2011-08-22: How About A Spar


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Summary: At the Avenger mansion Tony is down in the training room working out when Vance happens upon him. The two get to talking more or less and end up sparring for a bit.

Date: August 22, 2011

Log Title: How About a Spar?

Rating: PG-13(L)

NYC- Avenger Mansion- Training Room

The training room is just that. There is a large, springboard floor, weights, punching bags, yoga mats, a shelf of practice weapons, and the ever important sound system. Anything you could possibly wish to train for, physically speaking, can be done in this room.

The week has been long as summer is slowly grinding to a close. A lot has happened in the past week from Mindbender and Upgrade being brought to justice, crazy football fans trying to kill each other at the 49ers/Raiders game, and Sookie and Erik's long anticipated shower scene in True Blood finally aired much to the delight of rabid fans of the show. The only part of that Tony particularly payed any attention to was the apprehension of the super villains. Just last night he spent some time with Tabitha, and now he can be found in the training room at the Avenger Mansion blasting rock music over the excellent sound system and working out in his usual black tank top and loose flowing pants.

Joining the Avengers leader in the training room is young Vance Astrovik. Dressed in black cargo shorts and a black Sean John shirt with a tribal symbol, the young hero makes his way into the room and covering his ears a moment at the music and shaking his head as he spots Tony working out. Using his telekinesis to adjust the music to a more appropriate level, "Hey, boss man!" Vance offers enthusiastically as he literally walks on air towards him.

Over at one of the dummies Stark lands a rather viscous right hand to the midsection of said dummy causing a computer system to relate useful information such as force applied, resulting physical damage to a non protected being, and lastly the damage to a being with moderate physical protection. The dummy rebounds well enough though the man reacts to the change in volume a bit disgruntled, "What gives?" Thinking the system altered the volume for some unknown reason he pivots on his heel spotting Vance air-walking towards him. "Ahh, bit loud for you? Also, don't call me that. Makes me feel like I'm in one of those old tv western shows." Offers a wave.

Quirking a brow and smirking a grin, Vance nods his head and is surprised by the powerful punch to the dummy. "Wow, people should see you train. They'd realize you are just as dangerous without the armor." Vance uses his telekinesis to raise he volume slightly on the music and bops his head, "Old TV western shows? Oh that's right, you were around for Bonanza and stuff, right?" Chuckling a bit, "So, Tony, I would have thought you'd be out celebrating Upgrade and Mindbender's captivity and the return of Tabitha? Instead you're here. Venting frustrations?"

"Compliments are always welcome," Tony chuckles turning back towards the dummy a moment seeming to ponder something. "Though I'd rather keep my capabilities under wraps as the element of surprise is always nice to have in a particularly troublesome situation." The elder of the two in the train room shakes his head at the ground while steadying the still swaying dummy in front of him. "Actually, that show ended several years before I was born. Mercifully I was not subjected to the re-runs. I was however a big fan of the private detective shows that aired back then." A flurry of interesting punches strike the dummy though the computer no longer spits out information upon each strike. "Nothing to celebrate," he breathes out then strikes the dummy again. "Can't a guy…" punch "work out" punch "without an ulterior" punch "motive?" Peers over towards Vance. "What brought you down here?"

Staring at Tony as he continues his workout, Vance notices each individual punch to the dummy and notes how each punch punctuates Tony's question. "Well, I was just going to work out myself. Didn't think anyone was here." Lowering himself to Tony's level and moving next to the dummy, Vance holds out his hand in front of Tony, "Is everything ok, Tony?"

Tony slows an intended strike as that hand comes into view. A few steps are taken back from the swaying dummy. "Normally there isn't anyone. Jessica can easily avail herself of the setup at Barnes as can you. Jennifer and Pietro are reservists and I've no idea where Baldwin's gotten off to." Since his work out has been halted for a moment he takes the time to walk over to where his water bottle is and downs a quarter of it in one go. "Come to think of it; Why are you not off celebrating the good news that the streets are down two more villains?"

"Well, Tony Stark, you've effectively managed to avoid my question with your own. I'm not celebrating because while two more villains down there are many more an I am sure there will be fallout from what those two psychos did." Vance exhales, "Tony, I may not be Steve or Thor. Or even Jessica or Pietro, but you should find someone to speak to if something is wrong. I'm here, if you'd like to use me. I'm a pretty good sounding board." Vance speaks firmly, but tentatively, hey this is still Tony Stark he is talking to.

Tony shrugs at the obvious. Tony fucking Stark? Vance hasn't been around the mansion long enough to know how Tony is other than the brief exposure at various social events and the odd mission here and there. Even people who've known Tony for over a decade only know so much. It's just how it is. "There will be fallout as there always is. The property damage alone is causing issues in the insurance sector as the emotional impact of these events are heavy upon many shoulders." THe rest of his water is drained so he pads across the floor on bare feet to the water cooler to refill his bottle. Once the bottle is capped again he sets it down on a nearby shelf then turns towards Vance. "I appreciate the offer though nothings wrong at the moment." Waves towards the open room with the back of a hand. "Other than you're not working out at all." A hologram opponent appears in front of Tony when called for. The two start circling each other in the center of the room. "You're doing alright over at Barnes?"

