2009-03-10: Horror Movie Night


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Summary: Horror Movie night is interrupted with some company!

Date: March 10, 2009

Log Title Horror Movie Night

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

The TV is playing some horror movie and by the looks of it, someone is engrossed in watching the suspense. Cammie is bundled up on the couch, knees pulled up, bowl of popcorn next to her, wrapped in a blanked and a..flying squirrel on her head? The flying squirrel looks to be covering it's eyes. "I don't know why you watch this stuff Cammie." Says a young male voice. "Even though I close my eyes I still know what's going on, DON'T GO IN THE KITCHEN!" There's a giggle from the girl at her companions antics as she grabs a handful of popcorn.

Maybe horror night isn't such a good idea for Leo to walk in on. After all, he's sparkly and bright. He can't help it, but it's just who and what he is. Stepping into the Rec Room, he sighs. "Nobody in the gym can sleep right with me in there." Of course, his room is only mildly damaged, but they're repairing it first. His roommate… may be moving to another room now. Which Leo is fine with.

James walks into the room and discovers that a horror movie is on. Having nothing better to do James sits in one of the chairs near the couch and nods to the young woman there "Hello. Is there anymore popcorn around here?"

Not looking up Cammie just passes the bowl to James and stares at the television, but the light is ruining it. "Aw man, the light ruining it, it makes the bit over dramatic scene less awesome. Oh well!" She says as she looks over at the two boys now in the room. "Heya! I was just having a horror movie night, something I found in the rack, bad acting, cheesey dialouge, I love it!" She says laughing as the flying squirel on her head sighs. "I hate it." Says the young male voice from the animal.

"Sorry!" Leo says with a sigh. "I can't turn it off. I wish I could." He admits, lookig around for the other voice, trying to figure out where it came from. He runs a hand through his hair as he looks around for a blanket or something to wrap around most of himself to try to hide the lights.

James takes the popcorn with a smile "Thank you." If he is disturbed or surprised in any way by the male voice comming from Puck, he doesn't show it. He nods to Leo in greeting.

Cammie chuckles and shakes her head. "Don't worry about, Puck is probably happy that you came in." She says with a chuckle as the flying squirrel moves from her head into her arms and shifts into a bobcat in her arms. "Puck's a scardy cat." She says sticking out her tounge at the animal and it returns the tounge sticking out as well. "Am not." The cat answers. "I'm Cammie by the way!" She says to both of them.

"Leo." The flashy one answers, as he looks at the shapeshifting vocal critter. "Neat!" He says, happily as he looks at it. Hey, new things do tend to distract him. The only thing better would be someone worth looking at, like one of the Von Gregory twins, or Warren or someone. Hey, he looks.

Teenage angst is always a possibility when you are in a school filled with hormone raging teens. And even more so when you have teens who have 'special' gifts. More teenage angst is created when you take one of those hormonal teens lives and toss them upside down. It really doesn't help that Cyrus already had issues before that. Today the teen has his fire power. His hair is burning big and bright and yet he has a big sour puss upon his face. Cy is not appreciating his temporary living situation in the gym. He has so many insecurities about himself and having to share a living space with all the students and having to deal with his power shifting… not fun for him. He's wearing a white wife beater and a pair of grey sweatpants.

"James." The young man with the popcorn replies then adds "Hello Cammie, hello Leo, hello Puck, it's a pleasure to meet you all." He then offers the popcorn to Leo.

"And it's neat that you're sparkley!" Cammie says, hey she's a girl, she's entitled to like sparkly things. Puck curls up to sniff at Leo lightly and nods. "Hello." He says as he sits on the back of the couch, tail resting on Cammie's shoulder. "Nice ta meetcha James. So do you sparkle or glow at all? Woah! This guy is flamey! That's awesome! Heya!" She says brightly as Mr. Grumpy-Puss Cyrus walks in.

"I know. I like it, but my roommate didn't and the people in the gym didn't." Leo says with a sigh before looking up at the entering elemental. "Cyrus!" He says happily, offering a bright wave. "So this is what Fireday looks like. Ilike it!"

Being not in the best of moods, Cy just furrows his flaming brows at the hyperactive girl who seems way too excited about everything. He looks at her and then at the animal that changes shape. He see's Leo and then he just stared at as well. "This is a fire day." He takes a deep breath and chews on his lower lip. Leo is always way too happy for him too. A look of contemplation crosses his eyes… leave and go back to the gym or stay. He heads over to take a spot against a wall and crosses his arms over his chest.

James shakes his head "Sorry Cammie but other the the rings added to my eyes my mutation has no visible signs." He then looks to Cyrus and nods "Hello Cyrus" before taking another bite of the popcorn.

