2010-02-05: I Gotta Do This Myself


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Summary: Dallas fails to talk Mikhail out of leaving. Again.

Date: February 05, 2010.

Log Title I Gotta Do This Myself

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

Its Friday morning and Mikhail is not going to classes today, instead he's gonna fix things he's done over the last few weeks, today hes dressed in dark grey jeans, a dark green t-shirt, a light brown jacket with two darker brown strips on the elbows and shoulders, a wood bead necklace (like the ones surfers wear), white and green sneakers and his dyed blond hair is gelled into spikes, hes starting with Dallas and has followed his scent to the observation deck.

Dallas is sitting in one of the oversized wicker chairs looking up at the snow melting against the glass panes. There is a bottle of orange juice and a half-eaten sandwich on a plate perched on the arm of the chair and Dallas is smiling faintly but not eating at the moment. He's wearing jeans, an Xavier's t-shirt in black and black Vans. His scent is clean, relaxed, lacking any stress chemicals. His own hair is lightly gelled and styled lightly, as usual. When he hears the elevator arrive, he peers over the arm of the chair and gives Mikhail a wave. "Hey, Mik. Looking good!" Given their last conversation, he's going to start light before trying to change his friend's mind about leaving again.

Mikhail grins when he spots Dallas, "Hey Dallas, thanks, you're looking great too", he walks in and sits down in the chair opposite him, "So, how are you today?", Hmmm, there's something different about Dallas' scent.

Dallas grins faintly and says, "Ah, I'm good." He shrugs and says, "Really good, in fact." Sitting up a little, he gives Mikhail a closer look. "And you seem less …tense." Which is a good way of broaching the topic obliquely. It doesn't occur to him that Mikhail might also be able to scent some traces of Wyatt on him, even after a shower and a night's rest. But then again, he doesn't really know how acute the other mutant's senses are. He nudges the plate, which has a ham sandwich, cut in half, with one half untouched. "You hungry? I'm getting full."

Mikhail nods, "Cool im glad", he has noticed Wyatt's scent but will get round to that, he shakes his head at the offer, "No thanks, I'm not eating", hes learned that certain foods are bad for you, so hes trying to eat as little as possible.

Dallas blinks, "Ah, not eating at all or not eating ham?" He sounds genuinely curious. With Mikhail, you never know. He takes a sip of the orange juice and says, "Um, listen, if you're still set on leaving, can I try to talk you out of it again? And if not, can I, um, loan you some money? I have a couple of months of allowance saved up. It's not much, but it's better than the clothes on your …." He pauses, his expression suddenly puzzled. "Hey, Mik? How /are/ you paying for the cool new wardrobe and the dye job and stuff?"

Mikhail shrugs, "Im not eating unless i really have to", he really doesn't wanna talk about him leaving, he doesn't wanna argue again, "Yeah Dallas, as soon as i have things in place i'm leaving, and no i don't need you to loan me money, I'll be fine", OK this he didn't expect to be asked, so hes gonna lie, "I borrowed it", if borrowed means stole, hes telling the truth.

Dallas sighs and shakes his head. "I really wish you wouldn't. But … we're here for you." He grins faintly and says, "What, my milk money isn't good enough for you? You can borrow from somebody else but not me? Fine." His tone is mock insulted but his lifted eyebrows and the lack of anger in his scent give the lie there. He adds, "And you shouldn't starve yourself. If you're worried about being healthy, ask Dr. McCoy about mutant metabolisms some times. Turns out most of us hit the jackpot when it comes to burning off fat. Go figure."

Mikhail nods, "Ok, I'll speak with Dr. McCoy", Mik does have a great metabolism but he doesn't know that or know what a metabolism is, he sighs time to do what he came here to do, "Dallas im sorry about the other day, i was kinda, kinda out of it".
Dallas pauses and says, "You mean for snapping at me? Dude, forgotten. Friends do that once in a while. I'm just glad you're talking to me now." He approaches the next bit somewhat more delicately, "Is it anything I can help with? At all?" He sits up and gives Mikhail eye contact, trying to let him know there's no animosity or anger. And then that relaxed grin again. "Besides, I've been the king of the pains in the rump lately."

Mikhail smiles glad things are ok between them, but shakes his head at Dallas' offer, "No dude i gotta do this myself, ya know?", if anyone's gotta understand having to do something on your own, its gotta be Dallas.

Dallas nods and says, "Fair enough." And then, because it has to be said, "And if you /do/ need me, no matter when or where, you'll call." Not 'you can call'. It's not /quite/ a demand but Dallas tries to make it sound adamant enough that Mikhail will understand he takes it for granted. And with that out of the way, he picks up the part of the sandwich he's eating and takes another bite, content with the company and the silence for the moment.

Glad that that's out of the way, Mikhail brings up what hes been picking up of of Dallas, "So, who's the guy you've been hanging out with?".

Dallas blinks and sputters into his orange juice. His first instinct is to dissemble and delay but after a moment, that initial reflex is smoothed out and calmed. The spike of panic in his scent is there and gone, replaced by a wry smile and more relaxed biochemical cues in his scent. "Going to have to get used to people asking that." His tone is amused. "His name is Wyatt. He's awesome. A little older but not much. Kind of a genius. Well, literally a genius. And a good guy. I like him. A lot."

Mikhail laughs at Dallas' reaction then smiles when Dallas is open for a change, "I'm glad you found someone Dallas, maybe he'll stop you being so hard on yourself all the time".

Dallas quirks up his eyebrows and says, "Some of it, yea. I can let go of some of it. But being hard on myself isn't all bad. It makes me work harder." He laughs suddenly and openly and says, "But dude, working out six hours a day so I wouldn't think about, ah, stuff? I am /not/ missing that!”

Mikhail shakes his head, "Whatever Dallas, at least you're happy", he starts fiddling with his nails that are painted black, "Well i gotta go sort some stuff, see ya later", he gets up, waves and leaves.

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