2010-02-26: Horses Picnics And World Of Warcraft


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Summary: Dunstin and Six chat away and get to know each other and find some things in common.

Date: February 26, 2010

Log Title Horses, Picnics and World of Warcraft

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

Sitting on the couch with a bottle of Dr. Pepper and his laptop, is Dunstin. He seems like he's intently working on something and is even talking to himself a bit. "Hrm…which should I put here a Beholder or….." It's an interesting program, openRPG, and it allows him to keep a game going with his friends back home, well just the two friends back home he plays with. He pushes his glasses up and leans back against the couch, needing a moment to relax his brain.

There's someone at your shoulder, peering down at that laptop. Not that Six is stealthy, so whether or not he's heard.. Still, his wings rustle as he settles them to either side, holding his own weight over Dunstin, and on that chair. It shifts with his added weight, but his tone is cheerful. "Is this all you do?" Not mocking, but curious. It's got to be something if you give it this much interest.

Dunstin looks up at Six. "Huh? What do you mean all I do?" He doesn't think he spends that much time on his laptop. "I just have to plan this out for this weekend. Sunday my friends back home and I are going to be doing a kind of internet thing together." It's a way to stay in touch and nerds tend to stick together. "So what's up Six?"

"It's all I've heard you talk about." Said cheerfully. "Although I admit we've only talked twice." With a grin he climbs off the chair, partially over Dunstin, and settles down into another chair. Rather more a flop then anything else. Those wings weren't made to sit comfortably in chairs though. "Bored today." Said honestly. "Haven't been able to get a full class load quite yet, so I've a couple periods a day with nothing to do. What about you?"

Dunstin laughs and saves what he's working on before shutting the laptop. "Well it's better than talking about the latest math test or where you're going for your next birthday or what newest expensive thing your parents got you." He's used to being around people that brag about their wealth, Dunstin never saw it as a contest but it was with the other kids he grew up with. "I'm just getting used to everything here, it seems almost….normal, like…how kids should be."

"Is it?" Better, and Six grins at you to show he's not serious. Although he's not certain about the normal aspect. "It seems to to me too, but everyone keeps telling me different." A double shrug for he hasn't seen it. Too new to Xaviers for that. "Well, except for a couple of the other kids around here. I try, but some of their physical changes make me cringe. I can't call that normal." Sounds apologetic too. Tries not to react tat way when they are around, but it happens.

"I think so, no one here seems superficial." Maybe Dustin just hasn't gotten to know everyone yet. "At least here I don't have to worry about the VonThurston name." Dunstin says with a smile, as he pushes his glasses up. "No, the super powers aren't normal but the personalities are, but here…it's like public school. I kinda always wanted to go to public school but it was always the schools my father went to as a kid."

Six noddles agreement about no one seeming superficial. It's nice. "I was home schooled, so I'm new to all this too. It's been a lot of fun. I enjoy schooling more here. Don't have to deal with my grandmother insisting I can read her mind." There's a rueful tone for that. "Not literally, but you know." The teen motions all his hands as he clarifies. "Suppose to know what she knows, even if I haven't been told. The teachers here are better too." Very glad to be here, yes!

"I went to private schools from when I was little, with always the same kids. It's nice to have something different, and not have uniforms." Dunstin says happy about that. No where the same uncomfortable jacket and tie everyday. If he could burn all his ties, he would. "The teachers here are better, they're not worried about who funds their paycheck and don't let other kids walk all over them. So what do you like to do Six?"

"That sounds.. I can't remember the word I want." Grumping to himself, Six tugs at an earlobe. "About the teachers being afraid. Not a good environment. Was it always like that?" No experience in schools here. What does he like? A grin and a shrug, "Reading, flying.. not a lot, sorry. I played WoW in my free time, but don't have that here. Was the one game my parents would let me play." Yes, he knows that's lame and it shows. No one to see how you really are. "They say they're sending my computer, but who knows when. Until then I'm bored."

