2011-06-24: Home Cooking


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Summary: Students chat while Christopher cooks in the kitchen.

Date: June 24, 2011

Log Title: Home Cooking

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Ahh, the despondent firebug. A fixture, lounging about the quad, hoodie pulled up to hide the world. Yup, that's Ashley. Although today he's not hiding anywhere, the need for food outweighing the need to be alone with his thoughts. Although he's still mostly alone with his thoughts. Black cargos under a grey hoodie give no respite to the weather; not that the youth needs it, for at present he's standing infront of the massive fridge, door open, his head stuck inside to peer about for something to eat.

The sound of something hitting the island can be heard as Christopher deposits a few Trader Joes. He untangles one from his arms as it seems like the man has done quite a bit of grocery shopping. "You know it'd be so much easier if I used my powers to carry them in but I guess I always tend to do things the hard way." He says with a chuckle as he starts unloading various vegetables. "And good afternoon, if you want anything cooked up for you let me know. I don't mind." He offers to Ashley.

Oh hey, people. The sound of the bags hitting the island draw Ashley's head out of the fridge, glancing over his shoulder rather quickly to see who it is. Seeing Christopher, the pyro lets loose a breath he didn't realize he was holding, watching the man unload the bags. "What? No, I'm good, I think…" he says, his breath condensing from the cold air rolling out of the open fridge.

"Are you sure?" Christopher asks with a grin. "I make a pretty good grilled cheese with panchetta. I know it's easy to make and doesn't sound that impressive but it's the panchetta that makes it delicious. And I just happened to pick some up today while I was out since I'm doing a pizza night tonight." He says offering a hand. "I'm Mr. Parker-Mayfair, I'm the culinary teacher here. Pleasure to meet you."

Ash's attention is drawn back to Christopher, and his brows furrow slightly. "Okay, grilled cheese with what?" he murmurs to himself, even as the teacher moves up to extend a hand. "Ash Moriarti, sir, it's nice to meet you." he replies, polite as ever with a teacher, giving the offered hand a shake in greeting.

"Pancetta. It's a type of Italian Bacon." Christopher says taking out a wrapped package of the rolled meat. "And it's a pleasure to meet you Ash. I remember reading your name in the list of new students. I just prefer to actually meet you than assume anything from a file. Also Moriarti…like Sherlock Holmes nemesis." He says. "So how are you settling in so far?"

The first look that crosses Ashley's face is pretty easy to read; 'bacon' is definately something he understands. "Oh, grilled cheese and bacon? Then yes please, if you're already cooking some up." The second one is probably pretty easy to read as well; Sherlock Holmes! He's never heard that one before, honest. It's only there for a moment, though, this is a teacher after all. turning back to the fridge to grab himself a soda and one of those 'snack size' bags of carrots, Ash bumps the fridge closed with a shoulder that rolls into a shrug, "..it's certainly… different… here, that's for sure." he admits.

Christopher starts taking out what he needs, cheese, bread, butter a frying pan and pancetta. "Do you like tomato?" He asks as he starts to prepare it. "Yes it is different but is it a good or bad different?" He asks with a smile. "My son currently is a student here, Kevin. I'm not sure if you've met, he's a good kid, but so far he's been enjoying it here. So the kids haven't been giving you a hard time or anything?"

A shrug of indifference is Ash's response to the question on tomato, as he settles himself onto a stool at the island, pulling open the bag of carrots. "Dunno yet…" he replies, rather pensively, taking a cruncy bite of the first stick. Then a shake of his head as he chews and swallows, answering, "No, no one's giving me a hard time. Well, not anything that I can't deal with, anyway…" he muses.

Christopher fires up the stove and starts to cook up the sandwich, not adding any tomato. "That's good but most the kids here are pretty nice. We haven't had too much trouble. So which part of the country or the world is it that you come from Ash?" He asks curiously. "I know a lot of kids come from all over but I'm lucky where I grew up just an hours drive away from here if you can believe that."

