2010-11-19: Hogwarts School For Mutants


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Summary: Shane's First Day at Xavier's!

Date: November 19, 2010

Log Title: Hogwarts School for Mutants

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

Mid-afternoon at the Mansion, the taxi divests itself of is burden, driving off to leave in front of the gates, a very short young student…. in a confection of lace, ruffles, and black cloth rarely seen outside of a Gothic Lolita site, ear-covering headphones hooked to a metallic-red iPod on her hip, cotton-candy-pink hair and a steamer trunk behind her almost half as high as she is, with a couple of duffel bags lashed atop. Her eyes are fixed on the more obvious of the security cameras, a dyed eyebrow rising as if to say 'Well? When are you going to open up?'

The large gates emblemed with a large X open and standing at the opposite side of the gate is David Alleyne. The young staffer of the Institute is dressed in a long white trenchcoat with a white and gold costume emblazoned with at X. Yellow cybershades adorn his head and hide his eyes. He is standing with a smile and as he spots Shane. He walks towards her, "Welcome to the Xavier Institute."

It's a bit cold outsite so what is a student doing out in the grounds by the gate seemingly digging up the earth with a small spade. Quill is sitting cross legged on the grass dressed in a warm coat as he digs away, his quills moving slightly in the breeze. He looks up as the taxis pulls up and whistles as Shane walks out. That's some pink hair…like…my…that's a lotta pink. He starts humming the 'Imperial March' loudly as David walks up to Shane.

Shane tugs her headphones from her ears as the gate opens, the volume apparently cranked up as far as it can be, if the clearly audible blast of /Reise Reise, Seemann Reise, und die Wellen weinen leise/ before the iPod is shut off is any indication. The gate and its large X are given a deliberate once-over, then David, and pointedly not the plaque to her right. "…This is the school, then?"

Shooting a look to Quill, David would say something, but just smiles and waves. He feels bad he hasn't had some time to chat with his porcupine friend since he has returned to help out at the mansion. David then turns to Shane, "Yes, this is the Xavier Institute. Welcome. I am David Alleyne." He extends his hand to shake and welcome her. His cybershades seem to flicker and flash, like a computer screen. "Welcome, Ms. Morgenstern."

July has to return a book she got from the School's library, so today is as good as any day to return it, but she wasn't expecting to find some people gathered at the gates. She parks her car near the entrance and gets out. "Hey there." the ex-student smiles and waves to David, Quill and the new girl. "What are the three of you doing outside?" she chuckles, smiling as she approaches the two.

Quill stands up and brushes some of the dirt off of his and before giving David a big grin, that almost says 'I'm innocent, really'. He waves to David. "Hey David what's up!" He says pushing a small bucket of one might assume is filled with dirt and/or rocks. He looks to July and raises a quilled eyebrow at her. "What are -you- doing outside?" He says before grining at Shane. "Welcome to Xavier's Pink!"

The hand is taken, shaken briefly, and a glance thrown over her shoulder at July. The older girl is given a brief stare, then the large pile of luggage next to her, and there's a short pause. "…New shipment of wands from Diagon Alley, of course." Shaking her head, she turns back to David. "So I guess I'm supposed to have a room? I'd like to get there before it starts snowing again." Quill, it would seem, studiously ignored for the moment.

Nodding to Shane, "Of course." He turns to Quill, "Hey, Max, want to give a hand here." He gestures for the human pin cushion to come over and turns to July, "Hey. It's been awhile. Sorry, I wasn't around." Turning his attention to Shane, a hologram of a map of the estate seems to pop forth from his cybershades detailing where her room will be. Reaching into his pocket, David pulls out some paperwork, a pamphlet with a map and information on the institute, "This will help you get around., Shania."

July chuckles and crosses her arms as she looks at Quill, "Well, what *I* am doing outside the school is: living my life. I graduated already." she smirks with a wee bit of superiority that soon disappear with the smirk as she relaxes, "I'm just returning a book I got a couple days ago." she then looks at Shane, "Welcome to the School, then, Shane." she nods to the girl, smiling.

"Well aren't you all special then with your degree and graduating and being old and stuff." Quill says to July before trudging over to David. "Well I guess if you need help moving stuff I can break out the guns!" He says flexing his arms in a very unflattering fashion. He's short and skinny and there are no 'guns' to show off. It's even less impressive with that jacket. He then offers a hand to Shane. "Nice to meetya Pink, I'm Max or Quill." He then looks back at David. "You guys were totally in Disney World Dimension, weren't you?"

