2011-08-13: I Am The Hell


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Summary: It's a nice night in New York City for fountain viewing and random meetings.

Date: August 13, 2011

Log Title: I Am The Hell

Rating: PG

NYC - City Hall Park

In front of the large white building with pillars, American Flags, and bell tower on top, is City Hall Park with its extravagant fountain. Four sets of black iron gas lamps sit on the four corners of the fountain, there the only gas lamps left in the city. Four spouts of water shoot in the center tier of the fountain and shower down into the water below. Four smaller pools sit on each side of the fountain where water pours into them from the main part. Benches sit all around the fountain with trees and flowers covering the grass behind.

The sun has gone down and the sky is dark leaving City Hall Park mostly empty. There is a small handful of people in the park and Jeremy is one of them. Smoking a cigarette while staring at the fountain and gas lit lamps his mind seems to be miles away. Even for the heat of summer he's dressed in jeans, a long sleeved navy blue t-shirt a black scarf and gloves, his long hair almost hanging in his face. Once he's done with his cigarette, he looks around the park, as if expecting someone, before his eyes settle back towards the fountatin.

July is out for a night stroll at the park. It is true that one must be wary of muggers and other bad-intentioned people, but July is confident her powers can wiggle her out of any situation. Pun intended. She smiles, humming a soft tune for herself as she walks, looking around idly, listening to the sounds of the night, unaware she's heading in Jeremy's direction.

Reaching into his pocket, Jeremy pulls out a pack of cigarettes and stares at it for a bit. He's not sure if it's just boredom or if he really wants another one at the moment. Looking around again his eyes settle on July, there's something familiar about her but he just can't put a finger on it. Like usual though, his shyness kicks in and he can't bring himself to really say anything.

July hmmms softly, walking around with a smilke, until she reaches the fountain, and notices Jeremy standing on the other side of the fountain, and she tilts her head, "Hello?" s he asks, waving her hand at his direction.

Jeremy drops his pack of cigarettes and jumps slightly as he hears the 'hello' and looks up. "Uhhh…hi." He says bending over to pick up what he dropped. "Umm..sorry if I was staring you just looked kinda familar."

July arches her eyebrow at that. "… You're… Jeremy, right? We've met a few times before." she chuckles softly. "That you, Jeremy?"

Jeremy nods. "Yes…sorry I don't remember your name." He says quietly and hoping that she's not someone from his past he doesn't care to remember. "A lot has happened so I apologize."

July has to chuckle at that, and smiles, "S'okay. And I'm July. Remember me now?" the girl asks, crossing her arms softly under chest chest as she looks at Jeremy, studying the man slightly, wondering what he's doing out at this hour, apparently studying a fountain.

Jeremy thinks for a while before it clicks in his mind who she is and he almost stiffens. "Oh, yeah. You used to try to get me to go to that school." His voice is still quite as he talks and Jeremy decides to take out another cigarette to light up. "How have you been?" It seems like he's having trouble getting the lighter to light with his gloves on.

July chuckles at the reason she's remembered, "Well, yeah, that was me." she nods softly, a bit amused. "Not gonna do that anymore, don't worry. Unless you want me to?" she giggles. Then she notices his struggles with the lighter, "Need a hand there?"

Jeremy shakes his head. "Please don't. I actually am going to another school right now though I've me a few people from that old school of yours." He says taking a deep breath. "No, I've got it, it's just the child safety doesn't make it easy." He says after trying a few times and finally getting a light.

July chuckles gently, "Child safety in a lighter. What happened to parents doing that job instead of the companies?" she shakes her head a bit, amused at that, "It's also amusing a grown man having trouble with child safety. No offense, but it is kinda amusing."

Jeremy's eyes glance away from July and he just kind of nods. He let's out a sigh before talking, his voice even softer than it was before. "There are lot worse things parents can do than let their kid touch a lighter and next time you try lighting it with gloves on."

July notices, by the way Jeremy talking about the child safety thing, and parents, she can figure that Jeremy didn't have it easy, to put it mildly. "I know." she says, shrugging gently. "Just trying to throw a joke to lighten the mood a bit. Not much to talk about, is there?" she chuckles.

Jeremy's eyes still aren't looking at July but more at the water flowing in the fountain. "I don't know." He says taking a long inhale on the cigarette, closing his eyes for a few moments before exhaling the smoke. "The mood was fine, relaxing. I'm just…" He shrugs as if that finishes the sentence.

Kalindi is flying through the sky on her golden disc above the park at a relatively low height and speed. As distracted as she is, it becomes somewhat disastrous as she sneezes, her disc stopping in the air as she stops and she slides off, quick reflexes allowing her to grab back onto the edge. The only option left is to make it look intentional, and so she lets go and falls to the ground next to Jeremy and July with a light thuff of her shoes against te ground, bringing the disc back into her grip. Her eyes shift lightly as she tries to assess whether anyone important saw that.

July doesn't even notice the golden disc flying in the night sky, so she's taken completely by surprise at the sneeze and the girl landing near her and Jeremy, "What the hell!?" she blinks, jumping away a bit from the scare.

