2010-10-19: I'm Going Slightly Mad


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Summary: Connor isn't in the right…well…anything.

Date: October 19, 2010

Log Title: I'm Going Slightly Mad

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - Xavier's Insane Asylum for Adolescents

Large squares of white marble reflect the gas lit chandlers above. From the door to a large stair case runs a nice red carpet. The staircase leads to a balcony above. The railings and all the woodwork in the room are detailed and give the room a grandiose appeal. There are a wooden panels with designs on them, alcoves and even a few gargoyles along the walls of the main lobby. Heavy wooden doors lead the way into the other areas of the Asylum. Candle holders stem from the floor to hold candles several feet up in the air on their intricate brass holders. A fine layer of dust has settled over the room and there are foot prints raining from large to small, in the dust across the marble floors.

Sitting in the middle of the stairs dressed in a white shirt and white pants, very much like a hospital paient might wear, is Robyn. He's also quite see through as the stairs behind him can be seen through him. He taps a barefoot on the stairs but it doesn't make any noise as he does so and he seems like he's deep in thought about something.

The straining airs of 'Pirates of Penzance' come wafting through the air as of all people seems to enter, is Connor. Or is it Connor? While dressed as before, the knife and belt combo are gone in replacement of a broom as he pirohouettes into the room, dancing like it was his stage partner, "…HE WAS NOT A PROTECTOR-ECTOR MUCH!" The pair seperate for a dance piece, the broom collapsing, as he goes through with a silent orchestra. Then the broom is retrieved as he starts sweeping and singing not the original song, but the Season Three of Reboot's version, synopsising the story.

Robyn looks up at Connor and watches him with confusion for a bit. "I didn't ever think I'd see you dance with a broom." He says a small smile forming on his face. He stays sitting for now and folds his hands together as he watches his roommate. "You're the first person I've seen that has entered here in high spirits Connor." He remembers who he is for the time being.

Connor turns around at the sound of his name and says, "GEORGE!" And all but prances up the stairs, singsonging, "George Constanza, George Constanza, George Constanza, CLOONEY!" And he tries to bop Robyn on the head as he twirls once more and lands on his backside on the steps, laughing hysterically and then his face falls flat as he screams out, "I NEED A DOCTOR!" But as soon as it's out, the manic smile returns, "Do you need to be loved, and hugged and squeezed today?"

There is no bob to Robyn's head as the hand travels right through him and when Connor's hand passes through the non-coporeal Robyn some of his life force is drained with it. "There are no doctors here Connor, and no, I can't be hugged and squeezed right now." He then gets up and there's a small smile on the ghost's face. "You feel it too don't you?"

Connor pulls out a notebook from his pocket, and a self-filling fountain pen, followed by a pair of glasses. Affecting a bad accent, he replies, "So tell mcche…. ven vas zee furst tyme yu began beleefink zhere vas no such think azz Doktorssssssss?" Hissing off the last part as he tilts his head back and forth, and then begins waving his hand through the incorporeal form, "And do naaaaawt LIIIIIIEEEEE to meeeeeee… I can see right throoooooough yoooooooooou!" The affectations lost for the sing-song as he falls back laughing once more, and a pitiful murmur comes out, as he scratches at a set of scratches on his neck, "It's in the blood."

"I just said there are no doctors here, not that I don't believe in them. It's more…I don't trust them." Robyn says as he stands up and starts to back away from Connor looking at him suspiciously. "Why are you a doctor? Are you one of the doctor's here?" He says as he continues to slowly back away down down the stairs. "I don't have blood anymore." He says as he's starting to confuse things again but not because of a lack of life force.

Connor perks up brightly at the caution and then puts all the things away, "No blood? Take mine!" And he reaches a hand in to pull out a small knife and starts walking towards you as he rolls up his sleeves, "You see… I have to help you! Well… not really have to, but I need to. You see, there's no filter anymore, but the filter had the voices, but without the filter there's nothing stopping it from all passing through!" He pauses in his advance and barks out a laugh, "My brain's a cigarette! COOL! No… Marlboro Reds!" Shrugging once as he prepares to cut himself, and begins shaking like a withdrawing addict, "You have to let me help you… you have to have to HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO!" By the end shouts, hopping on his feet like a spoiled child.

