2010-05-17: Honorary mutant


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Summary: Magneto founds Misha outside of Salem, attempting to patch himself up.

Date: 05-17-2010

Log Title Honorary mutant

Rating: PG

Outside Salem

A fallen log is Misha's seat of choice. Pulled to the side of the road to allow cars to pass. He's wearing the motorcycle leathers, but has peeled out of the upper layers to get to a wound in his side. Went right through the spaces in the armor, but isn't bad. A flesh wound really. Something that's messy, and hurts, but won't be any lasting harm. Especially with how he's cleaning it. Stole medical supplies from town he did.
Misha has several guns on his person as well as a generic cell phone. Otherwise that's it. No source of transportation either. Just a thin kid out trying to patch himself up.

Magneto is quartering the area, looking for… yes, more Sentinel parts (not all of them ended up on the Institute grounds.) He takes note of the boy at the side of the road; that much metal on someone's person often means either a: a gang member or b: a cripple. He's pleased to discover choice c: none of the above, and d: someone he recognizes. So he floats down to hover in front of the young man. In Polish, he says, "Good day to you. Do you need assistance?"

The flutter of cloak has Misha immediately pulling a pistol, even before he's looking up. Someone trained this one well. Almost disappears too, but he stops himself. Eyes shift to green, but then return to hazel at the voice. Breathing a bit heavy from the sudden rush of adrenaline, he puts the pistol back in its holster. "Sorry, sir. I didn't expect you out here." His look is curious at that. Replying in Polish of course. A hand to his side where a bloodied bandage is. "I'm afraid I twisted my knee." On top of getting shot.

"You've had a busy day, then. Allow me." Magneto flexes his fingers and he lands beside the teenager. "Hands away. Let me look at that. It's too awkward a place for you to see to it properly yourself."

A little uncomfortable with this attention, the teen does as he's told. Hands away and leaned back to allow access. "It's a graze." His side he means. Misha shows the shallow wound. "A lucky one at that. Stab wound that went right through the seams of my armor." The knee though, that's more difficult, as it's painful to walk. "Ever have a day where you look back and wonder how it could have all gone so wrong?" Sighed, and said knowing that the experienced man certainly understands.

Magneto grunts an assent, attention on the wound. "You'll need stitches," he asserts, and holds a hand out behind him. Metal comes to that hand, flows and forms into something that looks a bit like a handheld hole-punch. "Be still. Three will do." Well, he's going for staples, not stitches…

Misha's discomfort grows as metal arrives out of no where. His expression says it all, and yet he holds still. Looks distinctly pained for the whole process, but he bears it well. Ow. Ow. Ow. Erk. Ow. "Thank you." his voice is strained and barely audible in the aftermath. Is he pale? Naw, that must be the poor lighting. A thick swallow as he pretty much tries not to flail for the pain. Hope you'll excuse him while he sits there a moment.

Magneto's mouth quirks up at the stoicism. "Keep those clean," he says, without letting his amusement reach his tone. The boy wants to be brave: let him be brave. "Now, your knee. Hold still." This time, he holds a hand over the affected joint and concentrates: portable, organic MRI.

More of he was taught to not make sounds at times like these. At risk of more hurt. Misha is thinking about that as he watches in the aftermath. Yeah, keeping it clean he knows about. Wants to put something over it, but he holds still instead. He fell from height and landed on it badly. The kind of thing that needs to be wrapped and allowed to heal for a few weeks. "They were part of one of those militant mutant hunting groups." Knowing this isn't going to go over well. "They were headed to Salem because there are reports of mutants there. Which were entirely accurate." Said with a little whimsy because he had help he didn't expect.

Magneto gives Misha a sharp glance at the mention of 'militant mutant hunting group', but he doesn't stop what he's doing. "And where are these groups now?" He is assuming that the groups were opposed, but considering there is no sign of other people here, nor of bad guys, that argues for Misha getting himself out of the way when his own locomotion was compromised.
He finishes his scan and says, "You need a brace. You've damaged the ligaments on the outside of your knee." More metal, flowing over Misha's leg this time. It fits around the joint, straightening it and supporting it.