"*Shane,*" the girl says to David, her tone brooking no argument. "I haven't answered to Shania since grade school." The paperwork, though, accepted with a nod, a glance thrown Quill's way. "…This place really *is* some kind of mutant Hogwarts, isn't it." Unstrapping one of the duffel bags, she hauls it over her shoulder, nodding to July as she starts to walk through the gate, leaving the 'gun-show' to deal with the steamer trunk.

Finishing up the introductions, "Yes. That's Maxwell Jordan. He goes by Quill. You'll be given a codename, we all get one typically related to our mutant abilities. I'm Prodigy. And that's July Landford, aka, Elastica." He takes on bag and begins walking through the gates, "I guess we are like Hogwarts, never having read the books, but from what it looks like from the movie. I'd say so. The Danger Room, pretty much makes magic." As Quill goes to get the large trunk, David answers his question and then turns to July, "Yeah, it was the night of our Danger Room session when I was taken. And yes it was the Disenyland Dimension, if the characters were demons out to kill us all!"

July blinks as the girl seems to be all business as she has yet ot see a smile break the girl's current expression, but she shrugs, "Well, you don't need exactly to go through a column to get here, it's not on some unreachable land, and the Danger Room doesn't exactly makes magic, but actually solid renditions of light mimicking environments using holograms and advanced alien technology." she grins softly at that. Then she blinks, "Disney demons?" she looks confused at that.

Quill goes to get the trunk and grabs it by one handle, dragging it along the walk. "I wish I could use magic, it'd make moving this trunk easier." He says as he can't really lift it on his own. "What was that spell, Wingardium Levosa?" Says the Porcupine Teen. "You can just call me Quill, there's another Max here and don't want to get the cool Max confused with the lame Max." Of course to him, he's the cool Max. He makes a face at both July and David as the two of them are way too serious and not enough fun.

Shane turns, staring at each in turn as they talk of demons, dimensions, and alien technology, her eyes taking on the suspicious look of someone who isn't sure whether she's being taken for a ride, dropped among crazies, or more likely both. "…Yes," she mutters in July's direction, "because holodecks are *much* more believable than magic." Disbelief registered, she resumes her march towards the mansion, which seems somewhat more looming, for the idle chatter being thrown about behind her.

At the mention of the Disney demons, David offers, "I'll tell you about it over the dinner I owe from a month ago." He turns to Quill, "It's good you can acknowledge that you are lame. I will work with you on that." See he can joke too! As the enter the gates automatically close behind and nearing the main door of the facility, "It's may seem daunting at first, Shane. It has that effect on everyone that walks through those gates." David then jokes, "Welcome to the World of X, Hope you survive the experience!"

"OOooooooo David's taking the College Chick on a date. What about Nori?" Quill asks with a bit of a smile. He sticks his tongue out at David's back and says. "Quill, right in your forhead." As he makes a mental note to give David a nice snowstorm in his room or something equally as amsuing. "Any questions about Mutant High I can answer them for ya, I've been here a while."

"Yeah," Shane says, looking from Quill to David, "when do they hand out the medication, and what am I going to be on? I'd rather know now than wake up a drug zombie tomorrow."

Just shaking his head as Quill jokes David says, "Don't worry about medication. Quill is the only one who needs Ritalin. We let him out for a few hours everyday. He's used up his free time for today, so back in your cage when we get back in porcupine."

July catches up with the group after going back to her car to pick up the receipt for the book she forgot. "Hey." she says, smiling and nodding to the group. "Zombies? Nah, October's over, so don't worry about it." she grins softly about it, but just winks to David. "We can set up a zombie apocalyptic world setting in the Danger Room sometime."

"Don't listen to him." Quill says making a face as he continues to lug the steamer trunk behind him. "There's no medication and I'm not on anything. If anything it's a healthy diet of sugar, tacos and caffiene. Once in a while burges. And haha really funny there. Cage, that's orginal. Just cause you aren't lucky enough to get blessed with Quill goodness doesn't mean you need to be hatin'." He says with a grin. "You can always do Zombie Turkeys!"

Shane shakes her head, frowning slightly to herself at the byplay behind her. How seriously this brand-new student, arriving at a large old mansion full of stranger people than one could ever find even in LA, takes the jokes being thrown around, is a mystery, but by the look on her face as she replaces the headphones, it's possible that she is not looking forward to the rest of the school year in the slightest.

Winking back at July and then poking Quill in the chest jokingly, "You know you're good at pranking, but at the very least, my power will allow me to be just as good at you. Or better!" David then turns to Shane, "So you will also be assigned to squadron which will be led by an X-Man or former student. July and I went through all of this and I staff here now, so any questions come our way. You'll also meet the headmasters at some point, Emma Frost and Scott Summers." Looking to Quill, "Why don't you buddy up with Shane? You can be like her buddy and help her see things from the student perspective, since July and I are so old!"