Crunch crunch. Ash continues to work on the bag of carrots, half a mind on the conversation with Christopher, the other half elsewhere. He is paying enough attention to answer "Mid-west…" after finishing off the current carrott. Talk of kids causing trouble for the teen is left aside for now, a subject he doesn't necessarily want to discuss.

Christopher nods to the answer as he flips the sandwich in the small frying pan. "Almost done." He says as he starts humming to himself. After a few bars he looks back over at Ashley. "So, if you're a fan of pizza I'll be doing a create your own personal pizza thing for students tonight if they don't want what's for dinner in the cafeteria. I figure since school's out and everything it'll be fun. So what year are you going to be going into in the fall?"

Oooo! "Pizza's good…" Ash says around a mouthful of carrot, before wiping the back of his hand across his mouth and murmuring an apology. "Yeah, pizza's always good…" he properly answers. And then his shoulders slump ever so slightly. "Senior year." is the answer to what class he's starting, then a thought drifts through his head and the slump leaves his shoulders, instead changing into another pensive look.
Ash sits at the island, a bag of carrots infront of him, and a plate full of what looks like a freshly done grilled cheese sandwhich. Paying no attention to the steam rolling off the still-sizzling bacon, the youth up a slice and takes a big bite of the oven-fresh sandwich. Chew, chew, swallow, and then he nods, "That's really good!" he proclaims. Even if he should be running around screamign his fool head off from having a scalded tongue. <repose>
Once Christopher gives him a concerned look, though, his attention goes back to the question. "Huh? Oh, yeah, just thinkin' about stuff…" he replies. If that's not an evasion, don't know what is. <repose pt 2>

Christopher grins at the compliment. "Why thank you, I do pride myself on being a fabulous cook." He says with a little hand gesture. "I'm glad you like it kiddo." It's a nickname he's come to use for a lot of the students here. "Well Ash if you ever want to talk I have an open ear and I don't go around gossiping to anyone about what is told to me. And even though my husband is a psychologist I don't try to play one since I'm a stylist not a psychologist." The then gives Ashley a wink. "And we all know sylists are excellent listeners." <repose for Christopher>

Something fuzzy and imperial in it's majesty comes prancing in through the kitchen door. Of course given that Evelyn in cat form is rather on the small side it's entirely possible no-one will notice until her claws start clacking against the kitchen floor. "Mraow!" she proclaims, leaping up onto one of the stools around the island before sniffing and fixing her gaze upon the sandwich. "Meeeeeer."

Robin enters the kitchen, in synch with her puppet. She's currently wearing a long sweater, which doesn't particularly match the weather, a pair of jean, and has opted to wear the glasses with an Egyptian eye painted on, rather than the tiny cat that is more usual for her to wear. Her hair is a little bit messed up at the moment, perhaps because the Hellions squad trains on Friday mornings. She pauses for a moment at the entrance upon seeing other occupants in the room, "Oh, hey there. What's up?" She looks down at the feline on the floor and tilts her head slightly, before shaking her head and walking towards the fridge.
His attention mostly focused on the still-steaming sandwich, Ash takes another bite as Christopher continues. However, as another student enters, Ash seems to retreat a bit from the conversation, "S'alright.." he says to the teacher, shaking his head slightly. "…It'll all work itself out in the end.." he says, setting the half-eaten slice of sandwich down on the plate to take up some carrots.
As he notices the cat eyeing his food, Ash frowns a bit. Gaze going from the cat, back to the plate. Of course, being new, he has no idea that this is another student. Of course, would that change his reaction to someone trying to swipe his food? Probably not. A shooing motion is made towards the cat on the stool, "…git…" and then Robin speaks.
Blue eyes turn towards the girl with a a disregard for the weather suitable to his own; black cargos and a grey hoodie aren't exactly summer wear. "H'lo…" he replies, not really knowing Robin, so not really sure how to proceed. Instead, he attacks the sandwich again. At least it's not still sizzling anymore.

