2009-07-04: Holiday Plans


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Summary: July and Owen talk about some plans for the day.

Date: July 4, 2009

Holiday Plans

Rating: PG-13

Living Room - Xavier Mansion

"Ya'll know it's a holiday of sorts, right?" comes an amused voice from behind July. It comes with a cool breeze as the fuzzy mutant known as Owen Folger steps out of a cloud of DarkForce. He's dressed in his usual clothing and seems to be in a generally good mood right now.

July gah's as she's scared by that sudden appearance, apparently too absorbed in her readings, that she jumps from her seat and looks behind herself, over her shoulder. Well, her neck literally goes 180 to look at you, "OWEN!" she says, and then she sighs, "Don't scare me like that." while her body turns around to match her head's new position.

Owen can't help but laugh, shaking his head. "Sorry, sorry. Ah tend tah have that affect on people," he chimes. "But in all seriousness, holiday's got yer name on it. Ya'll should be out havin' a good time."

July giggles softly, and she rubs the back of her head a bit, while her other arm stretches to drop her empty coffe plastic cup on the garbage bin, "I know, I know." she says, smiling, "But right now I'm trying to figure out my future, you know?" she looks down at the college brochures for a moment before shrugging and looking back at Owen, "Being a super hero doesn't pay the bills."

Owen rolls his eyes a moment. "Yeah, that's all well an' good but like Ah said, it's a holiday. That stuff, an' the future, will be there tahmarrow," he chuckles. "Ah know. Ah wish you superheroin' types luck but Ah'm gonna sit back…maybe go intah teachin'."

July giggles softly, "Hey, I never /said/ I'd go into super-hero business. If you can call that 'business' anyways." she shrugs, before sitting back down at her table, "Have a seat, man. Can I get you anything to drink?" She asks, smiling softly.

Owen vanishes in a cloud of DarkForce. He reappears a moment later on the couch with a soda in hand. "Nope," he replies, offering a fanged grin. "Thanks though. So…are ya'll atleast comin' with the rest of us down tah see the fireworks tahnight?"

July blinks as you poof away, and then returns with your soda, "Fine, be that way." she says, smirking as you grin. "Anyways, yeah, not losing the firework show for nothing in this world." She nods.

Owen nods. "That's good. Ah hear the school puts on a mean one an' then there's the world famous one that Macy's place puts on," he says, sipping his drink.

July nods softly, "Which one are we planning on attend to? The school's, or Macy's?" she asks, tilting her head a bit as she ponders which one would be best to go watch.

Owen lets out a thoughful noise. "Ah was goin' for both actually. Considerin' that the school's happens an hour sooner."

July blinks softly, "Oh, really." she says, and she nods, rubbing her head again as she thinks, "Then I think we'll be able to watch both. If the teleporters decide to help us, of course. Traffic might be horrible at that hour." she grins.

Owen laughs. "Teleportin' and flyin'," he says. "Ah'm sure someone has somethin' figured out."

July nods, smiling, "Can't do either. Not anymore. Thank gods." she grins at that, but then she ponders for a moment, tapping her chin, "Although I could fold myself into the shape of a paper airplane and ask someone to toss me in the right direction?" she giggles.

Owen laughs. "Ah'd give that a shot in the danger room before ya'll glide out over New York City," he says. "Me…Ah'm gonna teleport," he says. "An' Ah'll be takin' people with me."

July smiles, "Who will you be taking with you?" she asks, and then seh blinks softly as something comes to her mind. "Now that's a good question. How many people can you carry with you in a single teleport?"

Owen shrugs. "Whoever wants tah go when Ah'm goin'," he replies simply. "Ah can' take too many though. Only ever got two or three before. Might be able tah get four," he adds. "Any more than that an' parts an' stuff start gettin' lost," he says, shuddering at the Danger Room memory.

July oh's softly at that, "Lost, hm?" she asks, thinking about consequences, "I see. So four is a safe number, then?" She asks, smiling a bit.

