2013-03-11: Homework And Hot Chocolate


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Summary: While doing homework in the park, Travis and Rashmi run into Kalindi, Kaylee and Soleil.

Date: March 11, 2013

Log Title: Homework and Hot Chocolate

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.

It's around four o'clock in the afternoon and with Spring finally showing it's head and bringing in warmer weather, Travis has decided to invite Rashmi to the park to spend time, do homework and some Starbucks. It's a nice night with a cool breeze and it seems several people are enjoying the idea of a day out. Travis has his jacket on that hides four out of his six arms and is finding it difficult to keep himself from using the extra limbs. "Really, I don't understand how I used to get around with just two arms. I've become so reliant on the other four." He has to put down his Barnes issued Tablet device and grabs his cup of hot chocolate. "And I don't really want to do homework, I just want to lie down and enjoy the fresh air."

"Yeah," Rashmi says, patting Travis' hand and leaning against his shoulder, as she stares down at one of a small pile of thick, dry textbooks. "Bu-u-ut, we *did* sort of miss a couple months, and I know *I* haven't gotten caught up yet… again." The last word, more of a perturbed mutter than anything else. "So. Let's finish off what we can, then maybe catch a movie?"

Warm weather! Warmth! Not snow! Kaylee, not particularly known as an outdoorsey type, is nonetheless enjoying the weather very much. Even for a nerd, being cooped up inside for most of the winter because you literally can't physically stand the cold is a bit much. She is, as of right now, hanging out at the edge of the dock wearing her favorite hoody (the one with the cat ears sewn onto it) and ratty looking pair of jeans; hair gathered up into a braid currently and hanging down off the terrace but not so much as to be in the water. She's reading a comic book, or a manga, or something. But mostly just basking in the sun.

"I know, that's why I'm sucking it up and doing it. Also I'm just glad to have gym class again." Travis says, using Gym Class to mean Powers Practice. "And Baseball is in spring training so I'll try not to overwhelm you with my sportsball too much." Travis puts an arm around Rashmi to give her a side hug when she leans against him. "We also completely skipped Valentine's Day this year, didn't we. I have to make that up to you."

"You'd be 'making it up to me,'" Rashmi says, chuckling quietly, "if *I'd* done anything for you. And besides, we've had a *lot* to deal with… so let's just go ahead and call it Valentine's Day, whatever we decide on doing, mh?" Grinning, she lets her head fall against his shoulder briefly. "And I'm sure it'll be fine… I *think* I'm starting to get the hang of baseball, but don't quote me on that."

Kalindi walks down the edge of the lake, her heavy backpack slung over her shoulders and a tome in her arms. She looks a bit tiny today, if only because of the exaggerated size of both the book and her backpack. She's wearing her jewellery, including some gold strands braided into her hair. The young woman pauses a moment when she realizes that there are people she knows about. Travis, she feels a debt towards as he saved her life twice. Rashmi is someone she considers a friend and occasional ally. The young woman raises a hand in greeting towards them, swerving off her aimless path towards them.

Where others have backpacks and homework and the like, a young man wearing a pair of jeans a couple of sizes too big, beat up dark red converse sneakers and a dark red hoodie that's about 4 sizes too big can be seen walking along, allll that long hair braided back in a singular braid and a dark red knit cap on his head as Soleil moves along…enjoying the weather. On his back? Is strapped a green duffel bag and his golden backpack and messenger bag bump against his hip and thigh as he waddle/walks along and occasionally pulls an m&m from his hoodie pocket and pops it in his mouth.

Kaylee turns an ear towards those around her and in the process also turns an eye - spotting Kalindi pretty quickly, whom she's familiar with, and Soliel, whom she's met! Perhaps. She stares at them both lazily for a moment, laying her head back down as if she's pondering simply going to sleep instead, before dragging herself up to a sitting position and offering a wide wave and a loud, "Hiii!" towards Kalindi and Soliel, if he happens to be in the same general direction…

"I'll take you to another show of some sort, just as long as it doesn't end like it did last time." Travis says with a chuckle, remembering that night fairly well walking home from the theatre; which makes it a bit of a coincidence. "Hey there Kali." He says as she waves to them. "How've you been, I haven't seen you for a while." He looks over at Rashmi and smiles. "I'm teaching you well, though you know I don't really care if you're interested in it or not. I don't want you forcing yourself to learn it just because I love it." Then at the 'hiii!' from Kaylee, Travis looks around but doesn't recognize the girl walking in Kali's direction.

