2011-01-07: How To Plan A Dance


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Summary: The first meeting to plan an inter-school dance is underway!

Date: January 7, 2011

Log Title: How to Plan a Dance.

Rating: PG

Westchester - Grind Stone

The Grind Stone is a quaint little coffee shop with tables surrounded by various shape chares and even a few couches with coffee tables. Baristas in yellow aprons are ready to take anyone's order from a latte to a hot chocolate to one of their many specialty drinks.

Things have been arranged for a school mixer between Barnes and Xavier's and the students have volunteered/been volunteered to be on the dance committee. The Grind Stone has been set as a meeting point since it have a nice social atmosphere and doesn't risk the chance of being overly crowded or anything. Rashmi and Jeremy are driven to The Grind Stone by a SHIELD agent in one of their cars and is going wait outside till things are finished.
Still dressed in his Barnes uniform with a leather jacket zipped up is Jeremy. He's got his gloves on as he looks around the small town square before entering into the coffee shop. "It's kinda nice here." He says barely loud enough for Rashmi to hear as he isn't sure what to expect with everything and a bit overwhelmed.

Rashmi chuckles, bobbing her head and tugging the old mittens from her hands. "It is, yeah… You should see the school sometime, too. Oh, and don't worry about your gloves. This place is, um… kind of the school's unofficial weekend hangout, they're used to mutants." Pausing to scan the coffeeshop floor, she nods toward a pair of tables near the back. "That'll do, I think… want to save up a spot while I pick up our drinks? Whatever you like, it's on me today."

Today, Robin has decided to dress for looking good. If this is some weird dance committee, she has to look presentable to the students from the other school. While she still wears a light jacket, it's worn more for fashion than function, since being driven out here keeps her from having to be outside for too long. She pushes her glasses up her nose lightly, wearing today over her left eye a blackened lens that has an egyptian style eye painted on it. Closely behind her, her puppet follows. She glances about the place quickly before saying to her fellow student, "Do you know what the people we're meeting with look like?"

From behind Robin, the co-chair and Headmistress of Xavier's replies softly, "I would say look for a familiar face, correct?" Motioning with one finger towards Rashmi and company. Emma is dressed in her usual business white, her Aston Martin parked outside in the idle envy of most of the crowd present. Walking over with an easy stride to where Jeremy and company are, she adds, "Emma Frost… Headmistress of Xavier's." Nodding to the young man, before saying to Rashmi, "I've come to check in on the first meeting, and to see what will be needed from our side of things… if you don't mind?"

Mason wears a leather jacket over his button down plaid shirt and faded jeans. He opens the door for Robin, Emma, and her puppet before entering himself. "Nope, don't know who we're meeting with," he answers. After stepping inside, though, he spots Rashmi. "Hey, I think I do," the blond corrects, pulling his red lens sunglasses off and sticking them into his jacket's inside pocket. "What do you want to drink?" he offers, walking up to the counter and pulling out his wallet. He's got plenty of money to spend, no reason to be stingy. "Hey Rashmi, you taking part in this, too?" he asks as he reaches the counter behind her.

Jeremy shoves his hands in his pockets after tucking his now shoulder length hair behind his ears. He shakes his head at Rashmi's words. "Sorry, but…I don't really want to risk touching anything." He doesn't mention it but he does know what the school looks like through Hosea. He offers a polite smile to Ms. Frost and nods. "Hi..I'm Jeremy…from Barnes. Pleasure to meet you. And I have to apologize for Caleb not being able to make it tonight." He says for his roommate. Though seeing Robin he gives her a smile. "Hey…Robin, right?"

Robin and her puppet both approach the table, now that both Emma and Mason indicate spotting Rashmi. She blinks a couple of times and walks towards the table, her interest turning more to Jeremy's presence there. She returns the smile and says, "Yeah, that's right. Robin Keen. And you're…" she pauses for just a moment to remember, "Jeremy? Nice seeing you again!"

Rashmi turns as Emma addresses her, bobbing her head with a smile. "Not at all, Ms. Frost, and it's good to see you again." Her eyes find Mason behind her, and Robin at the table, her face splitting in a wide grin. "Robin, Mason, hi! Actually yeah, I guess I've been tapped to coordinate the thing," she says to Mason, turning back for a moment to order red tea for herself, hot chocolate for Jeremy. "Probably because of the whole having gone to both schools thing." Making her way back to the table, she sits herself down next to Jeremy, drawing her PDA from her boobag. "They do *real* hot chocolate here, not the mix stuff. I think you'll like it a lot. So um, Ms. Frost? Do we have a place in mind, or is that something for us to work out?"

