2009-02-26: High Tension


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Summary: Discussion of the invasion turns sour.

Date: February 26, 2009

Log Title High Tension

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

The kitchen's mostly quiet but the lights are all on. There's a reason. Eddie's in there, dressed in jeans and a fantastice four t-shirt. He's got a few scratches and bruises patched up but all in all looks fine. Other than looking very depressed as he pokes at a PB&J sandwich sitting in front of him. The teen lets out a sigh and rests a head on his hand.

Daisuke walks into the kitchen wearing a long sleeved shirt over a pair of jeans and stops for a second seeing Eddie there. Smiling he walks over to the fridge. "Hey Eddie, I heard you were stuck in the city, I'm glad your back. You okay?" He asks looking through the fridge for something before grabbing a can of coke.

Pallaton seems to be restless, for some reason, as he's out and wandering around before settling on seeing what's going on in the kitchen. He almost misses Eddie and Daisuke in the room, as it seems something's eating away at him, thinking something over in his head. He gives them both a nod before heading over, going back into his thoughts as he sits near him, but he doesn't say a word, as if whatever he's thinking about is annoying him.

Eddie jumps slightly, looking over at Dai and forcing a smile. "Hey, Dai. Yeah…I got stuck," he sighs a bit. "Good to be back too I guess," he says, going back to poking at the sandwich and trying to decide if he wants to eat it or not. "Hey, Pallaton…" he greets the larger student as well.

Daisuke looks at Pallaton for a bit before nodding at him. "Hey Pallaton, ya seem all quiet." Captain Obvious there. The Japanese teen turns towards Eddie and runs a hand through his hair. "Well I'm glad my best friends back I would have been really worried otherwise. I actually left work and was on the train home so I just missed getting stuck in there."

Pallaton gives the pair what sounds like a mid-way between a sigh and bored-sounding bark before speaking. "The city worries me. Too much. I usually don't care much for the city, but there are innocent people in there. I'm trying to figure out just what I can do."

Eddie frowns. "Nothing," he says. "We're stuck, Pallaton. Trust me, I doubt Mr. Summers is going to let us go back in there and none of us have any ability to get back through the barrier. We have to wait for it to come down. And don't worry, it will. The Avengers and the Young Avengers and the Fantastic Four are still in there," he says. Eddie sighs right after and looks down. "Besides…the three of us wouldn't be much help in there."

Daisuke goes over and hops up to sit on the counter, taking a drink from his coke. "Yeah right, like Summers would let any of us go out there and try to help. He thinks we're too young to prove ourselves or some crap." He says shaking his head seeming a bit annoyed. "So you think him and the X-Men are going to head back there to try to continue what they did last night?"

Pallaton sighs, letting his lupine head fall onto crossed arms. "Gee, way to make me feel better…" Yup, 'cause nothing says 'cheer up' like being told you can't do anything to help out. His eyes glance up to Daisuke as he speaks, then his huge, furry shoulders just give a shrug. "I'd rather do it myself, to be honest, so I know something's being done by someone. No offense to Summers, but still…"

Eddie scowls, resting his head on the counter as he pushes the sandwich aside. "And how do you think I feel after being in there…seeing people I care so much about…or just copies of them doing what I saw them doing and not being able to do a thing to stop them or help the people they were hurting?" he asks quietly. "I hope they will. Someone has to…"

Pallaton looks up to Daisuke. "A bigger question is, do we care? If it means I'll be out there doing good, I don't care about how much trouble I'll be in. I was given this form to protect people, and by the Great Mother, I will protect people regardless of whatever anyone else says or thinks." He really puts emphasis on that last part, noticeably.

Eddie bangs his head against the counter a few times. "…there's a lot of good protecting you'll be doing if you get in enough trouble for our telepathic headmistress to put you in a psychic time out, Pallaton," he says quietly. "I know you want to protect people. So do I. But you need to work on choosing which battles to fight. Right now, us three…even with my boosting…are outclassed. They have four incredibly powerful telepathic beings, a whole squad of superstrong people like The Thing, and a ton of ferals including alternate you and alternate Wolverine and Sabretooth in there," he says. "Yeah, it sucks. It sucks royally. More than I can properly put into words but right now, we're -not the X-men-," he's got a pained expression as he says this. Anyone that knows Eddie will realize this is not his usual behavior. Something must be really wrong with him. "So sit back and wait for now. Train, rest, be ready for when we're needed. For when we can get in there and do something. But working against the people who are trying to help and train us will get us no where at all so please…stop talking like you're gonna rush off and start smacking against that barrier," he pauses. "You know what, I have an even better idea. I'll ask Mr. Summers if he can put all three of us on duty to guard the school grounds and possibly help accompany faculty when escorting students off the grounds. That way we're not just sitting back and doing nothing."