"Not when we were younger but it was always like two or three kids who would pull the 'my father pays your salary' card. I never did." Dunstin always wanted to learn, he wasn't a straight A student but he put effort into his work. Homework then playtime. "WoW? Really? Neat! I play Lord of the Rings Online right now, I like anything fantasy. Always have. And….if I can help with that at all, getting your computer here, let me know."

Six makes a face about that. He's the same in wanting to learn, neither straight A's, but always willing to do what he needed to. "I could only play one, but I wanted to try that one." Maybe you two have something in common. "Started WoW not knowing about the other.." A shrug says he stuck with the one he started with. "I love the setting for Lord of the Rings, and thought it'd be fun to play." He pauses and smiles, "Thanks! Don't know what you can do though. They need to box it up and ship it along with everything else. I think the delay is my sister. Parents are waffling on sending her too. Never mind she needs to be here more than me."

"Well maybe when you get your computer we can get you set up with an account…when's your birthday Six?" Dunstin asks as he doesn't want to offer to get Six an account and make him feel awkward, even though it's no problem for the teen. "Ah, I don't know if anyone has a car that we could drive up there one weekend and get it. I still have a few months before I get my license."

More hand waving, "Don't do that." Sorry, already awkward. "How about before that you let me try it a little? Don't want you paying for something I may not like. Could be too set in my WoW ways." Six grins again. "The car thing is a good idea. Maybe I should ask about that." Someone willing to help him get his stuff. "Although I should ask my parents too. Maybe they've decided." They aren't quite willing to send both their children away, even if they need it. "Thanks for offering though. That's awesome of you."

"I think it's really fun, I used to play WoW too but I think I enjoy Lord of the Rings because of the setting." Dunstin says laughing. "Maybe all I do talk about is DnD and fantasy stuff. I just really like it. Also it's winter, can't really do much horse back riding in the winter…hey have you been to the stables yet here? I heard they have them." Dunstin always enjoyed being around horses.

More nodding in agreement. "I love the game. It was the only way my parents let me socialize." Six makes a face about that. Yes, he was somewhat hidden away. "Let me try and I'll appreciate it for life." Said with a teen-agers view of forever. "They have horses here?" That catches the teen by surprise. "No, I've never seen a horse outside of tv, much less ridden one. Lived near a fishing town, Dunstin. They don't get many horses there." Still, he's smiling as he says it. "You like horses, why not find the stables? They need care, right? I'll help."

"Definitely, once it gets not so cold out, well I be it's heated in there. We'll check it out this weekend." Dunstin says with a nod, glad he's able to make friends here. So far it's just been Six and Cam, but that's enough for him so far. "I live in Rhode Island, lots of fishing but I didn't live in a fishing town. At least I came out of the state with out having the Massachusetts influence and I pronounce my 'R's?" Dunstin says with a laugh.

"Sounds great." The weekend isn't too far away either. "I doubt we can ride, but I'd love to see horses first hand." Six isn't sure he should ride with his wings anyway. The teen laughs about fishing, "If you have money you don't live in a fishing town, trust me. R's or not." A grin about that, for he knows it first hand. "Fishing boats aren't pretty, and they tend to smell bad too. I repaired engines on them for more than a year. Might even finish my apprenticeship once I get done here, but we'll see." Not too concerned about it.

"Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it in this weather, I wouldn't want the horse to get hurt." Duntin, as much as he enjoys horseback riding, has never owned his own horse. "We'll bring some sugar cubes and apples and carrots and stuff. Best way to win over a horse, with food. I think that's a good way to win over most animals and people too." Dunstin says thinking that sometimes a dog will love you if you feed him, or business deals are settled sometimes over a nice expensive meal. Food is an important thing in opinions sometimes. "I've never seen a fishing boat, but I do like being on boats."

