2012-01-30: Horrid Misunderstandings


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Summary: Taylor returns from a rabbit hunt as Nick and Quenton clash.

Date: January 30, 2012

Log Title: Horrid Misunderstandings

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Woods

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

Taylor is just coming out of the thicker trees, wearing just a well fitted white blouse and a black skirt that comes to mid calf, and a rather dour expression. The felinoid student seems to be wiping their face off every few moments and trying to dab at the blouse lightly. Upon closer inspection, there appears to be red spattering on the blouse where Taylor seems intent on dabbing it.

There's the sound of something rustling through the dead leaves of the forest and it seems to be coming towards Taylor. Eventually Nick and his horse come through the trees at a slow gait. Once he spots Taylor though he slows the horse down and walks over to here. Looking down he gives her a puzzled look. "Everything okay?"

High up in the trees, sitting on a branch, one leg sprawled out on said branch, the other dangling underneath it, leaning against the trunk and sleeping, is Quenton. But it is the clop clop of the horse and the words of someone that Quenton doesn't neccessarily like that causes his crimson eyes to pop open. And then he glances down and sees what looks like blood. There's an animalistic rumble that Quenton beats back, hand moving to his face to dig into it while he watches the two, resisting the urge to try to make others bleed.

Taylor looks up at the horse and seems a bit surprised for a moment, dabbing at the shirt some more a few times, turning away from Nick to try and obscure the stain and mumbling, "I'm fine…" If Nick is paying close enough attention while the feline student is speaking, it would seem that Taylor's teeth are also a bit reddened.

Nicholas slides off his horse and gives Orion a pat on the neck and he turns to Taylor still holding onto the reigns. "Are you sure you're okay? You don't look okay." He says quite bluntly. "If you need help with anything, just, let me know." The sight of blood on anyone is enough to make most worry.

Quenton can't hear what's going on between the two. All he knows is Taylor's turning away from Nick, and he's getting off his horse, which gives the tall mutant cause to believe Nick insulted her (she's in a skirt, and after the conversation Quenton judges Taylor as a female at the moment) and so he rolls off the branch, swan diving towards the ground. Right before a normal person would hit it, he would rotate into the air, landing on his feet with little more then a quiet 'thud'. "There a problem here, Lone Ranger? Telling her to fuck of again? Some nerve telling me to be nice to your friend when you can't be nice to mine."

Taylor's brows raise lightly at Quenton as he lands and speaks, the felinoid student attempting to explain, "Nick's just asking if I'm okay… he saw some blood on me. It's fine, Q." The ocelot student glances back towards Nick for a moment and mumbles further, "But I'm fine, Nick, really. Just lost myself for a moment."

Nicholas jumps as Quenton appears and then his entire body goes tense afterwards. "What the hell are you talking about?! And I saw her in the woods, she looked, looks hurt so I thought maybe someone here was being a douche to her, okay?" He says as he thinks the blood is from someone hitting Taylor.

"What happened?" Quenton abrubtly asks Taylor, staring at the blood a moment. That rumbling in his throat grows louder and his eyes fixate on it, and he wets his lips again, but this doesn't look like a nervous tic. His eyes jerk away and he squeezes them shut, hand lifting to dig into his bloody cheek. He's bleeding, too, but the scratches on his cheek are the obviously self inflicted ones. "What's the blood from?" That takes priority. He'll deal with what Taylor told him about Nick before later.

Taylor looks between Quenton and Nick and says, "I just… I saw a rabbit, okay? And it was running away, so I chased it, and I didn't mean to…" The felinoid trails off and looks down, "It's not a big deal. Really."

It takes a few moments for it to register what Taylor just said before he looks at her curiously. "Wait, you just chased down a rabbit and killed it? So that blood isn't yours but a rabbits? Did you eat it raw?" He says as that seems more horrifying to him than her killing one at the moment.

"Right, no big deal," agrees Quenton, relaxing slightly, moving his hand above Taylor's shoulder and letting his hand drop to it, so that he puts no pressure save for the weight of his hand there. Despite his superhuman durability, he's no more dense then anyone else. "You're fine." And then he withdraws his hand, turning his red eyes over to Nicholas. "Why did you tell her to fuck off the other day? She wasn't insulting you or hurting you, was she?"

