2010-07-21: I Love To Laugh


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Summary: Robbie tries to get a chuckle out of Jessica, does it work?

Date: July 21, 2010

Log Title: I Love To Laugh

Rating: PG

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (Pool Area)

Outside, in the back of the mansion, there lies an Olympic-sized pool, as well as a spa to one side. There's a built-in barbecue as well as a bar, with mini fridge. Although there usually isn't anything stronger - alcoholwise - than wine coolers or hard lemonade within said fridge. There's a shelving unit built into the back wall of the mansion, where towels, sunscreen, umbrellas and slip-on shoes can be found.

Lounging in a pool chair dressed in a nice little red two piece number, is Jessica. She's got her shades on and is lying on her back while reading a mystery novel she's recently picked up. It's a good day to work on her tan as Jessica doesn't have much on her scheduel at the moment. She's got about a week before Tony's party and she's still deciding on what costume to go with. She dresses up in a costume almost every day of the week so to find a new costume, it's kind of silly to her. Then again Jessica never experienced Trick or Treating as a kid.

While Robbie's old enough to GO to said costume party, he's not going. He's got other things on his plate right now. He's not in Speedball mode right now, preferring to actually get out and about as himself. It's not like he can really be hurt or anything. Strolling back to the pool area, he peeks around. He pauses and blinks. "Wow." He states simply. "Be glad the airspace over Avengers Mansion is a google-maps no-go-zone! Otherwise, the hits here would be through the roof." He says with a grin, walking up and waving. He's saying it playfully, not in a leery manner.

There's a lift of her sunglasses as Jessica looks at Robbie, looking none to amused. "If you value your vision I would suggest you keep those thoughts internal Robbie." She rolls over and rubs her eybrows with a sigh. "Why is there always a smart aleck on the team…always. Hawkeye, SpiderMan and now..you. I guess Tony must have to have someone around to make him feel smart all of the time." She says as she puts her sunglasses back on. "So..how are you settling in here?"

"You're no fun!" Robbie says with a grin. "And you should learn to take it as a joke or a compliment. I'm rarely ever serious. Unless I'm fighting." He says with a shrug. He ponders for a moment. "Fine, I guess. I fit in almost anywhere I go. Except in a boring convention. Then, I kinda stand out." He nods solemnly. "Kinda hoping to run into Angel or Vance at some point, but they're probably off doing married people stuffs." He ponders. "It's not bad. Though, it is a little creepy always having Jarvis there when I go to the kitchen or one of the other rooms. SO not used to it."

"Oh I'm tons of fun, like right now, I'm having a blast." Yes with her mystery novel and tanning, Jessica is having a grand ol' time, but then the relaxing moments are always a good time for her. "Angel…as in the X-Men? and Vance, I don't know Vance." She admits as she knows codenames more than real names. "Jarvis is a nice man, you get used to him being around and eventually, almost rely on him. Noone can get slime stains out of a costume like Jarvis."

"Angel. Angelica Jones. Firestar. Vance Astrovic. Justice. They be Avengers, too! But I think they've been on a leave for a little while. School. Marriage. Something. They were New Warriors with me for years. Founding members." Robbie says with a nod. "Well, I don't really have much of an issue with slime stains on costumes. Regular clothes, maybe. Costume, well… my costume never needs washing." He starts and then stops. "Because it's made of energy. It gets uncreated every time it goes away! It stops existing. Not that I have hygeine issues! I don't! I'm always clean! Ew ew dirt ew."

"Ah, well they were Avengers before I was. A lot seem to go on leave." Jessica comments as she raises an eyebrow that appears above the sunglasses. "Ew, ew, dirt, ew? Really? Do you always talk like your five years old?" It's definately a tone of disbelief that he actually phrased it like that. "Are you some form of…what are those people called, the ones that are afraid of dirt and germs and such." Hey, she never took a biology class and education has change a lot since the 1930's and 1940's.

"No, not really. I just don't think about what I say before I say it. It makes most people laugh." Robbie says with a grin before shrugging. "Nah, nothing is as bad as the time I bounced into a sewage treatment plant. Fortunately, smell doesn't carry when I shift." He chuckles. "You're a hard one to get to laugh. I'll find a way yet." He says with a nod. "Mr. Stark? Easy. My challenges right now are you, and Jarvis." He nods quickly. "I will find your humor buttons."

Jessica bites her tounge and doesn't say her next snappy remark though she wants to. "Oh wonderful, I'm on the same personality level as Jarvis, no wonder I can't get a date." Now is this her joking or being serious. "Mr. Stark will laugh at a turtle humping a shoe, he's not a challege. Believe me, he wouldn't stop laughing at that stupid online video." She couldn't even watch the whole thing before finding something more entertaining to watch.

"Well, who wouldn't? The noises! Eh… Eh…" Robbie laughs before controlling himself and popping on an upper class posture. "Yes. Quite. Charming. Yes." He says before being unable to hold it longer. "No, not the SAME personality level. You just both have different senses of humor than most of the people here. I have yet to find it. And as for being dateless, it happens to the best of us. At least you have a better chance at attracting people than I do." He shrugs. He doesn't really seem all that annoyed by it.

"That is because I excret pheromones Robbie. It attracts Men if I want them or not." Jessica explains as she just ignores the turtle thing with an unseen roll of her eyes. "Luckily Nick Fury was able to figure out a way to counteract them so I don't have women wanting to claw my eyes out and men tripping over themselves to get to me. Believe me, it's more bother some than it sounds." She then props the chair so that she's more sitting up then laying down, her legs still streched out on the chair with her ankles crossed. "Most men don't want to date a woman who is….not a damsel in distress."

