Hosea Ikbuku
Portrayed By Corbin Bleu
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 5
Age 18
Aliases Prophet
Place of Birth Tribal village in Nigeria
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Mother, Two brothers
Significant Other Sophie DeCosta
Identity Relatively Unknown.
Known Abilities Intangibility, Teleportation
First Appearance 05-06-2010: This Just In From Africa

Be happy! You could be living in the Sudan!


You want to here my story? Well, sit down. My story begins with the story of my father. His name was Ikbuku. He was chief of my village, but he was a very wicked man. You ask me how I say things like this of my father? There is more, I will tell you. There was a witch doctor in our village named Jukto. She make him do all things. They say she could speak to the spirits. One day a white man came to our village. He tell the people that there is another god they should follow. Jukto did not like that, and she tell my father to kill this man. So he does. He take a spear, and drive it through his chest. What do you think the man say? He says to my father, "I love you, may God show you love."

My father does not understand this, but Jukto tell him that the white devils have many traps for him. Before long, another white person comes to the village. Her name is Hannah. She tell my father that she was the wife of the man Ikbuku killed, and she came so that he could know the love God gives. She teaches the whole village, but Jukto does not know. Why? I do not know, but when Jukto finds out, she say that Ikbuku will die, but do you know what happened next? Jukto fall over dead? Maybe God does not like her evil, and he put a stop to her himself I think.

My father, he followed what Hannah taught, he learn about Y'shua. He goes to America to learn more about God, but while he is gone, men with guns came and kill people and rape the women. Hannah was raped too. She was pregnant. My father came back, and I was born.

You say I have told you a lie? No. Ikbuku was my father, he took me as his son, though Hannah was not his wife. He taught me many things, about who God was. Many people came to our village, they say they will take more from our people, but Ikbuku, he speak to them, and they stop. They listen and follow Y'shua as well! Ha! What do you know of that? Many times this happens, until General comes. General tries to stop Ikbuku, but other men come to kill the general. You know what my father does? He stop the bullets with his body, he die for General. General would not listen with words, but he listen to this. My father died a good death.

But soon more men come, they take me away, and my brothers, and we become into an army. They kill much of my family. We have to fight. I have to fight for a man named Nero. I forget the ways of my father. I learn to be a soldier, and I kill many people. I get caught, they will shoot me yes? But they try, and I do not get shot. The bullet goes right through me! Ha! It is a miracle. They say I am a mutant, with special powers. Nero, he likes this, thinks I should be very strong for him. But I am angry with Nero, he killed my family. So I try to kill Nero. But I cannot, I feel a stone in my heart, and I run away.

I meet a man named Abraham. Abraham teaches me, he tells me what I forgot from my father. I learn again to follow God. And then do you know what happens? People from America come, they say they can help teach me! My mother, she goes to America as well, and so now I learn many things! America is a very nice place!


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Hosea is left-handed
  • He used to be a child soldier in Africa.


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