2009-04-12: Holiday Foods


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Summary: Cody caters breakfast to the warehouse for Easter.

Date: April 12, 2009

Holiday Foods

Rating: PG

NYC - Seaside Warehouse

This warehouse is like any other. It's cold, somewhat damp, there are boxes stacked up about the place and a second floor that only wraps around the inner edge of the building, made to look over the floor below. Only there is something odd about this place, as those boxes and rooms hold the property of the Young Avengers. Training ground and living quarters for the young team.

Coming out of the bedroom, dressed in no more than a pair of boxers, is a Billy. Scratching his head, he flops onto the couch, happily. Last night was definitely a good night, and he knows it. He's very happy with how things turned out, all in all. Good food. Good fun. Apologies and mendings done.

In front of each of the doors in the hallway leading to the bedrooms are -big- baskets with lots of green plastic grass and a number of giant eggs containing all kinds of goodies. There are currently two in front of Billy's room, all but blocking the way out. It seems the easter bunny has visited.

With a yawn, Teddy walks out of Billy's room in nothing but hit usual 'tighty-whities'. Stumbling slightly as he bumps into baskets, the shapeshifter blinks. "What?" he mumbles, looking around the hallway. Shrugging, he picks the two up and proceeds into the living room. "How'd you get in here without noticing there?" he asks Billy, slightly amused at his boyfriend.

"Noticing what?" Billy says, glancing over his shoulder. "Oh, Christian Holiday treats." He smirks, shaking his head. "How nice." Yeah, he's not that into most religions in general, including his own. After learning of his mystic side, though he still tries to maintain some faith, it's hard to balance. But, the ingrained faiths are still there, thus last night's kosher meal.

For his part, Cody is downstairs in the kitchen, putting the final touches on the breakfast table. He got up early and ordered more food than god himself could make in 7 days. It's all catered of course, but he doesn't mind. He is in his PJ-bottoms and a Tank top and currently has a pair of big white floppy ears on. Seems he's trying to bring a little easter into the house.

Teddy blinks, shrugging. "I meant more that they were right infront of the door…how'd you not trip?" he asks, setting the baskets down somewhere safe. He'd never been much of a holiday guy, his mother not putting much stock in 'human religious' stuff. Flopping onto the couch, he pulls Billy in for a kiss. Once that's done, he sniffs at the air. "Mmm…who's cooking?"

The kiss is returned quite readily. "Oh, probably because I was subconciously hovering or something." Billy says with a shrug as he gets up to join Teddy in the search. "No clue. I hadn't started yet." He blinks, leaning in for an actual cuddle with his partner.

Cody comes from around the corner to the kitchen with a smile on his face. Apparently he is in good spirits. "Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner yall." he jerks his head at the kitchen. "It's set up buffet style, so get what ya want…there is plenty of it. Yall come eat." he offers, pushing one of the floppy ears out of his face.

Teddy leans back, looking at Cody. He stares for a moment before looking away to hide the snickering. It's the ears. They make him laugh, always have for some reason. Tugging the waistband of his briefs up a bit, the shapeshifter smiles. "So you made breakfast?"

Following along, Billy blinks. He looks over the food spread with a nod of satisfaction. "Most of the boys will like it." He says with a nod. There are probably a few things he can't eat, but he'll have to look as he goes through it.

Cody smirks a little at Teddy's laugh, eyes flickering for a moment as the waistband is pulled up. He takes a small rubberband and pushes the ears back and ties them up like some kind of Usaagi Yojimbo Samarai. He then moves back to pull some rolls and such out of the oven and dumps them in a basket and covers them with a towel. "You guys -sleep- last night?"

Elijah takes the basket he finds in front of his door and puts it in his room. He walks out and stretches, wearing boxers and a t-shirt with a map of Africa on the back and on the front is a large M and various pictures of civil rights leaders. The M spells out, "Martin, Malcolm, Metgar, and Me" and the word "Heroes" underneath it. He waves at everyone and pauses when he sees the kid in the bunny ears. "Mornin'… Happy Easter, y'all." He sniffs deeply. "Something smells good… like Grandma's cookin'…" He looks over at the rabbit-eared kid. "Howdy, My name's Eli." He looks at the basket. "Those smell awful tasty…" There is a slight southern drawl mixed with… a Bronx accent? Odd…

Teddy looks around at all the food, taking note of all he can and can't have. Cody's question earns a pair of arched eyebrow. "Yeah…" he trails off, wondering what he means. When he hears Eli coming, Teddy looks over his shoulder and grins. "Morning!"

"No offense, but I have to avoid most of it. It's passover, and there are lots of foods I can't eat. Thanks for the thought though." Billy offers pleasantly to cody. "Eli, this is Cody. Rebound. He used to come here a lot, but we had some things that we've gotten over, and he'sr eturned to try again. He needs our help with control."

