2009-10-23: Horror Movies And Crushes


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Summary: Annalisa and Robyn chat for a bit about life and interests.

Date: October 23, 2009

Log Title Horror Movies and Crushes

Rating: PG

// Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

It's a bit later at night and Robyn is the only one in the rec room at the moment. He's a long way off being tired, or so he thinks, so he's decided to settled down to watch a movie. The lights are off and there's a bowl of popcorn and a plate with a few oatmeal craisin cookies on the coffee table in front of Robyn. His eyes are fixed on the television as Edward Scissor hands plays. Cuddled in his arms is a plush toy of what seems like a black fox but with a skeleton print on it.

Annalisa walks into the room slowly, noticing the movie and the lights, she tries to be quiet, sneaking up behind the couch to watch the movie from behind. She glances down at Robyn for a moment, then idly watches the television.

Robyn is into the movie, moving forward to grab a handful of popcorn to munch on. It's obvious he's seen the movie a few times as he mouths the words along with what is being said. It takes over two minutes before Robyn realizes there is someone else in the room and he jumps slightly and looks up at Annalisa with a smile. "Oh..I didn't realize someone else came in."

Annalisa nods a bit and smiles "I'm sneaky like that." She says as she grabs some popcorn from the bowl and takes a bite, and looks towards the television.

"You can sit down on the couch if you like, I'm not exactly fat, in fact I'm mostly skin and bones, so I don't take up much room." Robyn says with a chuckle as he reaches forward for more popcorn. "This is just one of my favourite movies. I can watch it over and over without getting bored of it."

Annalisa walks around and sits down on the couch, grabbing some more popcorn. "Its kind of an odd movie." She comments with a smile.

Robyn shrugs. "I guess I just like odd things." Robyn says as he knows he tends to have a darker taste in things. He's holding a stuff skeleton fox at the moment. "It's Vincent Price's last movie and love a lot of his old stuff. Genius stuff. Actually it's about that time of year where a Vincent Price marathon would be fun. I wonder if the school is doing anything for Halloween."

Annalisa perks an eyebrow and scratches her head a bit. "I'm not sure I really know much about Vincent Price or even who he is." She says with a slight smile.

"In this movie he's the one who created Edward Scissor hands." Robyn explains as he turns his eyes away from the television. It's not like he's missing anything he hasn't seen before. "He did a lot of black and white horror movies like House on Haunted Hill and House of Wax. He had this kind of creepy appeal to him."

Annalisa nods a bit, and then exclaims. "That really bad movie with that really slutty Paris Hilton?" She nods knowningly, as if she was well knowledged.

Robyn almost looks offended as Annalisa mentions that movie and shakes his head. "No, not that piece of shit. The orginal one done back in either the fifties or the sixties. It was much different. His character owned a wax musuem and it burned down. He went kinda crazy after wards and started murding woman and covering them in wax for his new displays in his wax museum."

Annalisa scratches her head a bit, and nods. "But wouldn't a movie that old be totally not scary?" She questions curiously.

"Some of them are scary because it's not what you see, it's what you don't see. It leaves more to the imagination and they tell the horror through a story instead of copious amounts of fake blood." Robyn says as he's a big fan of classic horror and monster movies. "And it's not always about the scariness but just the movie itself. Sure some are cheesey but that's what make them fun."

Annalisa glances at Robyn, and nods again. "I sort of understand…sort of…" She comments, not really getting it too well.

"Have you ever watched a classic horror movie?" Robyn asks curiously, he can tell she's doesn't really understand. "Tim Burton uses a lot of classic horror type of stuff in his films and he's my favourite." He likes anything that involves a lot of imagination as he's fairly creative himself.

Annalisa scratches her head a bit. "I'm not sure I really have…." she says softly, glancing over at Robyn with a perk of her brow.

Robyn nods. "Well maybe one of these days I'll pull out some of my collection and we can watch a few together. Halloween is coming up and I don't have any plans unless the school does something. Maybe I can try to hold a costume and classic horror movie marathon party on Halloween. Get some Bela Lagosi Dracula and Boris Karloff Frankestien." He says grining as he grabs a cookie.

Annalisa nods a bit, trying to act excited. "Maybe…I don't know if the school is planning anything or not." She says, smiling, and wondering what kind of shennanigans are planned.

