2012-07-26: I Am Dragon


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Summary: Miwa shows that she really is a dragon!

Date: July 26, 2012

Log Title: I Am Dragon!

Rating: PG


Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

The sun has gone down, the sky is dark and the stars are out shining bright against a sky with a half moon. At least one student is lying in the grass, hands behind his head, looking up at the sky. He has his earbuds in, the iPod, resting on his chest as he looks up at the sky. He sings along to the country music he currently is listening to, in not the greatest of voices but about half the notes Nick hits are on key. "I went out driving trying to clear my head; I tried to sweep out all the ruins that my emotions left; I guess I'm feeling just a little tired of this' And all the baggage that seems to still exist….."

Not terribly far from where Nick is laying in the grass, there is a woman lounging in a lawn chair. Hildegarde is wearing a white sun dress and still has her sunglasses pulled down over her eyes. The fact that she has not moved for several hours coupled with a quick glance at her slack-jawed expression would lead anyone in the area to correctly assume that the woman has fallen asleep out here. The glass of lemonade sitting next to the chair has long since stopped sweating, a small army of ants hard at work attacking the lemon on the rim. The chair itself seems to have sunk several inches into the lawn. If anyone examines the furniture for any amount of time they will find its exxtremely sturdy iron frame to be slightly out of place and perhaps a bit uncomfortable looking, but it appears that it is comfortable enough for the professor to have dozed off in it.

Miwa walks out on the Quad holding a bright red apple. Like the teacher she wearing her sunglasses as well as that long red coat. She looks around seeing Nick she walks over and sits on the grass next to him, "konnichiwa Nick-San" She smiles at the guy.

Walking across the quad is one Sophie DeCosta. The blind girl guides herself along with her cane as always, but for once she seems generally free of any backpack or book or anything of that nature. She's humming softly to herself, and might seem oblivious to the world, but for the fact that she still manages to step around things she finds in her way. She walks right past Hilde without noticing; though as she approaches Nick, she tilts her head and comes to a halt. "I hear voices," she murmurs. "Who is there?"

"Hey there Miwa, and it's just Nick. None of that Nick Son crap." Nicholas says sitting up at the greeting. Then as soon as Sophie speaks he hops up to his feet, turning off his mp3 player and hoping noone heard him singing. "Hey Sophie, it's me, Nick. You need help going anywhere?" He can't help but make the offer for the blind girl.

There is a bit of movement from over by the professor. She waves her hand in front of her slightly and mutters something in German. Anyone who can understand would hear something about "Not wanting any onions". A moment later she quiets back down and seems to continue sleeping. And then there is a giggle. And she moves. And she sits up and looks down….And jumps out of her chair, slapping at her chest and yelling something about spiders in German.

Miwa looks up at the girl who has come over to her. She does notice she can not see the cane is a dead give away, "konnichiwa, I is Miwa Itou" She smiles at the blind girl, "what your name?" She pats the grass next to her, "please join." She looks back to Nick, "San is respectful."

As she comes to a halt, Sophie tilts her head and perks her lips upwards in a smile. "Thank you Nicholas," she murmurs, "But, I was not on my way anywhere difficult. You didn't need to get up for me; but I am grateful, nonetheless." She reaches up to straighten her blindfold a little, tugging it into place as she turns to face in Miwa's general direction. "A pleasure to meet you Senorita, I am Sophie DeCosta. You are new to the school, si?" At Hilde's outburst, the blind girl blushes ever so slightly; she might not (yet?) understand German, but it certainly sounded unhappy.

Looking over at Hilde, Nicholas' face shows concern. "I wish I knew more than a few words in German." He says not really sure what she's referencing but he heard his Grandfather speak it enough to recognize the language. "So what are you two girls up to tonight? I was just looking at the stars." He goes to mouth something to Sophie but half way through his first word he realizes it's useless. "Anyway, Ms Hilde are you okay?"

Hilde looks down at Nicholas, pushing her sunglasses up on her head and rubbing her eyes a little. "Oh I am sorry, I fell asleep out here again. The breeze was so nice earlier…" She takes a quick glance down at herself and twists her body as though looking for something. "There was a…Spider…It woke me up. But…" She appears to be satisfied that the spider is no longer on her. "I think I'm safe now. Sorry if I startled anyone!" She offers a slightly embarrassed wave to the students. "Ah! Miss Itou. How are you getting along? Are you finding your way around the mansion alright?"

