2010-06-24: Homecoming Queen

Players: Emma and Jonothon

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Summary: Hitting the ground running, the White Queen's inspection of the kitchens has a welcome interruption.

Date: June 24, 2010

Homecoming Queen

Rating: PG Log Rating.

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Stepping into the kitchen, Emma takes a clipboard from the workman she's been walking along with all morning. Looking over the sheets and then flipping it up and looking it over, she nods and then says, "I'll authorize any upgrades the equipment requires. Also contact Mister Mayfair-Parker and find out what his requirements are as well, and report back to me. Thank you." Signing off on something, she passes it back and the workman leaves for the time being.

It's the workman that has Jonothon curious. Especially when that voice drifts his way. Not something he's heard in years. So after the workman leaves there's a curious dark head peering into the kitchen. What he sees has eyebrows arching. «Miss Frost!» Is pleased to see the woman too. The man himself has changed over the years, if only slightly. For one, he has a face. Otherwise still thin and wearing black. Certainly not dressed for summer however. Some things never change. Got a laptop and a thick book in hand as well. «They said you disappeared..» Since claiming the woman is back is rather silly, as there she is.

The polar opposite of Jono, Emma just smiles and approaches, giving the other psychic a soft hug in greeting, "Jonothon Starsmore… let me get a look at you…" Pulling back, "A pleasnant jawline, quite british." A soft chuckle exhaling from her, "I did not in fact disappear. I went on hiatus. I just had a need for extreme amounts of privacy while doing so. A lady has her secrets, my young protege." Hands falling away, her smile is thin, but warm, "I thought you would have returned to London… despite all your heroic predilictions to the contrary, I would not have considered you coming to Xaviers."
The hug is returned, for all he's a bit surprised by it. Jonothon is glad to see Emma. Can't even help himself and smiles wryly at the jawline.

Improvement is improvement! «Thanks.» After that he listens though, frowning. Don't want to talk about it? No biggie. There's a great deal he doesn't want to talk about considering his time off. «It's good to see you again.» Respecting those secrets. As for London he shakes his head. «I.. couldn't. To start. Got mind wiped a few years ago. When I realized who I was, I had nothing beyond what I was wearing. Had to come back here to get my ID, and got sucked in again.» There's a smirk of amusement for that.

The smirk is met by a rich upturn of one side of Emma's lips as she goes over to the refrigerator and opens it, peering inside before recovering a light yogurt and then a spoon, "You're a bit old to be a student here… but that would only be outside the standard education that was in place before I left. And I must say… Inferno… Sinister… and NOW apparently time-travellers. You go away for a little while and everything goes to pot. We'll sort it out though, make no mistake. Scott… Mister Summers… has a lot to discuss when I get my hands on him."
Public> John joins the channel.

Jonothon can't snort, so he rolls his eyes. Puts his laptop and book down on a counter, not interested in the food. «I'm not attending here.» Said with amusement. «I've enrolled in a local community college to see if I can manage to get some credits. If that works I'll apply proper to a college. Things have been so ..strange I'm not sure I could handle it.» Almost swore there. Heh. «That and I'm training powers with the kids here, during the semester, so I stick around. Living in Salem though.» See, not just leeching off the school. Mostly. «Can't say I know much about the time travelers, but I was in the other two.» And they weren't much fun.

The snort that comes from her is soft if a bit improper as well as Emma replies, "It didn't take much more than standing in the courtyard near that little grandiose display of Miss Grey and listening to find out what's happening here. Children do not realize we listen in much more than we seem." Taking a bit from the yogurt, she swallows, then looks at it, "Ugh… parochial… but it will do…" And another bite taken, "You're doing quite well for yourself, I see. It makes me miss our school in Massachusetts. A much simpler time then… for all of us. Except poor Everett. I still regret what happened to him, to this day. Do any of the others keep up word with you? Paige? Jubilation? Monet?"

«I'm doing okay. Finally getting some power work in.» Leaning against the counter holding up his books, the Brit just smiles quietly. Sure brings back memories. At least until Emma mentions the school and asks of those who were in it. It makes him think of Angelo and how there's no marker for him in the garden. A change in Jono would be that he keeps such thoughts to himself. As learned not to be mentally loud at least. «I haven't seen any of the others in five years. Been told that Paige is back home, and Monet is in New York, but no word on Jubilee at all. Really, there haven't been a lot of the old crew around, including X-men. Mostly just the new kids.» He shrugs and drags fingers back through his hair. Hasn't tried to find any of them either.

With a nod and an arch of a brow, Emma takes another little dab of vogurt and fruit, suckling it into her mouth, "Are there any good potentials I should watch for then?" A brief little flit of the mouth on the corner, and a certain twinkle in the eye, more familiar to some than others, "I took you all on because you had such great potential, and still do… I can feel it around you, burning like the crackling of a cedarwood fire."

«There are several, and of course there are those who are too caught up in their issues to be good.» There's a rueful quality to this though, for Jonothon totally counts among those. «There were a couple noteworthy people, but they graduated this year.» Which is why they aren't here any more. «There are a lot of them around lately.» So he doesn't name them all, and shrugs. Jono looks away for the potential, but it's only brief. «I finally got off my arse and learned a few things I should have years ago. Still have a long way to go, but I'm a full telekinetic now.» Among other things.

