2009-03-09: I'lll Take You


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Summary: While on their way out to practice, Eddie and Addison meet someone that was here before…

Date: March 9, 2009

I'll Take You

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

Flying at a slow pace, so Eddie can keep up, Addison arrives on the front courtyard, surrounded in his Phoenix-like aura. The doors open ahead of him as he bursts through the door, and moves into area above where the statue once stood. "See? I told you there had to be something more inside there." He's happy because of Eddie's sheer joy at the situation.

Eddie isn't sure bleeding out joy…he's got a Phoenix-like aura of his own. He also seems to be wearing a white and light blue version of Addison's costume. Flying out into the air outside the mansion he heads up and flips in the air before lowering down. "This is amazing…thank you!"

Walking up to the gates of Xavier's is the recognizable face of Leo, but with the white ring around his eye, clearly showing that it's Dagger-Leo from the other world. He's out here alone and there doesn't seem to be anyone else with him. He doesn't know how well people with react but he just takes a deep breath and runs towards the gate, grabbing onto it and using his acrobatics and aglity to get up one side and other the other.

"I didn't do anything but help you look inside yourself, Eddie. That's all. You would have learned eventually." Addison chuckles as he turns his head to see the flipping form of Other-Leo. He stops suddenly, planting a wall of telepathic force around Leo, giving him room to move, but still making it hard to get out of. "What are you doing here?" He asks, plainly as he lowers himself to the ground, one foot down with the other slightly bent, arms out to the sides.

Eddie starts to say something else when the Other-Leo is noticed. It's pretty good that Addison put up that wall because Eddie lets a little shock of TK-shove go off without noticing he did it. Other-Leo's made him angry it seems.

"You have my other half." Dagger-Leo states trying to act tough though he is a bit nervous. "You have Cloak, and we are no longer under his control." He states flatly as once Cloak-Kenta was knocked comatose and the two were seperated it cause the link to sever. "Some of the others, like Nightcrawler and Multiple Man broke free but Storm and Fallen Angel were never under his control like….like Daisuke." He says hoping that he can use the fact that he knows where the student is as a bargining chip to get back with Cloak.

"Perhaps we'll free him. He's not awake yet. Apparently our version of you did a number on him. Of course, we know he didn't mean to hurt anyone." Addison says, lowering himself to the ground. "If you were under his control, you won't mind my checking, since I've been there and know how to make sure it stays severed." he says, simply, looking at Eddie and giving him a light nod.

Eddie lands and lets out another little wave of telekinetic force as Other-Leo says Daisuke's name. "You know where our Dai is…don't you?" he growls. "Where is he?!" he demands, hands balling into fists and aura flaring up.

Kenta is about to say something to Addison but at Eddie's little out burst he glares back at him. "Listen, I'll fucking help you out if you help me out, this guy here." He says motioning to Addison "Knows we didn't want to hurt anyone." He says claming down and looking to Addison. "I don't mind you checking at all, and please, make sure he stays out. If you can do the same with Cloak, I can wake him up."

Dagger-Leo is about to say something to Addison but at Eddie's little out burst he glares back at him. "Listen, I'll fucking help you out if you help me out, this guy here." He says motioning to Addison "Knows we didn't want to hurt anyone." He says claming down and looking to Addison. "I don't mind you checking at all, and please, make sure he stays out. If you can do the same with Cloak, I can wake him up."

"Eddie, calm down. I know what it's like to be controlled." Addison says with a sigh. He reaches a mental hand out to Eddie, ~~Join me. Come with me, so you can see.~~ He offers, leaving a mental path for Eddie to follow as he nods, so he can learn a little about things. ~~Only because he's given permission right now. Since he's not a threat.~~ He ties himself to Other-Leo's mind to see how things are and to make sure that there's no actual path back to Farouk. To make sure he IS separate. "I won't read what you don't want me to, but DO you know where their Daisuke is?" He asks, verbally.

James exits the manor and walks around the courtyard until he sees Eddie and those near him. Worried by the presence of the unknown he moves toward the group.

