Hildegarde "Panzer" VonReginleif
Hildegarde VonReginleif (Panzer)
Portrayed By Diane Kruger
Gender Female
Date of Birth September 22, 1977
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Virgo - Snake
Aliases Hilde
Place of Birth Heidelberg, Germany
Current Location Westchester County, NY
Occupation Teacher
Affiliation Xavier’s School
Known Relatives See Below
Significant Other None
Identity Public
Known Abilities Super Strength
Alignment Virtuous Good
First Appearance The New Professor
Claim to Fame Published Several Books on Mutants
Alts Played by Raff Bruce, Eris & Rocket Raccoon
Defunct Alts McKnight


Hildegarde VonRegenleif was born in Heidelberg, Germany to Wolfrik and Katharina VonRegenleif. She has two sisters, Elke and Kassandra. Her childhood was privileged. Hilde’s family has long been wealthy and the girl never wanted for anything. She was privately tutored and taught proper etiquette, singing and dance. The girl’s parents always hoped for her to take up a career in the theatre or as a musical performer, but Hilde’s passion was in old stories and mythologies. She spent much of her youth in libraries or outside pretending to be an adventurer.

When Hildegarde was fifteen she began to notice that she was able to lift and move objects with greater ease than most others. She was also distressed to find that she was gaining weight at an extraordinary rate. Oddly enough she did not look any heavier no matter how much weight she actually gained. By the time Hildegarde was 18 she weighed over 900 pounds and could lift small cars with ease. Her parents urged her to keep her abilities secret and tried to confine the woman within their estate. Being home schooled, it was easy enough for the woman to hide her abilities. She was kept inside almost all the time and had special furniture designed to withstand her weight.

Hildegarde listened to her parents until she was old enough to go to college. She left home and studied Archaeology and Anthropology. Hilde revealed herself as a mutant as soon as she entered college, having specially designed furniture brought into her apartment. She had a heavy duty stool made for her which she took with her to classes so that she did not destroy the university equipment. She attained her Masters at the age of 28 and went on to work at the British Museum in London, England. She worked at the museum full time and continued her education on the side to attain her Doctorate.

Hildegarde went on several excavations in Northern Europe, Egypt, and the Mediterranean for the museum. When she was 30 there was a major incident at one of the sites in Egypt, in which several graduate students became trapped within a collapsed tomb. Using her ability, Hildegarde was able to dig out the trapped individuals. The event was caught on video by one of the students outside of the tomb. The video made it on to the internet and was big news within a week. Though Hilde was not shy about revealing her abilities, she was now known worldwide. Hildegarde faced both praise and ridicule for her ability and appeared on a few European talk shows.

After the incident Hilde took a break from her schooling. She continued to work for the museum and began writing on the side. She has published three books pertaining to mutants: “The Historical Implications of Mutation”, “Cultural Effects of Evolutionary Mutations” and the controversial “Descendents of the Gods: Similarities Between Classical Deities and Modern Mutants”. She also wrote two other books on mythologies and ancient cultures.

A few months back Hildegarde received a letter in the mail. It was a job offer for a school in the United States known as “Xavier’s School for the Gifted”. Feeling that she needed a break from her current position, Hilde decided to travel to the school to at least see what it was like. After discovering that the school was comprised mainly of younger mutants the woman eagerly accepted the position. She taught Ancient History, Mythology and German. She also was willing to teach interested students to cook.

Recently Hildegarde received a letter from her sister Katharina in Germany. Hildegarde said good bye to all of her friends at the mansion and got on the first plane back home. She returned to learn that her parents had been killed suddenly and remained for a few months to get the family affairs in order. Recently the woman has returned to Xavier's, continuing to teach at the school.



Date Log Title Cast Summary
May 6, 2012 Getting Your Licks In Cale, Hildegarde, Mikhail & Nicholas The boys talk about college. Cale meets Hilde. Mikhail licks Cale.
May 7, 2012 Nice Night for Depression Hildegarde & Nicholas Hilde shows infinite patience in regards to a depressed Nicholas.
May 11, 2012 Hush Now Quiet Now Cale & Hildegarde Hildegarde tries to calm down Cale as he worries about his missing sister.
May 20, 2012 Welcome to the Danger Room Bridget, Cale & Hildegarde Cale and Bridget test out their abilities in the Danger Room.
May 22, 2012 Party at the Quad Cale, Jules, Hildegarde, Nicholas, Nigel & Taylor The quad is a popular place this evening.
May 25, 2012 Frustration Hildegarde & Nicholas Nick tries to tell Hilde about what's been bothering him about the riot in Mutant Town.

