2009-12-25: Holiday Swimming


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Summary: A few of the boys that don't go home for holiday are out swimming in the cold.

Date: December 25, 2009

Holiday Swimming

Rating: R (for nudity)

Xavier Mansion - Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

Holidays are weird for Leo. He can't really spend them with his family right now. Too far away, and he doesn't want to interrupt their busy social life. He can't turn off his mutation, and that's strange for them. Yes, they care, but he doesn't want to interfere. As it is, he's currently in a pair of somewhat tight (but not overly showy) swim trunks. They're as white as his hair and what little hair is on his stomach.

Holidays are weird for Owen as well. He's got the distance problem and seeing as how he's due to go bat in a day, Owen can't go home to see the family right now anyway. Bored, he's decided to come out to the pool today. Dressed in what amounts to a purple version of Leo's swim trunks, he's in his fuzzy form as he pads outside. "Howdy, Leo. Merry Christmas," he greets with a fanged grin.

Dallas runs down the path towards the pool. He and John are neck and neck as they get there. He's dressed in sweat pants with the school name down the leg, a white t-shirt and a hoodie, in deference to the cold. His expression is amused and flushed and a laugh heralds his arrival, just from the pure joy of being able to do something physical and fun after a few days being cooped up at the new school. When he sees people already there, he pulls up short abruptly.

John is running next to Dallas, wearing blue denim combats and black sneakers, he also has long scratches down his arms. In an attempt to overtake, he does a jump kick as the wall to propel himself forwards, he loses his consentration when he spots Leo and Owen and knocks into Dallas who has stopped knocking them both into the pool.

"Hey, Owen." Leo calls out, extending his arms to Owen with a large grin. But then, Dallas and John start making their way down and Leo just shakes his head. "Incoming." He calls out, sparkling brightly. He runs ahand up through wet white hair and stretches.

Owen starts to move towards the pool as if he intends to jump in. When Leo gives his warning, Owen looks over his shoulder and jumps. He vanishes in a cloud of DarkForce to get out of the way. He reappears up on the diving board, looking down at John and Dallas' antics.

Dallas takes a hit from behind and then a header into the pool. Being a fairly athletic type, he manages to orient himself towards the surface after that initial shock of cool water and breaks the surface to air that is frigid by comparison. Given that his clothes are now soaked, he stays in the warm water kicking towards the side of the pool before looking around to see what the heck happened. The fact that the two strangers are glowing and furry respectively cause him to stop and stare, treading water reflexively. "Uh, hi?"

John surfaces and starts laughing, "Sorry Dallas, i wasnt looking where i was going", he shakes his head to get his hair out of his eyes, he remembers Leo and Owen, "Oh hey guys, whats up?"

"Let's see, there's only two faces I don't know. Trey and Dallas. So, you must be one of them. I'm Leo." Leo says with a grin towards Dallas. He turns to Owen, "I'm still waiting on a proper greeting." He says, sticking his tongue out at Owen. "I hope everyone liked their gifts." He says, offering a half smile. Sure, he doesn't know them well, but it's good stuff. And he's just that kinda guy. Share with everyone, even if they're new. Ask anyone, Leo's just about the friendliest guy here.

Owen teleports down into the water behind Leo with a grin. "Here ya go then," he says, grabbing the Living Lighter for a great big kiss. Breaking after a moment, he floats back with a grin. "Howdy," is offered to Dallas and John. "Ah liked mah gift, alright. Hope you and Nathan like yours," he says ruffling Leo's hair.

Dallas gives John a grin and says, "I'll live. The walk back to my room is going to be cool, but I'll pretend I'm doing it for training or something." He starts to rest his head on his arms halfway out of the pool and hanging onto the side and then a gust of wind convinces him that's a bad idea and ducks back into the water up to his neck. "One of those was you? Thanks! You shouldn't ha…. Wow. Oh. Wow." The first is for the teleport and the second is for the kiss. He glances away and says, inanely, "Heated pool. Good idea."

John smiles at Leo "Thanks for the gift mate, but fuck you must have a hell of a lot of money" he smiles at Owen too, "And thanks for the candycane Owen, it was like a Corsiars christmas". He sees Dallas' reaction to the kiss, "Illinois" he says shaking his head, he swims over the edge, pulls off his combats and throws them on the edge of the pool.