"I told you, Q, I was begging for food. I was being rude," says Taylor, frowning slightly before answering Nick's question, "I just, there was the taste of blood, and I just, I dunno…" Again Taylor doesn't offer more of an explanation than that.

Nicholas looks at Quenton and is about to say something and his head snaps to Taylor, almost giving her confused, angry and insulted look. "What, I didn't tell her to eff off. I just told her to stop begging like an animal because just cause she looks like cat doesn't mean she's not a person." He shakes his head before looking to Taylor. "Thanks a ton." He says to angry to acknowledge the rabbit blood on Taylor's shirt and in her mouth as he goes to hop on the back of Orion.

"And what, you didn't think she'd be hurt by that? Couldn't be more gentle? I bet if it was fucking Jill you woundn't have told her to stop begging like an animal," growls back Quenton, while he lifts his hand and attempts to grab onto the hem of Nicholas's shirt in an effort to prevent him from getting on Orion. "You're so wrapped up in your own pain that you don't think about anyone else's, yeah?" To Taylor, he mutters, "You don't have to explain yourself to anyone."

"No, I mean, he didn't literally say the words fuck off, that's just what I took from it, but he was right to, Q," says Taylor, seeming almost frantic about the situation, "I was acting like not myself, and… it hurt, but I needed it." The feline student gives an apologetic look to Nicholas and tries to intervene and step in between Quenton and Nick's positions, "This is just a misunderstanding!"

Nicholas looks at Taylor and scowls at her. "No, just screw it. He's gonna be pissy no matter what and right now he's just looking to take something out on me like he always does and you just gave him a reason to do so, so thanks, because we all know I'm the asshole here. There's no misunderstanding." He says looking over at Quenton and tightening his lips in anger before he just turns and heads away from the two of them.

Quenton is about to call Nicholas a name, and leap over Taylor to get to him, or try to, but then he remembers Shane's words to him. He's more broken then Quenton is. And so the tall strong mutant hesitates abrubtly, furrowing his brow in confusion. He was letting the rage get the better of him. Fingers lift to scratch at his cheek again and he presses his lips tightly together. "Alright, wait," he barks out to Nick, though the damage may have been done already. "Fuck. Wait. I'm sorry."

Taylor's shoulders slump slightly at what Nick says, and the feline student pleads to Nicholas, "That isn't what I meant, I didn't mean- This isn't what I wanted…" The feline student watches him go, arms crossing tightly. When Quenton speaks, the feline glances over towards him and then back towards Nick.

Nicholas stops Orion and swings back at the two of them and his look is less than amused. "Then why did you tell him I told you to eff off?" He asks Taylor before looking over at Quenton and staring right in his red eyes. "Just knock it off okay? Just stop pretending you're sorry."

"I'm sorry I lost control. If you don't believe that, fuck you," Quenton retorts, pressing his lips together. His hand still works at his cheek, now, agitatedly, but his agitation isn't for Nick, even despite his words. "Even if you didn't tell her to fuck off, the point is you still did hurt her. Did she hurt you by begging?" He takes a deep breath.

"I was just saying that I was scared I was acting like an animal, like my mind fucking shuts off and I just do stuff like I did then, and I just quickly summed what happened then and some other things, and that's just how I took it, it wasn't about you it was about me saying that what I did fucking /terrifies/ me," says Taylor in response to Nick, grimacing, and going back to dabbing.

Nicholas closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, not getting off his horse incase he feels like he has to bolt. He looks at Taylor. "I'm sorry, I just said that because you may look different but you're still a person." He mutters purposefully not looking at Quenton right now. "To get that out use a mix of cold water, detergent and ammonia. It's what my Mom always did for tough stains like that. The ammonia might not be pleasant with your nose but it'll get the stains out, hopefully." He mutters to Taylor.

Quenton crosses his arms over his chest, glancing between Taylor and Nicholas. At their words to each other he furrows his brow in realization, then lets out a sigh. "I… fucked up." And with that he crouches suddenly, and leaps into the air, sailing back to his tree and grunting as he reaches the top branch, settling himself down carefully and leaning back against it, using his powers to keep his balance. "Fuck."