"This is my first Halloween here. I usually got together with a few of my friends and we did something back when I was at my old High School." Robyn says as he hopes the school has plans. He likes Halloween. "I don't even know what I'd be for Halloween yet this year."

Annalisa points a finger in the air and laughs. "We should go as mutants!"

Robyn can't help but laugh and shake his head. "Maybe I can jump inside someone else's body and go as them. I dunno, I like to do something more creative than be what I already am. Maybe I'll go talk to Jordan and he what he's planning. I've never done a group costume…with someone else that is." He says happy that it's dark so the slight blush to his cheeks can't really be seen.

Annalisa nods a bit, and giggles. "But, we could go as -other- mutants, like famous x-men!" She exclaims with another giggle.

"I can see Jordan loving something like that. He's the superhero fan, I'm just starting to learn about them." Robyn says with a chuckle. He just grew up in a family where superheroes were more viewed as a traffic block than something helpful. "I just learned who the orginal five were."

Annalisa ponders for a moment, and then nods. "I'm not sure I know anyone but Professor Drake." She comments slowly.

"There's also Headmaster Summers, Cyclops." Robyn says with a nod, a bit proud that he's learned that. "Mr. Drake, Iceman, was one of he five two. I haven't met Angel or Beast and I'm never gonna meet Pheonix, she died." Robyn says with a bit of a frown. "Anyway, I dunno, I don't think I look like any of the X people."

Annalisa nods again in acknowledgement. "I haven't really met the Headmaster very much…" She says with a somewhat smile.

"I met him when something happened and I ened up with his super powers." Robyn says with a nod. "I blasted a hole in the ceiling of my room." He says sheepishly.

Annalisa scratches her head slightly. "Wish I could trade powers with someone…"

"I wouldn't recommend mine. I need to feed off of other peoples mental energy to survive." Robyn says with a shrug. He's gotten used to it a least. "What's your power anyway?"

Annalisa lets out a sigh. "I burn things…" She says with a solumn, yet fearful expression.

"That's not so bad. It's better than telling people your a psychic vampire." Robyn says with a smile. He doesn't hate his powers though, just thinks they sound weird. "All mine are mental based so I'm not really any good in a team or anything but I manage okay in the Alpha Squadron sessions."

Annalisa sighs again and glances over at Robyn. "Its horrible…I'd pick any power over it…"

"I don't think it sounds too bad. I mean, unless you hate fire or something." Robyn says with a shrug. "I mean, you could have a really long tounge like that Toad guy in the brotherhood. Or like that fat guy, The Blod? I mean I'd hate to have that power."

Annalisa smiles slightly. "I could think of a lot of uses for a long tongue, but the fatness would be kinda bad…"

Robyn can't help but laugh at the tounge comment and blushes slightly. "If I got fat, it would make this tattoo kind of lame." Robyn says holding out his wrist that has 'thin as a dime' tattooed on it. "I'm kind of proud of my skinny frame I guess."

Annalisa giggles a little, and nods slightly. "Being thin is a plus, I suppose." She exclaims, glancing over her own frame for a second.

"It helps get the guys." Robyn says with a bit of a chuckle surprised at his own boldness for stating that. "See, there are worse powers than just burning things. I mean after a while, once you learn how to use it, I bet you could be one of the most badass on your squad."

Annalisa tilts her head a bit, and sighs. "I still haven't gotten assigned to one."

"I'm sure you will soon. I was assigned to one pretty quickly. But they might be slow since school just started up." Robyn says brushing his bangs to the side. "Also there were a few other people who started around the same time I did, Jordan, Owen, July…"

Annalisa nods a bit and smiles. "I'm friends with July…I don't think she thinks much of me though…."

"I dunno, I haven't talked to her in a while. I was kinda busy this morning and I kept to myself and with Jordan most the summer." Robyn admits with a smile. "She's nice, and I doubt she thinks anything but good of anyone. She seems to upbeat to think like that."

Annalisa smiles again, and nods slightly. "Shes nice to me and all, but I don't think she thinks of me as anything more then a kid."

