2010-10-10: Hooligan's First Scene

Players: Hooligan and Texas Twister

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Summary: Texas Twister and Hooligan take on Halflife and Sidewinder

Date: October 10, 2010

Log Title: Hooligan's First Scene

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

Enjoying a brisk evening walk, Drew Daniels, secretly known as the Texas Twister strolls about enjoying the air, dressed like a cowboy, literally. He wears denim jeans, and denim coat, and even wears cowboy boots and has a white cowboy hat on.
It is a cool evening in Central Park. Not too many people are out this evening. A few homeless people loiter about asking joggers and young lovers for change. One young couple looks at one of the homeless men and start to curse at him. The male in the couple gets loud and chases the man under the bridge. The woman looks about and starts to laugh when there is a bright flash of light from under the bridge. The woman runs under the bridge too and screams can be heard.

For the first time in nearly a year the Hooligan is on the prowl. He slips through the trees and brush in the park, getting accustomed to the new improvements he's made to his armor since the last time. At the flash of light and the sound of screaming he springs into action, vaulting over a park bench and landing on the jogging path at a dead run as he heads for the bridge.
First the flash of light, then the screaming, and then someone in a "Jason" mask and in football armor running towards the bridge, "This can't be good." Drew says to himself he sighs and decides to investigate as well. Wind near the park begins to get drafty for any patrons, as a little small twister seems to form around Drew. Suddenly he is in the air, the lower part of his body seemingly disappearing in a blur of wind. He flies towards the bridge as well.
Hooligan arriving first, will notice the homeless man is gone, but ash and smoke from his clothes. Standing over the tattered remnants is that young couple from before, but not looking completely different. The woman appears to be wearing the tattered remnants of a dress. Her skin is green and she is glowing. The man covered completely in some sort of serpentine costume. Halflife and Sidewinder stand and look at the Hooligan and laugh, "And what is this?" A wind seems to pick up behind the Hooligan seemingly from nowhere

Maxwell pauses as he spot the ash and the now rather powered-up pair. He slides the bat from it's scabbard on his back and flexs his grip a bit. "Oh lovely.. a Day-glow skank and her pimp with a snake fetish. While I know this is a tad hypocrital of me to say it you guys are just a tad early for Halloween."

A twister remains spinning behind Hooligan but makes no action or move towards him or the couple.
The couple look at each other. "Oh a bat?" Sidewinder laughs and Halflife smirks, "You want this or should I?" Sidewinder bows and seemingly disappears while Halflife hisses and leaps at Hooligan, specifically trying to grasp the bat.

Maxwell lunges forward as the woman leaps towards him, tucking and rolling under the leap before spinning and coming up on his feet to face her. At the same time a metal clatter can be heard from where he was standing and a soda-can sized object rocks slowly back and forth, a Tear-gas canister. A second later the top pops and spews the thick smokey gas into the air.

The Twister that was behind Hooligan seemingly flies up and further behind Maxwell and up above the bridge and then down to the other side and appears at the opposite end of the bridge.
Halflife curses and looks about as the area she is in is about to fill with tear gas. She screams, "Sidewinder!" He appears next to her and then teleports her to away from it and behind Hooligan. She curses and falls to the side and covers her eyes, "It burns!" Sidewinder looks to Hooligan, hisses as 5 white energy tendrils snake out from his forehead and crackling with electricity and whip out towards Maxwell.

Maxwell charges forward the moment he hears the woman scream from behind him. His mask protecting him from the gas as he runs right through it. Reach into a pouch he leaps and turns in midair, producing a baseball studded with steel bolts he hurls in at the center on the oncoming tendrils of electricity since they make such a good target. Seeking to nail whatever is creating them. "I would have settled for some simple drug dealers… didn't have to be a pair of friggin supers ya know…"

The steel bolted baseball hits its target dead center! Sidewinder falls over st the tendrils snake back into his mask. He appears dizzy and curses as he once again seems to disappear.
Halflife, regaining her wits, hisses, "We will not be beaten by a baseball nut job!" She curses and leaps at Hooligan attempting a graceful jumpkick.
Deciding to enter the fray now a wind begins to fill under the bridge, getting stronger and stronger with each gust.

Maxwell grins under his mask and was waiting for her to attack again. He sidesteps the kick and this time lashs out with the bat hoping to catch her across the knee on the leg she was kicking with. "The name is Hooligan, and trust me when I'm done with the two of you you're going to WISH all I did was beat you."
Maxwell is focused on the woman right now so the odd weather patterns aren't really being noticed at the moment.

The bat connects with her knee and she screams out in some sort of alien language as she drops to the ground and grabs at her new, "You foolish human! I have hurt me!" Sidewinder appears directly behind Hooligan and attempts to grab him and toss him to the sidewall of the underbridge, "Try hitting me with that!" He hisses.
Halflife tries to jump up and hobbles as she attempts another foolish leap a whirlwind appears around her and spins her away quickly and round and round!

Hooligan curses in surprise as he's grabbed and rebounds off the wall with an audible "oof!" dropping his bat in the process. As the wind picks up he slips under the bridge, dumping out a pouch of Caltrops in his immediate area in case the teleporter trys to pop in again.

Halflife is suddenly slammed into the wall and she is knocked out.
Sidewinder appears and is ready to pounce on Hooligan when he steps on the caltrops and curses loudly and disappears again.
Suddenly making himself visible from the wind and Tex appears at the entrance and says to Maxwell, "So what's going on here?"
Sidewinder appears on the opposite entrance of the tunnel, "You will both die!"

