2010-03-15: Hopeful Visits


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Summary: With supervision, Rashmi and Robyn go to visit Jono.

Date: March 15, 2010

Log Title Hopeful Visits

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Holding Cells

Three cells line each wall each with an energy barrier that can be switched on and off with those with the security codes. The tech here is advanced and not something an average person can figure out. Inside the cells there are degrees of powers suppression, depending on who it's holding. There are cameras monitoring those held in here so there isn't much privacy. Each cell has a bed and a toilet in it and those held in here would be feed regularly. The door leading to the rest of the mansion is made of a thick, heavy steel, and is locked securely by advanced electronic means.

As strange as it might be, the door to Jonothon's cell has a big smear on the front of it. On the outside. Better not to ask, but it's the first thing that's noticeable. Something smeared something clear and thick over the 'glass'. Ew. Anyway, inside of that cell, on the bunk, sits a certain Brit. A man who's filthy. His muddle colored costume is badly torn, the hole in his chest exposed, psy-fire a honey colored substance that barely flickers. Jono looks like someone beat him to a bloody mess, then dragged him through a muddy forest. He's not been allowed to clean up, leaving him a zombie movie reject. There's relatively new blood over his lower face, but hey, he has a lower face! It can't be all bad.

Arms dangling over knees, heels hooked to the edge of the bed, he stares at nothing. Yep, that's about it. Dirty and extremely bored.

Robyn is holding onto Rashmi's hand as he walks into the holding cells. They've gotten permission to visit Jono, they're just being watched, just in case. He's actually been up in the art room for the better part of the day but he wants to see Jono, he kind of needs to. Maybe he can help, he doesn't know. Approaching the cell that Jono's in, Robyn just stands there and what he sees scares him and worries him at the same time. "Jono…" Are the words that quietly escape his lips.

Rashmi squeezes Robyn's hand tightly, the sight of the cell, then the man himself, turning her slightly green beneath her dusky skin. "Oh my God," she whispers, letting go of Robyn's hand to loop an arm around his shoulders, "what's *happened* to you?"

Voices. A lazy blink and the man looks over. Who he finds at his door has him brightening just a little. Very human brown eyes amid all that mess. Which might make it worse. Jonothon drops feet to the floor, and while it's a bit difficult for him he rises to his feet and crosses to lean hands against the door. «Nothing a shower and a change of clothes won't fix.» The mental voice is soft, but that's the dampening of the cell. It's why the psy-fire at his chest doesn't look quite fire like. And no, Jono doesn't look any better close up. «Magneto happened.» A pause as he looks away. Not at anything, yet away. «You've good timing. Yesterday I wouldn't have spoken to you.» He smirks for that.

Robyn just looks at Jono and feels sad, sad that he had to go through this and sad that he is the way he is now. "Jono, are you Jono or 'Jon' right now?" Hey James told him that Jono had a real conversation with him. "I miss you Jono." Robyn says as he misses his friend dearly.

"We both do," Rashmi agrees, biting at her lower lip. "…A lot of us, really… I… don't know if you realize, Jono… but you really do mean *so much* to so many kids here… You're kind of like… I don't know… The big brother a lot of us never had, you know…?"

Nose wrinkling at being asked who he is, there's puzzlement on Jonothon's expression for a time. «…» Straightening from the glass, his actions are a little slow, but don't show any injury. It truly is mostly mess. Looks back as he's told he's missed and a big brother. Has him frowning, and the reply is slow. «I.. don't know.» Who he is. Eyes slide back and he shifts his whole attention back to those standing before him. «Something happened last night. Phoenix. It's jumbled things.» A bit apologetic that as he shrugs. Doesn't know what to say about being missed, so doesn't.

"I felt it too, the Phoenix thing, it was Addison. I don't know what happened but he's in the med bay." Which has posed a problem for Robyn, he hasn't had his fill of psychic energy today so the headaches have been mild. "I…I need you Jono. I need your help with my powers. I need your advice on how to get through this. You are like an older brother to me and I look up to you. I wanna talk about music with you and I'm sorry. I'm sorry I got mad at you before you got taken. I want Jono back." He's almost pleading as he talks as he really does miss his friend. Between Jono and Jordan, it's just too hard but since Jono is here, he's the main focus for Robyn.

Rashmi stands silent, now; Robyn needs to say these things, the feelings that've been part of what's been driving him nuts ever since this madness started. For now, she's simply a presence at his side, an arm to support him, her eyes watching Jono's face.

«Heh.» Addison. Damn. And Jonothon could have really used the help of that telepath. Guess he's stuck like this for a while. Then again he's kind of used to having to put his head back together on his own. Jono too his quiet as Robyn claims he's needed. Emotion shifts across his features. Uncertainly, briefly anger, then a far more gentle frown. It's a chaotic mess inside of that head of his. Finally the man places hands against the door and leans forward until his brow is pressed to the glass too. «Robyn, it's really hard to think right now. I've two personalities in one body, but I'm winning. I think.» Not too sure there.

