2010-01-19: I Can Help You Forget


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Summary: Addison comes to Robyn with an offer.

Date: January 19, 2010

Log Title I Can Help You Forget

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Robyn and Zack's Room

Robyn's side of the room is cluttered but not messy and has a bit of a creepy feel to it. His bed has black sheets with a Nightmare Before Christmas pillow and comforter. On the wall is a Nightmare Before Christmas poster and a poster showing the art of Edward Gorey. On his end table are a collection of little figures that seem to have a deamonish quality to him. On his desk are more little figures like a tree that instead of leaves has hands and a snake eating someone holding a help me sign. He's got a few art books on his desk along with his regular school books. A cased cello sits in the corner of his side of the room.

It's early morning and Robyn's gotten maybe an hour, hour and a half, of sleep, and not all at once. He can't sleep to well. It's a mix of pain, his emotions being all over the place and when he starts to doze off his memories are haunting him. He's just lying on his bed in a pair of Xavier's sweatpants and a Ziggy Stardust shirt, staring at the ceiling. There is some faint David Bowie music playing and he's all alone at the moment as his roommate went to do something.

There's no knock. No physical entrance, just the mental appearance of Addison. He looks like the real man does right now. Rough. Tired. Overstressed. Unkempt. Unshaven. "I can help with that." He offers, trying to find some way to prevent scaring the kid as he appears, but Robyn… of all people… knows Addison's ways a little. After all, they work together regularly.

Jumping lightly, Robyn winces, as it hurts to move quickly. "Addison…thanks, I haven't gotten a chance to thank you for that." He would have rather experinced the pain than thought he was enjoying and wanting it. "How can you help?" He asks wishing that he had the psyical presense along with the mental.

Unfortunately, Addison is still in Cerebra, working overtime. "I can give you an option that Farouk never gave me. If you don't feel like you can handle it on your own, I can take the memories. Even for just a short time. So that you can work through them later, at your own pace." He says, looking down with compassion in his weary frame. "I know what it's like to be forced and made to be…" He stops himself… breathing deeply. "Farouk knows how to torture."

It's tempting, a very tempting offer, but Robyn isn't sure. "Is not dealing with it now better? I don't know Addison, what about those that know already? Can they forget too?" Robyn is full of uncertanties. "I just want help figuring out how to deal with it. How to go on, and how do I deal when he's here?" He knows Nathaniel's at the school and it's eating him up. It's easier to hate him as a demon.

"Talk to him? You know he was possessed of a Demon. I could NOT reach his mind. To me, that says a lot. It means his mind was altered beyond comprehension. Seriously, do you think the Nathaniel you know would ever do that? I know… it's hard to separate. But, it's possible." Addison says with a soft nod as his form moves to sit on the bed. "As for how to do all of that, you'd… be better off talking to Dr. Mayfair." He sighs.

"I never really knew him that well and I don't know if I can face him..not yet at least." Robyn says but maybe he should try. It might help. "Do you think it will help?" Sometimes it's easier to hate than it is to forgive. "I'm sorry Addison, it's too much right now." His thoughts are that he's worried that he'll never see Jordan again, that Rashmi's going to get herself killed, Dallas is going to keep everything bottled up until he explodes. He's trying to deal with what Nathaniel did to him, deal with the fact that he doesn't think he's strong enough to defend himself or his friends or his own mind. It's just too much for the young mutant.

"I don't know. I'm not a psycho-analyst. That's why I asked what YOU would like to do. I'm probably going to offer the same to Dallas. He's got too much mental tension. I don't know his details… and I only know yours because of when I finally broke through…" Addison says witha bit of a cough as he looks down again. "I would have been there sooner if… I had known."

"You were there in time, that's enough. I…was dumb. I shouldn't have gone." Robyn says and the problem is he doesn't know what he wants. "What do you think Addison, should I just forget it and go on like lifes okay, or just stop lying in bed and get over it now? Visit Nathaniel, see if that helps and start going to classes again? Maybe..if you can help me sleep somehow?"

"Me… I've learned, the best thing to do is just move on. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it wasn't right. But… I try to face my fears. Especially now. Doing what I did… well… I've regained my composure now. I just needed something to force my hand." Addison says with a soft nod. "If you think you can deal with it… that you're strong enough, then I won't do a thing. I will tell you that… for a while… if and when Jordan gets back, it'll be hard for you."

Closing his eyes, Robyn nods. "I know, but, I can't hide. It'll just make things worse later. And if Jordan's willing to put up with me, then I'm willing to try. I think I love him Addison, I really do." He says think cause he knows he's just a teenager but it's been really hard on him not having Jordan here for the last few days. "If I can't, can I ask you for help?"

"Of course." Addison says with a nod. "If you need anything, I'll be down in Cerebra, ok?" He asks. He hasn't left the Cerebra chamber since the kids were taken. Not for anything.

Robyn nods and he doesn't want Addison to leave, he doesn't want to be alone anymore. It's just how it works with him at the moment. "I'll come down to visit you later, if you don't mind. I…need to absorb some psychic energy from you and maybe you can help me to sleep at some point?"

"That, I can do." Addison says with a nod. "I'll be down there. Come any time. I'm not leaving until this is all over." That, and who knows. Has anyone brought him food? Heh. Poor sleepless Addison.

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