Miwa look at Hilde and tilts her head, "what she said?" She takes a bit on the apple in her hand and then smiles at Sophie, "Hai, um I mean Yes" She stands her self and bows a respectful bow, "It is pleasure meet you, Sophie-San." She then sits back down and looks a Nick, "Exploring. This big place. get lost easy." She smiles, "What you hearing" She points to the ipad.

Sophie can't see the bow, and so it doesn't occur to her to return the gesture. "Well, welcome to Xaviers then," she replies. Her brow furrows, and she sweeps her cane in a circle around her feet, before moving to follow Nicholas. "Excuse me," she murmurs to Miwa. "A spider woke you up, Professor? Was it big and hairy, with long legs and far too many eyes?"

"Don't worry Sophie, I don't see any spiders around here, it probably crawled away." Nicholas says hoping to reassure her, though he is tempted to move his arm across her back to freak her, he holds back the temptation. "I was just listening to some Keith Urban, he's a country singer." He says before walking back over to where he was sitting. "Tonight would be a great night for camping."

Hildegarde seems as though she is about to repeat what she said to Miwa, but she stops when Sophie asks her question. Sophie cannot see the disturbed and horrified expression on Hilde's face, but the professor's footfalls are audible as she checks herself again for spiders. "I don't know! I shook it off. Why would you describe it like that? Are you missing a spider?" Her expression turns concerned. "Sophie Costa, if I find out you've been keeping a tarantula in your dorm room…" She takes on a chastising tone. She would agree with Nick that it would be a good night to camp, but now she is just concerned about a potential zoological outbreak in the dormatories.

Miwa shakes her head, "No camping. No like the woods like city." She stands, "tonight nice night for flight" She takes off her red coat and there are a pair of large red scaly wings. She steps away from the other and opens them each about 10 feet long. She looks up and wing a flap and a jump she is air born.

Sophie chuckles softly, "Thank you Nicholas," she murmurs. Then her eyebrows rise, and she hunhs? "Tarantula? Certainly not, senora! I meant only to be joking with you, si? I would not like to keep a tarantula or any other sort of spider in my room or otherwise." She pauses, seems to wrestle with something for a moment before continuing, "But my last name, it is DeCosta, si? Not Costa." …And then, Miwa is taking flight. The blind girl shuffles a quick step towards Hilde, and cringes, as if expecting to be hit by something. "What is going on?!"

"Don't worry Sophie, it's just the new chick showing off." Nicholas explains to the girl. He leans over and whispers to Sophie. "She's got like these red demon wings and she's just a strange new kid. Her English sucks." His gaze then shifts to Hilde and he stifles a chuckle at the thought of her being afraid of spiders. "Spiders aren't that bad, well depends on the spider but most aren't bad. I think Sophie's imagination was just running wild in regards to the spider."

Hildegarde shakes her head and places a finger to her forehead. "DECosta, of course. I'm sorry dear, just woke up and all. And of course you wouldn't have something like that…" And then Miwa is flying. She gives Nicholas a disapproving look at his explanation. "She is new here. Perhaps she is not used to being in an environment where she is able to be herself without fear, hmm?" And then about the spiders. "Oh well spiders are HELPFUL I guess. That doesn't mean I want them laying their eggs in my hair."

Miwa climbs and then does a loop in the air and then spins. She giggles at the flight. She then circles the school and the comes to a hover in front of the others, "Told you I was dragon." She smiles at Nich

Sophie stumbles forwards a couple of steps, to make sure she's out of range of the wings before she stands up slowly. "Si, I would not be keeping a spider," she affirms. "I wouldn't know how to care for one even if I wanted one." She pauses, and bobs her head once towards Nicholas. "I… wouldn't know anything about her, I have only just met her," she admits, "But I am sure there are several people here who could mentor her in English, if necessary." She bites her bottomw lip as Miwa speaks, and clasps her hands around hte top of her cane. "…Dragon?"

