2010-12-16: Holiday In The Park


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Summary: Some enjoy the holidays in the park while others don't seem to get it.

Date: December 16, 2010

Log Title: Holiday in the Park.

Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

Being an obvious mutant, Travis doesn't leave the school that often but tonight he figured he'd get out and do some Christmas shopping for his mother, roommates and few friends at Barnes. Though even in mutant he hides his extra arms in a large coat which just makes him seem a little bulky, but at least with only two arms. He carries a few bags with him in one hand and a cup of hot cider in the other. This is one of those times where the extra arms would be good for carrying things if he wasn't so timid about showing them in public. As he walks down the path slowly he just absorbs the sites humming off key Christmas carols under his breath.

Robbie himself is out and about in his normal clothing… for the moment. He's an off-duty Avenger just prowling around. Of course, those from Barnes probably know him from Damage Control classes. He doesn't hide his identity at the school. After all, it's one of those things. It engenders trust to let people know. That… and he's got too many people that know anyway. Why not more?

Also an obvious mutant in her own way, Robin tends to gravitate towards Mutant Town when wanting to get things done in a hurry. That being said, she seldom actually ends up getting things done very quickly. She emerges from a sandwich shop with a to-go coffee and sandwich, her puppet walking closely after her, stepping a few paces to give it to a homeless mutant. As much as she has neither the time nor the funds for such acts of charity, having been in that exact position herself, she feels compelled by survivor's guilt to help out. "Here you go," she says to the muffled thanks before she walks off, probably never to see that person again. "So, where are we headed?" she asks the puppet, who by virtue of a shared mind with Robin, shrugs for not knowing.

Zoya isn't minding the cool evening air, having built up a tolerance for cold quite some time ago. Rather, the part that really bugs her is the holiday craze that's swept over the country as a whole. Irritating traditions, annoying songs that must have been butchered for decades, she'd have nothing at all to do with it if that was an option. For now all she can do is endure, which is a sacrifice she's mostly willing to make while in Mutant Town. If that's what the rest of her kind needs to feel happy and important then so be it.

After a bit of walking, Travis decides to sit down to rest from carrying the bags for a bit. While doing so his jacket moves in a way that an extra appendage, or two or four might be noticed. He relaxes and enjoys the fresh air, something that doesn't seem common in Barnes. The only problem is the lack of star that can be visible in a New York City sky. After a while he notices one of the teachers from Barnes and gives him a wave. "Good evening Mr. Baldwin."

"You do realize that you don't have to hide here, right?" Robbie responds to Travis before tacking on, "And please. JUST Robbie. I'm not old enough to be Mr. Baldwin. That's my dad." He says, shivering at even the thought of comparing himself to his father. The hater. "Haven't they given you any clothing suited to you yet? Like a nice warm coat?"

Because her puppet is /terribly/ unhelpful, Robin sighs and reaches into her jacket pocket to pull out her to-do list for the evening, only glancing at it for a second before a gust catches it and blows it out of her hands. "Oh shoot!" she cries, flailing her arms a bit to try and catch the dodgy list before it exits from her reach all together. She and Blank both instinctively begin chase.

Zoya occasionally winds up being in the right place at the right time. Tonight may or may not be one of those times as she nearly gets a piece of paper across the face, one hand darting out to catch it out of reflex more than having paid any attention to it. Frowning in irritation she turns the page around in her hands and reads over the list, not making a whole lot of sense out of what she sees on it. "Huh." Well, someone lost something. Not like she needs it, contemplating setting it free to go its merry old way. There's time to catch up to her, at least.

"I'm from Denver Si..Robbie. So I'm used to the cold and really, this coat is pretty warm." Travis says as he eyes Robin losing her paper and then Zoya picking it up. "I know I don't have to hide here but…I kind of to. A guy like me sticks out way to easily." And with his past he likes to remain incognito. "She's brave." He says nodding towards Robin with her puppet. "Being able to be open like that."

"Well, I don't have the luxury of being too open. I mean, if I change, I'm not in the same body I was before." Robbie laughs. "I actually swap my body for one in another dimension. Don't ask. It's complicated. Such is life, though." He grins, looking towards where Travis is. "She may not be able to help it. And some people actually don't mind being open about things."

