2010-02-22 I Can Has Chaperone? Redux


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Summary: Lorna finds Kael floating around in the night. And Kael asks Lorna something.

Date: Feburary 22, 2010

Log Title I Can Has Chaperone? Redux

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Boathouse on the Dock

A wooden dock stretches fifteen feet out into the water. Students can fish from the dock, or dive off if they like. A few rowboats, canoes, and paddle boats are tied to the docks for the students to use. A boat house where students can find paddles and life jackets sits at the edge of the water.

While it's a chilly evening, it seems that the warmth is taking a break for the night and letting some of the chill back in. Kael's floating above the lake; just watching the clouds roll by as he slowly floats about in the air. It seems he's got the hang of laying down in the air; though he isn't going fast. So maybe he hasn't gotten a total hang of it. The aerokinetic's hair is pure white as he looks up at the moon behind the clouds.

Melting snow crunches underfoot as Lorna approaches the lake, unaware of the aerokenetic at first. Her breath fogs the air as she comes to a pause by the icy shore, and she takes in the calm with appreciative eyes. The magnetic professor pauses and smiles upon noticing Kael. She doesn't disturb him immediately. Instead she admires him against the backdrop for a few quiet moments. "Howdy," she finally calls from the shore.

Kael blinks a bit as he looks up at the sky, and then he tilts himself upwards to look down at Lorna. "Oh, hey!" He smiles brightly as he floats his way down to rest just above the water. The swirl of air under him causing a mini whirlpool effect on the lake's surface. "Was kinda lost in the moment there."

"I gotcha," Lorna replies. "Easy to do around here, too. Kinda a nice retreat from the day, eh? Looks like you've been practicing." She returns his smile with an easy one of her own. "What's been up?"

Kael smiles, as if caught with his hand in the cookie jar and proud of it too! "Yup, been practicing every day actually. Or at least trying to get some of it in every day." He floats over towards the dock; landing with a soft gust of air around him as the swirl is released.

"Good," Lorna approves. "Looks like it is definitely paying off! No more introductions to the bottom of the lake, I hope?" Her brows raise, and a smirk of amusement recalls itself to her face. She chuckles.

Kael laughs brightly, blushing just a bit; though that could be from the cold. "Yeah, I haven't had one of those for a while." He hms a bit before, snapping his fingers at an idea before he says with a grin. "I have a question for ya." His hair bleeds white once more before he lifts off of the dock, floating back out over the lake.

"Oh, yeah? Question?" Lorna's interest is piqued. A yellow crackle arches about her briefly, then dissolves into the atmosphere. She lifts from the earth with practiced indifference, as though her body just simply and suddenly rejected the entire idea of gravity. She follows him, but at a distance. The occasional crackle of energy bursts and disappears, hinting at an otherwise invisible bubble around her.

Kael grins a bit, "Gotta catch me first!" A burst of air as the kid takes up up into the air. A bright laugh comes from the aerokinetic as he knows he's going to lose this race. But it's going to be fun.

Lorna's eyes roll disdainfully, but the gesture is quickly lost to the grin that beams across her face as the child in her takes over. She accepts the challenge, and yellow crackles behind her as she shoots off after him, propelled by the repulsive mechanics of her grip on the very earth's magnetic pull. "You just /have/ to make me work for it!"

Kael twirls around in the air to look behind him, and partially in the moment of the flight. He lets out an eep as he sees Lorna shoot after him. THe winds cut out from under him, making him drop out of the air. A few seconds of falling before the aerokinetic has the wind under him once more as he sinks back down towards the water.

Lorna doesn't miss a beat, and takes his feint in stride. She just shoots over, and almost appears to be heading onward until she loops back with an electromagnetic burst, and is shot downward like a bullet towards the aerokinetic.

Kael's eyes widen as she shoots back down, and he lets out a burst of air behind him. Trying to launch himself out of the way, and he floats over the water somemore, panting a bit more out of fear. He doesn't stay there for long as he shoots back up into the sky.

In a wide arch, Lorna skims the lake's surface. Actually, she appears to dip into it, but the water bubbles and billows around her magnetic shield, and not a drop finds its way on her. She rockets back after him with another static charge in her wake, throwing up mist behind her. "Oh yeah, good. You're practicin' is paying off!"

Kael is slightly frightened now as Lorna comes after him and he spins around; throwing his hands up as he says, "I surrender!" He laughs brightly before he starts to breath a bit hard. Mainly from adrenaline. "You so weren't going as fast as ya could, were ya."

"Maybe," Lorna laughs as she brakes with a hiss of energy. Arches of electricity flick around her, then die out as the flight energy about her dissipates. "Still, very nice air work. So, what's my prize, eh?!"

Kael blushes very slightly at the compliment and he says, "Thanks…" He blinks a bit, almost having forgotten that and he goes, "Oh! I was wondering if ya'd like to be a chaperone for Max and I to a trip to Vermont. For a Ski resort for like a week or so. Ya can bring someone if ya want to."

Lorna is taken aback. "Vermont? What? … Really? Where did you get the money for a skiing trip to /Vermont/ from?" She laughs. "That would be /awesome/. I'd love to, of course! … And I think I know someone who'd be perfectly at home going skiing."

Kael grins a bit. "WEll, I got the trip from a guy whom I've been getting lessons from in teaching me how to control my power! And, I needed a chaperone to come with us. I asked Owen, but he went home to his family." He shrugs a bit at that. "Awesome! I just need to figure out when to go actually." He then tilts his head a bit. "Who're you gonna have come with ya?"

"That's a pretty awesome gift," Lorna says with another laugh. "Didn't expect to get asked to go to Vermont— but that's not something I'm entirely keen on turning down! A vacay to a Skii Lodge? Rock on. Thanks, I'd be happy to be a chaperone. For once. And, er… Robert Drake. Iceman."

Kael grins brightly. "Well, looking at the other teachers that I could've asked; you were pretty much the most lax I've seen." Which is what he wanted! He blinks a bit. "Oh! Bobby! Max is always talks about him!" He hms a bit more before he asks, "Think the summer would be a good time? It'd get Max out of the heat."

"Ha! Lax. I like that," Lorna says. "I'd prefer.. hip and cool, but well, I suppose that's a little retro." She smirks. "Yeah, same for Bobby. Summer would be great. Awesome chance to escape the worst of it!"
Kael nods with a bright smile. "Sounds like a plan! And Max and I'll be out of school by then, so no classes to try and work around." The aerokinetic shivers a bit before he starts to float down to the dock. "I'm kinda hungry…"

"Awesome. I'll put it in my calendar. Just mark all of the summer months: POSSIBLE SKII TRIP! Giant markers. Yeah. Kitchen's always open. I could go for a PB&J myself!" Lorna's alongside Kael in that descent. Upon touching the lake's shore, she readjusts her jacket.

Kael laughs brightly. "I'll tell Max who I got to chaperone for us." He looks back at Lorna with a grin. "I could go for some Mac 'n' Cheese myself." Then he hms a bit. "Race ya there!" Then the aerokinetic is off. Pushing himself faster with the wind.

And again, her eyes roll. Then just as before, Lorna's inner child takes over, and she's bursting after him, shouting, "Loser makes the food! I hope you make awesome sandwiches!"

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