Christopher pats Ash on the shoulder. "It always does kiddo, somehow it always does." He says giving a smile before the margay on the island gets a questioning look. "Why hello there Evelyn. If you'd like me to make you a grilled cheese sandwich as well, let me know. And I don't know if you two have met. Ash this is Evelyn, Evelyn, Ash." It might seem weird that he's talking to a cat. And then as Robin walks in Christopehr gives her a wave. "Hello there Robin, new glasses I see?"

Evelyn looks rather unlike any conventional housecat, for those who know about such things, with her pale brown fur with dark spots. Her head tilts at mention of a grilled cheese sandwich and then shakes from side to side, apparantly it's not the cheese she's meering at. Tail swishing from side to side she sniffs the air and makes a sound remarkably like a pig going oink.

Robin adjusts her glasses slightly as if to check for the answer to Christopher's question and then says, "Oh, yes… well, different frames, I blacked out the lens differently than my usual pair." At the offer of grilled cheese, Robin checks for Evelyn's response before saying, "If it wouldn't be a bother to make another grilled cheese, I'd love some." She walks over to sit on the other side of the margay. "I also need to ask you a question, sir."

The pat on the shoulder seems to bother Ash less than being introduced to a cat. He glances askance at Christopher as the introductions are made, one brow arched ever so slightly. But the man is a teacher, so he doesn't voice any of the disparaging remarks that might be running through his head. "Uhh.. hi… Evenlyn…" he says, cautiously, like someone humoring a crazy idea.
And then the cat oinks. "Well…" Ash muses, more to himself, as he picks up another bit of carrot. "..that's not something you see every day. At least, not unless you're watching YouTube or something…" he says, more amused by the cat then the strangeness of Robin blacking out her glasses for whatever reason.

"It's no bother at all hon." Christopher says to Robin as he still has everything out and starts to make her one. "Do you want pancetta on it, or tomato, or both?" He asks before looking at Evelyn. "Evelyn, do you still want me to turn you rainbow coloured?" He jests at her. "The cat here, or Margay, is Evelyn. She's a student here." He says hearing the confusion in his voice before looking at Robin. "Sure, what's up?"

Evelyn leaps off the stool when talk of making her rainbow coloured comes up. "Moaw!" she exclaims, scurrying off under a table. "Mmmr-/ow/." From somewhere under the table there is an rattling of chairs and then a girl dressed in a manner that's not so much inappropriate for the weather as it is inappropriate for polite company. A skintight two piece that might just be a bathing suit. "I can't eat bread or cheese they make me sick," she replies with a rather posh English accent. "And I'm starving. I got stuck in cat form all day and had to wait until someone left a door open!"

"Mmm, maybe both. Still trying to put on weight, so I should stack whatever I can into it!" says Robin, looking towards Evelyn and tilting her head again, "Er, sorry. You can feel free to approach me if you need any help with opposable thumbs while stuck in your cat form?" Her blue puppet stands calmly behind her, and Robin says to Christopher, "How'd you think I'd look with shorter hair? Like, a pixie cut or something. I kinda want to change something! But without looking too, you know, boyish."

"The cat is a student…" passes from Ash's lips before he can stop himself, the note of surprise pretty evident there. Well, it takes all kinds. He returns to his own sandwich, now that there's a reasonable assumption that it won't be stolen by the student-cat. Lifting the sandwich to his lips to take a bite….
…the sandwich drops once the cat disappears down the other side of the island, and a girl pops up. She wasn't there a second ago. The confusion is clear on Ash's face; shapeshifting is definately NOT something he's had exposure to. Glancing at Evelyn, he leans to look for the cat, down the stools, then back up to the girl in the bikini. "Where'd you come from?" he asks, quite thoroughly baffled by this.