Daisuke just listens to Eddie talk with his eyebrows raised in surprise. "Damn Eddie, but he's right, we're not the X-Men, we're still in training. Some day we'll be there with the big dogs but right now, we can either cry about not getting to help or accept it." Daisuke finishing up his soda. "Guard duty's not a bad idea, I'd be up for it. I mean I'd be surprised if they didn't attack the school. We're a haven for super powered teens and a super group, I'm sure it's a target and you'll get your chance then Pally."

Pallaton scoffs, turning his head away from the pair, looking angry. That is until there's the mention of the alternate him, at which point he's up on his feet and heading straight for the door without another word, seemingly on a mission. Yeah, that fed the flame inside of him, but it looks like he can't keep that bottled up any longer.

Brian being a graduate, could have gone out. And he did, all the way to the garage, turning back when he looked at his motorcycle. Someone or something has caused it to malfunction. The energy user walks in after Pallaton left with a huff and puff. The helmet-clad teen wears his isolation suit, some may think he was out doing heroing, but that's not the truth. His motorcycle helmet is on his head, walking in he finds Eddie and Daisuke, and gives them a wave.

Eddie gets off his stool and frowns towards the door. "Pallaton!" he calls. "By the horay hosts of hoggarth…" he sighs. "Why do my own friends not listen to me even after saying I should be 'Alpha' or whatever?" he wonders aloud. The scarred teen looks to Daisuke hoping he has an answer. Waving to Brian after figuring out who he was and then just sinks to the floor and sits there.

Daisuke can't help but snicker. "By the ho-ha horns of what?" Then he just shrugs and shakes his head, hoping off the counter. "Let him have a hissy fit, he seems to have them anytime things don't go his way. He thinks he's better than most of us and doesn't need training so he can go off an play the hero." He looks at Brian and gives him a wave. "Heya….Brian. What's with the helmet?"

Pallaton stops in the doorway, turning to growl, quite savagely at that, at Daisuke. "This isn't about any of that, being Alpha or being better than anyone. This is something I have to do, regardless of what you or anyone else says. This is the purpose I have, and I'll follow it through to whatever end that is. It's not like I'm asking you to follow me, so keep your nose in your own affairs." Then he's off again, storming out, quite riled up by the looks of things.

The energy manipulator takes off his helmet. "Ugg, I was going to go out. But my bike's all screwed up." He's over the eighteen point, so he could leave, but wouldn't go farther than the store. Brian's hair still crimson red, thanks to Christopher. "I wasn't going to go to Manhattan or anything, just to get out."

Eddie looks at Daisuke with a pout before getting to his feet. He frowns, moving quickly. "And just what are you going to do, Pallaton!? There's no way through the barrier at all! Going over there is just going to get the attention of someone more powerful than any of us that will come down and -will- hurt you! Pallaton, we're supposed to be friends! We don't want you running off and getting hurt…and…dammit," he curses, reaching into his pocket. He's probably going to be in a lot of trouble for this but he doesn't want someone he cares about rushing out and getting hurt. From his pocket, Eddie takes a purple colored ball. It looks like one of his smoke or pepper balls but purple instead of red or blue. "Hope this works…" he mutters, chucking the ball as hard as he can down the hall and hopefully infront of Pallaton. When it hits the wall, it bursts and spreads into a cloud of a pretty strong and fast acting sleeping gas. He's hoping it'll work even faster on Pallaton's enhanced sense of smell.