"We're all kids here, I mean besides the professors." Robyn says not really understanding how July could think like that. "Maybe it's cause your new here? I dunno. I really don't know her all that well. The main people I'm friends with here are Owen, Robin, Skyler and Jordan, but Jordan's more than a friend and Robin, Skyler and me went through something not to fun together."

Annalisa nods a bit, and glances over at Robyn. "Iunno, I guess I've been feeling….weird lately…" She mutters the next phrase under her breath. "Feeling weird things I don't really know why…"

Robyn gives Annalisa a confused look. "Like, how to deal with being a mutant or other things?" He's not really sure what she means. "Isn't that part of growing up?"

Annalisa stares at Robyn for a second, then shakes her head. "No…I don't think its related to being a mutant, but nobody knows what to tell me."

"Well maybe if you said more than 'feeling weird things' and say what these weird things are, maybe someone will tell you?" Robyn says as he's not one to always read between the lines. "I mean, if you feel comfortable telling me. I'm not a counsilor or anythng, just another sixteen year old."

Annalisa lets out an expressive sigh, and looks over at Robyn for several moments. "I…I think I like another girl…" She mutters for a moment or two. "You know, like-like…"

"Like like…oh..oph!" Robyn says as it dawns on him and he nods. "There's nothing wrong with that Annalisa. So you're attracted to a girl, maybe you just like girls and not guys. I still have trouble admiting to people that I like like other guys, it's who you are. Just like I like guys you might like girls." He says a bit sheepishly.

Annalisa scratches the back of her head shyly. "It just feels weird, you know? I don't understand, don't feel like I should feel that way…"

Robyn reaches over and puts a hand on Annalisa's shoulder. "It is weird at first, I still have trouble admiting it but after meeting Jordan, it's just been easier. I kind of hid from making any guy friends in my old school out of fear. I mean, is there really any way we're supposed to feel? What says we shouldn't?"

Annalisa glances over at Robyn and forces a smile. "Do you kinda see why it bothers me that I think July looks at me like a silly kid?"

Robyn nods and can't help but give a small chuckle. "Yeah, I can see why it bothers you. But give her another few chances to get to know you. She's nice and I bet she'll stop looking at you as a silly kid, if she ever did. My mom always told me to be true to yourself and be who you really are. Don't ever deny who you are no matter what people say. It's not weird about who you like, it's just who you are."

Annalisa scratches the back of her head, and lets out a slow sigh. "Shes not around very often lately anyway…I don't think really notices me when I'm not almost melting her like that time in the kitchen…"

"That time in the kitchen was a bit chaotic, I mean, I lost control of my powers and burnt what I was cooking and caused you and a few others to panic." Robyn says with a bit of an embarassed grin. "I dunno, I haven't been in many relationships, just this one, so I don't know what to tell you. Maybe ask her to show you around Salem Center sometime as you're new?"

Annalisa's cheeks flush a bit as she speaks. "But how do I let her know I like her, without, you know…saying it…"

"That….I don't know. Jordan and I just kind of happened." Robyn says knowing he's not the most helpful in this regard. "I really don't know that. Just flirt a bit?"

Annalisa scratches her head, and blushes brightly. "I don't know if I can do that…I tend to get a lot…perkier…when shes around…but I don't think she'd notice…"

"You can always jsut ask her out on a date sometime? Dinner or movie or somethign like that?" Robyn says nwith a shrug. "I think you should just try, I mean it's better to try and fail then to never try at all."

Annalisa blushes brightly at the thought. "I d-don't know if I could do something like that…"

"If you can find a way to get the two of you alone for a bit, just to talk a bit one on one, that might work but I'm just a clueless as you are." Robyn admits. "Jordan and I just sort of happened, and he's my first and only boyfriend so I don't really have much advice to give there. Sorry."

Annalisa lets out a long sigh. "I've never dated anyone, and until awhile ago, I was sure I was straight…but lately…I don't know…I've just been feeling different things…"

"I've known what I am for a while, just finally admitted it this year though." Robyn says with a nod. "Don't hide who you are, just be true to yourself and your feelings Anna." Robyn says as he stands up and streches. "And I gotta head back to the dorm and get a few things done before heading to sleep." He says patting Annalisa on her shoulder.

Annalisa smiles and nods at Robyn. "Thanks for the advice." She says with a wave goodbye to Robyn.

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