2011-07-08: I'm Not Ironman


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Summary: Theo decided to take his armour for a test run.

Date: July 8, 2011

Log Title: I'm Not Ironman

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Communications Tower

This large metal tower has many mysteries and stories surrounding it. Deep in the woods it supplies most of the radio frequencies of the school. Danger and High Voltage signs hang all around the tower, but that doesn't stop the occasional group of students from trying to climb it.

Sage has been exploring and having stumbled upon the Communications Tower he figured it'd be a good place to relax. Sitting at the base of the tower he has his rusack open next to him. He's dressed in a blue and white stripped shirt over a pair of loose jeans, his bare feet sticking out of the bottom. He's got some hemp twine that he's knotting together to make either a bracelet or necklace of some sort. (re for Theo)

Mikhail is just on a quick run after spending most of that morning googling a few words and phrases he's heard lately that he didn't understand (such as one from a cirtain Katy Perry song), he's dressed in dark jeans, sneakers and a long sleeved grey shirt, he's pretty familier with the woods and changes direction when he picks up Sage's scent, he stops about three feet behind Sage.

Through the woods he comes. Who is it? It's someone in a suit of armor. Maybe not the best move, considering how on edge everyone has been about Mindbender and Upgrade. Still, the dull gray suit is marching through the woods toward the communications tower, with a backpack in hand. Whatever is in the pack, it takes up most of the space, as the pack is bulging at the seams with the contents. Small branches are cracked and smashed as the armored figure trudges unceremoniously through brush, ignoring most of the smaller obstacles that an unarmored person would have to walk around.

Daytime is /naptime/. At least it is when you're a nocturnal jungle cat. Of course the stomping metal figure makes enough noise to wake up just about every animal within a mile which makes for a very rude awakening for poor Evelyn settled in the very highest branches of a nearby tree. Lazily her eyes flick open and she opens her mouth in a silent feline yawn.

The sound of something stomping through metal causes Sage to jump up and look for the source of the noise. He does not want to be around in case it's another attack on the school. He doesn't even spot Mikhail behind him as he sees the armoured guy coming and instead of running away Sage decides to go up as he starts climbing the Communications Tower as quickly as he can, his dreads reaching out to cling to bits of metal to support his climb.

Mikhail crouches down and lets out a growl when he hears the armored Theo stomping though the woods, seeing Sage begin to climb the tower he leaps into a nearby tree meaning to wait until whoever it is reaches where they are.

Theo watches as Sage starts to climb the tower, and hears Mikhail's growl. "Hey Mikhail," the armored figure offers with a casual wave and a robotic voice, still fully clothed in the armor. He stops at the base of the tower, and looks up at where Sage is climbing. He adjusts a little to the right, and then calls out. "On your right, coming through!" He raises his left arm up, a laser pointer recently installed to aid his precision. It fixes on to a bar about fifteen meters up, and fires. The hook catches firmly, and Theo tugs a few times to make certain that the cable has a good grip.

Evelyn tilts her head as the loud thing begins talking, then indeed shooting things at the unclimbable shiny thing. "Mraow?" she muses, tail starting to swish from side to side as she wakes up. "Moaw!"

Something is being fired at where he's climbing, a big armoured being is shooting at him. Or at least that's what Sage thinks. He starts to try to make his way down but in his panicked fear, Sage slips and ends up falling the fifteen feet to the ground. His hair and arms flail a bit as he lands on the ground with an 'ooof' and a groan as things start to hurt.

Mikhail has already leaped from the tree aiming for the armored figure's back before he hears the greeting, "Huh?", he's also picked up the scent of the cat thing from the other week, he's starting to wonder if this is some kind of attack orcastrated by the people in Mr. Guthrie was talking about.

Theo watches as Sage falls to the ground. "Jeez, you okay?" he asks. He is about to turn to help when Mikhail lands on his back. There is a metal clang as The armor strikes against the base of the tower. The armored teen spins around, trying to get himself free from Mikhail's grasp. "Dude, what're you doing?" Of course, his left arm is still attached to the grappling hook, giving Theo only one free arm to work with as he tries to get Mikhail to let go.

Oooo. So okay they've woken her up during naptime but at least they're putting on a show! And with the intent on getting herself a better view Evelyn springs to her feet and begins nimbly making her way down to a lower branch. All the better to watch the chaos unfold!