"That's why I said movie," Rashmi chuckles, looping her arm around Travis' waist. As Travis greets Kalindi, Rashmi's head pops up, a bright grin on her face as she returns the wave, enthusiastically. "Hi Kalindi, how've you been!" Pausing, she blinks at Travis, brow furrowing. "Travis… just because sports never *mattered* to me before, doesn't mean I can't *learn* differently. It's a huge part of your life, right? Why *wouldn't* I want to learn about it?"

"Ah, I'm doing quite well. I have been doing much studying and learning, which has done me some good I think. To be dedicated, it is good, yes?" says Kalindi, smiling slightly at that. She glances over towards Kaylee as she approaches, waving a hand towards her as well, "Ah, it seems as though many people who I know are here. This is just, ah, coincidence, yes? Not some kind of, ah, intervention is the word? That is a joke. I do not think this is an intervention." Kalindi does not give anyone time to react to her joke before explaining and ruining it.

"It could be an intervention. We're intervening in - ah, that would be…" Kaylee trails off, blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes idly, "Actually, I'm not even sure what it is that you, you know, do. To intervene in. So I guess it's not," she finally agrees, glancing to Rashmi and Travis curiously.

"Movie, show, I just like spending time with you doing normal things as well as school things." Travis says looking down at his Tablet and saving his current progress on his homework, figuring that they won't be getting much done with so many familiar faces showing up. "Well, I just don't want you to feel forced liking my hobbies, but saying what you just said is one of the many reasons I love you." He says grinning. "Yeah it's a coincidence, Kali. How have you been and whose your friend over here?"

"Hey, you put up with my Lord of the Rings," Rashmi says with a grin, leaning back behind Travis and waving the two of them over. "C'mon, c'mon, have a sit, I'll move the books. And no, I can't think of anything you'd *need* an intervention for, so, it was a pretty good joke.

"Ah, no, I do not think that I need an intervention for anything. I am moderate in most things except for self-improvement," says Kalindi, a bit of pride in her voice. She looks towards Kaylee and then says, "Ah, yes. Kaylee, this is Travis. Travis, this is Kaylee. Rashmi, this is Kaylee. Kaylee, this is Rashmi. Now we are all knowing each other, yes?" She smiles at that, adjusting the book in her arms. "I have done well. There was a good thing to come with our meeting with Dracula. My sorcery is improving. Someday, I would like very much to be sorceress supreme."

"That's cool Kali, my arms are improving?" Travis says with a grin and shrug of the shoulder, and that's the moment his phone, playing the Rocky theme, decides to go off and he frowns. "Crap, it's Mom. Probably wondering if I'm gonna go over for dinner tonight. I gotta take this, be back shortly." He says giving Rashmi a quick kiss before standing up and taking a few steps away so he can talk with his Mom.

Rashmi chuckles quietly, patting Travis' shoulder as he gets up, then lifting her hand in a brief wave to Kaylee. "I'm glad to hear that, Kalindi… well, that you're improving and you're aiming high, I mean. And it's good to meet you, Kaylee. Where're you from?" Scooting her books over, she edges a bit further down her side of the table to give the others room to sit.

"Oh, um," Kaylee starts as she plops down at the picnic table, sitting on one of her feet. "I'm from Colorado, actually! Well, originally… right now I live out in Westchester… it's a pretty nice place, I think," the lizard-like mutant says a bit absently - not /particularly/ realizing that she's talking to a fellow Xavier's student; even though she probably should… "Colorado was nice too, I dunno. Maybe someday, we'll go back."

"Ah, yes, aiming high is a good thing," says Kalindi, nodding slowly at that, "I know that you do much the same. You have always been one to have high expectations of yourself, yes?" She smiles at that, approvingly, and then says, "I have never been to this Colorado. What does it look like?"

"I'm curious about that too," Rashmi says, smiling broadly. "I didn't ever go out of the City, until I went to boarding school in Westchester. Have you been to the Grindstone yet, by the way? They make really good chai… anyway. I don't have high… *expectations,* really… Just, I have a really strong feeling about what I ought to be doing, and just… want to make sure I'll be the best person *to* do that job."

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