2010-12-21: Holiday Coffee


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Summary: A group of Xavier's Students randomly meet up at the Grind Stone.

Date: December 21, 2010

Log Title: Holiday Coffee

Rating: PG

Westchester - Grind Stone

The Grind Stone is a quaint little coffee shop with tables surrounded by various shape chares and even a few couches with coffee tables. Baristas in yellow aprons are ready to take anyone's order from a latte to a hot chocolate to one of their many specialty drinks.

It's getting closer to Christmas so shopping still needs to be done for some. In Robyn's case it was more getting into Salem Center to go to the post office to pick up a package that was mailed there for him, Rashmi's Christmas gift. He's been making some gifts and buying others with the money he's saved up over the weeks. Dressed in a black wool peacoat over a pair of black jeans with a black and grey hat over his hair, he walks into the Grind Stone carrying a large package under one arm as he walks to the counter to order a sandwich, large oatmeal meadly cookie and a peppermint mocha for lunch.

Theo, continuing in his rather good mood of late, has some more shopping to do. He's not even much of a coffee drinker, but hot chocolate is on his list today. Besides, his older sister loves whole bean coffee, and it makes a good stocking stuffer type of gift. His ferrari pulls up to the parking lot in the grindstone. He gets out, closing the door and making his way across the parking lot slush. He enters a few moments after Robyn, kicking the ice off of his shoes. He walks up to the counter, ordering his hot chocolate. and a sandwich of his own. "What's up, Robyn," he asks, seeing only the back of the other teen's head. "What're you doing here?"

Cloud has never really been good at shopping but it's Christmas and Star's had a hard last couple of months so he's gonna make the effort, he's dressed in blue jeans, red sneakers, a red and black stripped sweater and his dark roots are beginning to show though his bleached blond hair, he's coming out of a store just in time to cross paths with Robyn and Theo, "Oh hey, you guys shopping?"

Tucked away at what she considers her usual table (because she sat there the only other time she can into this place) is Kisha, trying to work away on a project using her laptop and the healthy abuse of the free wifi. Not that she actually needs it! It's only when she hears people call out that she'll peek up enough to be recognized, before jabbing her fingering at a picture glyph that remotely saves her work and cuts all connections with her main machine. Then she takes a fortifying swig of ultra strong black coffee and waits for her unique computer and pair of smartphones to flag up her being there, practically counting down the moments before Theo homes in on her.

Robyn turns and smiles at Theo as he's waiting for his drink to be made. "Hey Theo, I was just picking up Rashmi's gift, it came in the mail today. I think she'll like it cause she loves Narnia." He says and since he already made her something Lord of the Rings related. "Heya Cloud, more picking up something I bought online. I figured getting it sent to the post office to be picked up was better than a ton of packages coming to the mansion." And he got his parents help with a credit card for this! "So what are you guys doing here?" With Kisha being tucked away, he has yet to notice her.

"And our resident mad scientist," Theo adds, nodding toward Kisha. Who else has that many things running at once on a computer? "That's cool. I still don't know what to get her. I doubt she'd appreciate a bootleg copy of Voyage of the Dawn Treader. She'd probably give me a lecture about copyright infringement." He glances back at Cloud. "Wow, is there a party here and nobody told me?" he asks. "I gotta get my sisters something. Since I'm gonna be crashing Christmas, I should at least bring presents.

"I'm just grabbing something for Star for Christmas and i guess i should grab something for my brothers aswell while i'm here", when Theo points out Kisha Cloud nods in her direction, "Hey Kisha", he got a pretty good idea of what to get his sister now.

Kisha suddenly notices that her table has three spare chairs. There goes her quiet coffee. "You could get her one of those Bladerunner knife proof coats," she suggests solemnly. Not especially clear on which of the guys she's giving advice to. "They're fire retardent and grade two blade cut resistence.. Although I'm unsure which standard that is logged in. As for a party… Can you honestly see me getting invited to a party by someone and me actually saying yes?"