Six noddles his agreement again. Riding horses in cold weather surely must be bad. Not that he knows anything of horses. Does laugh at the idea of taking food. "People are going to wonder if we're having a picnic in the middle of winter." A grin spreads at that idea. "Hey, everyone needs to eat, right? It's pretty firmly ingrained in all human culture." Or so he thinks anyway. There are people who don't eat right in this school. "Dunstin, you don't want to see one, trust me." Makes a face over it. "Watch some of the tv shows about it. Fishing boats aren't like yachts. I'd love being on a yacht, but wouldn't work a fishing boat. Never mind I can't." Lifts those wings of his.

"That actually sounds kind of fun, a picnic in winter. Though probably cold." Dunstin says with a laugh. Though having a picnic inside might be an option, right on the floor of the lobby here. "I can't wait for it to get a bit warmer and really explore the school grounds. I've heard it's pretty neat here, I just haven't really had a chance to explore much. It much be easier to do when you can fly."

"We could always have a picnic in the stable." Said with a shrug and a smile. "The horses might end up with most of it, but that's what we have in mind, right?" Six likes making easy solutions. "I hate winter." Agreed with a little sigh. "I want to fly, and end up cooped up inside." Wings lift and partially spread as he glances longingly towards the window. The things get cold easily this time of year.

"Oh, that's a good idea, it'd definitely be interesting. I just…don't know how to cook or anything if we're bringing food for us." Dunstin says and that might be an excuse to ask Cam. Since his cooking is one of legend around the school. "Oh yeah, I bet it does since it's always colder in the air too. And it's not like you have wing mittens to keep your wings warm…hrm…I wonder how something like that would work."

Six makes a derisive sound. "How much cooking do we need to make sandwiches?" Nope, doesn't thinks this will be hard. "Toss some stuff together and head out. We could even eat the apples and carrots along with the horses." It'll be easy! Isn't that what people always think? About his wings though, the teen shakes his head. "There's no way. I have to be able to feel the winds with them, and I can't do that if they are covered." Sad! "I wish there was a way."

"I've never made a sandwich." Dunstin says looking a bit sheepish. "But you're right, it shouldn't be too hard." After all it's just meat, bread and whatever condiment you like, right? "And next week is my first official danger room session with the team. I have no idea how that will work out or why I need to look like a candy cane while rolling dice." His uniform is red and white, thus the candy cane comment.

Shock shows on his features for that. …What? "Dude." No, he can't believe that at all. "Guess you've something to learn then." Six says with a growing smile. "I'm not Cam, but I can show you how to make a sandwich. It's easy." Assuring with a wave, the teen then laughs at the candy cane. "Hellions then?" Yep, knows the teams already. "I got on New Mutants. Come on, it could be worse. We could have gotten the orange costume." Not that he minds the team, but orange?

"Yeah, orange has to be the worst." Dunstin definitely agrees, or yellow for that matter. "Orange and white, it's kind of like a creamsicle or something." He says with a smile as he pushes his glasses up. Damn things always sliding down. "Yeah, it's the Hellions, lead by Dr. Parker-Mayfair, I guess there's a Mr. here too?" Dunstin hasn't met the cooking teacher yet. "So…do you think you'd be interested in like a Dungeons and Dragons game if I started one up here, like on Friday nights?"

"You are food fixated." Teasing a little. "Um, not sure." About the cooking doctor. Jono's the one who knows that. "Maybe they are related." Sorry, but Six has no idea about the same sex married couple. He'd be shocked with the idea. Just sheltered, this one. He blinks about the game. "You realize I know nothing about that, right? You'd have to teach me.. and that said I'll try it, sure." Doesn't have anything he needs for such a game either.

Dunstin nods. "Yeah, it's not hard to learn." At least he doesn't think so. "It's the same kind of setting as World of Warcraft but without the computer and more dice rolls, I just have to warn you, I roll the dice and stuff sometimes happens."

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