Friends & Family

Name Race Relation Notes
Wolfrik VonReginleif Human Hilde's Father He loved Hilde very much but wished she would move to a more respectable career in performance like her sisters. He was killed suddenly in the Spring of 2011.
Katharina VonRegenleif Mutant Hilde's Mother She loved Hilde very much but wished she would move to a more respectable career in performance like her sisters. She was killed suddenly in the Spring of 2011.
Elke VonRegenleif Mutant Hilde's Older Sister Elke is a famous opera singer turned Rock Star and treats Hilde as though she is wasting her life pursuing science. Hilde is not fond of Elke.
Kassandra VonRegenleif Mutant Hilde's Younger Sister Kassandra is a professional violinist, though not of the caliber necessary to be famous quite yet. Hilde gets along with her fairly well.


Hilde is a very manic person. She seems to be happy almost all the time. She does occasionally snap and have a moment of sadness or anger, but shortly afterward she is back to her usual happy self. She is never opposed to helping someone out and will go out of her way to make others happy.

Being a known mutant, Hilde is not personally opposed to the Mutant Registration Act. She feels that if it is passed less friendly mutants would need to be more accountable for their actions.


Panzer is superhumanly strong and can lift up to thirty tons with little effort. With great exertion she is capable of lifting approximately fifty tons. She is capable of crushing, denting, or bending just about anything that is capable of being destroyed by physical means. Panzer's punches and kicks are capable of exuding a force equal to 20 tons. By punching or stomping on the ground in a specific manner, Panzer is capable of creating small directional fissures, cracks and up thrustings of earth that can extend up to 25 feet in one direction. The ground destruction can knock opponents down, weaken foundations, and create difficult terrain to fight on.

Panzer is capable of denting most metals, with the exception of Adamantium. And she can shatter most bricks and stones other than crystals. Thick metal objects would receive some damage, but she can not buckle solid steel thicker than two feet. If the object is light enough for her to lift, she may simply tear it up. If Panzer gets a running start, she can break through most walls, though solid stone or metal walls over two feet thick would give her some trouble.

The muscles in her legs allow Panzer to jump extremely high and extremely far. She can jump approximately two stories straight up or twenty feet in any direction if given a running start. By jumping in the air and slamming her foot or fist into the ground, she can cause small shockwaves or craters to occur. The largest crater she can create by exerting the maximum amount of force would be approximately thirty feet in diameter and fifteen feet deep. The harder the ground beneath her the smaller the crater. The shockwaves created by forming such a crater can knock an unprepared person off their feet up to fifteen feet outside of her crater’s border.


"If you continue to be a problem for my students I will be forced to become a problem for you."


  • Hildegarde has published five books. Three of which pertain to mutants: “The Historical Implications of Mutation”, “Cultural Effects of Evolutionary Mutations” and “Descendents of the Gods: Similarities Between Classical Deities and Modern Mutants”


Physical Descriptions

You see a woman in her mid thirties who appears to be of average height and weight. Her body is slender yet toned, and her skin is flawless. Her face is strong, yet lovely, with pale blue eyes framed by a layer of black eyeliner. Her lips are full, and often painted a pale pink colour. The woman has long blond hair which she usually styles in buns or braids, occasionally tying it back with ribbons.


The woman is wearing a long green skirt with a slit up the side, revealing knee-high brown leather boots. Her boots have silver metal toes and soles with an ivy pattern etched into them. Her shirt is a brown sleeveless corseted top with a deep v-neck. She is wearing a thick silver choker with a large green stone in the center and matching arm bands. The collar and bands have the same ivy pattern etched into them as the metal of her boots. Her earrings are silver pendant earrings with the same green stones as her collar. Currently her hair has two braids running along the sides of her head which meet in the back and combine into a large braided bun containing two wooden hairsticks.


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