2011-03-16: I Come In Peace

Players: Ahdi, Hosea, Sophie, and Xorn

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Summary: Ahdi comes to the Institute seeking out Xorn and also meets Hosea and Sophie

Date: March 16, 2011

Log Title: I Come in Peace

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

Walking up to the gates of the X manssion, Ahdi is a bit confused at why the gate is there, and what it is for. He could simply climb over such a gate, surely most people could, so what was the point in wasting so much metal? With a sigh and shake of his head he examines it, then notices the contraption with buttons on it and stalks over to it. Not sure exactly what to do he talks to it, "Xorn? I was told to call for you, this is what I call with?" he squints his dark eyes at the device, then randomly pokes at some of the buttons until it makes an angry 'access denied' noise and he hurriedly steps back, folding his hands over his stomach.

Hovering over the gate and making his way down towards Ahdi, Xorn literally walks on the air though the gate opens anyway as the defenses take effect. Xorn gives a mental command and they shut down. “Welcome to my home. Welcome to the Xavier Institute.” The place is pretty majestic to most, but remaining outside for the moment. Xorn can sense Ahdi’s emotions are stirring with confusion, “What trouble you, my friend?” He is dressed in his official X-Men uniform consisting of white Buddhist robes and his metallic containment mask with a red sash adorned with the X insignia.

Innocent as to the goings on at the gate, a Xavier's student makes her way up the side of the road. Sophie guides her way with her cane, sweeping it from side to side in front of her as she goes and periodically flicking small objects out of her way. She arrives at the front gates just moments after Xorn comes over the walls, and comes to a stop; her hands clasp around the top of her cane as she composes herself. "Hello Professor Xorn," she murmurs. "May I ask who else is there? I hear another voice."

Ahdi glances from Xorn in front of him to Sophie through the gate, and back again. His hands still folded over his stomach he starts to speak in his broken english again, that first sentence having been rehearsed and made perfect on his way over here, "Is trouble I had at weak Jungle. Man call him Dingo, and two more. Am perplex that Dingo no die when we fight, is, odd." he gives his head a slight shake, and as his mannors dictates he next turns to Sophie, bows with his hands clasped, and says in his quiet lilting accent, "Am Ahdi Anuati, from Atjadni Silver Wolf of my people."

Having some concern over what Ahdi has just said, but when Sophie arrives. Xorn ponders how Ahdi will react to meeting his first Earth female and wonders how Sophie will react to dealing with an alien. As Ahdi has introduced himself, he continues, “This is Sophie DeCosta. She is one of the students at the Institute. She is like myself a mutant with abilities that she learns how to control within the confines of the school.” Xorn then offers to Sophie, “It is always pleasant to see you, Sophie. This is my friend, Ahdi. He is new to this planet.” Then asking Ahdi, “If you do not mind, Ahdi. May I see within your mind what occurred with Dingo. He is like us. A Mutant. A dangerous mutant.”

Sophie's eyebrows rise, and she shuts her mouth whens she realizes her jaw is hanging agape. "I… from… new to this planet? Santo Dios! And I thought I came a long way to get here, and I came only from Spain." She blushes softly, and brushes her fingertips through her hair as she composes herself once again. She flicks her cane along the ground around herself, and coughs softly against her fist. "Senor… Ahdi it is, si? I am sorry, I do not mean to be rude. I am… simply surprised, it is all. What Professor Xorn says about you, caught me off guard." She glances in the other mutant's general direction, before looking back towards Ahdi. "I… as you may have gathered, I cannot see. May I ask you to describe yourself?"

Ahdi is silent for a moment, not sure how to take ither request. He has known plenty of blind people in his time, many are great hunters, but they still have a hunter's ears and nose, and none of his people are extremely caught up in looks. Glancing at Xorn again he says, "Xorn, it is fine to mind speak with me, but, am not sure what should tell Sophie Decosta." Glancing down at his garb and folded hands he closes his eyes briefly, then turns his face up to Xorn. Surprisingly the tattoo on his face even covers his eyelids, "Can tell her what she wish know from what see in mind?" he asks.

