2011-04-22: Hy Em Called Franky


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Summary: Travis meets Franky, Franky Stein.

Date: April 22, 2011

Log Title: Hy Em Called Franky

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Evening in mutant town at the city is quiet. The streets dimly illuminated by the scattered streetlights and neon signs from various stores and shops on the main road, a few folks out on the street and even a few gliding through the air is not an uncommon sight.
In an alleyway the rather large form of Franky sits with his back to a wall, his grubby clothing and unkept appaearance would mark him as just another of the city's homeless if not for his sheer size.
A Shopping cart nearby is filled with old clothing and a few plastic bags of handout food from local shopkeepers, he sits under the glow of a doorway light apparaently reading. The worn battered book in his hands, "Hop on Pop" by Dr, Seuss.

Even in Mutant Town Travis tends to wear a jacket that hides his extra arms. Sure it makes him look a bit bulky but it does the job to make it so he dosen't stand out as much. Walking out of the bistro with a bag in one hand he walks down the street, looking about as if he might be a bit paranoid. He looks down the alley way and sees Franky sitting there and is about to pass him before he stops himself and looks back. He hesitates before speaking and takes a deep breath before he does. "Umm..hey. You need help with anything?" He offers to Franky.

Franky looks up as he hears the voice and smiles, a rather dopey grin under the scruffy beard and scaggly hair. He closes the book and looks almost thoughtfull for a moment before shaking his head. "I'ze Hokay, tenks for azkin." His eyes seem to glaze over a moment before he smiles again. "Ah, hyu iz mutent, hy iz mutent too. goot to be mutent yez?" He stands slowly, stretching and giving a grunt as he rises to full height. He sets the book back in the cart on top of a stack of similar titles. All children's books, sesame street, Dr Seuss, Dick and jane.

"Was just wondering if you needed any food or anything. I just got something from the Bistro and I figured if you were hungry I'd be happy to share." Travis offers as he can't just leave someone on the street to just sit there in good conscience. "Yes, it is good to be a mutant, I'm one too. I'm Travis." He says offering his name.

Franky seems hesitant to take the offered hand, though the smile still remains. After a moment or two he shakes but keeps the grip very loose. "Hy em not tryink to be rude, but hy em verry strong end doz not vant to hurt youz." He seems to think for a moment and nods "Food wood be goot, haz zum uf my own but notz much."

"Don't worry about it. I'd rather you not hurt me." He says introducing himself and offering the bag to Franky. "There's some sandwiches in there, feel free to take what you want." He walks closer to Franky doing his best to ignore the smell as he closes any distance between them. "I don't mind if you have it."

Franky nods and opens the bag, looking inside and taking one of the sandwhichs out before handing the bag back. "Tenk hyu, der ar zum goot pipple in zis zity. Hy ar vone uf dem." He smiles wide again and then blinks "Ah hy haff in rude, hy em called Franky, Franky Stein. At leas itz vhat zey called me in ze shelter. Only name hy hav zo muss be my name yez?"

"Franky Stein?" Travis asks as the irony of name isn't lost on him. "Wait, you don't know if that's your real name. Usually your name is the name your parents gave you. Some people change their names if they don't like it though." Travis offers. "Thank you for the compliment Franky but I'm nothing special with being a good person here, I just do what's right hopefully."

Franky shrugs "Iz only name hy hav. Remeberz the Shelter, rememberz the nize lady hoo took me to shelter. Notzing before dat.. no name, no parentz, notzink. Zo hy iz Franky Stein, iz goot name hy tink."

"Do you still stay in the shelter?" Travis asks wondering if this Franky guy sleeps on the street or if he has somewhere to go. "Franky Stien seems to be a very fitting name." He says with a nod trying to come off more polite then rude about it.

Franky thinks for a moment and shrugs "Zomtimes, hy em verry beeg an zey don't alvays haff room for me. I letz the odders haff ze rooms, hy am verry stronk end verry tough. Hy ken livf in der streetz ven I haff too, odders ken't dey iz not stronk enuff dey ken getz hurt."

"That's very kind of you but noone should have to sleep out in the street." Travis says as he leans against the wall. "Just because you're strong and touch doesn't mean you don't deserve a read bed sometimes. You shouldn't have to leave in the streets."

Franky shakes his head "Vould try end get job, but afraid hy not verry schmott yet. Ken't doo much yet, verry stronk, but not verry schmott." He waves a hand towards the books. "Hy read.. sort uff. Vatch de TV in de shelter zometimes. Gettink Schmotter slow hy tink. Real bed nize, but odders need de bed more. Novone try to fight me, too stronk. Zo zey ztay in ze shelter, hy ztay outzide ven hy must."

There are so many things that Travis wants to ask Franky but most of them are too personal and he isn't sure if he should pry that much. "How old are you Franky, if you don't mind me asking." Sure the man looks older but the way he talks make Travis wonder if he's five or something. "Did you ever go to school or anything?"

Franky seems to think for a few moments before he shrugs "Do not know. ken't rememberz iv hy vent to school, ken't rememberz ven hy vas born. Don't know much zo hy tink hy did not. vould be schmotter iv hy vent to school hy tink."

Travis frowns and nods slowly. "That's…wow. I couldn't imagine not being able to remember if I went to school or not or not being able to remember when or where I was born. Do you know anyone besides the shelter lady or are you all alone out here?"

Franky smiles wide again "ho hy knowz lots uf pipple, hy knowz ze pipple in de shelter, ze nize lady in ze shelter. Zome uf ze pipple in ze storez in ze zity. Hy do tingz like liftink for zem and zey gif me food an zomtimez money." He points to the corner store across the street. "Mizter Benzon lifs dere, hy lift and carryz hiz car too de fixzing place ven it broke. He gif me lotz for dat." He grins, seeming rather proud of himself for that.

"Carry a car…that's quite impressive." Travis says. "That's good that you have people you know, I was worried for a moment you were alone out here." He pushes himself off the wall and smiles at Franky. "It was nice meeting you Franky but I have to go back home. I hope to run into you in Mutant Town again. If you ever need anything like food or a place to sleep the Genoshan Embasy might be able to help you too."

Franky nods and smiles again "Yah hyu needz to getz home, not alvays safe out here. Vas goot to meet hyu Travis, hy don't go too far from zis zity zo hy not too hard to find." He nods again as the embassy is brought up. "Hy vent dere vonce, dey not let me take my kart in dere zo I schtay out here vit it. Not vant zomevone to take my tings, hy like my tings." He motions to the shopping cart.

Travis nods. "That seems kind of silly that they wouldn't let you bring that in." He says with a bit of a furrowed brow. "Well, have a good night Franky and stay safe." He says with a wave as he goes to make his way back to Barnes.

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