Christopher starts to prepare and fry up a sandwich for Robin before looking at Evelyn. "Well I can make you some eggs and pancetta with no dairy of wheat if you like." He says to her. He looks at Robin for a bit, tiliting his head. He leaves the frying pan a second as he goes to play with her hair a bit, holding it away from her face to test lengths. "I think it'd look great, how about we go to my salon later and we can get to work?" He says before turning back to his cooking, though he can't help but laugh at Ash's reaction. "Remember Ash, all students have diffrent powers. Myself, I can generate light and change the colour of objects I touch. It's wonderful. Also, I do give free haircuts to students if you're interested."

"I'm not sure I can even eat eggs… I haven't tried them yet," Evelyn admits with a frown. "I'm guessing we don't have any sushi style fish in the fridge?" She beams at Robin, although her eyes keep flicking to stare at Blank. "That would be very kind of you. Being without thumbs is such a hassle, you wouldn't believe… Uhm… What is the blue thing? It didn't smell like a person while I was my otherself…"

"I'm not sure I can even eat eggs… I haven't tried them yet," Evelyn admits with a frown. "I'm guessing we don't have any sushi style fish in the fridge?" She beams at Robin, although her eyes keep flicking to stare at Blank. "That would be very kind of you. Being without thumbs is such a hassle, you wouldn't believe… Uhm… What is the blue thing? It didn't smell like a person while I was my otherself…" Then to answer Ash's question she turns around and swishes her tail from side to side. "Moaw sound more familiar?" - Full pose

"Sure, I have the day free, that sounds like it would look good," says Robin, smiling and rubbing her arm over her sweater and adding, "I know I fall off my weight-gain wagon a lot, but this time, I feel like I'll make it!" She looks towards Evelyn and says, "You should be able to eat eggs. Cats can totally eat eggs without any digestive problems." At the question about Blank, Robin turns around towards the puppet and says, "And this is Blank. She's my power, I can control her from a distance, and she's much tougher than I am! I think she's just a mental projection or something though."

Still rather befuddled, Ash's attention slips from Evelyn to Christopher. Different powers he can understand, mostly. Shapeshifting doesn't seem to enter into the realm of possibility for him. "So you can teleport!" he says, rather like a guess, a finger coming up to point at Evelyn in one of those 'Eureka!' moments.
As she turns around, revealing a tail swaying from the base of her spine, Ash's features just give over to complete confusion, "..wait.. what?" he asks, with the tone of someone who just found himself way out of his depth. Of course, when your only exposure to other powers has been Metal Boy and pyros, you don't have much to draw from.

Christopher is trying not to laugh but the chuckles can't help but come. "Ash…Evelyn can change from a Margay to a girl and back and fourth. That cat was Evelyn." He says looking to Evelyn. "I believe there is some fresh talapia in the fridge if you would like to eat that Evelyn. I don't know if it's sushi grade. I highly doubt it in fact." He admits. "If you like Robin, Jeri ummm Dr. Parker-Mayfair is a nutritionist we can set up a diet that will help you gain weight along with an exercise plan so you don't end up all weight gain via becoming a butter ball."

Evelyn giggles. "Silly me! I forgot my tushy has the power to turn boys brains to mush," she teases. "The cat wasn't a student. The student becomes a cat. Hmmm I have /no/ clue what a talipa is but I'm sure it'll taste fine." Idly the catgirl wanders towards the fridge, swishing her tail from side to side as she walks. "That is the coolest power I've seen so far! You can make an entire floaty energy person to do whatever you want. I mean wow!"

Nodding, Robin says to Christopher, "Yeah, for sure. I mean… I kind of would like a little bit of fat, I think. Y'know. In the right places… But I don't really want to become jiggly or anything either!" She smiles and then looks over towards Evelyn and says, "Well, yeah, I do think it's a pretty neat ability. It also gives me a split consciousness, so I can perceive things from wherever Blank is, but… ummmm… that can be disorienting sometimes. So I like to keep her close."