"Dude, there's nothing wrong with a strong woman. Unless she punches your lights out on a regular basis. Fortunately, I never have to worry about that." Robbie beams. "I don't know why guys are so scared. I mean, you're people too. And… ouch on the pheromone thing. I just tend to send people away with my charming demeanor." He laughs.

"Well a guy without superpowers doesn't like the idea that the woman will be saving him, not him saving her. Believe me, it's ruined more than one relationship once it was revealed I am Spider-Woman." There's not bitterness there, just more that Jessica has resigned herself to relizing that her luck with men isn't great, it's not even luke-warm. "It's not so bad, the pheromones, now that they're under control. It's not bother, I'm also too busy to date between Avengers and SHIELD and this Barnes thing…why do they want me helping with kids I'll never know."

"Seriously? You don't know?" Robbie says, tilting his head. "Alright. Seriously. 1) You're amazing on the field. I know that, because I actually pay attention to heroics. Why? Because I try to emulate that. And so will they. They're more impressionable than -I- am, and I feel like a printing press. 2) You're smoking hot. The boys will want to do whatever you say, just because of that. They know it'll work. 3) You're freakin' Spider-Woman. Who hasn't heard of you? Having names like that teaching at a school for potential future heroes means that they have examples to see in their day to day lives. and 4) Because you can do it. You don't give yourself enough credit." Hey, there's a reason Robbie was always considered the heart of the New Warriors.

Now that gets Jessica to laugh, even if it is a sort of small chukle. "Oh Robbie, I do know -why-, I just mean kids…they have my working with kids. If I didn't know better I would have sworn I did something to piss off Nick. I probably did and this is some twisted revenge of his. I can barely be around one child long enough but more than one?" In Jessica's book, anyone undre 18 is a child. The Young Avengers are -just- tolerable in her book since they know what it means to go out and fight crime. "And one of the reasons I dislike kids, especially the male ones, they stare."

"They're gonna stare. So if they're gonna stare, either give them something to look at, or turn it around on them. Switch it up. Try new costumes and make them think, 'Waitwhat?'. Go in classic schoolmarm gear one day. Blouse, skirt, hair pulled back in a bun. Have fun with it. Sure, you may not like them, but you know what you're doing it for." Robbie says with a nod. "There. Got a laugh. neener."

"I do wear a blouse and skirt when I go to Barnes and I'm not teaching combat classes Robbie." Jessica says but much like any superheroine, she could make a potato sack look sexy. It's just something with having super powers it also means you gain fabulous curves. "But have you every tried to fight in a skirt? It's dreadfully trouble some." The she gives Robbie a look as she rhetroically asks about the skirt. "Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if you did end up fighting in a skirt."

"Oh, nonononono. I would NOT look good as a girl." Robbie says plainly. "A kilt. That would be manly. A skirt? No. And before you belittle my manliness, I will run away screaming like a girl." He says with a nod, teasing. "Ah, but make it something obviously horrible. THAT'S the goal. See if you can find a way around it. I don't think you can, but think of it like a challenge."

"Oh but Robbie, imagine how many people you could get to laugh wtih that?" Jessica not being one of them but she can't help but tease. "Isn't belittling your manliness worth it..for the sake of comedy." She smiles and brushes a loose strand of hair away from her eyes. "What's the goal? To make you look good as a woman?"

"Nonononono. Not me. And no, Believe me. I would NOT look good as a woman. I was saying, think of it as a challenge to make you look… not so lookerish." Robbie says, waving his hands about. He looks down. "It was bad enough seeing myself as Blackball. Yeah, wouldn't work."

"Oh I'm not saying I don't believe." Jessica says with a smirk about Robbie not looking good as a woman. "I'm actually quite positive you'd look like Wesley Snipes as a drag queen. Though luckily for me Barnes is just kind of a side thing. Something they only call me for when they need it and would like a 'special guest' sort of thing. Though they're telling me they want me to help train this one new girl in the Fall."

"Yeah, my class is one I never expected -I'D- be teaching. But then, I do have rather destructive powers, and a decent lack of property damage." Robbie says with a nod. "And I worked for Damage Control for a few years, so yeah. New girl? Who you gotta do one on one with? And I dread having that kinda time. I don't know these kids. They're stupid compared to what we were." He grins impishly.

"Oh so they didn't give you spider-Man Quips 101? Maybe they already had Peter for that." Jessica can't help but tease, especially with his earlier comments. "I don't know these kids and everyone's stupid when they're a kid." Even Robbie, even Jessica, even if she didn't really have much of a childhood. "Damage Control is useful, we don't need some kids with superpowers accidentally destroying the Empire State Building while trying to save the day."

"That's the whole point. They don't pay attention. At least, I tried to keep my bounce in check." Robbie says with a nod. "And some are more stupid than others. Some of these. They are the more." He explains and nods. "True. And no, I don't quip much when I fight. I tend to focus unless something witty pops into my head."

Jessica stands up and smile at Robbie. "And that's why -you're- there to teach them. Good luck with that." She says being serious and teasing at the same time. "And we'll see about the quips when we finally fight side by side. I'm gonna head inside for a bit, get some lunch and cooler air before I burn to a crisp. Have a great afternoon."

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