2009-07-07: Hunting For Mgh Sources


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Summary: Robin, Skyler and Terry lose a fight and get kidnapped!

Date: July 7, 2009

Log Title Hunting for MGH Sources

Rating: PG-13

Salem Center

Salem Center, evening, things seem to be going on their usual way, that is until a man starts running down the street bumping into people. "Oh shit they're after me." He says under his breath as he continues to run, knocking a few old ladies and other pedestrians over in the process. What he's running from isn't quite clear.

Robin and Blank are just walking around together, generally taking advantage of the nice summer weather. Well, that, and buying new clothes. Robin has a bag hanging from her hand, while the spectral Blank carries three more. She pauses and adjusts her glasses slightly as she sees the man running, and glances around quickly to assess the danger. She comments to her puppet, who is neither likely to understand or respond, her eyes widening, "What's going on?"

Robin is not the only one that is out enjoying the summer weather. One of New York's newer super heroes, and member of the Young Avengers, known as Wave has decided to enjoy the day by taking a long detour from his normal patrol patterns to cover the area over Salem Center as well. Currently invisable to the naked eye he dropps lower as he spots the running man waiting for now till he sees a real reason to reveal himself.

Skyler, bored with doing chores at the Mansion, has decided to take a day off and hang around the Salem Center. He's shopping, but not for anything you can buy at a store. Being a copy of Logan has become too problematic, and this is a good spot to get lost in the crowd and become somebody else. That is… until he sees some guy running right at him. "Hey, woah," he says holding up his hands to try to get the guy to slow down.

Seeing Skyler there, or Logan, the man runs behind him. "Hey you gotta help me, they won't stop following me." He says and just as he says that four men round the bend and start firing on Logan and the man. They're not firing bullets but some kind of darts at the two.

Robin sees Skyler, recognizing the not-quite-Wolverine, and noticing the four men, and tries to figure out what to do. Robin's eyes close and the teen seems to freeze in place, and Blank seems to come more alive. The blue humanoid dashes off to try and help the two who are being fired at, while Robin stays still as a statue with her hand extended, fingers twitching lightly.

Wave watches the running man duck and cover behind Logan, and floats closer so he can try and hear what is going on untill people start firing on the two. As the darts fly twords Skyler and the man a wall of glowing light appears between them and the darts. Just to the right of Skyler a teenager dressed in skin tight white leather, with a yellow starburst pattern over his heart and what appear to be reflective crome lenses over his eyes fades into view. "Stop right there! You four better have a good reason to be shooting weapons in a public place."

Skyler grabs the man, turning his back to the men who's suddenly shooting at him, fully expected to be pelted by bullets. He finds that he isn't pelted by anything at all, thanks to Wave. His eyes dart up to the hero, and then back at the men pursuing them. "Blind then," he shouts up at Wave, and grabs a hold of the man's wrist and drags him along to find an alley to hide in.

The four men stop firing and pull out something else, something that look like one gernade each. Two are thrown at Terry, and one for Robin and one for Puppet. As soon as they get near the area they start to emit a hit shrill of a sonic attack. It seems they were prepaired for Superheroes. Skyler gets the same surprised, when the guy is dragged into the alley he pulls the pin on a sonic grenade as well, risking his own hearing to take the Logan impersonator down.

Robin opens her eyes, seeing that Wave seems to have everything under control. Blank continues to look alert, but no longer controlled or intelligent, and Robin runs up to try and catch up to her puppet. Then she sees the grenade. "Oh, no," is all she squeaks before she covers her ears and falls to her knees. Blank immediately teleports right next to her to try and protect her, dropping all of the bags, but quickly falls onto the ground clutching her head in pain as well. If Blank is just putting Robin's emotions on display, it seems that Robin isn't feeling much more than shock and pain right now.

Terry smirks a little at the Wolverine impersonator and says, "What and make people think I am a flasher?" As the men throw the grenades at them Wave assumes that they are explosives so quickly reaches out with his powers to catch them in mid air and create bubbles of light walls around them till they go off. Of course as the sonic attack starts he drops to the ground from where he was floating a foot up. The shrill sound scrambles his concentration making his solid light constructs disapear and ensuring he can't fight back with his light powers for the moment.

Skyler has about enough time to growl out, "Clever," before the grenade goes off. The sound is enough to make him stagger, and slow him down, but he's able to grit his teeth and bear through it to kick the grenade out of the alley.

It seems that these guys were out to hunt mutants and were prepaired. Putting a special set of headphones on his head, one walks over to Robin and slips a nullifcation on her and then goes to shut the grenade off. The same thing happens to Terry as they're rendered powerless. For Skyler though, the grenade is kicked out of the alley and the two remaining men are rushing to their companions aid.

Robin cries out as if it's physically painful when the nullification band is slipped onto her wrist and Blank disappears with a popping sound. She continues pressing her hands against her ears and remains motionless, unable to endure that kind of physical pain.

The instant the device clicks in place Wave seems to go wild. He swings his arms to try and hit who ever placed the device, and trys to sweep his feet out to nock the man over if possible.

Skyler sees the two other heroes go down, and the nullifiers on, he decides that the discretion is the better part of heroics, and thumbs the panic button on his cell that's in his pocket. With his other hand, he pops his bone claws and takes a swipe at the guy that's in the alley with him.

With Robin being down and in pain, it's easy for one of the men to secure her wrists behind her hands and starts to pull her towards a van. Terry on the other hand does hit his target with a wild swing and the hit is returned with a rough punch to his face. Skyler manages to hit the panic button, alerting the X-Mansion, but as soon as the claws go out, all three of them start firing with round after round of tranq darts hopeing that an overload had an effect.

Robin kicks her feet wildly and yells as she gets pulled away, but she doesn't put up much more resistance than that. How can she? She's not particularly strong.

Terry is unfortunetly not expecting the punch in the face, or the fact that it would break the coverings he made for his eyes. The plastic covered with a reflective crome like film cracks and spider webs as Wave is nocked over and made just a little bit easier to drag off into the van.

Skyler grunts as he's pincushoned with tranquilizer darts. He's not going down easily, as Logan's natural resistance to poisons and supercharged healing factor make that task a difficult one. But once he's got enough tranqs in him to take down a herd of elephants, he finally does go down

It takes a lot but it seems like these guys were prepared in taking down mutants. With Skyler/Logan down and Terry thrown off from the face punch, Skyler is now nullified as well with their hands restrained and thrown into the van as well. What about the pedestrians viewing this in the street? Well it seems the bad guys flashed some NYPD look alike badges and claimed they were picking up dangerous mutants wanted by the law.

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