Emma shakes her head once, almost a nonchalant toss of the hair as she moves over and settles down a couple folders in front of where she assumes the children will be sitting, "I have here information on several locations here and in New York to use… ones that I believe Miss Drew will approve of. I also have pamphlets for catering companies with me, as well as groups who do parties. A part of my contribution and to help you find inspiration."

"Yeah," Mason says with a grin back to Rashmi. "The school thought I knew something about music and dancing. Don't know where they got that idea." He orders Robin's mocha and his own chai latte. "Miss Frost, do you want anything?" he asks before finishing the order.

Jeremy nods to Rashmi and smiles. "Thanks Rashmi." He says before looking to Robin. "It's nice running into you again too. How've you been." Though there are some things about a her that he's remembering that he didn't register before. He looks to Mason and nods offering a gloved hand. "Jeremy." No last name is offered though. He rarely tells people it. "Thank you for the help Miss Frost. I've never been to a school dance so I don't know how much help I'll be." But he'll try.

Rashmi chuckles at Massons comment, eyebrows rising sharply at the information dropped onto the table, and that broad grin returns to her face. "Oh! *Perfect,* thank you *so much* Ms. Frost." Sifting through the leaflets, she makes some notes on her PDA, tilting her head. "…Actually Jeremy, that'd be a really good reason you can help. I mean, *lots* of kids at both schools sort of missed all the best parts of high school because of whatever gave them their powers, right? Well… there you go. We get to make *this* one something right out of a dream, so…" Smiling, the redhead turns her glance around the table. "…There's the first question, everyone. What would be the best dance you could possibly think of?"

Robin looks down at all the pamphlets and tilts her head slightly, "I just volunteered 'cause I thought it would be fun… what's our budget looking like?" That's kind of the most important thing to know when planning these functions: how much do you limit the best possible dance? She then looks back up at Jeremy, still smiling. She doesn't know that Jeremy knows what Hosea knows, so she doesn't know well enough to be momentarily horrified! "I've been alright. Christmas and New Years and all that. How about you?"

Emma replies to Mason, "Nothing that you… I was actually leaving." And then she offers a soft ahem before addressing the group, "Before I depart children… a few items. Your budget will be what you make of it. Raise money, beg, borrow, or bake sale it… and I will vouch that Xavier's will match every dollar raised to help pay for it, for which I'm sure Miss Drew will happily offer up the same. But this is your event. We are here to supervise, but not to help. Which means…" She says as she pans the table, "We will need to see all meeting notes, and you will need to demonstrate to us organization, scheduling, and progress. This is not meant to be a social gathering. That is secondary to the purpose of this."

As she turns to leave, the woman in white adds, "Notes will include votes, actions, times for meetings with vendors. If there is anything we can assist with, please feel free to ask, but understand… we want this to be your dance. We cannot plan it or prepare it for you." Stopping at the door though, she turns his head to watch the group with one eye, as she takes out a pair of white sunglasses, with white lenses, "Personally? I look forward to your food choices… do me proud."

Mason takes the drinks, and joins the others at the table. "Here you go, Robin," he says, putting the drink in front of her. "Okay, Miss Frost, see you later." The pop star takes a sip, and sits down next to Robin. "What are the locations we have to chose from?"

Jeremy listens to everything Emma has to say and nods nervously. He didn't realize it'd be so much stuff involved. "So..uh..best dance I could think of?" He asks as he sits down at the table and takes a sip of his drink. "I don't know, should we have a theme or something?" He thinks that might be a good place to start but what theme, he's not sure. "And I've been okay Robin." He says as he picks up one of the pamphlets and looks it over. "The Puck Building.." He mutters.

Rashmi bobs her head in response to Emma's statement, pursing her lips in thought as she opens up a few more windows on her PDA. "…Well that answers that," she says, once the Headmistress walks out the door. "A theme would be great; that's why i asked what the best dance you could think of would be. Once we figure that out, we can figure out a theme, and since it looks like our budget is going to be whatever we can come up with times three… I guess we should also start thinking about fundraisers."

Robin bites her lip slightly at being told about the budget, but nods, "Well, fundraising shouldn't be too difficult… we've got a lot going for us! We should probably pay a lot of attention to that, too, yeah." She thanks Mason for her drink and takes a sip, wincing slightly at the heat before putting it down. "Ummm, as for a theme, that might be tricky to nail down, but it'll help us move along." She looks up slightly in thought.

Mason waits until Emma is out of earshot before he answers. "Social event secondary? Don't listen to that part, it's a dance, it's to have fun. If the students can't party, then it's lame. A theme could be good. Like beach party. There's no good beaches around here, and people will be sick of winter, so it'll be a nice refreshing change." Of course, there's other options open, but that's the first he came up with. After all, he's from LA.

