simple was all Madrox gave to Caleb right now, if Sam wished to explain more he would. The second Tigerclaw doughnut being torn into bits now and chewed on. This keeping him from speaking for a moment as he observed the X-Man and his new student.

"Cloud Rosen." Star keeps glaring at the blond adult, firmly settled in a good sulk, "You all lost him and he ended up coming back with his chest all carved up and then he was taken again the day before I got here." She sighs, some of the anger draining out of her, "I swear… I'm going to have to get a leash for him or something…" There's a thoughtful pause, "Maybe I'll just have him chipped…" It's sounds reasonable enough, anyway. At least then whoever finds him will know where to return him.

"Ya better stop with this 'we' lost him nonsense Ms. Rosen." Sam starts as he knows exactly who Cloud is. "Ya understand that your brother had no regards for rules and it's like he -tries- tah break them. We set the rules in place tah protect our students and if they chose tah break them…well…we tries. Ah'm sorry 'bout what happened tah Cloud in regards to that and it shouldn't 'f ever happened but from what Ah understand, yer brother was th' one who chose to jump through a portal after the villain."

Caleb turns to speak to Madrox, "When you say another school, is it like Barnes?, cos she said her brothers a mutant and i met a guy near here who said he was a teacher at a private school nearby and he was a mutant", he pulls a piece of the cookie and eats it.

"Barnes?" Madrox asks quizzically, the conversation not something that needed to be had around others, even if Sam and Star couldn't hear them, which there was no reason they shouldn' tbe able to at this range. "I don't think I heard you right Caleb." This should be indication that what he was talking about was private, even around Cannonball. Yet his futher comments were drowned out by Star, letting her words distract and hopefully keep the word 'Barnes' out of the air and from Cannoball or Star.

Sam stands up and puts a hand on Star's shoulder quick. "Here, Ah'll git ya back tah the school….Ah understand what it's like tah have brothers and sisters and wanna look out for them." He says with a warm smile. "Ya ever flown before?" He asks and if she'll let him, Sam will use his powers to rocket blast the two back to the school.

Caleb fights the compulsion to headbutt the table when Madrox makes it obvious he cant talk about it, then everyone stars leaving, he gives Star a wave, then she's gone rocket ting off with Sam, "I didn't get her number, i've got no way to contact her now", so much for making a new friend, he looks at Madrox again, "Now will you tell me if their school is like ours?"

Once the two left he looks towards Caleb, "Xavier's is a school like our own, full of gifted and abnormal students with staff teaching them how to control and cope with their powers along with getting by in everyday life without drawing un-necessary attention to themselves. Not really something we should be concerning ourselves with, the things we should be thinking about are classes and you are in a few of mine." Madrox taps his finger on the side of his coffee cup, before drawing his cell phone out to look at the captured image on it of Star Rosen, name included, that would be filed into SHIELDs database. Keeping it angled enough Caleb wouldn't see it, a quick check to make sure he got everything he'd then close it again shoving it back into his pocket.

Caleb sighs, "SO thats why you found me, what did i do?, i know i'm not failing any classses, at least i wasn't the last time i looked", he runs a hand through his white hair, "Please tell me, you're killing me here".

"No, noones killing you here Caleb. My entire reason was actually one I accomplished, getting to know you. I believe we both do know one another now and have a basic understanding, you're perhaps not adjusting as well as one would hope, the curfew breaking I mentioned, drinking, we have rules and standards - you've broken some of those, the main one in my book is secrecy, I don't know if I have to stress that one too much but it's my specific pet peeve. One I figure we can work on together if need be. Other than all of that, you're doing quite well in your courses." As Madrox talked he stands up and gets a fresh refill of coffee, pausing briefly before he forgets to add in 'Sibling Cloud' as a footnote in his cell, once more it was shoved away and he sat back down.

Caleb raises an eyebrow in confusion, "Wait, you followed me to Westchester to get to know me, why diddn't you just talk to me at school?, easier than freaking me out", then theres the list of everything he's done wrong since he got here, he can only realy justify one, "When i used my powers in public, it was either an accident or i really had to".

"Wouldn't quite call it following, more in having you located and being dropped off there. Good I showed though, considering your topic of conversation." Madrox thumps his own ear with a fingertip," I heard you about to open up to Miss Rosen, more than you should have and as far as your powers being used, I've read the reports… no excuse is going to work on using your powers in public, not in the scenarios you have used yours in. There was no had to in any of that. The only one you possibly could have an excuse for was the bank ordeal, noble enough but you need to understand you are not law enforcement.

Caleb sighs, he doesn't really connect with anyone at Barnes but with people outside the school, it's easy, but he's not going to tell Madrox that, he still doesn't trust anyone from the school, "Ok, i'm sorry, i'll try not to use my powers in future, but it's hard not to sometimes, when you're pushed".

"Sorry won't hack it, even under pressure you need to learn how to contain them and keep them out of sight. But, that is one of the reasons you're learning in Barnes - control, proper use… to become more than just some foolish rank amateur and something more." Madrox waves the cup in the air, " It'll come in time, you're not expected to be flawless."If anyone knew about not connecting with the world it was Madrox himself, more so his Prime but this one could sympathize there to some extent. Not that he was picking up on any of this from Caleb. Quickly he downs the rest of the coffee and stands up, sliding his chair in. "Lets get back to Barnes, I imagine you and I both have work to be doing."

Caleb nods, finishes his cookie and stands up, oddly he kinda likes Madrox, he's alot nicer than all the other Barnes staff, "Thanks Agent Madrox, this was nice of you, and i will try to be more care full".

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