2009-04-06: Homecoming


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Summary: After disappearing from the hospital, Ricky reappears at home.

Date: April 6, 2009


Rating: G

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Front Yard

The front yard is nice and large, with plenty of room for running around. There's a two-car wide driveway leading up to a covered garage. The yard itself is pretty much completely normal.

The house itself is a classic ranch-style house with a brick lower half, and a beige-sidinged upper half. There are wide stretches of yard leading to the back yard on either side of the house.

On his way home from work today, Christopher has decided to stop somewhere and pick up a little something for Eddie, it's not much but it's something he hopes that will help him relax a bit. He's been a bit worried since Ricky's gone missing and now with paperwork for custody, he wants to talk to Eddie a bit about that as well. His car pulls into the drive way and Eddie or at least Nova, would probably be able to hear it in the house as Christopher gets out of the car and starts gathering together what needs to be brought into the house.

As Eddie's still out cold, Nova is indeed the only one to hear the car coming up. The puppy can be heard barking a few times as it leaps off Eddie's bed and races to the door to wait for Chris to open up.

Christopher comes into the house carrying a few groceries and Nova bolts outside after him. With a sigh, Christopher calls out to Eddie. "Eddie, can you come get Nova, he ran outside and I have my hands full." He doesn't know Eddie is still sleeping but he can't manage everything with his hands full.

Nova comes right back in after Chris, bouncing around the mutant excitedly. Grocery bags usually mean cans of food! There's a THUD from Eddie's room but not much else. Inspection will show that he'd fallen out of bed and now sleeps on the floor.

They might notice a car pull up and leave quickly. The car is unmarked and untagged. A figure comes out of it, pulling off a blindfold. "Wha… Home?" He says, looking around and grinning. That was fairly painless. He looks around, taking tentative steps, as he's still a little weak. It's Ricky, in a solid black body suit, and looking completely normal.

Christopher sighs as he hears the thud and Eddie doesn't come out of his room, the front door is still wide open. "Eddie!" Christopher calls again as he puts down the groceries and heads outside to get Nova, slightly annoyed. He's about to call for Nova when he sees Ricky in the front yard and the black car pulling away. "Ricky?" He says and as Christopher usually isn't that affectionate with Ricky he can't help but walk over and wrap his arms tightly around the teen.

After seeing the groceries placed beyond his doggie-reach, Nova runs into Eddie's room to start licking the teen awake. He's a bit groggy from the shot they gave him at the hospital but he wakes up enough to move away from the licking attack. "Where…home? How…" he mumbles, sitting up and rubbing his head.

The movement in the corner of his eye cause Ricky to respond suddenly, a hand moves out in front of him. Bone daggers and knives appear in the air, spinning and twirling before he realizes that it's just Christopher. He meeps loudly, and pulls his hand back. "Sorry! So much going on… a little spooked." He admits, biting his lip until he gets hugged. The hug itself, however, has Ricky mildly avoid touching anywhere that's not clothed. "Hi. Yeah, I'm home. The Doctor let me out already."

Christopher stops quickly at the shield but once it's doen he follows through with the hug. "Are you okay?" He did disappear from the hospital after all. "And that's something new." He says of the bone daggers as he puts an arm on Ricky's back and goes to lead him inside. He can't help but feel a bit differently in regards to Ricky after being offered guardianship. He'll talk to Ricky about that later. "Eddie, I think you'll want to come out here." He calls to Captain Muffing Pants.

Nova comes out first, rushing half way over before turning and letting out a little bark as if encouraging Eddie to hurry up. "Dad? How did I get…" Eddie starts to ask as he exits the room. He pauses when he sees Ricky, mouth slightly agape and eyes wide. He stays frozen for a moment before rushing over to grab Ricky in a tight hug.

Hearing Eddie first, Ricky doesn't freak out and cast up the weapon shield. Instead, he smiles, waiting for Eddie to get to him. However, as the young mutant's head touches his own, the transfer takes place. Ricky's eyes take on a glazed over expression. Those looking directly at his eyes as it happens will see Helices tracking over them. "Frictionless Forcefield lost." His voice intones, deeply and calmly. It seems that no one is home for this moment. "Mutation: Faith Enhancement. Recombination: Faith Weaponry." Then it ends and Ricky's hugging Eddie back tightly, "Gah, I keep getting that."

Seeing what happens definately has Christopher concerned but he's not sure if that's something he should bring up now or later. "You got home kiddo because Jeri and I brought you home." Christopher says ruffling Eddie's hair. "Ricky, is, everything alright? What happened?" He asks figures he has to ask now dispite his previous concern.

