2009-06-23: Hopeful Conversation


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Summary: Roy and Siegfried realize they need each other more than they realized.

Date: June 23, 2009

Log Title Hopeful Conversation

Rating: PG

NYC - Stardust Diner

The outside of this diner looks like an old subway car, inside it's a 1950's retro theme with waitresses in poodle skirts, and shiny red booths to sit in. The food here is good, but it's not the main attraction to this diner, all the waitress and waiters sing. Taking turns, the wait staff gets up and sings a variety of songs to their customers to provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Finally, they've gotten time that they've both set aside for dinner. Nothing fancy, just a classic Diner. Roy is sitting in the seat, waiting. He's slightly on edge, worried and happy at the same time. The poor linguist is just lost in confusion as to what everything means.

Getting out of work a bit later than hoped Siegfried finally arrived at the diner. He steps into the to the place and looks around, spotting Roy. He smiles and heads over to the table and sits down across from his old friend. "Roy." He says sounding relieved to a degree. "I still can't believe ve both live here."

"I'm… just happy you're alive." Roy says with a broad grin as Siegfried sits down. He looks down sheepishly. "I left everyone on purpose. I… didn't want to know if anything happened to anyone. I was afraid of losing them forever." He admits, as he looks to the soda that he's already gotten.

"I thought that if ve split up, it'd be over but I don't know vhat is going on Roy." Siegfried says with a sigh. "I'm just happy to see you again, I've missed everyone." He admits as he's just felt alone over the last few years. "So, vhat have you been doing in New York?"

"Busking. On the streets. I spent some time in San Francisco, then came here. I came straight for America after I found my people." Roy says with a nod as he bites his lip lightly. "You look well. What has life brought you?"

"I vas in England for a few years, vorking at a dinner show actually that I could use my acrobatics at." Siegfried says with a bit of a sheepish smile. "I just feel like preforming is the only thing I know. Then I got a phone call from Katrina…about one of the remaining six had died, there are only five of us left. I got scared and came here four months ago. I vork for a Trapeze school now."

"Have… you learned anything?" Roy asks, unsure if the others even have a clue of the reality of their situation. He does have SOME idea, but he's not sure where he needs to go or who he needs to see. "Who… who was it?" He asks, softly. At least Katrina is still alive. That counts for something.

"Deitrich, he vas the last of the animal trainers." Seigfried says with a sigh as he hates talking about it but at the same time it's one of those dark clouds that lingers. "I haven't learned anything about this. I don't even know what is going on but some how ve vere cursed."

"Do you watch movies, Siggy? Do you read the classic literature?" Roy asks, taking a sip slowly. "There is a classic in the novels. To make a deal with the devil to get what you want. Our families did that. We were included in it, though we knew not what we did." That's all he's been able to figure out. "I don't know what devil. I don't know why."

It takes a while for it to sink in but it all makes sense to Siegfried. "Vy didn't I figure that out sooner." He mutters as it makes perfect sense. "That man, that day. Ve all got our…I don't even vant to call them gifts now." He says as shakes his head. "Ve made a deal with the devil and now ve are paying for it."

Roy simply points. "We die. We must find a way out of this. We were innocent. We didn'tknow what we were doing. We simply did as our parents instructed. It… may cost us everything we are and have, but…" Roy says, offering a half-shrug.

"If it means undoing vat our parents did and it means ve don't have to life that the same will happen to us, ve have to do something." Seigfried says with a nod. "Roy, I feel like ve already lost everything ve had."

"I did lose everything I had. My family… my friends." There's another word there for Roy, but he's good enough to keep it hidden from most. Though who knows what Siegfried will pick up. "But you're here now."

"Ve both did, all of us left alive did." Siegfried does smile at Roy and it's hard to tell if he did pick it up or not. "I'm glad ve ran into eachother. I've just been so alone it feels nice to have someone again. I don't think I could go back to being alone again after just seeing you again."