Cody turns his attention to….a black guy. There is a mild look of surprise on the features of Cody's face that turn instantly to caution and then civility. He nods a bit and offers a wave of his hand before moving to reach out his hand to the guy. "Cody…" He offers before looking to the other two and back. "Uhm. Yeah…yer our leader, right?"

Elijah nods. "Yup. Came back after a brief, uh, vacation. Visited family back home in Tennessee and North Carolina." He looks around. "You make all of this? I need to take you to visit my grandma, she's an amazing cook!" He eyes Cody for a moment before looking at the group. "Control, huh? Shouldn't be too much of a problem." He looks back to Cody. "We're a friendly bunch, and we're all here to help out a teammate." He gets a plate. "It all looks incredible… where to start?"

"Same here," Teddy remarks, slipping an arm around Billy. He flashes a grin Eli's way. "We still gotta get our match in. Hopefully it won't get interrupted by another super-villain attack," he laughs a little. "Definitely shouldn't be a problem…"

Going to the fridge, Billy pulls out some leftover chicken to eat, for himself. The herb-roasted chicken he got last night. He moves over to just watch the others talking and whatnot, not having much to say about any of the above.

Cody raises a brow at the news that Billy can't eat most of it. Then he mentions passover and there is a realization in Cody's head. "Oooh. Jewish….forgot…sorry." He grunts and then looks around and starts putting up a great deal of food onto his plate, padding with barefeet back to the couch to drop onto it and start eating. "What match, yall talkin' about?"

Elijah chuckles. "Wrestling. He challenged, I accepted, then some idiot named Mercurio attacked a warehouse and we both beat him silly." He shakes his head slowly as he piles food onto his plate and sits down on a chair, proceeding to eat. "Wow, delicious!" He looks over to Billy. "By the way, gonna drop by my grandma's later today,a dn she'll have some chicken for you, and some other stuff you can eat. She says you don't eat enough…" He grins as he continues to eat.

Teddy nods when Eli explains it. "Yeah. Since we don't have some holographic simulaor here like the Avengers have…me and Eli were gonna get some training in together," the hybrid adds. He then leans in to whisper to Billy. "You're welcome to come watch it," he offers. He then laughs. "Why does everyone always say that?" he asks. "I think Billy eats all he needs to."

"I eat plenty. Eli, it's passover. I have to be REALLY particular how I eat." Billy says with a laugh, flopping down to join the others. "Believe me, the reason I stay so thin is cooking for Teddy and Tommy. Have you not realized just how much they eat?" Billy rubs his forehead a bit. "Guys, we CAN use the Avengers training facility. They DO allow us to do that, as long as someone's there. And lately, Spider-Woman and what's the brit lady have been there a lot."

Cody looks between the group and offers. "If there is a wrestling competition, I'm in and I'll take winner…hell, I'll take looser." The guy loves to compete. He sits up a little as he hears a phone ring upstairs. "S'mah phone. Be back in a second.." He puts his food down, and bounds up the stairs to grab it.

Elijah shrugs. "She's a grandma, she worries about things like that." He grins as he keeps eating. He stretches in his chair and looks around. "By the way, thanks for the Easter Basket." He munches on a roll and takes a swig from his bottle of orange soda.

Teddy smirks as Cody offers into the match, shaking his head slightly. "We know, Babe. But we want to train more often than Jess and Lionheart are around to let us use the training room," he says, popping open a bottle of water. "Besides. It'll be fun and we'll get a better understanding of one another's moves and styles by training with one another," he adds.

"Yeah, I'll sit this one out. Physical and me don't match without the proper spells first." Billy says, scratching his head as he eats. He moves around to lean against Teddy happily. "My mind is my strength. Not my body."

Elijah nods, finishing off his plate in record time as well as his soda. He stifles a belch and sets the plate down, pondering seconds. "We all have our strengths and weaknesses, powers and flaws." He chuckles. "However, I think Billy might disagree with you, Billy." He grins at the couple and gets another plate and soda, sitting down and stretching again. "I missed all of you guys."

Teddy wraps his arms around Billy as he's leaned against. "Well, then come watch. You don't have to compete…just enjoy the show," he offers. He nods along to Eli and then blushes at the comment that goes with the grin. Despite the blush, he still smiles. There's a pause as the shapeshifter looks to Billy then gives Eli a thoughtful look. He shakes it off at the stretching. "Missed you too, Eli."

"Nah, he likes my mind more. Without my mind, I wouldn't be me." Billy says with knowing firmity as he looks at the others and laughs. "Well, -I- knew you'd be back. It'd just take some pounding it into your head that we're legit and fine to go now. Just had to get it through your skull." He snickers, finishing off his own food.

Elijah eyes the couple before grinning and getting throug half of his plate and beverage. "Right…" He looks around. "Nice to see some new faces as well. The team's looking really good right now."