"Holy shit!" Daisuke exclaims as Eddie acts and throws the purple ball towards Pallaton and he hops off the counter. "Guys! We're supposed to be friends and not fight right?" He just shakes his head in disbelief but one might almost notice a hint of a smile on his face. "Ed, calm down okay? If we fight each other we're just playing into their hands. They're trying to cause turmoil among us, once we start fighting each other it's over. And Pallaton, we're still young, we'll get our chance, just be patient and wait. You'll get your shot, you don't need to have a hissy fit because some stiff ass like Summer's has us under lock down." He still can't believe Eddie did that.

Oh, the gas works, all right. Pallaton keels over the second that bomb explodes. but it doesn't seem to stop there. He's out cold, but he's wheezing, seemingly having real difficulty in just breathing in and out. Even to an untrained medic, it sounds serious, as if he had some fatal allergic reaction. This continues for a couple of second before it just… stops. No breathing. Uh oh…

Brian watches the usually meager Eddie hurl the ball towards Pallaton. "What the fuck?" Seems like he's walked into something really above his head. "So, Summers puts us on lockdown, and not even a day later, people crack." Just a bit of an observation, Impulse continues watching the scene unfold, of course, away from Eddie's gas.

"Dai, Brian, help?" Eddie requests, moving right into action. From his pocket, he takes out the prepared counter-measure to the gas…a smelling-salts ball. Popping it near Pallaton, he waits for the effects to restart his wolfy friend. He glances over his shoulder, hoping Dai or Brian will do -something- to help.

Daisuke shakes his head. "This is just awesome!" He says walking over to Pallaton. "I'll take his furry ass to the med bay if that stuff doesn't work." He says as there is a soft thrum that comes from him as he uses his sonics to form a sonic disc, much like his barrier but horizontal, and lift Pallaton up. He watches to see if Eddie's counter-measure works, since it's good knowlege to have, before bringing him to the medbay, since toxins don't effect Daisuke, he doesn't mind being right there.

Luckily, it seems to work both ways. Breathing starts pretty quick, and then he opens his eyes with a groan, feeling really groggy and disoriented. He just lies there trying to get his bearings, but seems to be struggling to do that. "Wha? What just happened?" So, who's gonna be the one to break the news…

Brian watches Pallaton wake up. "Well… I don't know what happened. But you should probably get that looked at. Whatever it was." Lots of help Brian, thanks. He doesn't even know Pallaton.

Eddie sighs, nodding to Dai. "Thank you…" he trails off. "You'll be fine, Pallaton. Dai's taking you down to the Medical Bay now, just lay back and go with him," he says, looking up to Dai and hoping his other friend knows what to do. Eddie then drifts his way back towards Brian and the kitchen.

"I dunno Pallaton, you just kind of collapsed, worried us. Let's go down to the Medbay and Cecilia can check you out." Daisuke says putting a hand on Pallaton and offering him a smile. "We just wanna make sure you okay." He says hoping Pallaton will go willingly with him.

Pallaton shakes his head, getting shakily to his feet and off the disc that Daisuke made. Before long, he's back to normal. Well, normal-ish. "No, it's not fine. What happened? What did you do to me? You shouted at me and did something. Then I hurt all over before waking up on the floor. What the heck did you do to me!" He's getting angry again, this time directed at his friends. One of which just attacked him, but still.

Brian steps in now. When the tall thing starts to rage. "Hey! Calm down or else." Now he's concerned for Daisuke and Eddie, and will restrain Pallaton if needed. His eyes start to glow with crimson energy, ready to put a forcefield around himself and Pallaton to keep him from getting to Eddie and Daisuke.

Eddie stops, putting his head in his hands. "Pallaton. I am asking you as a friend to go down to the medical bay now and let the doctors look at you. You're in no condition to be up and about much less aggrivating things by getting angry. Calm down and go with Dai. Please."

"God! You're such a drama queen!" Daisuke says shaking his head. "You can either go with me to the medbay, get checked out, or stay here and accuse your friends for watching out for you. I'm heading down there, if you want to follow me fine, if you don't fine. I don't think this is worth getting your panties in a pruffle." Daisuke says as he walks to the medbay leaving it up to Pallaton if he joins him or not.

Pallaton clenches his fist tight, getting angrier by the second. "I don't need your pity! I don't need none of it!" he barks with a wave of his hand, both to Eddie and Daisuke. He looks ready to hit somebody, but instead he just turns and runs, on all fours, out of the room. Not towards the front door, but towards the school grounds. Doesn't look like he'd be coming back for a while, though.