Squinting at Tony as he speaks, Vance does not know him well enough to know if he is alright, but then again this is Tony motherfucken Stark, so Vance simply shrugs. He would work out but he has not seen Tony in a non-armored fight. Even if it is just training, Vance floats up a bit and then while in midair sits cross-legged to watch the fight, "If only there was some popcorn." He chuckles and then finally answers Tony's last question, "I think it went well this past semester. I got to know some students, but was busy with Avengers stuff. I hope to do more stuff and maybe actually teach a course or a seminar when the new semester starts. And I recommended a new student. He interviewed with Jessica and Rashmi. Hopefully it goes well for him."

As the fictional opponent dances about Tony the man in question shakes his head, "You're honestly going to hover over there and watch this?" It starts off as a boxing match would. Each opponent sizing the other up with Tony being the shorter of the pair. "That's good. Ahh, you found someone to recommend to the school over the summer? Good good." The boxing begins which seems rather tame overall till it turns into more of an MMA match. Various styles start being used as Tony gets his opponent onto the ground turning the fight into more of a wrestling match at the moment. As he gets a solid arm bar he calls for the computer to stop the simulation. "Jess and Rashmi were in on bringing him in? You were present as well?" Tony twirls a finger in the air summoning a different opponent that is programmed to be far harder to beat.

"Hey, I can learn a thing or two from you, Can't I?" Vance offers a grin and lowers himself back to the ground and claps when Tony easily takes down his first simulated opponent. "Yes, I was present too. It was a bit intimidating for Kai. Poor kid. But I think he did rather well, given being interviewed by an Avenger and a Barnes student. I hope he gets in, but there really is no way of knowing how it went. I guess I could ask Jessica, but I don't want to seem too nosey. How did Tabitha get in? Did you sponsor her and did she interview like that?" Moving forward, "Any why not a tag-team match? Since you want me to train, so much."

Tony quirks an eyebrow Vance's way. "The more you know the less predictable you'll be in a fight. Taskmaster is lurking about again if you're interested in getting your ass handed to you in the name of combative education." A bright smile he signals the opponent to begin. This fight seems more easily matched as Vance talks about Kai's interview for the school. There's quite a lot of grappling going on as the opponents battle for position on the ground. "Tabitha?" Tony puffs out a breath attempting to bend this guys arm at an angle that looks painful. "She had to answer a few of Jessica's questions though I was there. It's a different situation than the one with this kid you've recommended." The move is reversed and Tony's in a terrible position now though he keeps fighting to get out of the situation he's found himself in. "You're into…" his breath is being squeezed out of him as a rather large forearm is across his throat "..mma?"

Vance starts to rush forward when he spots Tony in the compromising position with the simulated opponent He lifts his hand to gesture telekinetically but pauses and catches himself. Tony can get out of this himself and may not appreciate the younger Avenger stepping in. "Admittedly, I've never seen MMA, but I watched WWF when I was a kid and hey, training from Captain America and Night Thrasher isn't a bad thing." Lowering his hand and holding the telekinesis back, "How was the situation with Tabitha different than the situation with Kai?" He asks a bit intrigued.

Kind of hard to hold a conversation when there's an arm across one's throat. Through various wrestling moves, some shielding during a ground and pound, and a rather lucky move Tony is out of the mess he was in and there's a rather furious fight on the ground for several minutes until the computer chimes in a referee break up. The two men are brought back to their feet and within four or so thrown moves Tony's hit the sweet chin music and the opponent drops like a sack of flour. "The WWF is choreographer acting you know," he manages to rush out before taking a breath. "Cap's a great one to work with for certain. No idea when he'll be back from wherever he's gone now." Wanders over to get his water bottle. After a few moments he leans back against a table. "You've not looked through her file during the situation with Mindbender?"

Vance hmmmmmns, "Choreographed actors. True, but still I can picture it now, you giving a flying elbow to Dr. Doom or leg drop onto Bullseye." Vance continues to laugh a bit at himself picturing Tony in wrestling matches with various supervillains. "Cap is the best trainer I've worked with. And I hope he gets back soon. I gotta say, I miss the guy. While the current roster of the Avengers is great I miss the old camaraderie of the line-up last time I was on the team." Vance nods his head and pauses a moment, "I read up some on her file. You've really helped Tabitha out a lot. I hope to do the same for Kai, though you are right, it is different."

Tony laughs despite drinking water at the time. At the mention of Cap returning Tony looks away for a moment then covers it by drinking more water to replenish lost fluids. "Life has changed quite a lot this past year or so for everyone. If you're looking to get in some training I'm sure a few would pop up if you tossed out a message." Pushing away from the table while continuing to drink his water off and on Tony comes closer to where Vance is hanging out. "She's been through a lot. Kids got terrible case of getting mixed up in trouble not of her choosing." Shrugs with a shoulder the gestures with his water bottle. "You sure you want a piece of this? Or would you rather train with a sim?"