Robin stops running when she happens upon Zoya. She's not out of breath, and her puppet seems not to need breath at all, but she is breathing a little heavier than before. "Oh gosh," she says, her voice and appearance both fairly androgynous, "thanks for catching that for me! I've just got lots to do, sometimes I can't remember it all. It just blew right out of my hands!"

Zoya's thought process becomes interrupted when an unfamiliar voice starts talking to her, soon earning her complete attention. A lot of the time it's impossible to tell if a person is mutant or not. With this one, really it's pretty easy to tell. For once the Ruskie offers a smile along with the list, actually seeming comfortable with the idea of helping someone else. "No problem. Busy night for you, no?" Someone's in a better mood than usual tonight.

"Well I have my reasons for trying to hide." Travis mutters to Robbie as he does try to stay under the radar with being in the witness protection and all. "I just had to get a bit of Christmas shopping done for my Mom and such." He says pushing his hair back with a gloved hand. "I think I've learned not to question to much." He says with a smile. "Just too much weird stuff." He says before glancing back over at Zoya and Robyn, glad that the girl got her paper back.

"That sucks." Robbie says with a wince. "I've hidden, and I'm not a mutant, but it's not something I've wanted to do." He explains. "But you're safe here. Especially with me around." He winks. "Nobody can get to you through me. I'm the toughest thing on this planet."

Robin and the puppet seem to synch up for a few moments in their motion, both of them reaching towards the list, though the puppet simply grasps at air. They nods their heads a couple of times and Robin says, "Yeah, it's really busy, but I'm almost done everything I've got to do to prepare for the holidays." She glances back down to the list for a few moments before tucking it away. "It always feels like time is running out!"

"That is big tink, no?" Zoya asks the other woman who's practically beside herself. "Hurry to do dis, hurry to do that, is never enough time so must move faster. I do not have any extra work to do for dis time of year and am still feelink pressure. Remember to breathe, looks like your other half could not carry you back home if passed out," she observes with a light smile yet in place.

The Texan Texas Twister makes his way down Thompson Street Park, dressed casually, the cowboy seems to rush through the park. He is carrying some shopping bags, most likely Christmas shopping. He would fly, but even a SHIELD agent should try to be discreet, though his white cowboy hat leather cowboy boots make his stand out like a Yankee at a Mets Game.

"It's not just me I'm worried about." Travis says as he stands up and stretches, trying his best not to move his hidden four arms. "So what kind of power do you think that is?" He asks in regards to Robin and her puppet. He hasn't seen anything like that and is quite curious. He looks back down at his bags and frowns. "Also, do you have any clue what to get a teenage superhero for Christmas?"

"Depends on who." Robbie says with a shrug. "Depends on what they like. Some people like cooking. SOme like sex." He snickers with a shrug. "So, it depends on the guy themselves. Or her self. Whatever."

"Umm, yeah, Blank would probably just stare at me if I passed out, though I guess she'd still protect me," says Robin, glancing towards her puppet and pushing her glasses up her nose slightly, seeming to touch the left, painted lens as if just to make sure it still has the proper texture to it. "Oh, um, this is Blank, by the way. I'm Robin. We're actually, um, only one entity, she just manifests physically in a different place than me."

Zoya is only naturally quite intrigued by the other half of Robin, it's like staring at a ghost for the very first time. Very peculiar… Eerie. Also kinda neat. When she looks back to Robin proper she focuses on the one eye she can see, not understanding the purpose behind the picture in the other lens but not ready to question such a motive. "Robin and Blank?" she repeats. "Am Zoya. Might I ask what all dis Blank can do? Have not seen anytink like it before."

Recognizing Travis and Robbie through Barnes, Drew Daniels makes his way towards the two, though formally not introduced. He has seen them and the others in the hallways. Waving a bit as he approaches, the Texan SHIELD agent tips his hat, "Howdy." As he gets closer, he recognizes Zoya.

"I'm pretty sure he likes both." Travis says in regards to his roommate, Billy. "I don't know, it's just as bad as trying to shop for Rashmi." What do you get a girl that doesn't scream romance but is something she'd like, it's tough. "Hello sir." He says to Tex as he comes on over, taking another sip from his hot cider.

"Then I dunno what to tell you. Maybe cookware and condoms?" Robbie lets out another chuckle. He doesn't know, but offers a wave to Tex. "Hey. What's up?" He asks with a smile.