Well, that just seems to be an ability that all girls have over teenagers. Ash blinks as he follows the explanation, wrapping his head around the concept of shapeshifting. Eyes going from the floor where the cat disappeared, and back to Evelyn as she rummages in the fridge. "…indeed…" is all he manages to comment, before he reaches down to pick up the forgotten sandwich.

"It's a type of white fish, do you want me to cook that up for you?" Christopher offers to Evelyn. "It is a fabulous power Robin. At least you know you're not lonely when she's around." Christohper than turns to Ash and rasies an eyebrow at him. "Well well well Ash, I've learned that you are probably the most talkative fellow at Xavier's. I don't know what I can do to get you to be quite for five seconds."

Evelyn opens the fridge, then leans inside using the door to shield what she's upto. "I'll be fine grabbing something cold from in here," she says between bites of something. "Hot food unsettles my stomach these days. So how long have you guys all been here? I only ask because, and forgive me saying, you don't seem like you're old enough to have been teaching her long Sir."

"Well, I can get lonely sometimes… Blank's a terribly conversationalist, but it takes longer than with most," says Robin, shrugging as she looks towards her puppet. "I've been here for a couple of years, myself… And I'm very thankful for it, I really am!"

Alright, in spite of himself, Ash casts Christopher a momentary glare over the sandwich as he chews that mouthful. We are most definately not amused. But he's a teacher, so that momentary look is all that Ash casts, before Evenlyn's question comes up. "…like 3 weeks…" the firebug offers as he plucks up the last of the carrot sticks, popping them in his mouth.

"Me…I've been here for…wow..I started when I was young. Let me think." Christopher says going through things in his head muttering thigns outloud. "David passed away when I was twenty two and that's when I started school to be a stylist so…about five years now. Since I was twenty five." Christohper eventually says. "Sorry, it's been a while and things blur together. And I was a student here before that too." Ash just gets a grin from Christopher in response to his glare.

"Only three weeks? I guess that means I'm not the new kid anymore. Awesome!" Evelyn exclaims, before wolfing (or should that be Margaying) down some more food. All the while keeping whatever she's eating hidden from view. "It seems like a nice place. More relaxed than my previous boarding school experiences, although with just as many same sex couples. Even if here it's mostly boys dating boys." Snacking complete she wipes her face and carefully shuts the refridgerator. "I guess you must practically be in charge of your squad after being here so long Robin?"

"Well, no, I don't think anyone really looks up to me on my squad or anything, but I think I might be, um, a touch more levelheaded than some of them. Hosea's probably the most experienced one of us, though," says Robin, after a moment's thought. She nods at Evelyn and adds, "And I think it's nice, back in my old school, if anyone thought you were gay, it was, well, pretty crazy awful."

"..so that's why she asked…" Ash murmurs, rather quietly to himself, as he listens to Evelyn go on about the relationships filling the school. Although he has little to say regarding any old school, instead seeming to withdraw even further into himself, becoming very interested in his sandwich.

"I came back to be a teacher I loved it here so much. And even in New York ten years ago it wasn't easy to come out." Christopher admits. "Anyway here's your lunch Robin." He says before smiling to Robin. "I'm sure people look up to you more than you know. Well, I have to go check on the hubby and see how he's doing. Just a reminder that I'm doing a make your own pizza night tonight so fee free to come by." He looks at Ash. "It was a pleasure meeting you Ash." He waves to the three. "Have a good day! Ciao!"

Evelyn waves. "I think I'll give the pizza thing a miss but thanks for the offer," she replies. "Levelheaded is something everyone should try to be. After all I bet some people have really dangerous powers and if they get angry and use them without thinking they might hurt normal people by mistake." She grabs an empty cup and heads towards the kitchen sink, filling up a glass of water. "So what're you here for Ash? And you can't just get away with saying being a mutant." She smiles. "I really wish I could eat pizza. It still smells good but it'd mean a trip to the medbay if I ate even a tiny bit."

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