"With the police." That's where they are. He stayed to watch and make sure. "There was a team of kids my age. I have to call them a team as they used code names and worked together. They took out most of the strike teams." Misha doesn't feel any shame in not being able to handle it himself. "That's not what I found most strange however." Watching in interest as his knee is bound. Neat! Since that's done he goes about bandaging up his side. "The strike teams had some kind of flying motorcycles. Four of them, along with mutant detectors in their helmets, and yet their weaponry was all standard. Automatic rifles and 9mm side arms. They weren't too familiar with their cycles either, and to be honest they weren't all that great at what they were trying to do. Competent.. and this coming from an eighteen year old." He grins a bit at that.

Magneto says, "I wonder. It sounds like the usual baseline fools have someone giving them special toys." The knee brace shifts minimally, growing hinges and latches so that Misha can remove it later. "How charming."

Misha nods agreement, and shifts his leg once things are done. "Thank you, sir." Now that he's patched up, he starts putting his shirt back on. Well, all of it. Shirt, vest, then heavy jacket with the one white sleeve. "It's different than the group in Mutant Town. I don't think they are the same." His voice is briefly muffled as he pulls things on. "I really appreciate your help." And he doesn't even ask why Magneto was out here. Such a polite boy.

"The group in Mutant Town…" Another sharp look from the Mutant Master of Magnetism. "I did not know that you were involved in that incident, and I am very interested in what you know about it. And you are welcome; mutants should be helpful to one another." He eyes Misha's outfit as the boy puts it on. "Adequate," he says, "but not adequate enough." Fingers wave, and Misha feels some of the armor flex against his ribs. Tickle?

"Very little." Said of what happened in Mutant Town. "I wasn't there, but a friend of mine died. Also over heard some SHIELD people talking about it. SHIELD was on the scene along with the police, but I couldn't learn why. Afterwards people talked about a burning man, and another that glowed. Both of which who stopped the shootings, both of which who fled the scene before the authorities arrived. I think the news lied, but I don't know the truth at…" All? He trails off as his outfit is eyed, and looks down at it. The teen actually squeaks in surprise as the armor shifts. "I can't afford anything else." Said in sheepish protest. "And I don't dare run around in Barnes' colors." This? This he's embarrassed over. "Trouble always seems to find me, so I had to cover up somehow."

Magneto regards Misha carefully. "I know who the burning man was. He is well. But the glowing one…?" News to him. He'll have to speak to his contacts. "Who was your friend? Does it seem that the Mutant Town incident was general, where they would kill anyone they could find, or specific, where they would kill a particular person, and obscure that by killing others around him?"

The teen is a little surprised that Magneto knows who the burning man was, but he really shouldn't be. "I think I know who the glowing one was. He's not what I would call okay." Doesn't say who he is though. Does smiling a little though. "Sir, I'm not a mutant." Misha is reminding him of the mutants helping one another out. "He owned a bakery in mutant town. Francis. He was an old man who could make his eyes glow and see in the dark. He couldn't do anything to protect himself." Angry over that, but he takes a breath, wincing, and calms. "That I don't know. I saw the scene though. There's no way two shooters could have put bullets in all those locations. Not while being on rooftops. As for their goal? I simply don't know. The dead were all low powered. They didn't stand a chance."

Magneto flicks an eyebrow. "I hereby dub thee an honourary mutant. Your actions speak louder than your native genetics." And Misha can make of that what he wills.
The Master of Magnetism straightens up and looks thoughtfully up the road, toward Salem Center. "Young people helped with the takedowns of the bad guys who came here. I believe I know who they are associated with. You could do worse than to make connections among them, young Mikhail. They have many talents and many resources and," he pauses to look at Misha, "it would seem that you could use friends in unusual places."

Misha can't help but snort with laughter for that. "It's how I knew they had mutant scanners. They were very confused." It works in his favor. The young people comment has him frowning. "I'm not quite sure how I'll manage that, but I understand. Barnes is trying to restrict my free time. I'm already going to be in trouble for having been up here." Not that he's too worried about it. Already blew off a day of classes to help Corrin. "More than that, those kids were mad at me for the whole affair. Blamed me for the fire fight in Salem. I didn't try to explain anything." He really didn't want a fire fight in the town. Honest.