«Listen, you don't need to be sorry. People get mad at each other. Shit happens. I can't do much to help you right now, but I'm certainly not mad at you. Christ, Robyn.. I was in constant pain and terrified when we fought. It wasn't you.»

Robyn wants to go in there and hug Jono, but he knows that's not possible. "Well right now you need help Jono. What can we do to help you. To keep you winning the fight." Robyn is also volunteering Rashmi in that by saying 'we'. After all he knows she'd be eager to help. "I'm not a telepath but I do have mental abilities, maybe I can do something."

Rashmi glances aside at Robyn, smiling slightly. "I don't know what I can do… but, yeah. Whatever it is, Jono, if it'll get you free of this…? It's yours. Besides that…" She shrugs,lifting a hand to press against the glass against Jono's hand. "We know you'll win. We *know* it, because it's you, and there isn't anyone who can keep you on a leash forever. You're too strong… and you're way too disagreeable to let that happen," she says, trying to smile behind her watering eyes.

Jonothon doesn't tell Robyn no, even if the last thing he wants is an untrained telepath in his head. There are sure to be traps left behind by Sinister. It will be bad enough with Addison. If Addison is able. Rashmi puts a hand up, and filthy fingers curl in somewhat. The urge is to link fingers, but there's no chance of that. «Just don't let me out.» He's amused about it, but it's that or say something he'll later regret. «..Right now what I could use is a shower and a change of clothes, but that's going to have to wait.» Choking up a little? Maybe. Jono can't cry however, so his eyes show no signs of it. «How could I possibly let such a show of support down?» That has a little sarcasm hinting there. Lips curl somewhat as he bares teeth. «Sod off.»

"I'll ask to see if someone can bring you a change of clothes and a way to get clean." Robyn says as he really thinks Jono shouldn't be forced to sit around like that. "We're here for you Jono." He says also getting choked up, it's hard not to. He's still choked up when Jono tells them to sod off. "No." He says firmly. "We're not here for you, we're here for Jono."

Rashmi's eyebrow rises, a flash of hurt in her eyes. But it's only there for a moment, as she curls her fingers, rapping once, lightly, on the glass. "We're not moving, Jono… not until you say it *right.* What's the magic word?" It's clear her voice is forced into that tone of teasing lightness, pushed around the lump in ehr throat, but she holds firm.

Baring of teeth turns into a sneer and then a grin. The man drags his forehead down the glass, leaving a trail of yuck. Been more than long enough to dry, but still. The laughter heard is all mental, and entirely unstable. It's a twisted kind of feeling and none too pretty. «Twat.» Is that your magic word, Rashmi? Jon doesn't think it is, but he sure has fun saying it anyway. «Entertainment for the evening is over. I'll be here all week.»

Robyn backs up and folds his arms across his chest and is trying not to cry, not in front of this personality. He's mad, he hates Sinister and he hates his other personality torturing Jono. "Don't you talk to her like that, leave Jono alone and give him back to us. We don't want you around, noone does." He wants to threaten Jon, he just doesn't know with what.

Rashmi knocks on the glass again, pressing the back of her free hand to her eyes, clearing them to fix Jono with the Look of Infinite Patience. "I told you… Not until you can do it right." Her voice is growing more determined, eyebrows drawing together. "I know it's hard, Jono… I know you just want to lay down and sleep, and make it all go away… But you know. You know you'll never be right, if you do. But the harder you fight, Jono… the closer you get to winning, for good."

«Or what?» Someone wants to play! He tilts his head, eyeing Robyn with only one eye, and a bit crazily. «Aw.. I'm hurt.» Not really. Straightens after that as his poster was starting to ache. He quite merrily gives both teens the two fingered salute. «Toerags.» Neither of the teens are any fun at all. Then again neither is this cell. Can't even make his psy-fire dance like it used to. Which feels distinctly strange. «I'm not being poli… … Sorry, Rashmi.» The pause is a little disjointed, but his demeanor shifts again and Jonothon looks out in melancholy. «I'm too bloody stubborn to give up. I can promise you that.»

Robyn's eyes glow purple for a moment and a psi-blade appears in his hand, it looks like he's taking the bait. He takes a few steps forward and stops as it seems Jono is back and let lets out a sigh of relief. "Thank god. Keep being stubborn Jono, it's a good trait to have." He says joining Rashmi and putting a hand on the door.

Rashmi's smile is brilliant, if a bit tremulous at the corners. "We know you are, Jono… We have faith in you… and we can't wait to see you, all done with this. So, please…. just…. remember us, okay? Remember the people that you matter to."

Jonothon closes his eyes and nods. «It's how I get through the day.» Remembering the people he cares about. The sneer pulls into place briefly, but the man's melancholy wins through. After a moment he steps towards the door an places a hand to match the others. Now if only he weren't filthy. Magneto did a number on Jono, that's for certain. «Hang in there, mates. The storm seems bad, but we'll weather it.» Easy words to say, and while he doesn't quite feel them himself, he knows at least Robyn needs them. Been mostly himself since Phoenix. Figures that's a good sign.

