2009-03-11: Humans Are Dogs


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Summary: Kage runs into Kas and Paul and the three talk about their views on humanity.

Date: March 11, 2009

Log Title Humans Are Dogs

Rating: PG

NYC - Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is a residential and shopping area of Manhattan. The neighborhood is upscale and home to the richer residents of New York City. Row houses line the streets in-between the more commercial buildings of the city. Upscale restaurants, clothing and jewelry stores can be found on the Upper West Side.

With things winding down on the island and more happening around the city, Kas has felt it more possible to go out and about. Of course, he's generally cranky about it. However, if his brother's with him, it's bearable. Even now, he's walking the streets, just glancing between clothing stores as he goes. "What do you think, Paul? The black sheer shirt in that window back there… topped with an open buttoned shirt? On me?"

"On?" Paul asks with a little pout. He's got a little bag of fruit-flavored candy with him, popping a few pieces into his mout before going on. "You know we make any clothes look good, Kas. Especially you…"

With the way things have been in the city lately, Kage won't let it stop him from going out, after all it is his city, but that's not to say he's stuipd about it as he doesn't go out with out any sort of…reassurance. As the twins are stopped outside a window, it's hard to say if Kage's been following Kas and Paul invisible or if he just happened to be in the area and recognized the two life signatures. Walking up behind the two in his femine atire and makeup as usual, he smiles. "I think it would look just fine on you." He's not checking Kas out, he just respects people who can dress well.

"Well, that's beside the point, Paul. I just mean… should I get it to show off." Kas laughs until he hears the voice, stopping. He glances over his shoulder to see the transvestite with a chuckle. "Ok, the real one. Good." He says with a half eyeroll. "Better than that other shit we saw a few days ago."

Paul pops a few more pieces of candy into his mouth before answering. "Sure. Are we gonna get it the normal way or the fun way?" he asks. When KAge speaks up, Paul frowns and looks over his shoulder. "Oh…" he trails off. "Of course it'd look good on my brother."

"The real one? Of course, there is only one me." Kage states as he hasn't had the honour, or misfortunate, of running into his other half. "Well it's good to see someone have a sense of style, so many of our kind don't realize that we're better so we should look and act better." He says brushing a strand of hair back. He looks Paul up and down for a few seconds before smirking and offering a hand. "I don't believe you've had the pleasure, I'm Kage."

"Oh, there is another you. The one from this invading dimension. He dresses like a man. He's in the company of a milquetoast whiny version of myself and an aggressive version of my brother. Sans scars." Kas says, reaching out to lean against his brother. "You've seen each other before, but not met." He says, chuckling.

Paul frowns as he leans back against Kas. ~~Look better? Then why does he dress like that?~~ Paul transmits. He hesitates for a moment before giving a very strong handshake, making a point to show off his grip. "I'm Paul…"

Kage returns the handshake and even though he looks delicate it's a fairly firm handshake. He grins at the fact that Paul is making a point to show off his grip. "Oh is there, that sounds like it could be exciting. So he doesn't dress this well and basically they look like us but aren't us, I'm curious."

"Yes. And they don't have our charming personalities either. Paul wouldn't let me hurt mine, though." Kas rolls his eye. "Whiny little shit that he was." He shrugs. "What brings you down here?" He asks politely as he turns to look back at the shirt inside. It starts lifting itself off the display, slowly sliding above the ground.

Paul makes a face and squeezes Kas a bit. "You saw how he got. Just cause he's not always mean doesn't mean he doesn't have it in him…" he trails off, leaning his head against Kas.

Kage gives Paul a disapproving grin. "Even if they are a mutant, if they act inferrior you should treat them as inferrior." He states and that's his honest view point. "Oh I was just out wandering about when I sensed a familar life force and decided to say hello." He says nonchalantly. "Just a word of advice, don't show sympathy for the weak."

"I told you, Paul. Especially since they're not really people anyway. They're illegal dimensional aliens." Kas says with a hard nod as he chuckles. "It's not like it matters." Of course, this is coming from someone leaning against his brother, being protected.

Paul rolls his eyes. "Oh please, like you care about someone being illegal or not," he says. Shaking his head, Paul empties the rest of his candy into his mouth, going mostly quiet as he chews it all up.

Kage can't help but let out a delicate laugh as he tosses his head back. "Oh please, it's more that they're /just/ people, they're not mutants. And if they're mutants who think they're /just/ people they are sheep like the rest. We were put here to be superior and rule over them, if we decide they're not worthy enough to live, then so be it. They're nothing more than dogs."

The shirt slowly makes its way outside and into Kas's waiting hands. "There we go. Nice clothing. No loss of income." He smiles politely to himself and his brother. "I'll let you take it off me later." He chuckles, before nodding to Kage. "Either way, they don't matter."