Hooligan turns as he hears the cry, his hand already moving to the but of the shotgun over his shoulder and drawing the sawed-off pump in a single smooth motion. As Sidewinder appears at the other end of the tunnel his threat is greeted with "Aww SHUT UP!" with the blast of the weapon following a second later. A heavy rubber slug aimed at the center mass of the chest. Not fatal but it's gonna hurt like blazes.

As the shot is fired, Sidewinder teleports away again and directly above both Hooligan and Texas Tornado. As he drops down on them electric tendrils lash out at the heroes.

Maxwell pauses a second as the blast misses, not able to leap back fast enough as one of the tendrils lashs over one of his pauldrons leaving a scorched slash across the leather-covered surface. Unfortunatly with the suit being laced with metal plating the current is channeled and gives him a practical full-body jolt as he stumbles back. "Gah!… son of a…" Unfortunatly for Sidewinder Hooligan hadn't moved from his earlier spot when he fired.. meaning he drops down into the caltrop field again. When he lands Hooligan raises one arm and presses down on the rear of his vambrace near the elbow, causing a mist of pepper spray to errupt from just behind the back of his hand in Sidewinder's direction.

Calling up a quick wind which pushes the tendrils away from the Texas Twister, the Sidewinder then falls into the caltrops but before the pepper spray reaches him, he once again teleports. out of the way.
Tex shouts enough of this and looks at Maxwell, "Hold on, tight! I've had enough of this. I hate teleporters!" A hurricane like wind begins to whirl around Hooligan and Texas Twister. The winds are stronger and stronger and the wind is even can be felt by ?Hooligan but for now it is not strong. Finally a scream is heard when Sidewinder reappears and is smashed into the sidewall of the tunnel. "He's all yours now." Tex says to Hooligan, the winds die down and Sidewinder tries to recover from the hit against the wall.

Maxwell steps back and shields his face with one arm for a moment as the wind picks up before shaking his head. "Mask.. duh." As Sidwinder reappears Hooligan is already on the move, charging forward at a dead run before launching into a leaping roundhouse aimed for Sidewinder's face that's intended to smash his head back into the wall again.

And the leaping roundhouse connects, Sidewinder takes the hit and bounces into the wall and bounces onto the floor. He is knocked out/ Texas Twister nods his head impressed, "So who are you supposed to be?" He asks Hooligan, "I like the homemade stuff. Very impressive."

Maxwell looks over to Tex a moment and then back to the unconcious sidwinder. "Name's Hooligan, and thanks. You wouldn't beleive how much people don't appreciate working on a budget." He motions to Half-life as he pulls several large plastic zip-ties from a pouch. "Since you're not trying to arrest me I'm assuming you're not a cop, so do me a favor and cut a peice of cloth from greenie's clothing large enough to blindfold this yutz. I figure he can't port if he can't see where he's going and doesn't know where he is." He binds Sidewinder's ankles and wrists with the zip-ties.

"Well I'm not a cop and blindfolding him won't work. Sidewinder ports through his costume." Texas Twister summons a wind to whip around Sidewinder and soon bits and bits of armor fly off until Sidewinder is naked and held aloft in the air by a wind caused by the Twister, "Better to remove the armor." He shakes his head, "People really got to learn to wear underwear." A similar wind flies under Halflife and holds her unconscious body aloft too. "Hooligan, huh? What are you supposed to be a not so crazy version of Punisher, without the killing?"

Maxwell moves to gather up his discarded weapons as Tex seems to have containment in hand. "Crazy depends on who you ask. Basically I'm just trying to do what I can with what I have. Not enough cops, too many rules, and a city full of scumbags that need thier teeth kicked in. First time I've ended up against supers. Gonna need to update my gear if this becomes a habit. So your turn, I'm gonna throw a dart in the dark here and guess Mutant."

Tex hmmmmns, "Not quite." Holding the unconscious villains up and surrounding them in small whirlwinds, Texas Twister tips his hat, "I'm Texas Twister and I'm SHIELD. So I'm still law enforcement…but I didn't see you do anything wrong here today anyway." He smirks, "And I'm not a mutant. Got my wind powers through an accident."

"Not yet, anyway." He looks towards the unconscious villains and taps a combadge, "Texas Twister here, Two villains, Halflife and Sidewinder contained and murdered a homeless man. They will be shipped over in." He looks at his watch, "5 seconds." With that, like a rock on a slingshot, the two villains are hurled skyward via a massive wind, without even looking at them, Texas continues his conversation with Maxwell, "Well, I admire what you are doing, Hooligan. You had best be careful. Not just because of legal matters, but while your stuff was effective here. Supers keep popping up everyday, and sometimes, they may be too much to handle."

Maxwell nods "Yeah this was a little rougher than my normal gang-bangers and thugs. But I adapt, I modify, I carry on. Just be dealing with these two jerkoffs I have ideas for mods and upgrades. First time in two years that I hit the streets, so this was a test run on the new suit and gear. So far so good…" He pauses and tilts his head a moment as he hears sirens in the distance, seems somone finally called the cops. "That's me cue to leave, gotta say it's been one heck of a night. Mabye we'll run into each other again."

Tex hmmmns and nods, "Alright then. Good luck, Hooligan." He tips his hat again, "And I am sure we will meet again." With that a tornado builds up around the Twister and off he goes.

Maxwell dashes off and hurtles a bench, a few seconds later the sound of a motorcycle engine roars to life and he takes off from the park at top speed.

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