"I think she was talking about these meetings not the dance itself Mason." Jeremy says quietly as he tightens the gloves on his hands. "A beach party, so would people show up to the dance in swim wear? I don't know..theme…could go with like Secret Garden?" He asks as he figures the penguin look for men would be popular. "And fund raisers how about a bake sale? Or one of those raffles?" He's just throwing ideas out there.

"Bake sale would be good… Oh!" Rashmi's head shoots up, eyes lighting up. "What about a craft fair, too! I mean there's *all kinds* of creative types, and I *know* Robyn and Travis could sell their stuff! Hm. …Though if we wanted to, we could just throw all the fundraising stuff together and just plan like a whole weekend at Salem Center, raising money. …Or not. Either way. Um. I… don't know about swimsuits. …Mostly because swimsuits and dancing don't go so well together."

Robin shifts uncomfortably at the suggestion of swimsuits, noting, "Um, and too much exposed skin in superpowered individuals might be sometimes not such a good idea… not that I don't think it's a cool idea, just… maybe not the best with this group." She nods as Rashmi suggests a bake sale, noting, "I'm pretty handy at baking… I could whip up a whole lot of goodies."

"I didn't say we'd wear swimsuits," Mason answers, rolling his eyes. "I said a beach party theme. But that brings up a good question. What kind of dress are we going for? Formal like a prom, or semi-formal?" He takes another sip of his chai. "And I think doing a whole weekend with the Salem Center could be good for the fundraising. We'd have to clear it with the owners, first, of course."

"That's not a bad idea, the Salem Center funds raiser. Actually it's a pretty good idea." Jeremy says as he nods and agrees with Robin on the exposed skin part. "I thought it was going to be a formal thing, but I guess that is up for us to decide. I've never gotten to wear a tuxedo so a formal event might be kind of neat?" He throws in there as he starts to take mental notes of everything. "So a craft weekend here in Salem for a fund raiser?"

Rashmi's fingers fly over the PDA's screen, the redhead nodding to herself. "Honestly… I think a full formal would be the best thing to do. I mean, if we can manage anything half as neat as Mr. Stark's costume party, I'm pretty sure it'd be something for everyone to remember as long as they live. So, fundraiser… Robin, would you talk to Mr. Mayfair-Parker and see if you can get some volunteers to help out with the baking? If only because we'll probably want enough to hold us up all weekend, and you shouldn't have to do it all yourself. Mason, maybe scout out who'd be willing to sell crafts and see if they'd be willing? I can call Salem Center, and see if I can book at least part of the parking lot for the weekend, and that *should* do it for now for fundraising… So, theme. Beach Party's a good one, anyone else have an idea we can think about?"

Robin nods, "Yep, I'll look into it, for sure! I know it sounds lame, but I've always wanted to do a bake sale." She smiles, like for her that's a genuinely delightful thought. She opens her bag and pulls out a notebook, taking some notes, while Blank seems to make similar drawing motions at the same time. "I agree that formal would be really neat. I think I'd look pretty in a formal dress… Hmm. Maybe a 1920s theme or something? Kind of jazzy feel?"

"Stark!" Mason snaps his fingers. "Doesn't one of the kids at Xavier's work with him or something?" he asks. "I thought I heard that somebody knows him. Maybe he could donate something." He places both hands flat on the table before him. "So, it sounds like we all like the idea of formal. Formal is good. I can check about crafts with some of the people in Xavier's. I'm sure Robyn would make that kinda stuff." He glances at Robin. "The other Robyn." The idea of the 20s from Robin strikes his fancy. "Man, people back then had some cool fashion. I might have to rent a zoot suit for the occasion." As for notes? Mason doesn't come prepared, who would've expected otherwise?

Jeremy takes out his own school issued PDA and starts making a few notes of his own. "Roaring 20's, I like that. And we can mix some 20's style music in with more..what ever kids like." He doesn't listen to a ton of music unless it's soft rock or classical. "So we make it a 20's style dress code too, like 20's formal…whatever that is?" It seems like they're getting things for a fund raiser and a theme down.

"Oooh… swing dancing…" Yes, now the stars are in Rashmi's eyes over the idea, and her gaze loses focus as she tries to consider the feasibility of a crash course in the art before prom time. Snapping herself back, she shakes her head, clearing her throat. "Okay! So we'll need to talk to some costume shops too… I *think* I might know one, but I'll have to see what his rates are before I get definite. Probably we'll need to talk to two or three anyway, I can't imagine how impossible it'd be for just one guy to do everyone's outfit. So, hm. Jeremy, is there anything you'd like to take care of, while we're assigning chores?"