Robyn gives his teammate, Kisha, a wave and looks at Cloud. "How is Star doing? I'll have to give you something to take home for her." Since him and Star always got along well. "I don't know Theo, I can see her yelling about copyright infringement but then not be able to let go of the DVD." He says with a chuckle. "Actually I got her something from Narnia. It's a replica of Susan's Christmas gifts from the first Narnia movie." There's a wave in Kisha's direction and Robyn chuckles. "Kisha, Theo's talking about his sisters and what they would like, not something you would covet." He teases.

"It's okay, Kisha," Theo laughs, as he gets his drink. "We all know that you're a party animal. You don't have to hide it." He takes a sip of his hot chocolate, and adds. "Speaking of parties, have you guys heard there's gonna be some kind of dance coming up?"

"I think she's doing ok, but I think she's trying to put a brave face on things, she was dead afterall, thats gotta effect you", Cloud's glad she's spending some time away from the school though, "Yeah i heard about that, some interschool thing, diddn't know we were allowed to mix with other schools".

"I'll be skipping it. Waste of my time," Kisha informs flatly between sips of her ultra strong coffee. "And I was suggesting it as a gift for Rashmi from Theo. Although lately I've been increasingly convinced that /everyone/ should have bullet resistent clothing. It might make for a safer world."

"I heard a bit about it, I think it could be cool. I haven't been to a school dance since the Freshmen Dance at my old school." Robyn says with a smile. "The friend I went with and I lost touch but we had fun." Robyn had a few friends at his old school, mostly girls, but they weren't the type of friends that kept in touch with after he left. "I don't know Cloud, but I'm glad Rashmi's gonna be able to go cause it's with her schoo." He says with a smile as he shrugs at Kisha. "Your choice."

"Come on, Kisha," Theo says, "Even you have to have some human connections. "It'll be a good chance for you to mingle with people. And while that might be a good idea, I think Rashmi could use something that doesn't spell doom and destruction." He goes to sit down with Kisha, and mulls something over. "I think I'm gonna ask Chloe. Dunno what she'll say. I wish she would've opened that present so I could see her reaction."

Cloud nods, "So whats the deal with that school?, i know Mike and Rashmi go there now, but i don't know much about the place, is it like another Xaviers?", he follows the rest of the group over to Kisha's table, "You've got a thing for Chloe Theo?"

Kisha shrugs, then smugly says "I have human connections. I've even made a new friend recently and entirely outside of school. Although I think she might well be an anti-human terrorist that wants to work with Magneto… But who am I to judge what others do for fun?" Leaving out that she's usually one of the first to judge other people, usually rather harshly. "Besides I know plenty of people online. A social setting which suits me far better than going to a dance, because I can do things I enjoy while interacting with people."

Robyn raises his eyebrows at Kisha and munches on his turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich. "How can you even trust people online, you dont' really know them. I mean they probably lie about who they are." He wouldn't trust that. "I don't really know Cloud, I know Rashmi does a lot there with the Genoshan Embassy and with She-Hulk and she was on TV recently for that attack in mutant town but I think it's kinda like here. Connor would know more I think." He says before looking at Theo and chewing on his lip. "Uh…she said she was gonna wait till Christmas to open it." Not a full lie but she did peak and he doesn't know if he wants to tell Theo her reaction.

Theo seems to freeze a little, "Uh, kinda," he says. "I mean, she's cool, popular, pretty, and friendly, what is there not to like?" He seems to droop a little. "Damn, I don't have a chance. The only thing I got going for me is that half the guys at the school are gay, so it lowers my competition. "I know she said she was gonna wait, but that means I can't really gauge if I over did it. She seems to hardly notice I exist." Of course, Chloe's always moving so fast, it's hard to tell what she's focusing on most of the time.

Looking both Cloud and Kisha, Robyn gets up as he finishes his sandwich. "Sorry guys but I gotta jet, I gotta get this back to the mansion and get it wrapped and catch the bus." He gives a wave and looks at Theo. "If you need help later for something for Rashmi…let me know, maybe we can figure something out." He says as he starts to head out so he can walk to the bus.

Theo nods. "I should probably get going too, The crowds are starting to form. I should've done my shopping earlier." He grabs his sandwich in his other hand, and gives a nod to the other two before following Robyn out.

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