Eddie sniffles as he holds onto Ricky. "Ricky…" he mumbles. "What happened? Where did you go? What was that?" he asks, worried all around.

"The Doctor took me somewhere and fixed me, Eddie. That's all." Ricky says. There's a monitor box on his hip, as well. A small black box with vital signs displayed under the glass of the lid. "Uhm, she said something about my genetics still being in fluctuation, but I didn't understand all of it." He says, scratching his head. "And I have this weird weapon field." He says, extending his hand AWAY from Eddie. But… instead of that, an energy weapon appears in his hand. "Huh… strange. Last time, it was a weapon field. Your dad saw it."

Christopher nods slowly. "Ricky, you and I need to have a private converation later, right now, I'm going to let the two of you talk for a bit." He thinks leaving the two alone would be best but he's extremly worried. He gives Eddie and oddly enough, Ricky, a kiss on the head before going into the kitchen. After a while the sound of pots and pans can be heard claning as Christopher starts cooking up a nice meal for the two.

Nova follows quickly after Christopher, intending to watch the man very carefully in hopes of catching him with the puppy eyes and getting a treat. "What doctor? You disappeared from the hospital…like you were never there…I was so worried," he says, closing his eys and holding tight. He glances at the energy weapon and frowns. "What's that…" he asks, looking at the box.

The weapon actually vanishes as Christopher kisses his forehead. Once again, the eye glaze, the helix crossing his eyes, and then the deep calm voice. "Bone Weapon lost. Mutation: Light Control. Recombination. Light Enhancement." He shakes his head. "Gah, that is so WEIRD." He says, shivering a little as he looks around. "What did I say that time?" he asks. He's vaguely aware of saying something, but he never remembers what. He looks at Eddie. "Well, I woke up coming out of a stasis tank or something. Like you see in the movies. And the Doc said she fixed me. Just that she wants me to wear this monitor box for a month and press the call button if something bad happens."

Eddie frowns. "Light enhancement…" he mumbles. "Ricky…you disappeared and then came out of a tank?" he asks, eyes all teary still. "Nothing about that sounds good…and what doctor?"

"She said her name was Doctor Destiny. And that she was a genetic specialist. She stabilized as much of my genome as she could. To quote her words. But that some of it would stay flexible." Ricky says, scratching his head. "And then she had me touch this blond girl, and then this purple girl with pink hair and bone sticking out of her skin. That's when I had the bone weapons in front of me. She seemed really nice. Like what mattered was that I was ok." He says with a shrug. "And… Eddie? With what was going on, what makes you think it wasn't good. I mean, she saved me."

Eddie chews his lip, only matching that name up to a character from a comic book Max showed him. "I don't trust people who somehow get ahold of the guy I love and make the entire hospital forget he was there…" he trails off.

"But I'm fine. And I seem to pause for a moment everytime I touch someone. I think she said something about copying aspects of their genome, but I really don't understand it all." Ricky says with a shrug. "She didn't even say anything about paying back, other than returning this box after a month if I still seemed stable."

Eddie shakes his head and holds onto Ricky. "Still not sure she should be completely trusted…" he trails off. He goes quiet save for the occasional sniffle, just burying his face against Ricky's chest.

"I'm here, though." Ricky chuckles, snuggling himself against Eddie as the light around them begins to brighten drastically. "Should we go inside?" He asks, nuzzling his nose in Eddie's hair happily. It's so strange, having such a stable personality again.

Eddie looks up, eyes red. "Yeah…" he trails off, tugging Ricky. He'd try to lift him and carry but isn't looking forward to a fall.

And right now, Ricky's just happy to be walking on his own as he moves along, grinning at Eddie. "So… what happened after Gramma came anyway? I don't really remember much other than losing my…" He sighs, opening the door and moving to the couch.

Eddie just about falls onto the couch, instantly moving back to clinging to Ricky. "Her demon attacked her and she called this magic doctor from Canada and the paramedics came to get you. I went to th hospital with you but they made me stay in the waiting room and I fell asleep," he takes a breath, tears starting up again. "When I woke up…you were gone and no one in the hospital had even heard of you. The computers…papers…nothing. I…I…I dunno what happened…I think I freaked out…cause these big guys tackled me and this doctor jabbed me with something…and…I woke up in my room a few moments ago…"

"Eddie, you really need to calm down, baby. You get so worked up over everything." Ricky says with a sigh. "She said one of the doctors there called her, so they may have made it appear that I hadn't been there, because of my weird genetics… so I didn't end up a guinea pig." He says, squeezing his arms around Eddie. He feels just like he always did.

