Hunter "Kowari" Black
Hunter Black
Portrayed By Sam Worthington
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 9th
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Kowari, Bounceback
Place of Birth Melbourne, Australia
Current Location New York City
Occupation Bodyguard
Known Relatives Michelle Black(mother), William Black(father)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Kinetic Energy Redirection
First Appearance Central Park
Alternate Versions Future Hunter


Hunter Black was born to Michelle and William Black of Melbourne, Australia. His father was a dock worker down at the South Wharf, his mum spent her days dividing her time between being a mum and a part time job at the local mart. Hunter is an only child with boundless energy. For most of his childhood he grew up on the outskirts of Melbourne and ran with a small group of mates.

Grade school saw him as the class clown. Either he was in trouble for disrupting classes or sitting in the principals office for refusing to do his school work. With his parents busy with the daily grind they didn't have much of a chance to really crack down on his behavior. This trend continued all the way up to his high school years. Freshman year of high school brought a new turf and a since of freedom that he hadn't felt before. Now he could choose what he wanted to do for the most part and what he wanted to do was after school sports. That unfortunately meant making passing grades just to keep eligible. On a whim he went out for the freshman rugby team and found his niche. Coaches and peers looked to him to save games, which he did, and that seemed to happen in every sport he became involved in.

Even though Hunter excelled at sports he was an accident prone kid. Little things kept happening with more frequency as he got older. He'd daydream at the dinner table only to find that he'd bent the fork in half or he would pick up a mug only to have it instantly shatter. He was so prone to accidents that when he helped his father down at the docks they kept him away from anything dangerous.

When everything changed:
The weekend after high school graduation his best mates took him to the local bowling alley to celebrate. It was a bittersweet night that took a terrible turn for the worse. He begged off for the night at midnight leaving his mates to continue bowling into the wee hours. Out in the parking lot he noticed some kid from the high school getting tossed about by a handful of gang bangers.

Hunter rashly ran head long into the fight intent on tossing the gang bangers off the poor kid. He succeeded in doing so but the poor kid stumbled into the path of an oncoming truck. Without thinking Hunter tried to knock the kid out of the way but the kid ended up dropping like a stone. He then found himself facing the oncoming truck like a deer caught in the headlights. This is when a massive force pressed against him then rushed away from his body. The scene after that saw the gang bangers out cold, the poor kid looked like a bloody mess and the truck looked like it had ran into a wall at full speed. Hunter hadn't a clue what happened but he knew how it looked. He ran from the scene then continued to run after he grabbed what little money and clothing he could shove into his backpack at home. He could never foresee a time where he could tell his parents what happened and decided it was best if he just disappeared.

Years passed, he held odd jobs he always lost because he broke more merchandise than he sold. He began taking people on walkabouts through the Outback, a job where he rarely had to touch a thing. Every day he struggled with who he was, and what he thought himself capable of. Eventually he grew tired of running from himself as there was more to life than counting how many pints he ended up wearing instead of drinking down at the pub. No longer could he live without knowing what he was truly capable of and why.

Hunter was tired of living out in the middle of nowhere because that was the safest place for him to be. He went to a testing facility in Melbourne that confirmed that he had a mutation. It didn't surprise him nor did it make him feel any better knowing officially that he was a mutant. Impulsively he took all of the money he had saved up over the years and bought a one way ticket to New York. This seemed like a great adventure to go on and there were certainly enough news reports about mutant activity there that he might get to learn more about others and himself.

The Book of Black

Kinetic Energy Redirection - A thin force-field that is not detectable to the naked eye is always on around his body. The field can block an incoming physical attack up to a point. It would take something of considerable force to hurt him. EX. If Hulk hit him? Lights out Aussie. The maximum limit of his ability to redirect kinetic energy is 15 tons of force. The barrier is incapable of blocking non physical damage.

The energy that comes toward Hunter is reflected back in the direction it originated from. He does not have control over how much force is reflected nor can he redirect the energy in another direction. If you shoot at him the bullets will strike the field and return to the shooter. The speed of movement dictates the force being redirected. The faster the more powerful the return.

Due to the field any physical attacks made by Hunter such as kicks and punches are effectively double the normal strength of a human being.


2011 Logs

Date Log Title Cast Summary
April 23, 2011 Yabbering in the mall Kieran kevinp & Hunter Typical weekend trip to the mall where random people chat.


  • "Eh…I think I broke it."
  • "Oy, mate! I reckon you don't wanta be doin that."


  • Hunter is an avid Rugby player and fan.
  • Lived almost a decade in the Never Never and the Outback.
  • Total bibliophile!

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