2012-10-30: How Are You Enjoying Your Stay?


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Summary: Amunet gets ready to make a new dress for Sophie, while the two girls get to know each other.

Date: October 30, 2012

Log Title: How Are You Enjoying Your Stay?

Rating: G

NYC - Four Arms Apartments (Connor, Rashmi and Robyn's Apartment)

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It's mid evening and Amunet's managed to find a corner to tuck herself and her things into. With her books stacked up to one side of her and covered by the spare cloth she had brought with her. And the couple of clothes she has still in the bags being used as a pillow she doesn't take up much space. Up to this point she hasn't truely gotten to know anyone but today she seems to be keeping her eye on everyone as they bustle about. While she has a piece of rather murky brown cloth in her hands and seems to be working with pins and white pencil to draw out a pattern.

Sophie is presently sitting near one of the windows. She has it open a touch; not enough to really let the cold air outside in, just enough that she can hear the sounds from the street below. None of them are particularly happy; there are mutants in throngs who have been uprooted from their homes and bundled into this ghetto, and the occasional group of Purifiers looking to 'keep the peace' or something of that nature. The blond mutant rests her chin in one hand, expression largely unreadable behind her blindfold, as she sits idle, soaking up what sun there is available.

Seeming to take Sophie in for a long moment, Amunet finally asks, "How tall are you, Sophie?" Pausing in her marking out what she is on the cloth. Nibbling on her bttom lip now and again while seeming to be second and third thinking what she's doing.

Sophie hunhs softly. "Do you know, Amunet," she replies, "I… have not checked for some time, but the last time I was measured I was five feet and six inches." She pauses, and smiles wistfully. "I hope I still am that height. I would not want to be much bigger, it is sort of… Well, I am a girl, I don't want to be tall, that is all." She pauses, and tilts her head to face into the room, and the direction that Amunet's voice is coming from. "Why do you ask?"

Amunet thiks for a long moment, her gaze locked on Sophie's silhouette for a long while, "I… I'm making you another dress. I thought I.. I might try and see if this one might actually fit you though." Rubbing at her nose lightly with one gloved hand before then asking faintly, "Could I maybe try something? You'd have to promise to be still and not touch me. But if you … … if you trust me not to prick you with a needle could you let me measure you?" her voice more than a little sheepish but the tone showing she's at least got her self on something trying to be helpful.

Sophie's eyebrows rise, and her smile broadens. "Si, certainly," she replies. The blind girl rises from where she is sitting, and shuts the window before walking a few steps towards Amunet, hands held out in front of her as she moves. "I couldn't bring any clothes, and I expect the Purifiers would have taken them anyway if I had," she remarks. "If you wish to make something for me, I shall be very grateful indeed." She bobs her head, "Si, I trust you. What do you want me to do?"

After a couple of steps, Amunet says, "it's ok Sophie right there is good. Turn yourself around so the sun is on your face? Just put your back to me. It'll be easier for you not to touch me that way." The rustling of fabric is heard as she shakes out the rather musty brown linen and then tinkling sounds heard as she picks up a handful of stick pins as well. "I have enough cloth to make you a couple of dresses and then some extra scraps to fix some other pieces of clothes. Its… well it's not the best. I'm not the best tailor I'm still learning but it'll hold together and give you something that fits you right? Mostly."

Turning as directed, Sophie stops when she's facing the window, and holds her arms up to either side of her. "It does not matter," seh murmurs. "The fact that you are willing to make something for me is a great generosity, Amunet… and as I say, I am grateful, si?" She hmmms softly. "I can lift my hair out of the way, if you need me to." Sophie continues to stand still, otherwise, patiently waiting to be measured up. "If I may ask," she murmurs, "What happens when you touch people? If it my asking does not make you uncomfortable, that is."

The sound of foot steps moves Amunet to behind Sophie and the faint rustle of fabric has her pinning the fabric to the blind girls back, "I'd rather not talk about it. I'm sorry.. it's nothing personal but I trusted my father and I… I have to… to be careful.." Her voice trailing off before a small cold strip is lain across your shoulders, "Turn your hands facing out so I have thew backs of your hands."

Sophie turns her hands just as directed, and bobs her head once. "As you wish," she murmurs. "I would never seek to make you uncomfortable. You may talk to me about anything you like, though, if ever you decide you need someone to talk to." She holds still as the fabric is pinned to her, and leans her head back as she waits. "I am sorry that what transpired between you and your Father was not to your liking," she adds, gently. "And I am sorry you have come to this place. But, I am glad to have met you, si?"
Amunet keeps pinning and pinning, she's got an unorthodox way of working but much like she's used to working with a tailors dummy. Pins are used to bring fabric into place as she asks Sophie, "So what length do you /like/ to have your dresses at?" Bypssing the awkward comments for a long moment before murmuring, "I… I'm glad too I just. … well.. it'll take some getting used to."

"Full length," Sophie murmurs. "I was raised in an orphanage run by a convent, in a town on the southern coast of Spain," she explains. "I suppose my views on how to properly dress are different from most people my age, here. I prefer full length skirts and the like." She tilts her head to one side, and shifts to kind of… speak over her shoulder a bit. "Listen to whatever Rashmi tells you," she murmurs. "She is very wise, and her advice will be invaluable to you."

Amunet nods faintly and says, "I have the same rules but ony cause my fauther was born egyptian. So when it comes to a child and dress length, and well.." Shrugging a bit to Sophie before she asks, "Long sleeves and high necks? Or just a round neck? I can't do much more than a high neck, round or square neck. I was still learning necklines."