Trying to not get too smug as he has been taught to respect his elders Vance puts his hands together and cracks his knuckles, "I think I can take what you can dish out, Tony." Moving out back a few steps to give himself space and doing a quick few stretches, "Bring it on, Iron Man." He makes a squinty stare and then pauses a moment, laughs, and then gets serious again, "Direct combat training is the best way to learn."

"Really?" There's a rather dubious look cast Vance's way. "Whoa, whoa, whoa back up the wagons there Hoss!" Tony screws the cap of his water bottle closed then moves to set said bottle aside. "You want to set down some rules or are you just going to jump right in and hope for the best?"

"Hey the best way to learn to swim is jump right in right." Vance winks, "No powers on my part. No underhanded groin stuff, and…" Vance gestures to his face, "No harm to the face, of course… Gotta keep 'em happy, right." Vance leaps and down a bit stretching his neck and back and arms, "Reay when you are."

So the rules of this contest is no powers, groin shots, and messing up the mug? This means that there's quite a lot of good fortune sailing Tony's way in this contest. "You're sure about this? Alright then have it your way." Everything else is admissible! Little bit of a stretch and Stark strolls onto the floor testing the give beneath his feet then signals that he's ready to begin. This is a man who's been trained by Captain America, Happy Hogan, and James Rhodes. Quite a lot of experience in several martial arts, close combat military training, picked up a few styles over the year for fun, and likes to go dancing on occasion! Shifting on the balls of his feet he takes a few sweeping passes at Vance with a foot to the outside of a knee. Has to watch himself though.

Watching Tony stroll onto the floor, Vance takes a moment to think maybe this wasn't such a good idea. But really this is just a training how badass can Tony really be. One Tony is ready, Vance takes a defensive stance, he too has been trained by Captain America and is naturally quick and agile for someone his age who works out regularly. Vance attempts to evade the foot to the knee by shifting his weight and follow through with a gut punch to Tony's ribs.

There's an unfair advantage on Tony's end. Training aside, experience aside, he's been physically altered so that he's capable of more than one would expect. Super strength, reflexes and a healing factor to round things out. This is merely a spar to give a good work out. The last spar Tony was involved in didn't turn out well so there's a bit of caution in play in the back of Tony's mind as Vance takes a shot at him. The dance of trading moves begins though it seems Tony's pulling shots up before they connect merely letting them get to where they are intended to reveal a problem.

Surprised by the speed at which the blows are coming, Vance is able to evade with most, but a few connect which really catches the youth off-guard. Vance takes a leap back catching his breath, "I never realized how fast you are." Taking a quick breather he is back right in with Tony though taking a less offensive and more defensive technique as he blocks a few more of the blows, but is again surprised by the force behind them.

Tony holds his hands outward to his sides, "That's not about to turn into a for your age comment is it?" He's not seriously thinking it would nor would he care if it had come up as it's rather funny. Having meant not to hit the man at all a few have clipped apparently which has Tony recalculating what he's doing. There's no real force behind these blows as that would carry the weight of the metal within him as well. Vance might want to meet Kaji one day and learn about what it's like to be on the receiving end of a flurry of blows. Block a strike and bring up and elbow though it doesn't connect with Vance's jaw. "You should take advantage of mixing it up with Kaji, a few at Barnes as well."

"Kaji? That's your security guy, right? At the tower?" Vance overcompensates on dodging the elbow which doesn't connect but makes him almost fall over as he rebalances himself and attempts to move behind Tony and go low with a leg sweep attempting to knock him over. "I'll see if I can talk Jessica into some sessions."

"He was a part of my bodyguard detail for a time though he was more of a friend than guard. As of now he's merely my friend. He's been training with Taskmaster for a time now with the intent that he'll eventually try and join up." Tony answers the question as Vance reacts to the elbow and retaliates with a leg sweep that drops Tony to the ground. If not pursued quickly he'll snap up and be prepared to defend himself.

"I'll check out his file." Vance offers before he is shoved away. Taking another quick breather, he moves in when gestured attempting a quick jab and uppercut combo aiming for Tony's shoulder. Bobbing back and forth as he does so, "Yeah, I remember being rejected when I first tried. Hey it happens, right? I mean, heck we are Earth's Mightiest Heroes!"

Tony dodges attempting to push aside an arm till he can make a grab for a wrist to hopefully bend the arm back into an uncomfortable position then bring his other arm around underneath the other arm to get his hand at the back of Vance's neck. If successful he releases the hold a few seconds after it's made them shuffles back on the balls of his feet. The computer chimes the time reminding Tony that he has two hours remaining. "You know, I think you ought to go a few rounds with the grappling simulation and a bit of actual wrestling. There's instruction so the sim doesn't just maul you from the get go. I unfortunately must hit the shower and make myself presentable for a lunch engagement. If you need anything Jarvis is here today."

The move proves successful an Vance finds himself in a compromising position until released by Tony a few seconds later. Catching his breath, "Wow, Tony. That was good. I think I'll move on to the sim as you suggest." Watching the man head out, Vance nods impressed and then calls out a command for a simulated opponent to appear an he begins a new wrestling match.

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