"Probably for the best." Nicholas mutters in regards to being in an environment where a mutant couldn't express themselves due to fear. "Yeah, Dragon, you look more like a fairy or something." He says giving a small grin before trying not to chuckle at Sophie. "Like I said she has red wings. No tail or horde of treasure though…wait." He looks up at Miwa. "Do you sleep on a pile of gold, gems and treasure?"

Hildegarde shakes her head at Nicholas again. "Nick, you shouldn't poke ufun. Miwa is…Not from around here. She may not understand the American brand of humor." She leans in closer to the two of them, "And I think I read something about breathing fire. I would rather her NOT demonstrate that ability on the lawn." She stands up again and claps lightly, "Very impressive Miwa. I had not seen your wings before. Perhaps when we have time later I could show you the Danger Room…Assuming you have not already had a session there?"

Miwa snorts and smoke comes from her nose, "No fairy Dragon" She then folds her arms and then nods, "yes fire breath" She looks up and takes a deep breath and a cone of red and white flames came from her mouth. Once she done she smiles and looks at the teacher, "Danger Room? What that?" She then circles the group slowly.

At the site of fire, Nicholas almost instantly turns white and back away from Miwa. There's a slight trembling from the teen as knees down in the grass and starts to take a few deep breaths. It seems that anything that's said to him is pretty much ignored as he calm down. After a minute or so, he says in a less than steady voice. "See fire, that's about a hundred times worse than a spider."

The blind girl sniffs lightly, and instinctively backs away a step. "Not fire," she murmurs. "Please, Senorita, not fire. I am… not really keen on fire." She brushes her fingers through her hair, and coughs softly. "And besides, I could heal everyone else, but not myself. I do not wish to be burned."

At the site of fire, Nicholas almost instantly turns white and back away from Miwa. There's a slight trembling from the teen as knees down in the grass and starts to take a few deep breaths. It seems that anything that's said to him is pretty much ignored as he calm down. After a minute or so, he says in a less than steady voice. "See fire, that's about a hundred times worse than a spider, I think Sophie agrees with me there." Nick's voice defiantly cracked a few times there.

A heavy hand comes down on Sophie's shoulder, though it is done in a reasuring manner. A few fingers come down to rest on Nick's shoulders as well as the teen kneels on the ground. From one of the upper windows in the school, a person's voice can be heard calling out. It sounds like "Quit shooting fire into the air! Some of us are trying to sleep!" and then "Quit shouting out the window! That's not helping at all!" and finally "What's going on? Are we under attack?"

Hilde waves her arms and shouts toward the school. "It's nothing to worry about! Go back to bed!" And then less loud, "Sorry, miwa dear, some of the students are disturbed by fire." She glances at the two near her to make sure they're alright. "The Danger Room is a place where students can practice using their abilities without damaging the mansion or disturbing the other students on campus."

Miwa frowns at the sight of everyone scared of her. She then lows to the ground and lands on her bottom, "I is sorry" She stands up and starts to walk away.

Sophie does calm down, as Hilde touches her shoulders; the girl is trembling noticeably after the great blast of heat, and grips her cane like a totem of protection against all evil. "We had to fight a dragon in Dracula's tower," she whispers. "That was bad enough, but it was in fire that I…" She trails off, and shakes her head slowly. Once more she pushes her fingertips trhough her hair, and swallows noisily. "I am alright," she murmurs. "I am fine. I will be fine, si?"

Nicholas is still taking deep breaths when he eventually stands up. "I'm…gonna head inside, just need to…get some water. I'll see you later." He says to the three, is mind obviously distracted at he starts to wander off towards the woods, and not inside like he originally stated.

The students are splitting up and heading in different directions! Hildegarde glances at Nicholas and reaches out a hand toward him, glances up at the moon, and seems to decide it is safe for him to be outside. "Be careful, Nicholas. And don't stay out too late, ok?" She'll wait out for him for a while on the chair here. She glances over toward Miwa, "Miwa? It's ok. You just startled a few people is all. I will show you the danger room some time when it is not so late. You can breath all the fire you want in there." And then to Sophie, in a quieter tone. "You are alright? I heard about that…Ordeal. I am sure Miwa did not intend to frighten anyone."