Eddie, dressed in what looks like a blue and white version of the Phoenix's costume and surrounded by the matching bird-like aura, glares at Other-Leo. Man if looks could kill… "How about I just…" he stops when Addison speaks to him. He's rather upset it seems. Dai does mean a lot to him. ~~Come with you?~~ he pauses. ~~Alright…~~ he trails off, taking the mental hand and holding on tight.

Dagger-Leo's mind is not under the control of Farouk and he's free. He's hear of his own free will. "I do know where he is, and honestly I'm not just here because of Cloak though he is my other half. We didn't want to attack you or destroy your home. I know I can heal Cloak and I know he can teleport you to where Daisuke is in Manhattan." He's telling the truth if they're looking to see if he's lying.

Addison nods. "Unfortunately, I can't speak for the man who runs this house, though I would love to get Daisuke back. I simply don't have the authority to do that. However, I'm sure we can at least bring you to him." He looks to Eddie. Eddie's been here longer, he'd know for sure. And Eddie would know as well as ADdison that he's clean and that he IS being honest.

"He's in Manhattan?" Eddie asks, snapped out of his 'telepathy is weird' mode. He looks at Addion with a bit of a pleading expression. The older mutant can likely sense how tempted Eddie is to go looking for the information in Other-Leo's head. "…we could let you see him. But try anything and you'll be joining him in lock up," he says eventually. ~~Umm…should tell the teachers first to clear the halls and can you do that thing to cut him off from his powers?~~ he mentally asks Addison.

James looks to Eddie "I'll help with telling the teachers at least, I just hope that you're right about this."

Dagger-Leo looks at Eddie and shakes his head. "I don't even know why I'm willing to help you. You know what, I'm not willing to help /you/, I'm just doing this for for your friend." He says stubbornly kind of annoyed with Eddie and the fact that he is trying to help. "We didn't want to attack you or destroy your home. We were under control but Daisuke and his brother Shuya, they're not, they're doing this because they think it's fun." He says stopping and lowering his head. "I just need to be back with Cloak, and I do want to help too."

"Eddie. It was only a few weeks ago when I was beating the hell out of your father." Addison says, a little annoyed at the distrust. Especially after feeling the honesty… along with the attitude. "He's not going to hurt us. He doesn't have the defenses to hide anything from me." Addison sighs softly. "And we haven't been able to get the Kenta down there to wake up, anyway. I wasn't going to invade his mind beyond checking for his control-state. He's clean. We're fine. Especially if he's going to help us get Daisuke back. Though, getting one of the others here is fine. Scott or someone." He sends a call out into the mansion for someone to see if they're available. Otherwise, he'll take the blame.

James glances over towards Addision "So you want to go now?" thinks it over then similes ever so slightly before he nods to the others "What the hell, I'm in. I'm sure that if nothing else my sensory ability will be helpful."
Eddie squirms for a moment before sighing and hanging his head. "Sorry…sorry…it's just, Dai…Dai's my best friend…" he trails off, voice holding a sad tone. He's on edge and worried. "Still should tell all the teachers. They'll want to know," hes says, sighing.

Looking at Eddie for a long time Dagger-Leo eventually relaxes from being annoyed with him. "And Cloak's my other half, I can heal him, I know I can. Tell who you must, but please, let me heal Cloak and I'll have him teleport you to your friend Daisuke as soon as possible. I know Daisuke and his brother, Shuya, from my world, the two of them can be dangerous." He says knowing of some of their exploits back home.

Addison nods softly. "There's no one else available to come up right now. We'll have to take him down ourselves." He looks to Eddie and James and nods. "We need to wait until we have more than just us. I trust our power, Eddie, but Dai can see weaknesses. We need more, for distraction."

Eddie looks up, glancing at James and nodding to what Addison says. After a long moment of silence, he sighs again. "Alright…let's go," he says, gesturing towards the Mansion.

James nods "Right." and turns toward the mansion himself before walking forward at at brisk pace wanting to get this plan going as soon as possible.

Looking between the three Dagger-Leo nods and follows them into the mansion. "There also might be one or two with The Brothers, I'm not sure. Once Cloak's awake we can tell you what we know about where they are and how to get there."

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