"That's better." Leo says to Owen before moving over to offer his hand to Dallas. Of course, if Dallas accepts it… well, we'll see. "Yeah, the card. I forgot which place I got you one for. Cause I didn't know what's right for you and… ya know." He blushes slightly, sparkling. "Yeah, heated pools work really well here. Hey, New Mutants have Christmas stuff too. Aren't you on our squad, Dallas?" He asks, thinking about it. In response to the money thing, he says nothing.

Owen chuckles, waiting for Leo to finish handshaking be going over to offer his own. "If ya'll want, jus' tell me where your room is an' Ah'll port over an' get yer swim suits," he offers to both John and Dallas. "Glad ya liked it, John"

Dallas doesn't hesitate to shake Leo's hand. Apparently, he's a bit repressed, not homophobic. "Yea, I'm assigned to the New Mutants. Which is pretty cool, right? You're on the same squad?" He looks back to Owen and gives another firm, friendly shake. "Um, boys dorm, Ramsey, last door on the left, upstairs. You don't have to do that." He breaks off because it's pretty obvious that Owen's offer makes a lot more sense than any of the alternatives and concludes, "But I'm grateful. And yea, the gift was awesome. But I didn't get you anything. You really shouldn't have."

John smiles at Owen "Cool thanks, im dorming with Max, do you no where that is?, my trunks'll be in the top draw of my dresser", he splashes water at Dallas.

As Leo's power flows in, he chuckles. "Yeah. New Mutants. Me, Eddie, Nate… who's my boyfriend, mind you." Yes, boyfriend. Strange to some, considering he just got a kiss from Owen. "July, and Max. And now, apparently you." He says with a nod. "It's fine. You don't have to get anyone anything. I just… can't be with my family, so I figured i'd throw a little extra to everyone, so they can get something they like. Hopefully."

Owen grins and nods. He vanishes in a cloud of DarkForce and is gone for several minutes. When he returns, Owen's got John and Dallas' trunks in hand. Small problem, his are missing. The fuzzy teen starts to day something, notices his lack of clothes, and vanishes again. He reappears a moment later back in his trunks. "Sorry 'bout that," he says with a laugh, holding the trunks out to their owners. "Ah still lose clothes when Ah port sometimes. Especially this close tah overloadin'."

Dallas blinks as he gets a flow of energy not unlike the time somebody convinced him to slam a combination of Red Bull and Jolt. Except even more intense. His eyes get a little wider and he gives a full-body shiver like a dog shaking off water. Which is about when he gets splashed. He gives a laugh at that and cups his hand to send a sharp slap of water back at John. And another for good measure. And then it seems like a good idea to dive to the bottom to avoid retaliation. When Owen reappears, he surfaces and takes the shorts. "Thanks, man! Cool power. Everybody has cool powers here. I think I got short-changed." His voice is rapid as he speaks and he swims to the side of the pool, shucking t-shirt and sweat pants so he can put on the trunks, apparently too wired to be nervous for the moment.

John laughs as Dallas splashes the water at him and is about to retaliate when Owen appears, he wolfwhistles at Owen as hes left his own trunks behind, he says "Thanks mate" as he takes them from Owen, he pulls himself onto the side of the pool, pulls off his briefs, pulls on his trunks and jumps back in.

As Owen jumps and returns, Leo laughs, "Nice view, babe." He winks up at Owen before turning to see Dallas change. "Wow. Another nice view. I'm getting to see it…" He blinks, looking to John. "Well, to see everything. I'm definitely enjoying THIS night." He laughs, shaking his head. "And if you're over-amped, Sorry, Dallas. My fault. I have a tendency to hyper people up for a bit."

Owen grins as he gets the nice views as well. Of course he's already seen John as the pyro torched his clothes awhile back and Owen ported to retrieve replacements. He winks Leo's way and then slips back into the water. "Definitely a day of nice sights," he says, swimming over to Leo. "Hyper 'em up an' counter mah DarkForce."

