2012-08-24: I'll Have The Pancakes And Your Wallet


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: August 24, 2012

Log Title: I'll Have The Pancakes And Your Wallet

Rating: R


International House of Pancakes with its signature white building and blue roof is among one of the more suburban areas of Queens. Open 24 hours for all pancake lovers, IHOP has plenty of tables and booths for its customers.

The muttering of several conversations fill the room. A couple of these folks have a real problem with profanity. But then, it's New York, and it's just ignored. A couple in the corner seem to be having a very intense conversation. He yells out across the restaraunt. "Garçon, coffee!"

Having run a few errands for himself, Tooth makes a pitstop at the local diner to pick up something for a few of the staff who are doing a late-night planning session. Seemingly oblivious to his surroundings, or even some of the looks the 7' hyena morph may be receiving, the X'er heads right towards a booth in the far corner before taking a seat.

Kitsu is sitting at his table reading the Times, glancing about now and then.

The waitress shows up to fill Obnoxious Guy's cup. "Garçon means boy' she mutters as she walks away. The couple continue their animated conversation.

There's a goofy sort of grin on Robyn's face which are sure signs that he's a bit smitten with the boy across from him. "Well, I wanted to go to Parson for quite sometime, ever since I was little I knew I wanted to be a sculptor, especially for the movies." He says running a hand through his messy hair. His date starts to respond but goes silent when he spots a 7' tall Hyena and just stares at him wide eyed and mouth gaping. Robyn follows the stare and responds with a similar look but for completely different reasons. "Holy shit."

IHOP. Humans have too many names for stuff. Why not "FOOD VENDOR" like back home? Still. Pancakes. International pancakes. No matter what, they're going to be better than what Keld Jonahl has been eating lately. SPACE FOOD. Shudder. The middling-tall man with the too-golden skin (clearly bad tanning spray) looks for a place to sit, and finally recognizes the harried host(ess?) … A head gesture from her says "YES, for the sake of all that doesn't make me kill you for bugging me to do my job, sit at the empty table there."

Clonk. Something big and heavy hits the table of Obnoxious guy. Girl who Won't Stop F-bombing leans over the table and kisses him quick and dirty. "I love you."

Laying somewhat across the booth, Tooth's ears pin back somewhat, his eyes glancing over towards the audible expletive. His jaw sets with a pop, his form going still. Glancing over towards Robyn with the tattooed side of his face, the gnoll gives a single nod as if the other boy had always been sitting there.

Kitsu gives a glance at the big gnoll and arches an eyebrow. Is there a con in town? he wonders.

Many different circumstances led to Mikhail being in this part of New York but the reason for him being in the IHOP is catching the scent of a friend nearby and following it in. His eyes first catch Tooth whom he reckognises as one of the ex-xavier students and the he spots Robyn!

OG and Miss F-bomb suddenly leap to their feat. OG has a huge shiny handgun in his hand. So does Miss F, though hers might be slightly less intimidating. "Everybody be cool, this is a robbery!" Miss F is a bit less tactful as she starts to point her gun in every direction. "Any of you pigs move and I'll excecute every one of you mother***ers!"

Miss F starts to run all over the room, pointing her gun at people and threatening them. Mr OG stands on his seat and covers her. People gasp and cry and put their hands up.

Kitsu jumps a little at the sudden shouting. he turns around in his seat to see the disturbance. "great, wonderful." eh mutters as he puts his newspaper down, over the top of his brown briefcase. He then puts his hands down on the table in plain view, though his eyes and ears are keeping track of things. Lets see how this goes down.

Robyn just stares at Tooth for a while before giving a nod back and a polite smile, almost as if to say 'glad to see you're okay'. Even though there is something different about the Hyena, a lot can change in almost two years. "Don't worry a…" He starts to say to his date when the commotion begins. Robyn couldn't look more annoyed, why now? Why on a first date? "Fuck…" He mutters before looking at his date. "Get Down!" He whispers and goes under the table, pulling his date down with him. He figures he might be able to be more discrete with his powers under there.

Tooth's eyes scan the scene unfolding in front of him and the woman headed his way. With a sigh, he waits to see what happens as if he has all the time in the world. Still splayed across the booth he never moves more than his eyes.

The guy with the too-gold skin (incidentally, with hair about that same color, wearing a brown leather jacket, red tee, jeans, and confused expression) has been sitting at his table looking at page after page after page after page of different ways to do pancakes. Illustrated. Photographs. Food Porn. He blushes. Keeps reading.

Alas, before he can order, the woman with the vulgarities and the man with the … what is in his HAIR? Is that food oil or plastic? Well, there's a gun… but curse it, this is a DAY OFF. And it's been almost two years.