The Nigerian has been looking for a job. Why? Because he's eighteen, and soon will be out of school. The only trouble is, he's rather imposing to look at for most employers. When you're built like a tank and tower a foot over most of the populace, it can cause some people to be nervous. All the same he tries. Hosea still hasn't gotten the idea through his head that mutants are feared in America, either. So he's been happily teleporting back and forth from one job interview to the next, and even listing it as a skill on his resume. High above the mansion, Hosea appears, and then disappears again as he spots Sophie and Xorn. The massive young man suddenly seems to arrive from nowhere behind Sophie, his downward inertia from falling from the sky reversed, and now he's falling upward, coming through some invisible gate just above the ground level, and then landing solidly on his feet behind the three. "Hello my friends!" he announces in his deep Nigerian voice. "Da day has been long, yes?"

“Hello, Hosea. I am impressed with your progress with your mutant abilities.” Xorn then introduces Hosea and Ahdi, “Hosea Ikbuku meet Ahdi Anuati. He is a newcomer to our planet. Please welcome him as you would any new arrival to our home.” With that, Xorn attempts to mentally fulfill Ahdi’s request and into Sophie’s mind eye, the image of Ahdi is presented. He appears looking like a young Native American dressed in their native garb. Once the image is placed in her mind, Xorn exits her mind and solely enters Ahdi and find himself amidst a battle at the reservoir and all the players involved. Once he has finished, “I see one of our new teachers was present before the fight ensued. I shall speak with Ms. Locke as well.”

Sophie opens her motuh to say something, just as Hosea appears behind her, and she jumps in surprise. "Oh! Hosea! I did not think you… oh, right." She blushes fiercely, and spins around to face towards the Nigerian. "Doon't… uhm… mind me," she murmurs, "I am a bit flustered, si? Easily surprised at the moment." She giggles softly, and shrugs her shoulders, just as Xorn is entering her mind to show her the image. As she sees Ahdi in her mind, she falls silent, and her expression calms. As she turns to face back towards the mutant professor and the interstellar traveller, she takes a step back, backing up against HOsea. "Professor Xorn," she murmurs, "That is… very useful how you can do that, for me. And I do not wish to seem ungrateful… but please, do not do it all the time. I… I am used to being blind now, but… being given a taste of a fruit that I can never truely have, it makes it harder to bear the absence, si?"

Ahdi nods his head quietly to Xorn, then looks ashamed and takes a couple of steps back till he is in the shadow of a tree, seeming to become a shadow in that shadow. "Sorry, Sophie Decosta." he says quietly, "I do no mean suggest things that hurt you." His dark eyes then go to the man behind Sophie and he asks, a bit curiously, "IsHosea bear totem? Men of my village who bears look much his size, many times stronger than me." Ahdi doesn't look like he would be incredibly strong, his muscles lean and defined but not bulging. To some he might even be cute, in a wild Tarzan way.

Hosea smiles warmly, "It is good to see you, Sophie," he says with a smile, ha puts a hand on her shoulder as she backs into him. "Totem? No, my people serve God alone," he says. "We do not worship da animals." He doesn't really know what a totem is, but he gets the idea that it has some religious significance. "It is good to meet you, Ahdi."

“I apologize, Sophie. And I understand.” Xorn genuinely sympathizes. But he will not continue to discuss that particular matter, “So I see you encountered Dr. Mayfair-Parker’s brother. The man who initially entered your mind is a powerful telepath and the brother of a teacher here. I am unfamiliar with the youth who was with him. And I see Dingo then engaged you in combat. Be careful in such situations, Ahdi. In your planet, taking on opponents who are disrespectful is common. On this world, sometimes it is better to not fight. No matter how distasteful and rude people like Jordan Mayfair and Dingo may be. I am glad to see you are uninjured, though you could have been. Dingo is a psammokinetic. A devastitatingly power to control sand in anyway he likes.”