Dallas tosses his sweats and shirt onto the side of the pool and slides on the trunks over his shorts. They're dark red and have a stylized Greek helmet in yellow on one leg. Apparently his previous high school's sports logo. The 'nice view' comment goes right over his head as he kicks off the wall and swims back towards the center of the pool. "Better, thanks. Weighs less. And hyper? I don't think it worked me. I feel fine." Of course, as he's saying that, he's turning circles in the water as though trying to see in all directions at once. "I could get used to this. Heated pools and stuff."

John climes out of the water and walks over to Leo and Owen, "Apparently Dallas here is immune to your power Leo, losin' your touch?", he turns to Owen, "You seem to have as much trouble with clothing as i do".

"No, he's not." Leo says with a chuckle. "It affected him. Whether he realizes it or not. See how he's moving. He's hyper." He grins brightly, shaking his head. "I haven't met a single person yet immune to Living Light."

Owen chuckles. "Ah dunno, Dallas…" he trails off, amused as he swims. "Jus' people it has different effects on?" he asks Leo, reaching out to give his side a little tickle as he passes by. "An' Ah'm gettin' better with the clothes. Trainin' an' mah unstable molecule shorts…but when Ah'm not wearin' 'em and Ah get this close tah Overload, it happens more often. Lost mah shoes this mornin' headin' tah the kitchen," he chuckles. "Tomorrow's the day," he reminds Leo.

Dallas shakes his head. "I'm totally fine. It's a thing. Alcohol and caffeine and stuff don't effect me much either. Good metabolism." He says that with the total conviction of a person who believes what he's saying. And then dives under the water again, all the way to the bottom. The shadows down there seem to wrap around Dallas, sliding over his skin like a sheath until only two vaguely eye-shaped areas of blue light are left. When he kicks off from the bottom of the pool, it's with much more than human strength and he fairly rockets up, breaching the surface like a dolphin and shooting a good twenty feet into the air cold air. And that air distracts him enough that his shadow flees, leaving him to cannonball back into the water with a tremendous splash, preceded only by a maniac giggle on his way down.

John raises an eyebrow at the way Dallas is acting, "Bloody hell, when you touched me the most i did was burst into flame, but he's acting like he's been drugged", he looks to Owen, "Well good luck with the bat tomorrow, i'll keep an eye out".

Most of the people here have strength. Even Leo has a good dose of it nowadays. Especially with overload coming on. "Iknowbabe." Leo says, quickly, to Owen. "Oh, I can handle the bat. I handled him JUST fine last time." Leo says with a bright grin. "The bat and I know how to talk." He nods softly.

Owen's got some strength as well but he still claps at Dallas' display. "Jus' what did ya'll do there, Dallas. With the darkness? Ya'll got powers like me?" he asks. "Yeah, Ah know. Same place as last time?" he guesses. "An' don' worry, John. Leo an' his Livin' Light will handle the Bat."

Dallas surfaces again, chest and stomach fairly pink and swims over to the group, hanging on the edge of the pool. "Well, I'm pretty sure I can't teleport. But I did notice you seem to do the 'dark' thing too. Which is cool. Maybe I can pick up pointers." That display seems to have used up a lot of the imparted excess energy and he tries to follow the conversation.

John grins as Dallas surfaces, he takes a run up and cannonballs right next to him.

Leo's just minding his own swimming business. "Though, last time did get a little rough. I got bitten in a few places. And scratched. Clawed. Whatever. Fortunately, I heal very fast." He nods, quickly. "Our powers are designed for each other. Dark Force and Living Light." He ponders for a moment as he looks over Dallas."I dunno if it's similar or not. I'd check with someone who knows more about them. Maybe Mr. Addison."

"Or Kenta. Err…Mr. Gilpatrick," Owen chimes in. "Ah'd be happy tah give ya some pointers sometime anyway though," he offers. "Oh bloody hell," he mutters, seeing John incoming. The fuzzy teen just ducks under the water.

Dallas sputters and chokes a bit, laughing as John's cannonball splashes him. He gives the other young man a grin and a head shake. "Jerk." He doesn't sound like he means it, though. Wiping water of his eyes and running his hands back through his hair. He nods at Leo and Owen's advice. "I guess somebody will need to help me figure it out at some point." He blinks as he realizes something and his expression goes thoughtful. "Wow. I'm actually relaxing here. Like for the first time."