Not moving a way from Connor, Robyn stays where his is for the moment. It's not like he can be touched right now, not physically. He's learned that the hard way. "Why would you cut yourself if you can't help me?" The ghost asks with a tilt of his head. "Why do you even think you can help me? Why do you even think I need help." He takes a few steps towards Connor and reaches a hand out to 'touch him'.

"Ring around the Robyn, pockets full of problems, Fascists, Fascists, the EM ELL EFF!" Connor sings out to 'ring around the rosey' as he's approached, "You said you didn't have blood, but I have blood, plenty of blood, blood to use, blood to spill, blood to brother, blood to pudding, blood to pie! KA'PLAH!" Fistbumping his chest proudly, and begins to baritone out with an uncommon skill, "Qoy qeylIs puqloD, Qoy puqbe'pu' yoHbogh malthbogh je' SuvwI' Sey'moHchu' may' 'Iw maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu' nI'be'yInmaj 'ach wovqu'!" Connor singing… in Klingon… complete with the throat rumbles and heavy movements, but his eyes begin to pour tears out and show panic.

Connor reaches into his pocket, and a note falls out… the translation to the words he's singing, written in blood, and under it is written three times 'It's in the Blood, It's in the Blood, It's in the Blood.'

"You're scared." Robyn states looking at the crazy speaking Connor. "You have a thing for blood, why is that? Are you scared of the blood?" He asks as he bends over to look at the note since he can't pick it up. "Are you here because of the blood? Connor, tell me what is wrong. The only way you can help me is by being food but can I help you some how? I'm sorry if I worried you. Did Heather tell you that?"

Turning his head, he scratches at his neck, where four long scratchmarks are, as if someone had tried to choke him and dug their nails in, four spots that look infected and angry red. He looks back at you and as you tell him how to help, he holds out his bared arm, and begins a chorus from Little Shop of Horrors, "I've given you sunlight. I've given you rain. Looks like you're not happy, 'Less I open a vein. I'll give you a few drops If that'll appease. Now please-oh please-grow for me!" But then Connor's gaze turns flat and serious, "Someone must still love you because you haven't faded away, now eat you fucking coward." Before the sing-song comes back and he screams out, "WHO WANTS PIE! I DO! I DO!"

"I've been feeding from who I can Connor, I haven't been afraid." Not since Robyn's been like this, anyone who has come into range he's been stealing bits from. "The problem is, most people don't come up here, except Heather. She isn't scared." He says as he walks up to Connor and drains him, and he's not stingy about it either. He's not fully draining him but it's definately a good fourth of his psychic energy. After he's feed though he looks at Connor. "I don't remember pie."

Connor squeals out in a high-pitched tone as the migraine splits through him, and he sits back, a clarity coming back into his eyes as the pain filters something else out of him. Panting hard, and looking dizzy, he looks up at Robyn, "You have to tell them, you have to tell them all, one scratch, one nick, all it takes is one little thing and it's in the blood. It's in the blood, Robyn! You have to tell someone. I can't… I… it won't… h-… h-…' And he suddenly turns and begins to vomit.

Robyn smiles at Connor and sits down next to him, not caring about the vomit. "I can barely remember who I am most the time, I know I don't belong here but I fit in so well. You..I remember you, I barely remember Robyn. I can tell those who come up here but I can't leave. Something won't let me leave, it stops me." He looks at his hands and then puts a hand ontop of Connor's, but more in his. "I know I worried you, and I'm sorry, but I'll try. I'll remember it as best I can." His voice sounds far off, kind of hollow, ghostlike.

"You can't take care of yourself… you won't take care of yourself… you'd rather die first. You never let us help…" But when Connor says the word help, his eyes glass over and he vanishes, reppearing while standing with a finger pointed to the sky in manic inspiration, "I've done gone and soiled the floor. TO THE MOP-CAVE, ROBYN!" Somehow a blue velour cape sweeps around him and he prances down the stairs, "DA-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH, DA-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH, CON-MAN!…. CON-MAN!" And bolts off into the depths of the mansion, the sounds of things being smashed in his wake as he yells out, "BIFF!" "BOOM!" "PAOW!"

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