Sophie smiles, and bobs her head once. "It is alright," she replies. "You were both meaning to be kind and helpful, and unless I say, you could not be expected to know otherwise, si? I am very grateful that you think of my needs." She taps the ground in front of her with her cane, perhaps as much from habit as for any other reason. "It is good to hear you as well, Hosea," she murmurs. "I hope you've been having a good day?"

Ahdi mutters quietly to himself, "God?" before he takes a couple of steps forward to be in the light again. He moves with so little sound that no human should be able to hear him, deciding not to question what God is. "I will no attack Dingo until find how he die, is no good. Hit with attacks that kill Atjadni, many times should be dead, but is no." he once again looks to Sophie and Hosea and gives Hosea a bow of his head, his hands remaining clasped over his stomach, "Good hunting for you, Hosea." he says. Moving further toward the gate he turns his dark eyes toward the Manssion and studies it, "Is much large house. Is like hill with many cave."

Hosea arches his brow. "And good hunting for you too," he answers. "Da man Dingo, he is vedy dangerous. It is good dat you be careful." he nods as Sophie asks, and then remembers, she can't see him. "It was good, but I do not know dat I appreciate it right, yes? I have not yet found a job. Dey afraid of me because of how big, maybe?"

“Well, he may well be impossible to kill in his sand form. And I pray for Dingo’s case that you do not encounter him again. Other than that how’ve you found living the ‘weak jungle’?” Xorn asks Ahdi and then responds to Hosea, “Perhaps you should try checking Harry’s Hideaway. He is familiar with the school and may hire you. Your size may be an advantage there as well as he may be looking for a bouncer type. There is also the coffee shop which for the life of me I cannot remember, but Surge worked there for sometime and that was also a frequent hang out for the students.”

Sophie mmms softly. "Last night, I spoke with Senora Rashmi, and she told me a little about Dingo," she murmurs. "It is my impression that he is quick to anger and prone to violence… but that he thinks he fights righteously, on behalf of mutant kind." She pauses, and shrugs her shoulders. "I cannot say for sure, one way or another. But I pray that someday he will find peace within his heart." The blind girls tilts her head, to face up over her shoulder. "When you graduate, Hosea… do you intend to continue your studies at Barnes, also?"

Ahdi falls silent, looking from face to face with sad eyes, though his expression remains calm. He isn't really sure what he should do in a situation with these new people, he doubts they share the same games, none of them seeming to have knives, and he as always been naturally silent. To get a better look at the manssion he walks right up to the gate and attempts to monkey right up on top of it. Unless alarms go off this would be a mostly silent procedure, him having learned to be silent in everything he does from his teacher as a child.

"I do not know if I am smart enough for things like dat," Hosea answers Sophie. "I am not a vedy educated man. I will serve wherevah God desires me, yes?" Da man Dingo, he is like I was once, before God changed me. Maybe God will change his heart as well, yes? Ahdi, you say you are not from dis planet, do you mean a different word?" He can tell that English isn't the youth's first language, and doesn't suspect that he really is from another planet. "Where are you from?"

“That is very kind of you, Sophie. To wish such a thing for a stranger. You have such a big heart.” Xorn, “I generally sense such kindness and generosity from you. Hosea is very lucky. Considering what I sense from both of you.” Xorn continues when Ahdi starts to climb the fence and while he is silent, that means nothing to the defenses of the Xavier Institute as the fence suddenly becomes electrified and lets out a few shocks and blasts towards Ahdi. Xorn shakes his head and sends another mental signal for the defenses to be lowered once Ahdi is off the fence.

The blind girl's cheeks color, and she drops her gaze demurely. "Thank you, Professor Xorn," she murmurs. "I always try to do rightly to others, no matter the circumstance." She smiles, and tilts her head around to gaze up in Hosea's general direction once again. "But you are very smart," she murmurs. "You are smart, and… and you deserve to do as you really wish to do, si?" She pauses, and purses her lips. "If grades or courses are a problem… I could help you? Maybe? I have spent most of my life in school, si?"

