2009-04-15: Homework


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Summary: Some Young Avengers get together to talk about homework and other things.

Date: April 15, 2009

Log Title: Homework

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Seaside Warehouse

This warehouse is like any other. It's cold, somewhat damp, there are boxes stacked up about the place and a second floor that only wraps around the inner edge of the building, made to look over the floor below. Only there is something odd about this place, as those boxes and rooms hold the property of the Young Avengers. Training ground and living quarters for the young team.

"Homework…really doesn't seem nearly as important when you spend free time saving the world," Teddy Altman says to himself with a sigh. When Billy's usual reply doesn't come, the shapeshifter appears confused. "Oh yeah," he mutters. Teddy's in the main area of the base this evening in his uniform and human form. As much as he'd rather be out on patrol or training or heading to hang out with Billy and his parents…he's got homework. And that's what he's working on now. Typing up a paper with his laptop.

Coming out of the computer room, a young man with dark brown hair, fair skin. He is similar in appearance to Iron Lad. "Hello, Teddy." He hears the small quip about homework. The android sits down on the couch and looks at the screen. "What is the subject you are attempting to wite a process about?"

Cody comes out of the locker room, pulling on a shirt and tieing the bottom of his loose cotton PJ bottoms. He gives a nod of his head. "I hear that." he offers as he walks barefoot over to a chair to flop down onto it, reaching to pick up a physics text book. "Join the club." He raises a brow upon seeing Iron Lad and blinks. "Oh…hey man! I'm Cody." he offers, reaching across with his hand.

Teddy jumps and looks over at the young man coming out of the computer room. "Hey, Jonas. English paper…gotta write about Gilgamesh," he rolls his eyes at this. "Hey, Cody," the shapeshifter greets, getting back to typing.

"The Epic of Gilgamesh. Believed by some to be Earth's first piece of fiction. What exactly are you writing about it? A collection of the poems? Or it's historical significance?" The android gets caught off-guard by Cody. "Hello. I am Jonas." He offers his hand to Cody, squeezing little too hard. Jonas looks back at the screen and takes a while to read some on the screen.

Cody blinks as he looks up. "I love Gilgamesh." he offers with a bright smile, when his hand is taken he looks down at it and then grunts a bit at the tight squeeze, a sudden aura of a dull blue springs to life as his body takes a little of that kinetic force. He grunts a little and looks at the few motes of light and takes his hand back. "Cody." he offers looking back at Teddy. "Yeah…I had to take a classics class at school. We spent a semester on it."

"Finding meaning withint the text. Explaining what everything stands for," Teddy answers Jonas. "I'm convinced my teacher may be a supervillain in disguise," he jokes. He glances up as Cody's powers catch his eye and then shrugs. "It's just what we're covering for the last part of the year."

"Analyzing literature seems to be a common filler project in the school system. Though it is also one of the hardest to actually grade." Jonas says, looking away from the screen. The sndroid not having anything to study, since he doesn't go to school.

Cody laughs a little and shakes his head. "I don't think that's true." he offers to Jonas. "I think it's important Gilgamesh is onna those books ya know…everyone has one. Some people say Great Expectations, or Grapes of Wrath or some of that Emily Bronte shit." he offers waving a hand. Apparently his schooling is of the best caliber and he knows what he is talking about. "Our english teacher has always said know one book, by heart…adds character. Gilgamesh was mine."

Teddy shrugs. "Well, I'm just in the New York City public school system, dude," he remarks to Cody. "So it's filler project for me," he smirks. "Hey, Jonas…heard anything from the X-crowd recently?" he asks. Sure, it was just a day ago but since he asked for something about Billy…Teddy's impatient.

Jonas looks to Teddy as he asks about the X-Men. His holographic imaging fading away revealing his metallic green, yellow and red body, sans cape. "No, I have not recieved any message over the telephone or the e-mail. Who was the message sent to?" Asking a little further.

Cody scratches his head and goes quietly, letting the two talk as he cracks open his physics book to where he was open before he took a shower-break. He starts reading, popping a highlighter out to yank the top off with his teeth and highlight a passage.

Teddy frowns a little. "I asked Howl to talk to someone for us. We should be getting word back from him, Colossus, or another one of the X-men soon," he explains. "We're hoping to get some time to talk to them about something that happened during the invasion…"

"Sorry, Teddy. I haven't recieved any communication from them." He repeats. "Perhaps Colossus is ." Jonas offers up. "Whatever cause for delay should be legitimate."

Cody looks up from his book and tilts his head to the side. "X-Men? The Mutant Terrorist group?" He asks, looking a little confused. "You know them?"

Teddy continues to frown, taking a moment to check his e-mail as well. "Thanks, Jonas. Please let me know if you get any word from them…" he trails off. He then looks over to Cody. "They're not terrorists. They're heroes like us…and we're friends with a few of them. Been through a few world-threatening incidents together."

Jonas looks a bit irritated at the comment. "The X-Men, if anything, are not terrorists." He's starting to wonder exactly why Cody is here, if he think that an ally group are terrorists. "My apologies, what is your purpose here?" He asks, jus tknowing this guy's name is Cody, and not much else, sans the glow.

Cody raises a brow. "Er…I'm kind of a member…kind of." He says, scratching the back of his head. "Sorry…My dad said that they were the bad guys." he blushes a little and goes quiet, narrowing his eyes.

Teddy shakes his head. "Cody's looking to join us. Once he gets the paperwork filled out from his parents, we'll wait to see what the Avengers say," he speaks up. Brows furrow as he checks his e-mail again. "I don't need that…I'm a shapeshifter," he grumbles under his breath. "So much spam…"

Jonas looks to Cody, shaking his head. "If you watch the news, the X-Men have proven themselves many times over. Given the circumstances, I would believe that your father has a bias towards their efforts." The android stands up, looking to Hulkling. "I wil make sure that our systems are still secure. Hopefully the communique was not lossed in the wires."

Cody sighs and looks a little embarassed. Southern ideals are heard to break. "Sorry…" he offers with a scratch to the back of his head again, a habit he gets into when he's at a loss for words. "I didn't mean nothin' by it."

Teddy starts to say something when his IndentiPhone rings. Pulling it out of his pocket, Teddy looks over the message and his eyes go wide. Vision's robotic sensors might just detect a sudden increase in heart-rate. "Sorry, I have to get going. Something important came up. Thanks, Jonas. I really appreciate the help," he says, quickly packing up all his stuff. If one were to peek at the message they might catch a few words 'kree', 'bands', '-Vell'…"See ya later," Teddy says, Hulking out. He morphs some wings and heads for the skylight as fast as they'll carry him.

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