2009-03-16: Hot Tub Relaxation


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Summary: Christopher and Jericho talk about the recent changes in their life.

Date: March 16, 2009

Log Title Hot Tub Relaxation

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Back Yard

The Parker-Mayfair home's back yard is a bit bigger than the front yard. It also has a lot more ornamentation. The biggest 'ornamentation' is the large swimming pool. The pool is heated in winter, so that it can still be used. Next to the pool is a small gazebo containing a hot tub… with a covered walkway to the house.

It's later in the evening, after dinner time, and Christopher's decided to relax outside in the hot tub, he's just needed a little time to mull things over in his mind and just relax. There are two candles in the area burning so there's a faint scent of lavender. He sits back in the hot tub, his head resting back, eyes closed. It's hard to tell if he's just resting his eyes or if he's actually dozed off.

Jericho has finally returned from taking Jared to meet Scott. Now, he's decided it's time for his OWN relaxation. With a bottle of chilled cranberry wine, and a couple of glasses, he steps outside… not bothering to cover up as he heads to the hot tub. It's not uncommon after all. He sees the candles and peeks in casually. "Oh, hey love. Making sure it wasn't the boys." He chuckles, moving to slide himself in.

Christopher opens his eyes and smiles at Jeri's voice. "Nope, just me out here. Thought I'd come out here and relax for a bit. We both know we need it." He says with a smile as quickly moves to cuddle up against Jeri in the water. "Ooo you brought out some wine, I was thinking about that but I got out here, took of my clothes and just didn't feel like running back in, the water was calling to me."

"That's fine. I had a hunch." Jeri laughs. "Eddie doesn't usually mess with candles." he says, popping the cork and pouring a glass for each of them. The first is handed to Christopher. "Jared's going to join Xavier's." He says, not needing to really say more. "Scott seemed to be alright with him."

Christopher chuckles. "No he doesn't but I thought every bit I could do to relax could help tonight. Ah and Jared, he seems like a nice kid it's just going to take some getting used to. I think for all of us." Christopher says as he puts his hand on Jeri's upper leg and gives it a bit of a squeeze. "Not that it's a bad thing, and him and Eddie seem to get a long just fine."

"It's… strange. But I can't deny it. I could sense life when I shared with him. I felt my own life force within him. And not because of my powers." Jeri says with a nod. "And… he looks like me. I just need to talk to Ms. Walters after this fiasco is over."

"I don't expect him to accept me as a father aswell because that might be weird for him, just also has he's fine with him being part of the family and accepts me as being your husband." Christopher says since it's weird, he doesn't want to scare Jared off or be a parent to him when he doesn't want him to be one. It's one of those things where it feels like it's a very delicate relationship to approch. "He does look like you and I don't doubt it. If you say he is then there's no reason to doubt it."

"I honestly don't think he's weirded by our relationship. I don't think he's used to being around so many people. With his powers… it can be hell being around too many at a time. He's aware of all life, down to the worms in the soil, that are near him. And he lived alone with Andrea… then got put in an orphanage." That right there was enough for Jeri. "All those people."

Christopher nods and he can't even fully imagine that since his powers don't function like that. "Well at least he's here now and Xavier's will probably be good for him to learn how to cope with that. So is it definately that he's staying here now? Because I would like that. I just can't believe how fast things seemed to happen, not that it's bad just fast."

"He hasn't told me if he wants to live here or there, or do like Eddie. A little of A and a little of B. I assume like Eddie. To have some time alone. Some real privacy." Jeri says with a nod. "Of course. I can't cast him away. That'd… gods. I have so much to make up for now."

Christopher nods to Jeri's words and it seems like there's something on Christopher's mind that he isn't quite saying. "I wouldn't dream of you casting him away Jeri, you're too good of a person too do that, and too caring. You'll be a great father too him like you are to Eddie love." Christopher says as he reaches up to brush some of Jeri's hair back. "I was chatting with him and Eddie the other night, and he seemed to be warming up a bit."

"What's wrong? You have that little wrinkle in the middle of your forehead. It means you don't wanna say something." Jeri says, dragging a finger across that spot as he slides a little closer.

Christopher chuckles and shakes his head. "No, it's just me being silly. I guess I know that Eddie is our son but I don't know, Jared is your son and I just worry that…I'm going to feel like that Step-Father sort of thing." He chuckles again and waves his heand. "I'm being silly. Me just being stupid about things that haven't even come to be yet, I'm getting to be like Eddie."

"Get over it." Jeri grins. He says it playfully of course. "I'm sure he'll be fine with it. Especially when he realizes you sincerely do care." He reaches a hand out to tug Christopher partially onto his lap. "He really does seem to be a good kid."