Taylor nods at Nicholas and looks down at the bloodstain on the shirt, and stops trying to get it off for now at the instructions. The feline student says to Nick, "Thanks… and I'm sorry. I needed someone to snap me out of it when I did that, I honestly wasn't meaning for what happened… I know you didn't mean to hurt me then." At Quenton heading back towards the tree, the felinoid student frowns and approaches the tree to climb it after him. Though climbing a tree in a skirt is probably not the best idea.

Nicholas shrugs at Taylor. "Whatever, it's over. Just don't go tellin' people I said stuff I didn't say." He says as he watches Quenton fly up and shakes his head. "Such a hypocrite." He says loud enough for anyone to hear. "Go take care of your friend." He says to Taylor as he has no way of getting up a tree.

Quenton leans back against the tree, the rumbling still deep in his throat. Nicholas's words cause him to twitch slightly, and then suddenly, he's off the tree again, even as Taylor prepares to climb it, dropping back into the ground with a large crash. He doesn't make an effort to go for Nick now, but what he does do is grab one of the smaller trees and afer a loud roar, rips the tree from its roots and smashes it against the ground, peices of it flying in various directions, probably scaring poor Orion. "I'm not running away from my issues, you little shit. I'm confronting them by keeping myself from home running you with this god damned tree."

"It was just the way I took it, from other stuff you said, I didn't mean you literally said that," mumbles Taylor at Nicholas's response, "but yeah, I'm sorry, I'm not going to-" The feline is surprised, if that floofed tail is any indication, and hops off the bottom of the tree when Quenton lands on the ground. At the uprooting of the tree, the feline's eyes just go wide.

Orion rears up and lets out quite the whinny as Quenton rips out the small tree and smashes it. Nicholas, not being prepared, gets thrown from the back of his horse and to the ground as Orion takes off. "Fine, hit me or whatever, you've hated me since the first day we've met anyway." He says trying to sound calm but the fear is defiantly in his eyes.

Quenton advances on Nick, steam beginning to rise from his shoulders and back, and then he swings… but doesn't hit Nick, smashing it into the ground right by Nick and then throwing it to the side. "Hate you? No, Nick. I want to hate you, I do. But I can't, because I know you have it worst then most, if not all of us." He wets his lips, breathing heavily, before jerking his crimson gaze to Taylor. "Go find your horse before he abandons you, too," he growls out to Nick.

Taylor takes a couple of steps back at the smashing down of the tree, seeming rather stunned by the sheer force of it, and the feline student glances towards Quenton as the boy looks towards them and that feline tongue draws along Tay's teeth slowly as it's clear that Tay doesn't know what to do.

Nicholas jumps and seems frozen to the spot for a bit and it takes a bit for Quenton's words to register to Nick and when they do, it stings. He stands up shaking a bit before looking to Taylor. "Good luck." He says before heading off into the woods in the direction he believes Orion has run off in.

Quenton watches after Nicholas before he backs away, lifting his hands, bark stained, staring at them before brushing them off fiercely, as if there's blood on them, breath quickening. "Jesus Christ…" he trails off, while his hands drop to his sides. "I'm…" He glances to the side, before grunting over to Taylor now; "You should go."

Taylor looks towards the tree on the floor of the woods and then towards Quenton without seeming sure what to say, before giving a headshake, "No, not until I know if you're okay, Q…" The feline student approaches to try and put a hand on Quenton's shoulder.

"I'm not the one you need to worry about," Quenton says through gritted teeth. The hand on his shoulder begins to dissipate some of the steam, and his crimson eyes close as that hand begins to dig into his cheek again, exhaling sharply.

Taylor takes notice that the hand dissipates some of the steam, and the feline student pats Quenton's shoulder lightly and timidly, "I'm… just not sure what happened. I just want t'make sure you're calm and then, I dunno, I'll find Nick and help him find his horse…"

"If you get away from me you won't be in any danger of getting hurt. It won't matter if I'm calm or not," Quenton replies, wetting his lips as his eyes open and he stares at a tree hatefully. "What just happened was I hurt him bad. Go and take care of him. I can't say sorry yet without hurting him. So go."

Taylor takes a step back and then nods slowly at Quenton, "Okay…" The feline student sniffs the air once and is off in search of Nicholas to help him find the runaway horse.

(( Followed by Going From Bad To Worse ))

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