There's a long exhale from her and then Emma pushes back a few stray locks behind her ear as she takes the yogurt container and tosses it, adding the spoon to the sink, "You're also a telepath, and that part of you should not be neglected, not in any fashion. But… I understand perfect that you wouldn't want me to instruct you. As I recall… you had little trust in me after I dispatched my sister. It was not cold blood, but I don't think any of you could have made that distinction. You were too busy mourning Angelo and Everett's passing from her machinations."

What can he say? Jonothon shrugs. «There's a lot of things I should have done, but didn't. Truth be told I was hoping to ask you about that, but didn't want to immediately after seeing you again. You've a lot to put back in order I imagine. There's only one other telepath here, but since he's sporting Phoenix at the moment, I wasn't interested in asking him.» That just seemed a poor idea. «I'm finally to the point where I want to learn.» Took him long enough, huh? «And really, if I can train with Magneto, I can train with you.» There's a smirk for that.

"Mag… neto…" Emma says in a very slow voice, turning and reconsidering you, "Bravo, Jonothon Starsmore. That is rather inventive of you." The smile turns genuine, "You've always had something of a pragmatic nature to you when it comes down to it. Fear has often been your greatest limitation… but fear is natural when one reaches the level of power you can achieve. Most forget that power is something you need to grab onto, and hold tight… because you can either control it, or it controls you."

There's even a sheepish look for that low voice, but all he can really do is shrug. Jonothon is too amused to really be ashamed. «He works on the same level I do.» And he totally knows how that sounds. Grimaces for saying it too. «I was frustrated here. Constantly trying to advance on my own, Hank helping, but I was hitting all these blocks.. then he found me one night, and showed me what I'd been searching for. I've been training with him ever since.» There's a little pause as he frowns. «It's hard. Really hard. He pushes me so far past my comfort levels that I can't be afraid. People always freak when I finally admit it.» Notice he didn't try and hide it from Emma.. «But my power has controlled me for eight years. Magneto has helped me in ways no one else has.»

Emma gives another soft snort, "Enough of this maudlin review of the past… it's done and gone. I've more for the devil to come calling on my own account than any of you here. I had my reasons, and I've never been ashamed of my choices. I'm glad you're learning, and I'm happy for you. I count the original Hellions and your friends to be my failures… because I failed you. Either I failed to gain your trust, or I failed to anticipate and address your needs. One can only learn from failure however. Which is why I came back after settling that abominable issue with my secondary mutation. I could not live with such a grossly exploitable flaw a moment longer." She stops though, and looks up and away, "And we'll pretend you didn't hear that, now won't we?"

«I promise I didn't hear a thing.» Said quite seriously. If there's anything he's good at it's not telling his secrets, or anyone else's. «And that said, if you are willing, I would like to learn from you as well. So long as you can accept that I just don't approve of some aspects of the ability.» Jonothon thinks mind control and memory wipes are wrong. Those are the things he just doesn't want to do, but he will learn just the same. «It can wait though. When you have time. Miss Frost, I can't speak for the others, much less the Hellions, but you didn't fail me. *I* failed me. There's a big difference there.»

"We'll agree to disagree on all aspect of that, Jonothon… but I digress… of course I will work with you on your telepathy. What little I've garnered from the files on students, we have a large dearth of psionic potential. And barring Xavier himself, I am one of the best self-trained experts on the planet." The self-important smile rising back up on Emma's face, "I suppose I shall just have to tutor most of you individually or in small groups. And I promise you will only be taught what you ask, and not any of the darker things you're so keen to avoid. Those kinds of things are best left to learn on your own. Destroying memories is especially distasteful… but sometimes necessary. Not that I would do it… unless no other resort remained. Perception shifts are a much easier solution to some of those kinds of matters anyways."

That he can live with. It's very much like the agreement he has with Magneto. Agree to disagree. Well, more like say nothing and try to redirect Magneto instead of arguing, but hey. «Like I said.. One teacher potential, and he's tooling around with Phoenix right now.» Jonothon's expression is incredibly sour there. «Let me know when you have the time and we'll work out details as they arrive. My training with Magneto happens when it happens. Once or twice a week, so that's fluid.» So totally not getting into destroying memories. Nooope.

Emma pushes off where she's leaning and moves a few steps towards the door, "You, my dear boy, need a cat. Something to come home to and care for. Something to get irrationally angry at for doing something, and then forgive because it does not know better. A pet has a strangely humanizing effect on the owner, and they are much more receptive to our needs than is obvious." She then adds, "Something to ponder as Magneto is beating you senseless and pushing you hard… or we've had a session and you feel like your mind has become scattered. Something outside of you with a need. While it can be considered a weakness? That connection also becomes a strength."

Then comes the words, "And I'm sure your sister would agree with me… it would also brighten up that dreary little place of yours quite nicely."

Jonothon merely rolls his eyes. «You can believe what you like of course.» Said with some amusement. Which means he politely disagrees, but isn't about to get into the argument for that. Is somewhat surprised that Emma knows so much, but doen't show it. Not when he knows who Emma is and what it is that she does. Not like any of that is a secret anyway. «What if I like it dreary.» Asked with laughing eyes, and a wrinkled nose. The Brit pushes from the counter to pick up his laptop and book.

Stopping at the door, Emma actually sends, «It's good to see you Jonothon. It really is. It makes me look forward to my return being good for the school. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a show to put on for the school. My dramatic return would be ill complete without a public argument with Scott Summers.»

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