July can't help but chuckle softly and cross her arms softly, "Are you sure, Mr. Alleyne?" she smirks softly, looking at Quill. "I think pairing them would be a ticking bomb waiting to explode." She then looks at Shane and notices the girl's totally-not-excited expression, "So what's on your mind right now, Shane?" she asks, smiling softly.

"Oh come on, I'm on that bad. I can show her which toilets not to use on which days and let her know which cookies are unsafe and about the poor student who was turned into a tree and is permantly on display in the main room of the dorms now." Quill says almost solemly. "And David, you're forgetting one thing, you have to be -near- me when want to be good, part of being good at what I do is being nowhere near the scene of the crime when it's discovered."

"Oh come on, I'm on that bad. I can show her which toilets not to use on which days and let her know which cookies are unsafe and about the poor student who was turned into a tree and is permantly on display in the main room of the dorms now." Quill says almost solemly. "And David, you're forgetting one thing, you have to be -near- me when want to be good, part of being good at what I do is being nowhere near the scene of the crime when it's discovered."(re)

Shane pauses, just before dropping the cups of her headphones over her ears. "…I think I'd prefer if you're going to try to assume anything about me, you do it when I'm not around to have to listen to it. Thanks, Max, but I think I can take it from here." Her duffel is dropped on top of the steamer truck, her hand going to the handle to gently, if implacably so, replace Quill's.

"That reminds me. I need to speak to Gambit when I get the chance." David smirks and winks to Quill. "A prank war could be fun. But unfortunately, I work here now, Max." After Shane takes the trunk, David then stinks his tongue out at Max, "Burn!" he mouthes silently. So much for maturity, but they are old friends.

July blinks softly at Shane's reaction to what she said, and she pauses a bit, "Ookaay…" she says slowly, and then she shakes her head softly, really amazed at how cold this girl is. <I won't be surprised if this girl has ice powers. Damn, such icy posture.> She thinks to herself, while remaining quiet for now.

"The only think I assume about you is that you've got badass pink hair." Quill says with a nod as he doesn't know her from a hole in the ground but he doesn't make assumptions on someone who barely talks. "Oh man, has Remy been around? He's the coolest X-Men." He looks up to the Cajun theif, which might not be a good thing. He hands the trunk off to Shane as she goes to grab it. "Well if you have any questions, I'll try to answer the seriously!"

"…I'll bear that in mind," Shane says, hefting the trunk and beginning to drag it toward the Mansion, albeit with effort. "Later." The headphones are slipped back into place, the iPod tapped, and if the volume from before was any indication, the pink-haired girl would now be oblivious to anything short of a Magneto tantrum.

"I heard an X-Man was back. I don't think it's Gambit. I believe it is Xorn." Watching Shane interact with July, he shakes his head. His cybershades flicker some more as he follows the group into the mansion. Words fly across his POV as he fast reads Shane's file. While doing this David asks July, "When can you meet for dinner?"

"I heard an X-Man was back. I don't think it's Gambit. I believe it is Xorn." Watching Shane interact with July, he shakes his head. His cybershades flicker some more as he follows the group into the mansion. Words fly across his POV as he fast reads Shane's file. While doing this David asks July, "When can you meet for dinner?"

July watches as Shane walks away, and then she blinks and shakes her head as she's brought out of her reverie by David's question, "Huh? What? Oh, the dinner." she then hmms, "Next week… Tuesday or Friday are fine." she says, nodding softly.

"Whose Xorn?" Quill asks as he waves to Shane. "See you later Shane!" He calls after her but she probably won't be able to hear him. "And I'm gonna leave you two love birds to smooch and make your date! Later David!" Quill says as he goes to head back inside the mansion.

"Xorn is just the coolest X-Man EVER And ok See ya, Max. and we'll hang out sometime off campus." David also waves to Shane, "Oddly enough I think she will fit in fine here." David laughs as he turns to July, "Tuesday or Friday it is. I'll check my schedule and let you know when." David takes off the cybershades and pockets them.

July arches one eyebrow at Quill with his 'love birds' comment, and then she narrows her eyes at him for a moment before looking back at David. "You think? Damn, she can freeze hell with just that attitude of hers!" she blinks softly, shocked at the girl's coldness.

Chuckling at that comment, David laughs, "Many students have that attitude. The Cuckoos and Julian had that when I was a student here. And I can think of some here now who have it." He shrugs, "But I guess I should be nice."

July blinks, "I saw the Cuckoos a few times while I was a student here… but, damn, those girls kinda have a reason for that, and Julian, at least he HAS emotions. That girl seems to have none." she tilts her head. "I wonder if it's related to her powers?"

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