"Did they, now? How… shortsighted of them. Considering the peccadillos of the adults around them." Magneto snorts. "I shall make mention of the matter to them, when next I stop by their school. Which young persons were actually involved?"

Misha can only shrug. Doesn't mention he thinks they were mad because it disturbed their ice cream night. "Summoner, Meck, Chaser.. Chaser was also called Connor, Summoner was called Rashmi, and one other was spoken of as Robyn. No code name given. Connor teleported as well. I've never felt that before, but I could tell when he was using his power." Still kind of amazed at that. "Chamber was teleported in after the strike teams were down. He didn't seem to say anything, but people heard him. ..And he was on fire." A blink as things sink in. "The burning man."

Magneto's eyes smile. "Yes. The burning man." He's pleased; Misha is a quick study. "He's a projective telepath. He cannot speak physically, so he projects his voice into your head. A reliable man; should you trust him, if you should be in action with him." The smile touches his lips. "And you should look out, if you should be in action against him."

"That would explain why I couldn't hear him. I was watching when he arrived. They thought I fled the scene." SHIELD telepaths couldn't find him while using his power, but they aren't as strong as some others. A thoughtful look as he studies Magneto's expression. The eye smile is something he hasn't seen from the man before. Well, guess there is a sense of humor in there! "They say he tossed a car around, and there were metal spikes driven so far into the pavement that they had to remove the asphalt to get them. I'll take your word on that." A pause and he asks, "Do they live in Salem?"

"Did he? I shall have to ask him about those spikes." The smile has pride in it now. Magneto is thinking that Chamber has learned something in all those throwdowns they've fought together. "Of course he tossed a car. He should be able to toss quite a bit more." Some disappointment there. As for the kids, "No, not in Salem. Nearby. Try Graymalkin Lane."

Misha's head tilts at that, and then he nods. "I assume. I only saw the aftermath." Pride? Hmm. The teen just doesn't ask though. Mainly because he's pretty sure that would get Magneto to close up. "Graymalkin. Alright." That would explain the teleports. Somewhere close. Misha wishes he could have felt where those teleports went, but all he could tell is that Connor was using his power. "I kind of doubt honorary mutant will get me close, but I'll see what I can wrangle." Kind of amused at that, even if he's no idea how he's swinging the logistics of all this. Barnes is trying to keep a hold of him.

"They have never been exclusive to mutants, young Misha. If you can find them, and befriend them, they will accept you for your own self." Magneto is confident in that much. The X-Men and their scions are like that. "I wish you luck in this. I trust you will not need it."

"Thank you, sir." Misha isn't quite so sure. He rises to his feet, testing his knee. Finding it supported, he leans down to scoop up the helmet. "For everything." And this was quite a bit of help. "I should head back. It's going to take me a while to get back to the station." Assume Magneto would give him a lift? Psh. He's already gotten a ton of help he didn't expect tonight.

"To the train station?" Magneto watches Misha move, critiquing the quality of his own handiwork. The boy is using the brace and has a nearly normal stride—yes. Good. "And from the train, where will you go?"

Misha nods about the train station. "I don't want to walk to New York." Said with a little smile. "Back to the Academy." For all he's not sounding too thrilled. "I'll have to give a song and dance about finding trouble, but they're at least getting used to that by now." He's wondering how long it will last. People like SHIELD aren't the kind to be entirely forgiving of kids who constantly blow off their rules to play hero. Misha has no illusions to how long this will continue.

"New York? Excellent. You can tell me more about the people with the flying motorcycles along the way. I would know more…" And with that, Magneto floats into the air, bringing Misha with him. Anything Misha doesn't tell him to bring along gets left behind.
It's faster than the train… and much faster than walking!

Since Misha had everything with him he wanted, he's carrying it all as he's picked up.. which surprises the hell out of him. Holding his helmet, a bit wild-eyed, the teen does just that. Tell about those cycles. Also about how one of the X-kids merged with one and controlled it. This sure as well does beat having to take the train! After the first few moments he even enjoys it.

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