"I'm going to try something." Robyn says as his eyes flash purple and he falls to the floor. Jono would be able to see his Astarl Form with all the psychic ability he has. His Astral form walks through the wall in and into the cell with Jono and he gives him a hug. Not like he'd be able to feel it but Jono would be able to see it. «We're here to help you Jono.» He speaks the words but they just come across astrally to Jono, and then Robyn's astral form is gone and he's on the floor waking up.

Rashmi blinks sharply. "Robyn… Okay that's great, but get back here, all right? Please?" Thumping her forehead against a clean part of the glass, she kneels down next to the boy's sleeping body, shaking gently. "Please, Robyn… come on, now…."

Eyebrows shoot up nearly to hairline, never mind this is difficult to see for the tangled mass of hair (it's long again.), as Robyn's body drops to the floor. No, Jonothon is very much not doing this. His attention soon isn't on the body, and instead he's watching the astral version of Robyn enter the cell. «…This isn't so much a good idea, mate.» Both can hear that, even if it's soft. Stupid cell nearly preventing even he's talking. Arms somewhat spread, and he looks highly uncomfortable with the hug. «I don't want to risk hurting you.» That's why.

"Sorry, I had to." Robyn says, he had to take the risk, but he tried to keep it short. At least it was an astral hug? "Sorry Jono, we just miss you is all. And anything strength you need, we can help you." Robyn says with a nod as he's just glad to have some relief that Jono is somewhere in there.

Rashmi sighs, shaking her head and chuckling in relief. "Don't *do* that again, all right? Scared me silly…" Looking back up at the prisoner, she smirks wryly. "See that? He cares enough to act stupid, like me." She manages a weary chuckle, and a wink. "Guess it's official; you're the school's sulky older brother, you know?"

As Robyn's voice comes from outside, and the figure inside vanishes, Jonothon turns back to the door. His arms drop to his sides. Rashmi draws out a tiny smile from him and he shakes his head at both of them. «Officially idiots. All of us.» Motioning a sigh, Jono moves to the door and leans a shoulder against it. Anyone approaching after this will wonder about how dirty it's come to be. «Just make sure you're alright when I get out of here.» That's an order.

Robyn pushes himself up off the ground and nods. "Yeah we are." He says trying to hide a wince. Using his powers when he's been low on pyschic energy isn't fun, but he's trying to hide that form the other two. "You make sure you're all right too Jono. We may be idiots but we all have each other and we have to be here for each other wise, who else do we have?"

Rashmi drapes her arm back around Robyn's shoulders, nodding in response to Jono. "We will be, Jono… you just get better, all right? And… don't worry, you know? You're back home, now…. You're going to be all right."

Jonothon folds his arms over what remains of his chest, and frowns at Robyn and Rashmi. Expression shifts and then schools to a neutral mien. Sorry, Jon isn't wanted in his conversation, so they had a brief tussle. «I need Emma or Addison.» Said wearily. «I'm not getting out of here until that. Keep that in mind.» Doesn't mean to chide. «Until then, I'll be here, waiting.» There's a determination in him. To stubborn to know when it give up.

Robyn puts an arm around Rashmi's shoulders as well and leans a bit on her if he intends to or not. "As soon as Addison wakes up, I'll bug him to come to you." And Robyn will do that too. He also needs to see Addison as well. "Rashmi and I haven't given up on you, and we won't either. We believe in your Jono, you're gonna get through this. Didn't you tell me it always seems to get worse before it gets better, but it always does?" Something like that.

Rashmi nods quietly. "Well… I'd say it's about as bad as it gets, so… It should be getting better anytime now, right?" This, said with a brilliant grin. "We'll get ahold of Addison as soon as possible. So… hang tight. You're almost there."

«It's always darkest before the dawn.» The quote he was thinking about when he told that. «But the sun always rises.» Jonothon bows his head as he speaks, but then pushes from the door and walks back to the bunk. Arms still around himself. After a moment he looks back, lifting his head. «Make sure Addison is alright too?»

Robyn nods to Jono and manages a smile as well. "Jono, we'll be back." For now, Robyn has to go, he needs to find Addison. "We'll go see how Addison is before heading upstairs, but hang in there Jono. Fight him, kick the shit outta that Jon guy. I believe in you, and that you can. Keep being stubborn."

Rashmi bobs her head. "We'll see you later, Jono… tomorrow, maybe? Or… would you just rather not have all that many visitors, or…? I just thought, you know, it might help if some of the kids came down to talk to you, you know?"

For a moment the man nearly makes a rude motion, but it gets halted before that arm can fully swing free. Jonothon jerks with it, turns around and presents his back to the door. A pause and he lifts a hand in a far kinder gesture. «Cheers.» That's all he can really give. Jon's getting irritated with all this emotion. «Don't know, but thanks, Rashmi.» Has no idea how it's going to be from moment to moment, much less tomorrow. «Go.» That's a friendly tone however.

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