Keld glares at the man and woman, but doesn't move yet. Maybe the knollian warrior can bite their heads off before he has to do anything. Wait, no, this is Earth. And they're not allowed to do that here. And besides it seems uninterested.

"z'haKra," he mutters, "Please tell me I don't have to break another one."

Without meaning to Mikhail lets out a growl as the two begin threatening people but doesn't move, while he wants to do something they'll probably start shooting if he goes on the attack, and most people don't heal as well as he does.

The Lady walks over to Tooth, hesistates a moment and points the gun at him. "You, ugly, you're in a blind spot. Get over there to the counter by the count of five or I'll blow your f***ing brains out. Move move move!!" She brandishes the gun like it's a cattle prod and starts counting. Her boyfriend continues to stand on his booth chair and cover her.

Kitsu watches the two thugs. He scans them astrally and sees a lot of rage and fear, but nothing out of the ordinary. Just two mundanes, looking for a score. If they knew what he had inthis briefcase… but he's not going to let them get that, he worked too hard to get that back. He doesn't move, he just watches. He watches some guy at the counter reaching into his jacket for something, probably a cell phone. Mr OG is suddenly all over him, pressing the gun to his face and beating his head with it. "You gonna cause trouble, pal? Huh? You wanna die pal? Huh. We said don't move!" Smack.

Why does he have to be on a date? Robyn would have acted the moment that the couple announced their robbery if he wasn't. He looks around the IHOP and is glad to see a few familiar. A smile crosses his face for a second before Kitsu starts getting pistol whipped by the guy. "Oh god.." He whimpers, barely believable, before his eyes flash purple and he seemingly passes out as he tries to possess the guy so he doesn't shoot Kitsu.

Tooth stares on, "I hate to shatter your ego but this isn't the first time I've had a gun pointed at me." His head tilts, senses taking in the weapon. Clean, oiled, and loaded; the scent from the woman telling him she would use it. Judging by the lack of movement, he's not planning to go anywhere. His head tilts just enough to see the male roughing up one of the patrons. A small lopsided grin forms, "Besides, I can't. He just said not to move."

"OK, that's enough." Keld stands and steps away from his table, looking at the two. "You two are just stupid, doing this in New York. Anyone here could be a mutant, or a super-hero, or even an Avenger in civilian clothes. And you're thinking you're just going to beat on harmless civilians? How about you leave the nice people alone and put your guns on the floor before someone breaks you?" And yes, he did say 'breaks' not 'makes'. His movements become slightly more crisp as he focusses his energy on speed.

As the man is pistol whipped and the girl is distracted by Tooth Mikhail sees an opening, in one swift move he grabs one of the plates from a nearby table and uses hs feral strength to launch it aiming for the man with the gun.

Miss F looks surprised and like she isn't sure what to do now. So she resorts to yelling and brandishing the gun again, clicking back the hammer and nearly shoving it at Tooth's nose . She screams at him. "You're gonna die then. I'll blow your f***ing brains all over this wall!" then things start moving too fast for her. When Keld actually stands and makes his speech, she is dumb enough to walk away from the gnoll and wave the gun at Keld. "You shut right the f*** up!" Mr OG, being a mundane human, isn't too hard to possess. HIs will is slightly strong, but mental combat isn't what he is used to, and his will gives way to Robyn, just in time to get smacked in the chest with a plate, which shatters and knocks him off the seat.

Kitsu is thinking about doing something when it seems like the whole restaraunt springs open with wannabe heroes. And maybe some of them are. His Sight sees something odd coming from that guy over there who seems to have passed out at his table. And it leaps right into the gunman's third eye. Kitsu mutters. "da f***?" Well, might as well help out somehow. A little golden aura surrounds him for a moment as he focuses. Suddeny in a flash of lightning, Thor… frigging THE Thor is standing there in the room with his mighty hammer. "Lay down your weapons, knaves. Or face the might of Thor. (is he always this corny sounding)

"Damnit Instinct!" Robyn or OG, says as he gets knocked off the seat. He rubs his chest and gets up. Now that the woman has moved away from Tooth, he walks over and puts his gun on the table. "Time to turn myself in." He reaches into the back pocket of the man, puts his wallet on the table. "There's my identity, now do something to this guy so I can get out of here. I'd try the old Blazing Saddles, I'll shoot this man if you don't turn yourself in, act but somehow I don't think crazy over there would care." He blinks at Thor and OG shakes his head. "Well I think they're screwed now, but an Avenger for a Pancake robbery?"