"I love all of you," Teddy tells Billy, giving him a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. "I was still surprised when we got that call from Cap…and for more than just 'Oh man, Captain America is on my phone!'," he chuckles. The shapeshifting alien nods and then grins. "Of course we hard. Hard not too look good with such fine specimens on the team," he jokes, getting up and pulling a few flexes while in his briefs.

Billy rolls his eyes and shakes his head after the kiss. "Babe, I think he means what we've got tactically. A mystic. A super soldier. An alien. A mutant mentalist. A speedster, and Cody's rebounding power." He sighs softly at the flexing, saying absolutely nothing. But he doesn't need to. Teddy already knows.

Elijah watches the couple with a chuckle. "Wow…" He finishes his plate and soda, leaning back in the chair. "Thirds would kill me." He sighs happily and stretches. "So, what's on your agenda for the day?"

Teddy laughs, flopping back onto the couch. "I know, I just wanted to show off for ya," he says, reaching over to ruffle Billy's hair before pulling him closer. "Not too much. I was going to call a friend of ours…and that's it," he shrugs. "I got nothing for the day."

"Gonna visit the 'rents later." Billy admits with a shrug. "But nothing really other than that. Just relaxing and getting some classwork done. Just because we're official licensed superpeople doesn't mean we let grades slip."

Elijah nods to them both. "Gonna visit my grandparents and eat until someone explodes or has a coronary." He chuckles. "After that, probably pass out or something." He nods to Billy. "Oh yeah, schoolwork. Got to finish up a few things before tomorrow." He grins and stretches again in his chair. "I missed this too, just hanging around. The 3 original members, back together again…"

Thundering down the stairs in barefeet comes Cody. He is tucking his phone into his PJ pants pocket and offer a quick apologetic nod to those around. "Hey. Sorry, was my family." He offers as he moves back to his plate. "What did I miss?"

"Nothing really. Just chatter and stuff. Plans. Talking about team and whatnot." Billy says with a grin as he leans in again. "Everyday idle chitchat is all." Not much else about it. "And with Vision here, it's almost LIKE Iron Lad."

"Schoolwork's a given," Teddy gives Billy a little teasing poke. "Yeah…Hulkling, Patriot, and Asgardian," he chuckles a bit. "Still miss Iron Lad sometimes though…if it wasn't for him, we might never have met…" he trails off. The shapeshifter gives Billy a squeeze, not liking that thought. He then offers Cody a little 'welcome back' nod.

Elijah waves back to Cody and stretches. "2 plates of yer cookin' is gonna put me to sleep, but it's worth it. Damn fine eats, my friend." He shrugs. "Just catching up on old times and looking forward to new ones. Old friends and new faces, it's all good." He stretches. "I miss Iron Lad as well, but we're all together again, so everything's gonna be all right."

Cody looks a little confused and moves about picking up his plate and scooping several more mouthfuls on his way to the table to get more. "So…we wrestlin' soon?" He asks, looking between the three. "No worries man, all i did was cater….who's Iron Lad?" He asks looking confused.

Teddy chuckles. "Maybe later, Cody. We've got stuff that's gotta be taken care of before we can get to training," he says. "Iron Lad…was the guy that first formed the Young Avengers. He was the first one, found the three of us and gathered us all. Helped with our training and was a good friend," he explains.

"Turned out to be more than any of us realized, too." Billy adds in. "He went back to his home and left his armor that joined with Vision and made him into who he is now." He explains, rising to get a glass of tea.

Elijah nods. "In a way, it's like he never left." He shrugs. "Still, he was a good guy and the main reason we're all here now." He looks over to Cody, "Of course, we're glad for our new members as well!" He grins and picks up plates to put into the sink.

Cody raises a brow. Did he just get made a member of the team? He blinks a bit and then looks over at the other two in disbelief. He forgets to chew his food and simply stands there, cheeks full. "Mm?"

Teddy waves as Eli heads off to get changed and go out, stretching on the couch. He shrugs in reply to Cody and looks towards Billy. "Wanna shower when you finish your tea?" he asks, giving a short eye-brow waggle.

"We still have paperwork and stuff to do before anything's official. Including parental consent." Billy says, before he suddenly remembers something. "Cody… did I leave the wall transparent last night?" He bites his lip sheepishly. He forgot that Teddy let the other boy use HIS room. He turns to Billy and chuckles. "Why shower now, we're just gonna get dirty again." He's teasing obviously.

Cody looks like he is about to comment on all three but then shakes his head to clear it. "Mm…My dad is not gonna like it. If my identity gets leaked that I'm a mutant, he's gonna loose business." He offers scratching his head and going a bit red. "Yeah…." He says and then looks at Teddy at the mention of a shower. "me?" He asks and then points to Billy. "Oh. Him. Er…heh."

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