Ahdi climbs fast, so is atop the gate when the security system goes off. Just as quickly he launches himself back down to the ground and rolls into cover behind a tree, moving almost too fast for the eye to follow. After a couple of moments of silence he creeps back out from behind the tree and looks to Hosea so he can answer his question, "Am from Atjad, is land much different. Have jungle, large lizard and fur beast, am hunter, wolf totem, silver wolf of my village." he fingers the silver wolf pelt that runs from his chest, over his shoulders, and down his back. The loincloth he wears over his odd pants match this, "Xorn say is other planet."

“It is indeed another planet and I am attempting to locate it on a star map. However there are billions, nay trillions of planets in this universe alone. One cannot even imagine taking into account the multiverse. We have extensive resources at our disposal, but this may take sometime. Perhaps contacting Mr. Fantastic or maybe even Dr. Strange may prove fruitful.” He then mentally offers Ahdi, “It is best not to climb that fence. While the X-Men are good-natured people. There are some among us who dwarf Dingo in power.” He ponders a moment just how devastating his powers and those of his teammates are. Xorn shutters to think what could happen if they were on the wrong side of the law.

"I would like dat vedy much, Sophie," Hosea answers the girl with his big white grin. "I have not been in school until I came heah, except what I learn from my mother." He watches as Ahdi climbs up and down the fence. "Dat is vedy impressive, Ahdi. How did you come all da way from your planet to dis one? Did someone bring you heah? Or do you have powahs dat let you come?"

Sophie adopts a broad grin, and nods her head. "I shall do as much as I can, and the best that I can, Hosea." She taps the ground around herself lightly with her cane. "Tell me tomorrow what you would like to start with, and I shall do my best to tutor yo — so you may apply to Barnes if you wish, or do anything else you would like, si?" She mmms softly, before taking a step forwards, guiding herself with her cane. "But… I am going to go back to the dormitories, and find my way to my bed I think, if you will all excuse me. It has been a long day, and I am tired." She gazes sightlessly over her shoulder at the Nigerian. "See you in class, tomorrow? Or at least between them, si?"

Hosea grins broadly. "Yes, I think dat would be good. I shall help you back to da dorms, yes?" he says. Clearly, there is some interest from him toward her for those who can see it. "Dat is a big mistake, Ahdi, hah! I think it is a vedy far way to come." He bows his head to Ahdi, mimicking his movements to bid him farewell. "You hunt well, Ahdi, and may da Lord bless you and make your way straight."

"Good night, Sophie." Xorn makes no comment on Sophie "seeing" Hosea in class. As he turns to Hosea and Ahdi, "While on your homeworld you have no powers, on this planet, I sense great abilities. You are faster and stronger than the average human. And you have great hunting and fighting skills and heightened senses. The fact that you fought and survived against Dingo shows that." Looking between Hosea and Ahdi, "I think you two would make good friends and are valiant warriors. You would do well to meet some of the other students. We have had a few lupine mutants in our school." Xorn then bows to Hosea, "Good night as well."

"And you, Mr. Xorn, it is good to know dat someone wise is helping da young man," Hosea says to the monk.

Ahdi bows one last time to both Hosea and Xorn, saying, "God bless." after Hosea, jsut because it seems appropriate, and turning to Xorn says, "I am glad these things are thought of me, but something troubles me. A man say he bought teaching from best teacher of combat, but he was much sloppy, if you students also so sloppy, I think they may fall in hunt. If think can help with teach like did on Atjad, find in Weak Jungle. I leave to let rest." With that, the young hunter steps backward into the shadows, turns, and starts to walk ghost-like into the woods the way he came.

Watching Ahdi leave. Xorn rises up into the air. The gates close and the man remains hovering and contemplating all.

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