Owen nods. "Lost as in leavin' with it…showin' up without," he says simply. "It's not fun," is added. "Yeah. Four's safe."

July ew's softly, "I didn't need the mental image, Owen. But, uh, thanks, I guess." she says, rubbing the back of her head as she pictures now people losing limbs, "So, uh, when is the group being assembled?" she tries to change the subject.

Owen shakes his head. "Sorry but that was the nicest way tah put it," he says. He finishes his drink off and nods. "After the school's firework show."

July smiles and nods at that, "Anyone confirmed to go with you already?" she asks, while starting to collect her brochures into a neat pile. "And, well, just curious, but, what all can you do with your powers, Owen, aside from telporting around and scaring ladies?" she smirks.

Owen shrugs. "Nope. Didn' offer yet," he says with a chuckle. "Figured Ah'd offer at the time," he says. When asked about his powers, Owen blinks a few times. "Well, it's Dark Force. Ah can blast stuff and make it all dark an' Ah suppose more stuff in the future."

July giggles softly, "'Blast stuff' and 'make it all dark'. Interesting definitions." she says, smiling, but obviously not teasing. "It's an interesting power, even if it has a… well, dark name. Pardon the pun."

Owen rolls his eyes. "Well, it's not like Ah'm some kinda powers expert," he says, chuckling slightly. "Yeah. It's interestin'…turnin' intah a giant, homicidal bat monster isn' though."

July grins, "Remove the 'homicidal' part and it gets interesting." she says, smiling, "Though watching you turn into that was kind of creepy." she arches one eyebrow, "You know what triggered it?"

Owen shakes his head. "If only…" he mutters. "Try feelin' turn intah it," he mutters. "Yeah. That's what happens when Ah overload. Too much DarkForce builds up and Ah transform. Leo's got an overloard problem with his Livin' Light too but he jus' explodes."

July blinks softly, "Explodes? Wow." she blinks again, "Wow. Thank goodness I don't explode if I stretch too much." she then rubs the back of her head, "Or do I? I mean, I haven't reached a limit yet, or at least a strain that would say I'm close to my limit…"

Owen looks over and laughs. "Ah doubt ya'll will," he says. "Me an' Leo have those affects cause our powers deal with weird extradimensional energies."

July giggles, "I hope not. Or else you'll have to literally scrape me off the walls." She shakes her head, giggling a bit.

Owen arches an eyebrow. "Ah hear that has tah happen anyway if ya'll get thrown hard enough."

July chuckles softly at that, "Yeah, well… I know." She says, rubbing the back of her head as she blushes a bit, "But it's kind of useful to not feel any blunt pain anymore."

Owen nods. "That would be a useful thin'," he says. "Never have tah worry about gettin' a black eye or fat lip ever again," he laughs. "No broken bones either."

July chuckles, "Or no bones at all, like in my case." she says, and then she pinches her forearm and stretches her skin, "I think I'm comprised of just liquid skin, or something like that." she hmms.

Owen lets out a thoughtful noise. "Maybe you're unstable molecules or whatever our squad uniforms are made of," he gussses with a shrug.

July rubs the back of her head, "I don't think that's the answer. From what I read about unstable molecules, I'd be able to change into stone, iron, cloth, whatever, if I was made of those. But I can't, so…" she shrugs as well.

Owen shrugs. "Ah dunno. Like Ah said, not a power expert," he says. Stretching out, the fuzzy mutant glances towards the clock. "Ah better get goin'. Promised Ah'd call home tahday."

July looks at the clock as well, and then at her pile of brochures, "Yeah, might as well head back to my dorm." she says as she picks it up, "At least there I don't need to wory about fuzzy people scaring me from behind." she winks to Owen, smiling.

Owen shakes his head and chuckles. "See ya later, July," he says. And with a cloud of Dark Force, Owen's gone.

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