Paul pouts at the appearance of the shirt. "Aww…that's not the fun way…" he trails off. Any further complains on the matter are stopped by Kas' offer. "Okay!" he says with a grin. He then blinks. "Dogs? No…that's a dog," he points to a stray in a nearby alley. "They were humans," he says, seeming confused there.

Kage gets look of approval from Kage. "No it's not the fun way but it's a good way." Kade's a professional theif, for him, the fun way it to wait till the stores closed and try to bypass all the alarms. He's a thrill seaker. "No no no Paul, animals and humans, there is no difference. Years ago humans were said to be greated so they ruled over the animals, now we're greated so we're the ones to rule over humans and animals, thus, putting them all into one category, animals."

"He means they're worthless. Most of them just don't matter, love." Kas squeezes Paul's hand, gently. "They can't resist us, because they're LIKE dogs." He explains before looking to Kage. "Sorry, he still harbors a modicum of pity towards them."

Paul frowns and tilts his head to the side. "That's just confusing…" he trails off. Crumpling up the empty bag, he tosses it in the general direction of a dumpster with a gravimetric push. "They're not like dogs. Dogs are all furry and have tails and walk on four legs and.." he just trails off.

Kage just shakes his head, he doesn't want to sound like a broken record. "Well, you'll have to fix that, won't you Kas." Kage says in regards to Paul harboring pitty towards the humans, frowning slightly. "So, we should talk sometime in a place more seculded sometime…there are a few things I'm curious about."

"Why secluded? I don't care who thinks what. What are you curious of?" Kas asks, looking at Paul. ~~He means they're worth no more to us than Dogs are. Playful and fun, sometimes, but ultimately, they don't matter.~~ He tries to explain.

Paul just frowns at Kage, little gravity rumble occuring. ~~But…oh,~~ he replies. ~~Can I hurt him sometime?~~

Kage looks down at his painted nails and shrugs. "Just sometimes seclusion is nice but anyway, I was curious, what are you view points on things Magneto has acomplished for our kind? You see an…aquantance and I are always looking for those with like minds…" He says with a sly smile.

"Honestly, I've never paid attention to anyone in particular. I just look at what I can do or cannot do." Kas says with a nod. ~~Oh, come now. He's not being mean. And he really doesn't seem so bad. We share a lot of view points.~~ "Personally, I think the rubbish needs to be taken out or used for entertainment."

Paul makes a face. "Magneto? The guy that wears a bucket on his head and has a big purple cape?" he asks. ~~So? I don't like him,~~ he transmits stubbornly. "What aquaintance?"

"Just…an aquantance." Kage says sourly as he doesn't like Paul disrepecting his hero. "Yes, that Magneto, one of the greatest mutants who ever lived and knew our station in this world. I'm sorry Kas, you might be interesting to talk to about somethings but I'm afraid your brother wouldn't share our views."

"Please. I've seen some of the people that have worked with him in the past." Kas may not keep up with Magneto's needs, but he HAS seen the team members. "Like the fat guy, or the bouncing one with the tongue. Paul could easily do better than they ever would at things. Not to mention, Paul will do what I want him to, because he knows my ideas are good." Kas leans harder against Paul. ~~They could be fun, Paul. He's got friends who are more like us. Perhaps we should see what they're like.~~

"The bouncing one with the tongue is a disqusting little critter named Toad, but he at least knows his place in this world and does something about it." Granted Kage may visiblly cringe everytime Toad get slime on his expensive carpet, but he's his teamate and Magneto did accept him for a reason. "Well, I'll have to consider your words."

Paul scowls again as Kage begins to say he wants Kas but not Paul. That's never something that goes well with this twin. He pauses as Kas speaks up, holding back the attack he was going to let loose. ~~…okay, Kas…but I still wanna hurt that one sometime…~~ he gestures towards Kage with his eyes and relaxes against his brother.

"It's both or none with us. I do nothing without my brother." Kas says simply as he nuzzles up against his brother, teasingly. Of course, it's all for show. But then, the general public doesn't know this. ~~If he does something stupid, then I don't care. But for now, no. I mean it, Paul.~~

"We'll talk more, here's my card." Kage says pulling out a business card with his name and a phone number on it, nothing more. The phone number, if traced, just goes back to a pre-paid phone. "I understand, but I must be going now, I have things I must attend to." He says before just walking off and like usual, after a bit he just vanishes.

Paul smiles at the nuzzling and news. ~~Or if getting rid of him helps us do better? Huh?~~ he asks his brother. He keeps quiet as Kas and Kage speak, waiting until Kage vanishes to speak up. "Whar're we gonna do now, Kas? More shopping?"

"We'll get some shopping done and go home." Kas says, nodding as he looks for a few more shops. "Maybe I'll find a few things for you." He grins before pocketing the card. "Of course. You know how to reach me as well."

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