Tooth moves off the bench in a slow, deliberate manner as if giving the woman he's now towering over enough warning to know he's coming. He's an easy target, and that's how he wants to appear. Distract, Disarm, Dismember…or at least if he had his choice. But thankfully, he's in a transitional period, and he would really like to go his first week 'back' without bloodshed…and Thor does the distracting part. Tooth reaches out for what ever part of her is nearest…shoulder, neck…arm holding the gun, and grabs it. He smiles again, this time in an unhealthy sort of way, "Hey baby, wanna go for a ride?" There's a flash of blue light, a loud boom almost like thunder, and suddenly both the gnoll and Gun Girl are gone.

"Now who called in the A team?" Keld says, then blurs flash-like, appearing behind the possessed OG, "And what's wrong with Avengers eating pancakes?" Sadly for Miss F, he isn't the first one there, and thus his target is gone before he can grab her, so instead, he's got a pair of those nylon-tie handcuffs out of a jacket and has them around OG's wrists, which are (not necessarily gently, but not with bone-crushing force) pulled behind his back and tied together.

Kitsu watches a lot of things happen very quickly. But it seems that the two assailants have been dealt with. Where'd the other one go?, he wonders. Still, he can't just let Thor dissipate, that would kill the illusion. He directs Thor instead. "Well done peasant citizens. I'll let the police handle it from here." And Thor flies away.

As soon as the cuffs are on OG, Robyn says "Perfect, thanks!" And then goes back to his own body. He pushes himself up so he's sitting under the table and rubs his head. "Oh man, what just happened?" He's trying to play it off cool but the boy's acting is quite terrible.

Miss F-bomb is grabbed by her hair by a gnoll, and before she can turn the gun on him, she is vanished. Possessed Mr OG lays down his gun and wallet and seems to give up quietly. Mentally, he is struggling to get control of his body back while he is tied up. He dun wanna get arrested.

Keld frowns. "Peasant citizens? Should I be insulted or just find out if he's done that to the others?"

He lifts Mr. OG from the floor one-handed, and reaches in his pocket. Pulls out a credit-card-sized object, white with a stylized A in gold, and talks into it like it was a fancy 1990s cellphone.

"Jarvis? Please send the police to the IHOP… use my GPS, I can't remember the street numbers. Robbery attempt."

Kitsu stares for a while at Robyn. he picks up his breifcase and makes sure it is still locked. Well, danger over. But something odd happened here. And where did the lady go?

With one arrested, the other gone, police probably on the way and Robyn trying to salvige and hide the mutant thing from what Mik's guessing might be a date due to previous body language he figures the fanged mutant should slip out, so with one last look for trouble he slips out of the doors.

There's a repeat 'boom' outside the front door, Tooth repearring in a flash of blue light. He pushes the door open, then pushes a fairly disoriented and disarmed would-be lady robber through. She falls to the floor, looking as if she's about to loose her last meal. "Here's the other one," the gnoll growls in a deep voice, "Took her to see the sights."

Kitsu cools. he doesn't recognize Tooth from Mutant town, he must be new in the area. Kitsu gets up and approaches the table where Robyn is awaking up. He passes by, placing a business card on the table. Amateratsu Detective Agency, a phone and address in the Village. He gives nod of respect to Keld and walks over to Tooth.

Police show up after a minute or two, and start to haul away the assailants and take statements. Wait til Thor hears that he supposedly paid a visit to IHOP.

Robyn takes his seat again at the table and slips the business card into his pocket. "That was…eventful." He says trying to bring some conversation back to his date but it seems the other guy isn't to keen on staying. After a few rushed words, his date leaves Robyn, and the bill, and heads out. "What a night." He mutters to himself deciding to stick around to finish his coffee before paying and leaving.

Tooth stands around, waiting for things to die down after giving his report. He crosses his arms as Kitsu approaches, his 'M' branded eye keeping a tab on Robyn. "Yes?" he says at the man who look as if he might have something to say.

Keld would like to stay and eat, but he has to talk to the police, and then people are looking at him funny, and he's not used to that after spending so much time on the Peak. So he leaves a small tip (for the water) and heads out to make his report, then … what was that thing Tony said he should look for? Shawarma? He asks a cabbie for help. That'll turn out … interestingly. Very good or very bad, but interesting.

Kitsu hands a trio of business cards to Tooth, looking waaaay up at him. "Cool job with that bamf thing. I thought I knew a lot of the folks in Mutant Town. If you or anyone you know has need of a detective, come find me. I work with all kinds of folks." He tips his hat a bit. "I've got a delivery to make now, so if you'll excuse me. Could you see those other guys get one too"

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