"I… I agree." Roy says with a nod. "And with two of us that know, we can work together to figure out solutions to our problem." He says with a nod. Not to mention, just having Siggy around will calm Roy greatly.

Siegfried smiles and rotates his shoulders a bit. "You don't know how happy I am to see you Roy. I honestly thought I'd never see any of you again. Except maybe my rare phone calls with Katrina." They keep in touch very little. "Ve have to be able to vork something out. Maybe trying to stay sepearted vasn't the best plan but, I really don't vant to lose you again."

"Or I you. If we can fix this, we can call everyone that's left back together and do something. Yes, we have our own lives now, but… that way we won't have to worry." Roy says with a firm nod, his hand moving over the table to reach for Siegfried's. "After all, you're the only family I have left."

"Maybe get back into the circus life again." Siegfried says quitely as he really did love that life. He moves his hand to meet with Roy's and grips it tightly, as if clinging onto him. "Ve just have to find out vere to start on where to fix this. I don't know much about devils, and you are the only family I have left as well Roy. I'm so happy to see you alive, I always feared that I'd hear that you vould be…" He can't quite bring himself to say the final word.

"No. I would not let that happen. You know better than that." Roy says with a chuckle. "I will turn the devil's attention away from myself, until he never notices me again." He grins, runningh is free hand through his hair.

Chuckling himself, Siegfried realizes how much he's missed Roy's optimism. "I vill do everything I can to make sure he doesn't take you, as vell as myself." After all they're together again, what would seperation do to them again. "You should come visit me at vork some day, or come by at night when the school is empty."

"I would love to. To see you in action again…" Roy cuts himself off there. He takes a piece of paper out of his pocket and writes something on it quickly. His address. "Come by… any time. It's not much, but it's home to me. I can afford it with my singing." He says with a shrug.

Siegfried takes the peice of paper from Roy and looks at it. "I live in the Bronx, cheap one room place, and I vill definately stop by." He says pausing for a bit before taking a deep breath. "Vould you like to come by tonight after dinner. It's just, ve've just been reunited and…I'd like to spend more time vith you since, it's nice not to be alone anymore."

"If you don't mind… I…" Roy says pausing briefly. "I spent most of my life sharing a bed or a room with others. It's been so strange the past few months to live on my own." He says with a laugh. "Strange isn't it? To want privacy all your life, and then to hate it when you get it."

"I know you've spent most of your life like that, ve grew up together and a few times ve vere the one sharing the bed." Seigfried says with a chuckle. "I think ve became used to the people around us and being surrounded by family that once it's gone, the silence is uncomfortable at times."

"Exactly. There is no real freedom in privacy sometimes." There's a soft glow of happiness around Roy's face. Not a true glow, just the happy look. "Did you want to eat here, or just… go do whatever?" He laughs.

"It doesn't matter to me. I don't cook much anymore. If you vant to go to your place or mine ve can grab some beers and get some pizza or something?" Seigfried has adapted to the take out style of eating. "My apartment doesn't have much room but if you vant to go there over your place, it doesn't matter to me."

"It doesn't matter. As long as you're there." Roy says with a laugh, placing a few bucks on the table. "Either one. Just somewhere to be alone." Suddenly, he shakes his head at himself. "I say I don't want privacy, then we go to one of our places to have what? Privacy." He smacks his own forehead.

"I vouldn't say privacy." Siegfried says with a chuckle. "It's just time ve need after not seeing eachother in a long time." He stands up to leave. "How about ve do vat ve're good at, vondering until ve reach a spot ve like."

"Works for me. Let's get out of here." Roy laughs, rising and extending a hand towards Siegfried with a grin. "And if we get lost, who cares?"

Siegfried laughs and takes Roy's hand. "I'm good vith getting lost." He's feeling better than he has since he left the circus and right now he doesn't find himself dreading the future but looking forward to the night.

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