"Umm, well, she can do lots of things, I guess. She's stronger and faster than me. She can fly, but I'm not really great with that part," explains Robin at the question, raising her hands in air and deadening her own expression, fingers twitching as she takes control of Blank. Her now monotone voice adds, "I can also possess her." To demonstrate that Blank really is much better than Robin, she has the puppet dash across the street. It's not superspeed, but it works. Blank stops suddenly, and then waves at the three men across the way a little self-consciously before vanishing and reappearing next to the puppeteer, who uprights. "Um, and she teleports, sort of." She turns her attention to the men across the street and raises her hand in an apologetic wave. "Didn't see them there."

Zoya doesn't lose interest through the demonstration. Hey, it's all fascinating stuff! Never know when knowledge like this might be of use, either. "Is good trick," she encourages Robin. "Really can be in to places at once, but am sure have heard that one million times by now. Is also nice findink one with your kind of gift that is not afraid of it and feels must be hidden away." It's still creepy, though. Creepy and cool. "Thank you for demo. Hope am not keepink you from gettink tinks done tonight?"

"Howdy, boys, so what are you up to this fine evening?" He grins, "Christmas shopping?" Seeing the little puppet ghost Drew looks past Travis and Robbie and blinks. He looks to the two boys, "Did you see that?

Travis is almost grateful for the intrusion of Blank so that he doesn't have to answer Robbie as his answer is something he doesn't want to think about in regards to his roommate. Talking about condoms with your teacher is never something a teenager wants unless it's in sex-ed class and then it's still weird. He returns the wave to Robyn, holding his coat closed with his other hand, and smiles. "No problem, that's a neat trick." He calls out to her before nodding to Tex. "Yeah, Christmas shopping tonight."

"Yeah, people tell me that a lot! I kind've prefer to be nearby Blank, but if I need protecting, she'll always port back to me. And yeah, I figure I could throw a trenchcoat over her or something… but I'd probably lose it so fast. But whatever, I've always been open," says Robin on the subject of her puppet, smiling slightly. Back to Travis, Robin grins and says back, raising her voice so he can hear her, "Thanks!"

Zoya seems oddly pleased to hear some of that. "Is important to be what you are, show it to rest of world." When Robin's attention goes back to the group of men she finally takes notice as well, not taking long at all to recognize one of the characters. It's the hat that gives him away. Always the hat. Probably for the best she's keeping things civil tonight, if that guy's around there could be piles of unplanned for excitement in her evening. Attention returning to Robin

"Well, I just bought some stuff for the family, which reminds me. Your gifts are waiting for you at the Barnes Academy." Drew Daniels looks over and across, "You, boys know them lasses across the way?" Drew makes eye contact with Zoya and tips his hat her and Robin's way in greeting.

Travis shakes his head at Tex's question. "No, I don't, but I think her power seems neat." He says or Robin as he bends down to pick up his bags. "Though I have to get back to school. Have a good night sir, and you too Robbie." Travis says as he starts to go on his way, forgetting for a moment and taking a third arm out of his jacket to run through his hair. "I'll have to finish shopping tomorrow." He says as he waves with that third arm and heads on down the road.

Robin taps her lips slightly and watches as the boy across the street heads off before saying to Zoya, "Yeah, exactly. And Blank's saved my life more than once, so even though she's kind of me, I feel like I owe it to her not to hide. Even so, it can be kind of dangerous in some places! It's why I do my shopping here. But I think it's good to be proud of who you are regardless of what other people think of you."

Zoya tries to keep her expression from faltering any when Tex greets them from across the way. She offers a brief wave back, keeping her thoughts on the situation completely to herself. Back to Robin, smiling a touch more, she says "Is nice to have own guardian. Maybe will see you around here, but have to go for now. Take care of selves."

Waving to Travis, "Well, I will see you at Barnes." Then Drew turns and acknowledges the wave from Zoya. He then puts his bag down, "I can use a cigarette." He pulls one out of a pack and lights it, " before looking to Robbie, "She does have a neat power. I wonder if she is a student at Xavier's."

"Oh, um, yeah, maybe so! I come 'round here a fair bit," says Robin, smiling and waving to Zoya, her puppet again synching with her motions. She pulls out the list again and glances over it, looking off for a few moments before she starts walking.

With everyone leaving, The Texan realizes he has to head back to the Academy to grade some last minute papers and whatnot. Waving to Robbie, he also departs.

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