Eddie frowns. "That doesn't explain why the nurses and doctors that saw me come in with you and talked to me about you suddenly didn't even remember you or why I was even there," he says.

Ricky is cuddled up with Eddie on the couch, snuggling up tight. "It may have been done to lower the freakout factor. But they didn't do it to you, because you would need to remember it all happened for when I came home." He offers, with a shrug. They're inside.

Eddie shakes his head. "No. It doesn't feel right at all…" he says, snuggling in tighter.

"It's ok. She just wanted me better. She said it helped her research." Ricky says, shaking his head softly. "You worry too much."

Eddie frowns. "That's more reason not to trust her…" he trails off. "And I don't worry too much…"

Coming in from the back yard is Eddie's half brother, still wearing his plain white t-shirt, and that collar around his neck, he doesn't want to hurt any of the electronics in the house. But he is feeling deprived of energy, as he's already taking the key to his collar and removing it. He needs to recharge. He looks over to Eddie and waves.

Ricky looks up to see the other face come in. "Eddie, who's that?" He asks. He's been out of the house a lot, so he hasn't quite seen the kid. But who knows. He does, however, extend a hand from his position lying down by Eddie. "Hi. I'm Ricky." He offers.

"Olly," Eddie says. "He's my half-brother…other half-brother," he says, staying close to Ricky.

Wesley looks to Ricky's hand, then to Eddie, wondering who Ricky is. He doesn't voice his question though. Only putting up a finger to hold on to Ricky. He moves over to an electrical outlet and reaches a hand out after his collar is off. Arcs of electricity reach out and connect with Wesley, though at first it may look like he's being electrocuted, his muscles twitching while he's receiving electricity.

"Oh." Watching the electricity arc, Ricky intones a soft. "Neat." He says. After all, the weird is a daily part of his life. "Hmm. I wonder what'll happen…" He mumbles to Eddie. "I'm Ricky. I'm the housekeeper and Eddie's…" He just leaves it at that. He's Eddie's.

Eddie smiles. "Ricky's my boyfriend," Eddie says simply. "Getting all charged up, Olly?" he asks, hoping his half-brother's okay too.

Wesley looks over to Eddie and gives a nod, a nod while he's twitching. After a couple more seconds, he's done, not taking a full charge since…well, that's a lot of electricity. He places the collar back on and after a seat belt-like click, and a noise much like a camera flash, he moves up and holds a hand out to Ricky, still keeping the silence.

Ricky accepts the hand, now. His eyes glaze over. Anyone looking at the eyes will see a helix rotating. His voice also deepens suddenly. "Faith Enhancement lost. Mutation: Electrical Absorption/Manipulation. Recombination: Light Absorption/Manipulation." He blinks, shaking his head suddenly. "Wow. It happened again, didn't it." His voice goes back to normal.

Eddie frowns as Wesley puts the collar back on and it gets deeper when Ricky does the weird thing again. "Light absorption and manipulation now…more photokinetics…" he says.

The electrokinetic pulls his hand away when Ricky's voice starts getting deeper. He's jumpy, and just a little more freaked out by it. Wesley doesn't hide, just tries to put distance between him and Ricky.

"Sorry." Ricky winces softly. "I've been having some issues since I came back." He says, thinking about things. Tentatively, he reaches to the lamp and the light dims. A bit of it is drawn into himself. "Neat." He says, shrugging his shoulders. "Anyway, Hi. Sorry again." He yawns broadly.

"It's okay, Olly," Eddie speaks up. He then leans up to kiss Ricky after the yawn. "We should go to bed for a little bit…"

Wesley has no idea what just happened, nor does he really want to know. At the mention of bed, he's just perplexed at the situation, why didn't he just stay inside? Oh yeah, he had to recharge. He has mainly seen Jared and Eddie this whole time. Though if Eddie and Ricky go, Wesley could go and check on his tent, perhaps go exploring.

Ricky's been dealing with things, but he's back home now and will be staying for a while. "Oh, well, if you're gonna be around, Olly, I'll see you while the others are at school. Sorry, I've been away. I'll explain things later." He says, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He heads towards the bedroom, pausing for a second. "Oh, and if you need some laundry done, just leave it by the machine. I'll do it in the morning." He says with a grin. He obviously accepts the large family with ease.

Eddie stretches as he stands. Moving to hug Olly, Eddie seems worried. "Don't go too far, Olly. Dad's making dinner for all of us…" he says. Lingering for a moment, he gives Olly a quick squeeze before moving to follow Ricky.

The electrokinetic looks to Eddie as he's hugged. He gives a nod when Eddie tells him not to go far. Wesley will head out after Eddie and Ricky leave for their room.

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