John laughs and starts swimming on his back singing quietly to himself, "She lives in a fairy tale, Somewhere too far for us to find, Forgotten the taste and smell, Of the world that she's left behind, It's all about the exposure the lens I told her, The angles were all wrong now, She's ripping wings off of butterflies, keep your feet on the ground, keep your feet on the ground, Well go get your shovel, And we'll dig a deep hole, To bury the castle, bury the castle, Ba da ba ba da ba ba ha".

Leo blinks, looking to John. "Not quite what I was thinking, songwise. When you hear wings of a butterfly, my first thought is H.I.M. But that's me." He shrugs, grinning to Dallas. "GOOD. You need to relax. We're all good people here. No matter what some may say. People in town say we're stuck up. That's only because we have to keep to ourselves. Don't want to tell the world we're a mutant school."

Owen smirks underwater. He's avoided the cannonball but seems to be planning something. Selecting a target, Owen gets into place and then swims up quickly. "Ha!" he exclaims as he surfaces, trying to grab onto John and yank him under the water.

Dallas cocks his head to the side and listens to John sing, not recognizing the song. Leo's words get a nod. "Yea. I can understand that. People hanging together here that is. It's like, wham, your whole world changes overnight. And nobody gets it but the people going through it." He's oblivious to Owen's machinations under the water, distracted by that thought. "Still going to take a while to get used to some of the stuff around here, though."

"So one day he found her crying, Coiled up on the dirty ground, Her prince finally came to save her, And the rest you can figure out, But it was a trick, And the clock struck…" hes cut off as Owen pulls him under water.

"Don't try that with me, Owen, or you'll get a Hadoken up your ass." Leo says, hoping the dark forcer hears it under water. He shakes his head softly, moving over next to Dallas. "Yeah, there's a lot of strangeness. And there's also the big family of mutants that we have here, too. Dr. Parker-Mayfair and his husband, Mr. Parker-Mayfair. Their sons, Eddie and Jared. Eddie's boyfriend visits a lot… not a mutant, but still superhuman from what I've heard around the grapevine. And there's another guy that's with them a lot. I think it's the brother of one of the sons. I don't know, though." He explains, shrugging. "What's the hardest thing for ya?"

Dallas blinks at the mention of the extended family and he says, "Right now? The mutant thing is second place to the gay thing? You know, back home, we made jokes about New York but …wow." He shrugs. "I don't have a problem with it. Just not used to everything being so open, you know? And casual." He shrugs apologetically. "You asked."

Owen pulls John under the water, giving a tickle attack before dragging John back to the surface. Leo just gets a grin. "And here Ah thought ya didn' want me tah do it," he winks towards Leo as he hugs John. Letting the pyro go, Owen starts to float idly. He smiles Dallas' way. "We're a lot more open here at the school than out other places," he says, giving Leo a quick look and smirk.

John as Owen lets him go he lets his eyes flare red, he grabs hold of the edge of the pool and does a spring kick, launching himself in the air and aiming to land on Owen.

"We're more open at the school because there's so many of us here. They say one in ten for normal population. I'm wondering if, in the mutant world, it's not higher. Maybe one in four. Much harder to avoid. And, because as long as we're not doing things on campus, nobody cares about our relationships." Leo explains with a nod. "We just have to act with respect to each other."

Dallas nods thoughtfully, "That would make sense. If your genes are, um, not normal in one way…." He frowns and trails off. "That's not, like a judgment. I mean just speaking, um, objectively." He frowns and says, "As if the haters needed any more reasons." That last is said in a wry tone.

John lands on Owen and inisitiates his own tickle attack, he tickle him for about five seconds before letting him swim back up to the top, he stays underwater chosing his next victim.

"Do it and you'll get stunned." Leo calls out, watching the others over his back. "I don't want my hair to get too wet." He shakes his head softly. "No, I do believe it's genetic, and not preferable for the species, or we'd all die out, but there's nothing truly unnatural about it, or it wouldn't happen in nature." He admits with a nod. "And the haters have enough speech on their own."

Dallas laughs at Owen and John's antics and then gives John a wary eye. He looks away to Leo and says, "Makes sense to me. Not like I'm a rocket scientist, anyway. I guess I'm just going to mind my own business and not worry about what other people do." He laughs and says, "Besides, when people are, you know, on fire, fur-covered or use their own shadows for armor or teleport…. everything else is kind of unimportant."