Miwa looks back at the woman and nods. She gives a soft smile, "okay" She then jumps again and she flying again she head higher and higher into the sky

Sophie blushes softly, and shakes her head. "It was frightening," she concedes. "But… less so, because there were several other girls there, and the boys who came to rescue us; so we looked out for one another si?" She pauses, and bobs her head on Nicholas' direction as he departs. "Take care, Nicholas," she murmurs. "God watch over you, si?" As Miwa flies off, she opens her mouth to say something else; but the winged girl is gone too quickly. "Thank you for looking out for us, Professor," she murmurs.

Nicholas doesn't turn back but gives a wave. "See you later Ms. Hilde, I won't be out long." He says sounding distracted. "Thanks Sophie, take care and God Bless." He says in return to her. "Have a good night." He says before disappearing out of view.

Hildegarde gives a small smile to Sophie, then realizes the girl cannot see the gesture and chuckles softly. "Don't worry dear. Miwa is just…It can be hard going to a new contry where you don't know anyone, yes?" She suspects that perhaps Sophie knows how this feels. "I am certain she did not intend to frighten you, but I think she might feel like she…" Hilde tries to find the words. "Perhaps if you could do me a favor and try to talk to her sometime soon? Let her know that you are not actively affraid of her." The woman stops and turns to face Sophie again, "You're not, right? Actively affraid of her?" She sits back down on the chair after inspecting it for spiders.

The blond girl bobs her head once. "Si, I will speak to her," she murmurs. "I'm not afraid of her, no. It was only a momentary fear, while there was flame and heat, and I did not know where it was coming from, nor be able to see it. I am… not fond of uncontrolled fires." She shrugs her shoulders lightly, as she pauses. "I am familiar with coming to a new country, si. But at least I had studied English before I came here; I suspect that she has not."

Hilde is looking at the forest, then glances up into the sky as though looking for some sign of Miwa. "Yes, I was fluent in English before i moved here…But I am not familiar with her situation. Perhaps she was not given the chance?" Hilde shrugs. "I do not know. Anyway, i will be out here for a while. You are welcome to stay out with me, but do not feel obliged." A pause, "You know…It probably wouldn't hurt to do a few danger room sessions with you and Nick to try to confront your fear of fires in a controlled environment. I'll look into it."

Sophie bobs her head slowly, as she chews over the latest suggestion in her mind. "It is probably a good idea, professor," she replies at last, very quietly. The blind girl falls silent again for a long moment, and shifts her can from hand to hand uncomfortably (though never far from her right, owing the the loop about her wrist.) "I…" she begins at last, and trails off again. "I do not like large fires because I lost my sight in a fire," she murmurs at last.

Hildegarde is slightly distracted by the diecovery of the ants in her lemonade, but she sits down the glass and turns to Sophie. "Oh? I…Do not believe that I knew this." A short pause, "I am sorry." Another pause. "I know Nicholas has reason not to like fire as well, but I think it would be wise to learn to face that fear in a place like the Danger Room. Then if you are in a situation in real life involving fire…Well perhaps you will be more able to stay calm and think things out."

Sophie nods slowly, and clasps her hands around her cane in front of her. "Si," she replies, "I do not dispute this wisdom, professor. If you would like to schedule some extra danger room time for Nicholas and I, then I would be all to happy to attend." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "You are right, if I must ever deal with fire again, it would be best not to be paralyzed by terror."

Hildegarde smiles and nods. "Good then. We will do it gradually. Building small instances of fire into other training sessions. I won't do anything too drastic right away." The right away part was said in a tone that would indicate she was kidding about ever making anything terribly drastic.

Sophie smiles pleasantly, as she sweeps her cane around her feet. "Si, I did imagine as much," she replies. "I am grateful that you take an interest in my well being, and Nicholas' as well," she adds. "Thank you, professor. …But… I think, if you will excuse me, I am going to go and get some sleep. I have been studying today, and now, I am tired."

Hildegarde smiles and offers the girl a slight nod. "No worries, Sophie. Sleep well. I will get in contact with you later about danger room sessions." She reaches down next to the chair and pulls up a kindle, turning it on to begin reading something. She will stay outside until Nicholas returns later on.

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