Cammie leans over the back of the couch and looks at Cyrus. "Fire day? So what are the other days?" She asks curiously and The Bobcat-Puck mimics her motions. "Gym? Oh yeah, I heard about that, that sucks. Do you guys have enough stuff down their and everything? I dont' know if I can help with anything but I do have a floor someone can crash on if you want, I mean a bunch of guys living in one area must smell after a while.

"I doubt Mr. Summers will let guys sleep on your floor." Leo wrinkles his nose, giggling at Cammie before he turns back to Cyrus. "Glad to see you're about. How's your room?" He asks, biting his lip softly. "Mine wasn't bad, but they're finishing it tonight."

Cyrus chews on his lip. "Yeah, my lucky room got destroyed. I almost wish I was in it when it happened." He grumbles. "I rotate elemental powers on a daily basis." He shrugs. "It's just not my room." Which he was happy and comfortable in. "I would rather go sleep in a tent by the lake on my own. I don't like sharing my living space with people who are practically strangers."

James nods to reienforce Leo's statement "If what I've heard about Mr. Summers from one of the professors is in anyway accurate he'll have us sleep outside with no tents or sleeping bags before he lets us sleep on your floor."

"Oh like detention is that big of a deal, I got in trouble all the time when I first started school here." Cammie says with a laugh. "Didn't we Puck." She says laughing and Puck sighs. "Yeah, you were, I always thought it was a bad idea." He says to hear. "I always liked being told to clean the horse stables, I could talk to the horses all day, until they figured that out." Cammie says laughing as she leans into rub noses with Puck. "And Professors Summers maybe a stiff ass but he's not /that/ bad James." She does look up to Cyrus with a sympatheic expression though. "That really sucks."

"Well, you're welcome to use the other bed in my room, Cy. My roommate's not coming back. He can't sleep with my light. I'm sure you'll be ok…" Leo offers politely as he stretches. "And I only sleep a fe whours." He hops up to head to the door."Gonna go get a soda. Back later."

Cyrus shrugs his shoulders. "I think I would rather sleep outside with no tents or sleeping bags then share a space with all of the boys. But at least it is almost over." He listens to Cammie's comments about being in trouble. "I'd prefer not to get in trouble. I don't want my training room time reduced. I need every minute that I can get." He shakes his head at Leo. "No thank you, i'm just going to rough it out until my room is completed." Despite being flame head, he's not a ball of sunshine.

James shrugs "I'm halfway through two weeks of detention and dishwashing duty from my first offense and then once the lockdown ends I'm grounded for a week."

Cammie chuckles and shrugs. "I really wouldn't know, how much training do you need when you can talk to animals and feel what they and Puck and I know everything about eachother, don't we?" She says smileing as she cuddles the bobcat to her and he nods happily. "Yup!" The young male voice agrees. "Nice meeting you Leo!" Cammie and Puck call out together. "Damn!" Cammie says to James. "You got it worse than I ever did!"

Cyrus just shakes his head. "That's not for me. I am not the trouble maker, I don't think I was ever disciplined at school." He looks at Cammie and her Puck. "Yes well unfortunately when your body is on fire. You need to have the best control possible. I lost a lot of clothes before I learned to control it." He lifts his hand up and runs his fingers through the fire. "Only burns if I want it to now. But I have to learn four sets of powers and I only have a limited time to train them."

James shakes his head "I only make trouble if I feel that it's in service of a good cause. In this case I wanted to do something to help fight the invasion so I slipped out of lockdown. I was part of a small group that managed to find a way around the barrier but the invaders apparently knew that we had gotten in and expanded the barrier after we returned. Then I decided to grab some Ice cream and a Professor showed up to get some as well so I was busted."

"I just do it as along as I have fun, and as long as I'm not hurting anyone else. And a power that makes a boy's clothes burn off…that's not such a bad power." Cammie says chuckling as she's not good at handling bad things. Both her and Puck yawn at the same time. "I've pretty much just stayed here, haven't done anything." She doesn't say she's been pondering going home but she's not sure she can. "Okay James, Flamey dude, I gotta go to bed, nice meeting the both of you."

Cyrus looks at James and he says, "Ahh, well there is no worry of me breaking the lockdown. I don't go off the school grounds for the most part." He looks around. "I don't have as much control as I would like to be able to really do some nasty damage. I've not tested myself in a real combat situation." He looks at Cammie. "I know what that's like. But at least you could go out in public without being judged for your apperance. Just need to make sure that your companion doesn't change in front of the strangers." He nods his head at her. "Night."

James nods "My main power is a sensory ability and my second I can't control the aim of precisely but I can control when it activates and I doubt it could kill anyone except under really wierd circumstances." He then says farewell to each of them.

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