Owen laughs, not as ticklish thanks to his fur. He shakes his head when he resurfaces, swimming over to give Leo a big hug. "Yeah. There's way too much else tah worry about," he concludes, just in a very good mood.

John sits at the bottom of the pool for another couple of seconds before grinning, choosing a target he kicks off towards Dallas.

"As long as you're comfortable with people that like to touch. We ARE a touchy feely bunch here, gay OR straight. Taken OR single. Not everyone, but a lot of us are." Leo says, leaning back into Owen. "Of course, we're a special oddity. Our powers are tied too closely. We need each other."

Dallas is still looking off towards Leo as John homes in on him, not properly wary yet. He grins at Leo and says, "I can get used to it, I think. If that's the way people do things here, I'll adapt." He shrugs and says, "Like I said, I'm just not used to this stuff, I don't have any specific objection to people being, um, close to each other. Or being friendly." He looks between Owen and Leo. "And hey, if you two are the Wonder Twins, that's cool with me."

Owen nods, holding onto Leo. "Yeah. Lots of touchy feely types," he says. "Not that Ah mind. Ah like a good hug as much as the next guy," he says. "Wonder Twins? Naw…we're cooler than that," he says with a laugh.

John reaches Dallas and grabs his leg to pull him down.

"Wonder Twins?" Leo's not one of the hero-knowledgeable types. "Nah, we're more like… who are they again? Oh yeah, Cloak and Dagger." He says with a quick nod as he sighs at John's antics.

Dallas lets out a yelp as he suddenly ends up under the water. Well, part of a yelp and then a sort of gurgle. He comes back up twisting around and looking for John and coughing a bit. His voice is full of entirely unconvincing menace as he says, "How would you like to test that whole flying human torch thing by going into low orbit?" It would probably more threatening if he weren't trying not to laugh.

Owen's knowledge of the Wonder Twins comes solely from reading comics with Max. He sighs as well when John grabs Dallas. "Alright…Ah thin' we've had enough horseplay," he chuckles.

John doesnt hear Dallas or Owen as hes still underwater, he looks up grins and flashes his eyes red at Leo before kicking off in his direction.

See, Leo's been paying attention. He holds a hand under water, which begins to glow brilliantly white, forming a ball of energy aimed at John. "Back off, buddy. I don't want to go under. And, you might go flying if you grab me. You'd be surprised how high I can kick." He says, sticking out his tongue. That, and with Leo's natural strength, John may not even be able to budge him.

Dallas watches the byplay and smirks. He levers himself up to sit on the edge of the pool, suddenly shivering as the cold wind hits. "Wow! Yea, water warm. Air not. Physics bad." He looks towards his wet clothing and his teeth set a little, perhaps to keep them from chattering.

Owen smirks, ducking under water and holding out a hand to stop John. If able, he'll grab the pyro and wrap him up for a fuzzy hug before dragging him towards Dallas. "Ah'll port anyone who wants it inside," he offers, knowing other people feel the cold his powers let him ignore.

John stops just short of Leo at hes warning.

"I'll walk back inside with you, Dallas. If you want, anyway. I'm always fairly warm. All this energy flowing through me and all. Or, if you don't want to teleport with Owen, which some people say is a little scary, I can carry you inside. I run… really fast." Leo offers, waiting to accept either option for going back in. He doesn't mind teleporting. He doesn't get nasty Dark Force side effects. Either way, he heads inside.

Dallas grins at Leo and says, "Um, no teleporting. I'm not sure I'd want to end up as gone as Owen's shorts were. And I can make it there on my own two feet. Especially running like crazy." With that, he hoists himself out of the water, grabs his wet clothes and makes a run for for the boy's dorm, counting on youth and good blood flow to get him there before hypothermia sets in.

Owen waves as Leo and Dallas go inside. Looking to John, Owen nods. "Well, ya'll comin' with me or runnin' inside?" he asks. Either way, he heads back inside as well.

John realises he's finally running out of air and surfaces just in time to say bye to everyone before grabbing his clothes and walking back to the dorms.

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