The distraction from Kalindi is a welcoming one and Jeremy offers her a slight wave. "Hello Kalindi." He knows he's met her a few times before and she's always been quite nice to him. "How are you doing tonight?" He fully believes that the 'fall' was intentional with the way she made it look.

Kalindi spins the disc on a fingertip until it warps into the form of a staff, and she taps it against the ground to lean against it, just to complete the flashy entrance illusion. In response to July's question, Kalindi says, "It is me, I am the hell." She smiles and says, "That was a joke, because it is an answer to an expression." She turns towards Jeremy and says, "I am in a, ehh, very good mood tonight. It is nice to see you again, Jeremy."

July arches her eyebrow as she gets her composure back after being scared by the woman's sudden entrance. "I know what a joke is, Kalindi." she says, brushing her shirt softly and sighs, "You scared the heck outta me, y'know?"

Annalisa comes jogging down the path in a very simple set of athletic wear, sweat pants, a racer-back tank, and pink colored running shoes. She spots the group and gives a wave, stopping to take a few breaths of air nearish July.

Jeremy adjusts the scarf around his neck before nodding to Kalindi. "It's nice to see you again too. How are you doing this evening?" He seems a bit more social towards Kali, his voice a little bit louder than it was before but over all his body language still shows as him being guarded.

"Do you?" says Kalindi, in her strange accent, "Hmm. You do not seem to be laughing." She tilts her head slightly and says, "But it all turned out fine, even if you were scared a little, yes?" She smiles and then nods at Jeremy, "As I said, I am in a very good mood, my business is going quite well. And how are you doing?" She glances over at Annalisa, but her eyes don't linger long.

July arches one eyebrow again, "Yeah, you almost giving me a heart attack kinda kills the mood to laugh, y'know?" she deadpans, then she shakes her head and sighs. She was aboutto say something when she notices Annalisa approaching the group, and she waves back at the girl.

Annalisa looks about a bit confused, but shrugs, taking her typical place at July's side. "Whats going on?" She states, not posed at anyone in particular.

Jeremy shrugs at Annalisa's question. "Nothing really. Just in the park." Which pretty much answers exactly what's going on to him. "I'm okay Kalindi. Been doing a lot better these past few months. It's good to hear that your business is doing well."

"This is good that you are doing better! It is very good, and I hope that things will become even better," says Kalindi, nodding firmly at that, before looking towards Annalisa and notes, tapping her staff against the ground a few times, "It is not anything in particular, no? I was just looking around before I came down to the ground. Which is scary?"

Annalisa looks up at the sky, and then towards Kalindi. "From up there?" She points towards the sky, as if flying was an impossibility.

"Yes, from up there." Jeremy confirms like it's something normal. "I've never flown before so I'm not sure if it'd be scary or not. For you probably not, for me, probably terrifying as if I fall I would probably not land in one piece."

"You have not flown?" says Kalindi to Jeremy, "If you would like, you can sit on my disc some time. I am good with one passenger." She shrugs, though, and then adds, "But yes, from up in the air. I did not come down to the ground from under the ground. This would not make any sense in this language."

Annalisa stares up at the sky a bit hopefully. "Huh. I can't do that. But maybe someday." She seems to ponder to herself for a few minutes after that.

"Most people can't." Jeremy says mainly to himself more than to Annalisa. "Umm…I'll think about it Kalindi. It sounds like it'd be a bit scary. I think I'd be afraid I'd fall off." He says before smiling just a faint bit, his first smile of the evening. "I know a lot of people wish they could fly but I wish for other things."

Kalindi nods at Jeremy and says, "If you are scared of flying, that is fine, I am just offering that as an option. I like to fly, mostly because it is a very fast way of getting to places!" She pauses for a moment and considers, "What is it that you wish for, Jeremy?"

Annalisa stretches a bit, taking a seat at a nearby bench, she seems to be a little lost in her own thought. She sits there, snapping her fingers, each time creating tiny blue sparks.

Jeremy looks down at his hands for a long while after Kalindi asks her questions, the cigarette dangling from his lips practically ignored. He looks like he's about to answer before he shakes his head. "Don't worry about it, it's silly." He says lifting a gloved hand to rub at one of his eyes as if it were itchy.

Kalindi shakes his head and says, "It is not silly to wish for a thing… I know many people with wishes and dreams, and it is fine to have these things. And maybe, there will be someone to help you seek them, yes?"

Jeremy stands up and smiles at Kalindi. "No, it's not silly to wish but that's what makes them wishes and dreams. It's things that won't come true but you secretly hope they will. Like an overly optimistic Disney movie or something but at the end instead of becoming a real boy you know you'll just stay wood." He says before giving a wave. "Well I should be heading back to my school. Curfew and all. Have a good night Kalindi, July and…you." He doesn't know Annalisa's name so he just calls her 'you'.

Kalindi nods at Jeremy and says, "Well, maybe I should be going as well, Jeremy. It was nice to see you. And who knows? I have had some success in the business of making dreams come true in the past…" Clearly not getting the euphemistic undertones in her statement, Kalindi tosses her staff to the ground to form her disc again and steps on board. "You have a good night, yes?" She offers a nod towards July and Annalisa.

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