"Oohh," says Robin as Rashmi mentions swing dancing, smiling at the thought of that. Now -that- would be a fun party! This is all very exciting, readily available on Blank, who seems overloaded with enthusiasm. Robin bites her lip lightly and takes some more notes. She picks up the mocha to now take a sip since it's cooled off. "I think this'll be pretty neat."

"It's a dance, of course it'll be neat. So what do we want to do for refreshments? Make it a full meal, or just snack stuff?" He notices that everybody but him seems to have note taking devices, so he pulls out his iPhone. "If we do a full meal, then it would be more expensive, but classier."

As the questions is asked of him, Jeremy finds his hot chocolate interesting for a bit before spotting one of the pamphlets. "I can get prices on these places and try to figure out what dates they're open so we can work on booking one as soon as possible. Also setting up dates so that we can go look at them." It's not the most creative thing but it's something. "Well we are going with formal, Roaring 20's…I think the classier the better so full meal?"

"That's actually a really good idea," Rashmi says, nodding. "Full meal… I *want* to wait on catering until we know what we're getting out of the fundraiser… But probably better to call around and get quotes all the same. See what we can get for sit-down or buffet style, that way we have options. But I *want* to make it as classy as we can get it. Um… just a note," she says, raising her finger. "As much as I'd like to talk to Mr. Stark and have him fund the whole thing… I'm going to say no right now. Like Ms. Frost said, this is *our* party, we should really be the ones to put it together beginning to end. That's… not… to say that *salable* donations wouldn't be appreciated, especially for the raffles, but that's a different story. …Also. Anyone who knows a technopath, and they start to make suggestions, stop them before they talk about hacking banks or private accounts or something."

"And anyone who knows a telepath, stop them before they talk about hacking brains," chimes in Robin, brushing some of her hair out of her face and smiling, "And yeah, I definitely think it'll be a lot more fun building up to the dance if we work to get it funded, anyways. As neat as it would be to have an incredible starting budget, this'll be good."

"If you guys say so. But we better get moving, then. When do we want to have this?" Mason poses. "If we're going to get this fancy, then we better give ourselves plenty of time to get the money together. These kinds of parties cost a lot of money."

"Well I meant calling for location, a place to rent. Since Ms. Frost provided a few ideas." Jeremy says since location is key as well. "But I think our time is almost up, should we exchange numbers to find out when to meet again?" He asks as he figures calling and emailing might be a good idea too.

Rashmi nods, reaching into her bookbag by feel, and jerking a sheet of spiral-bound paper out of some notebook or other. Scribbling her name, phone number, and public email address on the sheet twice, she grins. "Well, we got a *lot* done already, if we keep this pace up it should be a snap. Robin, Mason, go ahead and give me your school emails, I'll draw up everything Ms. Frost wants and send it to all three of you. Jeremy can already get ahold of me through our school's directory, so there's that."

Robin turns the page on her notebook, and writes down a few copies of her number to tear out and offer to the others, as well as her contact e-mail, "Here you are. And yeah, I think we did pretty good here! Hopefully, the fundraising is as much of a snap. I've never been to a dance before, so I'm getting pretty excited!"

Mason gives a glance to Jeremy. "Okay," he says, "So remember, no selling this," he instructs, ever cautious about giving people his contact information. "I don't want to get fangirl mail in my inbox next week." The boy knows Rashmi and Robin, but he's only run into Jeremy once before. "When we get back together, we'll have to figure out what kind of music we'll have. Live music would be great, and no, I won't perform." He thought he'd get that out now. He wants a chance to be the audience sometimes, too.

Jeremy gives Mason a completely confused look as he has no clue who he is except that he's on the dance committee and goes to Xavier's. "Why would I sell your email address?" He asks as he hands out his to Mason and Robin. He just shakes his head and thinks Mason is a bit crazy as he stands up. "Well…it was nice meeting you Mason and good to see you again Robin." Jeremy says as starts to put his jacket back on.

"Because he's kind of a big deal with the tweenie crowd, Jeremy," Rashmi chuckles, finishing off her tea and getting out of her own chair. "Look him up online sometime. Don't worry, Mason, your secret is safe with us, and I was honestly thinking about some of our teachers, as well as a DJ. I don't know if Mr. Gilpatrick does much swing, but I'm *pretty sure* I could talk one of ours into doing a number or two…"

Robin takes all the numbers and e-mails offered to them, tucking them between the pages of her notebook, "Nice seeing you again too, Jeremy…" She finishes off her drink and gets up from her chair as well, pushing her glasses up gently, "I'll see you guys later."

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