Brian's brow furls. "What a fucking weirdo." As Pallaton leaves Brian scoffs. "Later Dai, I'm gonna try and pretend that an eight foot tall wolfman didn't just pitch a hissy fit. " The former horseman starts to move over to the kitchen, following Eddie.

"Bye Dai…" Eddie trails off. He then moves back to his stool. "Want a sandwhich? I don't think I can eat right now," he offers Brian the sandwhich. Peanut butter and jelly.

"Sure." He says, accepting the sandwich. "Some people need a kick in the head. I think that guy is one of those people. I mean, if he pulled that shit with me, I would have blasted him. Way too into himself." Brian's demeanor has changed since the Horseman incident, and it's starting to show.

Eddie rests his head back on the counter. "Why can't he just understand and listen to me?" he asks. "We can't just go smacking on a barrier that -Shadowcat- had trouble getting through even if it didn't have guards," he sighs. "It's not like there's not an alternate version of me out there. Heck, he could be one of the ones running the show…so I understand full well how bad it feels but I'm not rushing out into an unwinnable fight…" he whimpers. There's a pause. "You're…feeling a lot better recently?"

"The Manhattan thing? Yeah, the last time something like this happened, it made Kenta ten years older." He's a bit reserved at going in guns ablaze there. Nor does he really want to. "I guess you could say that. Like, I have a new perspective." His eyes are as bright as they once were, but something is definitely different.

Eddie nods. "The invasion. He keeps acting like none of us understand what it's like and that he doesn't need training or anything to go out and help people…" he smacks his head on the counter again."Well, I'm glad you're better and safe from that jerk, Sinister."

"Yeah. He's going to get himself killed if he goes on like that." Brian says in agreement. "Yeah, but looks like no one's really safe when they forcefield you into an island and no let you leave."

Eddie frowns. "There were ways out. It just takes work…" he trails off. "And Ms. Pryde can get through easy enough."

"Anyways, it's still concerning. I almost went out there myself. But I've got better shit to worry about. I'm working on a new suit." Brian says, very matter-of-factly.

Eddie scowls slightly. "You can't get through the barrier, Brian. I admit I don't know too much about your powers but I doubt you've got the force needed to get through…" he says, sounding worried. "A new suit? What's wrong with that one?"

"This one isn't going to be like the new one. It will leave nothing to chance. I mean, I'm not going Iron Man here. But I'm going more high-tech than this one." The doubting of his being able to gain entry gets a brow-raise. "You don't know that, I could have something up my sleeve that would open a gap in the field." He's actually working on some stuff at the moment, but for the suit, not Manhattan.

Eddie arches an eyebrow as well. "No offense, Brian, but both Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic are in there right now…and if they haven't found a way through the field, I'm skeptical of others," he says. "What kinda new stuff are you gonna add? Weapons? Rocket boots?"

Brian sighs. "Just wait, I'll show the world. That I've got the genius to show up Fantastic." He's not beating them down, more like wanting to exceed their talents. "It's going to be a tactician's dream." He says, not revealing too much. "Full suit, and a readout display for tactics."

Eddie perks up slightly at the news of it being of a tactician. That's something he hopes to be. "A combat suit with a tactical HUD? That sounds pretty cool."

The energy manipulator gives a laugh. "It will be. Plus, hopefully, it will be equipped with enough power to charge my energy core so I won't have to worry about running out in the field."

Eddie blinks a few times then glances to the side. "So…will that helmet need to the suit to function or will it be able to work on its own?" he asks curiously.

Brian leans back on a counter. "Depends on how I design it, so either." He could design a way for it to work by itself, or be routed through the suit.

Eddie nods. "Making it able to work independently would be a good move incase your suit is damaged or you can't get into it quickly but need the tactical display," he reasons.

"It would. You're right." He grabs the sandwich offered to him. "I'm gonna start working on what I can with the suit. This invasion business is leaving me with little else to do." Brian says as he stands up. "Thanks for the sandwich."

Eddie nods. "Don't worry about it. Good luck on the suit, Brian," he says. "I'll be here…if ya need me," he shrug and leans back down onto the counter.

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