Christopher sticks out his tounge at Jeri as he's pulled onto his lap. "He does seem to be a good kid, I like him. And him and Eddie seem to get along really well. Eddie was worried at first two but I think all his worry was quickly disminished. I think having a brother though might be good for Eddie, a brother whose not a total asshole."

"I agree. He has Ricky, but that's a lover. Not a brother. You need family. And at least now I know I MIGHT have a legacy after I pass on." Jeri says looking at the sky. Sure, he's still got years to go, but they're Xavier's folk.

Christopher chuckles. "Well at least we know that there isn't the chance that I have kid out there somewhere, if I do, I'd be extremely confused." He says moving a hand to grab a hold of one of Jeri's. He follows Jeri's gaze upward and relaxes against his husband. "Well you're not going to pass on for a long time mister."

"Oh, I don't plan on it. Just one of those things that seem to happen with an X in your job description. Though, we'd just come back a few months later." Jeri laughs, sipping at his wine.

Christopher chuckles. "Yes that's because I'd find where ever you went to and drag you back myself." Christopher teases and Jeri would know that's one of his biggest fears, losing Jeri or Eddie. He leans up to give Jeri a kiss before settling back down. "So we should plan a family outing to Melting Pot so we can just all spend time together and just get to know eachother more. Also I think you or we should take Jared out shopping I don't think he has much more than just what was in his backpack."

"We will. As soon as things calm down. I don't want them out there without us." Jeri nods quickly, snuggling his nose into the nape of Christopher's neck as he thinks about things. "And yeah, I'm also going to give him an allowance equal to Eddie's."

Christopher makes a happy little noise as Jeri snuggles his nose against him. "That sounds fair. And I agree, there's too much craziness going on out there, and there are still equally crazy people out there demanding to get their hair cut." Since Christopher hasn't closed up shop and they're still getting customers regularly. "Do you know when Scott is planning on going to Memphis? Has he said anything to you since you're now a team leader?"

"Actually, no. For Memphis, I may stay behind. I don't know yet. I may stay with the kids. With heavy hitters going, we need someone strong to stay with them." Jeri says, considering things. "I don't know. but no, he hasn't told me yet."

"Who else is going? Do you know?" Christopher asks not sure if he does or not, thinking it's probably a no. "I just don't want Eddie going alone because of what we talked about earlier. Anyway though, instead of going out to dinner, I'll make us something nice this week, maybe to a home fondue night and we can just sit around and chat and such."

"That would be wonderful. And I bet you'd come up with better combinations of things than they do." Jeri nods quickly. "You go, love. I'll stay if I need to. Especially now. Two sons and an almost son-in-law. We need to be in both places, I think."

Christopher chuckles and shifts so that he's facing Jeri. "And you flatter me so love." He says giving him a kiss. "You're probably right, and we really have turned into our own version of the all-american family. Husband and husband, two sons, a dog, one son's boyfriend living with us, how much more perfect can things get for us?" He says chuckling.

"I suppose, since Ricky and Eddie may someday get married, we would have two and a half kids." Jeri says with a chuckle. "All in the course of a year." He laughs, brushing his nose against Christophers.

Christopher grins and nods. "Yup, and this is probably hands down one of the best years of my twenty seven years. I swear the first time I met you and I was instantly attracted to you." Even though he was taken at the time he couldn't help but feel it. "Once this war is over we really do need to get away, and oh! Jared will be around for when we actually do the wedding ceremony party stuff."

"Oooh, yeah, he will. We'll have to do something. Oh goodness. That's in YOUR hands love." Jeri laughs, looking away innocently. He's not a designer or any good at anything of that nature.

"Speaking of things in my hands, I still have to decorate the house, everything's still the basics, it looks nice but I'll have to work on giving it that home feel. And I guess it is." Christopher says as he splashes Jeri lightly. "It'll be a small gathering for family and our few friends with cake and food and fun and clothing optional swimming though it might freak my mother and father out a bit."

"Oh, they need to liven up a little. It would freak my rents out, but I know Jerica and Jet. They'll go along with it." Jeri laughs. "Jet will do anything to show off tattoos or piercings." He doesn't say what's where on that boy.

"I don't know about Kathrine, she might if other people were doing it. She's like that." Christopher says of his younger sister whose a bit on the reserved side but who knows after a few drinks. "That's when our folks can go inside in the living room and get to know eachother and share embarassing stories about us growing up."

"Well, I'm ready for some sleepsnuggling." Jeri says, grinning at Christopher as he nibbles on that bit of neck by his face. "If you're ready anyway."

Christopher wraps his arms around Jeri's neck and grins at him. "I'm ready when you are love." Apparently he's going to make Jeri carry him inside, which shouldn't be hard for the super strong man.

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