Sophie's brow furrows. "I am not sure," she admits. "Whatever you think would look good. …I usually like to show the part of my skin below my throat that glows, but that might not be entirely wise these days." She pauses, and shrugs her shoulders. "But then, it isn't as if I can pretend not to be a mutant, nor would I even if I could." She bobs her head once, and shifts her feet a little, to keep comfortable. "Have you ever been to Egypt? I have always thought it fascinating, but never had the chance to go."

Amunet nods her head as she says, "I'll make a small square neckline then enough to give the point open you like but not enought o be immodest." Maknig more notes on the cloth around you. Pins and marks with the pencil pressing in against the cloth that still is wrapped around Sophie. "Oh yes I've been there a few times. I miss the hot weather to be honest, but I've only been there a couple of times. Grandmother wasn't too happy to find me in jeans the last time. She's a bit particular to the old ways."

"Well, I would think that what you wear ought to be your choice," Sophie muses. "But I suppose in a lot of places it isn't." She chuckles softly, "I have never worn jeans, myself. Are they comfortable?" She shifts her feet once more, but otherwise keeps as still as she can possibly manage. "Someone at school told me the other day that I dress like a grandmother. …It is hard to dress when you are blind, to be honest; I really only buy clothes that are all close to the same color, that way I know whatever I am choosing will match."

Amunet shrugs and says a moment later, "I won't put bad colors on you they'll just be modest colors this one is a murky kind of brown. It's not a rich color but it'll look good on you. It would be better if it was a richer color but it's all I have that isn't a print of some kind." Finally she finishes with the pins and stats to unfasten what she's done from Sophie's other garment. "Ooh careful almost pricked you. There we go." Truely sounding like shes relaxing a bit while working on this project. "Jeans are ok. Better in the winter than dresses for keeping you warm. I just started wearing leggings under my dresses to keep my legs warm after a while."

Sophie bobs her head. "Never underestimate the power of leggings," she agrees. "I think the Mother Superior would have smacked me if she'd caught me wearing jeans. …Mind you, she would have smacked the boys, too. Now though, she would respect my choices, I think. Speaking of which, I must call her soon." She keeps still while she's being unpinned, but once Amunet is down as far as her waist, she does drop her arms and clasp them in front of her, so as to keep her uncovered hands suitably far away from Amunet. "I wouldn't think you would try to trick me into wearing something outrageous," she adds, bemusedly. "Though it would be amusing, I've no doubt."

Amunet can't help but give a small sounding giggle, a brief moment of bemusement before pulling the cloth away and then with the clinking sound of pins being put in their box she says, "Ok Sophie you can sit down now. I'll try and sew this up. I don't have my sewing machine so it's a bit slower but it shouldn't take too overly long I wouldn't think."

The blind girl bobs her head, and turns to make her way carefully back to where she was sitting. "Thank you," she murmurs. "I'm looking forward to trying it on, si? It will be wonderful just to have more than one thing to wear." She sits, and smooths out her skirt, before paying some attention to her hair. Her blindfold is adjusted too, before her hands drop back to her lap. "So… do you speak Arabic? I know you mentioned text books."

Amunet nods a small bit before remembering that Sophie can't see her, "Yes I do. Not as fluently as grandmother would have liked but I'm working on it. I speak egyptian better than i do arabic. But I write in arabic better than I do Egyptian." The rustling sound coming again as she shrugs the smallest bit. Moving back to her cornee to sit down and ever so slowly starting to cut the design free of the fabric where it's been pinned together. "How long have you been here?"

"Only a day longer than you." Sophie turns to face sideways, to enjoy the feel of the sun against her skin through the window, though she doesn't open it again for the time being. "Barely twenty-four hours longer. I cam in the afternoon, and spent a good few hours wandering alone… until after the sun had gone down, and Rashmi found me, which was fortunate." She shakes her head slowly. "I do not like this place," she whispers. "But it was my choice to come here."

Amunet is silent for a long moment, her fingers having stopped with the cutting out the fabric, before then saying softly, "How long do you think we'll have to stay here. I mean… Miss Rashmi said she had friends out there, they'll come to get us out won't they? Wont they?"

Sophie's expression falls, and she remains silent for a long moment, visibly at war with herself. "I do not know," she admits, at last. "I do not know what will happen, Amunet, I am sorry. The friends of Rashmi are powerful indeed, but… I think if they *could* have reasonably come in here to get anyone, they would have come for me already, as I was in their care up until a few days ago. They have not, so… I am forced to think that for now, they are refraining to reckon with the Sentinels, at the very least." She holds her hands out, palms up. "This does not mean you should lose hope, si? There are wheels that turn, and our cause is being argued for."

Amunet leans in against the wall and she yawns widely enough to make noise. her jaw even popping a long moment. Not having slept much the night before it seems to be catching up with her. "Maybe… maybe they'll know whwre I can go when they do come… need … someone I can.." she yawns again as her voice starts to slowly trail off… "someone I can trust…. " the usual movement sounds of her hands having stilled as her breaths have already begun to even out even midsentence.

"You can trust Rashmi and Travis and I," Sophie whispers, once she can hear the slow, steady breathing indicative of sleep from Amunet. "But I will let you decide that on your own." The blind girl sits where she is for a time, before rising up to wander into the room where her sleeping bag is laid out.

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