Sage looks up at Theo as he speaks to him. "Just..leave me alone okay. I don't want to fight." He says in his thick British accent. He's pretty convinced that Theo is a bad guy and like Mikhail, thinks he might be one of the guys that Mr. Guthrie warned them about. He tries to push himself up but winces as he puts pressure on one of his wrists. His dreads starts to fan out and form a protective barrier around him.

Mikhail knows he can't do anything to metal so what he tries to do instead is wrap his legs around the waist of the armored figure and try and use his hands to get the figure's helmet off, in his Romanian accent he says to Sage, "Come on, give me a hand".

There is a click as Theo disengages the grapling hook, and with the backpack dropped to the ground, he leaps backward into the air to try to land on his back, hopefully atop of Mikhail to get him to let go. "Okay, let go!" He shouts. The helmet doesn't seem to detach so easily, and is connected to the rest of the suit. "What's your problem anyway!"

Largely ignored Evelyn shifts back into human form and peers from a considerably more sturdy branch up in the same tree. "Isn't that Theo?" she wonders, swinging her legs idly. "And your accent sounds really familiar guy with the crazy hair." Of course her own accent sounds nothing like Sages, despite technically being from the same region. Right now she's doing her impersonation of a member of the gentry, perhaps a Baroness of some sort.

"Give you a hand with what?!" Sage cries out as he just wants to get away. "What is your problem? You are the one attacking the school!" He says to Theo before looking over at the red head girl and looking back. "Whose Theo?!" He hasn't met him yet so he's quite clueless. "And what is going on here? Are we under attack or not?"

"Taking this thing down", when the armored figure leaps backwards Mik throws himself off his back to avoid being squished, "Yeah i think it's theo but he's brainbroken i thi… wait weren'tyou the cat-thing?", and yes by brainbroken he means mindbent.

"Of course I'm Theo!" Theo answers frantically as he lands with a thud. "I'm not attacking the school you knuckleheads! Why would I attack the place I live?" He rolls back into a crouching ready position, and holds his right arm out at Mikhail. "I'm not brain broken, you're the one who attacked me! You take another step and I swear I'll drop you." There is an arc of blue electricity from the wrist mounted taser trained on Mikhail to indicate that there is indeed a weapon attached. The helmet folds back to reveal Theo's head, showing that he is indeed, himself.

Evelyn scratches her head. "If he's brainzonked or attacking us then why is he wandering around in the woods by himself?" she asks innocently. "And I'm pretty sure we're not being attacked right now, way too quiet and you would have seen more birds flying up from elsewhere within the grounds." Not that anyone else had quite the view she did from the very highest point of the tree. "Theo is the guy getting wrestled with." She simply swishes her tail in response to questions about her being any form of cat-thing.

"Well I didn't know you lived here!" Sage says. "And the two of you fighting like that is just horrid." He says sounding appaled. His hair eventually calms down and settles back to it's normal, non-moving, lenght. He sits up and holds onto one of his wrists with his other hand. "And do you know how many fairies, gerrips and korrats you've killed and if you didn't kill them you destoryed their homes, trouncing through the woods like that."

While Theo may not be mindbent Mik still growl and bares his teeth in responce to the threat, he does back away slightly though, he begins to circle around slightly when Sage distracts him, "Fairies?", he's pretty sure faries don't exist, like Santa, well he's sure Santa doesn't exist as he tried to track him during his first christmas here.

Theo gives a split second glance to Sage, "Gerrips?" he asks, following the beat after Mikhail, also distracted from the current topic slightly. The taser doesn't continue to spark, but it isn't lowered yet.

Evelyn tilts her head. "Erm… What are you talking about? Is a korrat a type of mouse?" she wonders. "And can you boys please play nice? Theo isn't tinned venison and the boy with the teeth doesn't need zapping." She grins. "You're only allowed to fight if it's for my affections and then you'll need horses to do it properly."

"Yes Fairies." Sage says. "They help plants and flowers grow. Just like the Gerrips put moss on the trees, rocks and ground to give them soft places to sleep instead of hard bark and rough rocks. The Korrats, they're not mice, they're little creatures who live in the brush. They're like Fairies but work for Pan and focus on bushes and shrubbery." He tries to blow a dreadlock out of his face unsuccessfully and it just hangs down the middle of his face. "And now that we know Theo here isn't attacking anyone, there's no need for the two of you to be on edge. Violence and arguements are something that are never necessary." He then makes a face at Evelyn. "That's a dreadful thought." He looks down at his wrist and frowns as he notices it's swelling a bit.

Mikhail doesn't move from where he is but has a quick glance around before looking back at Sage, "Sorry but faries don't exist and if they did i'd be able to smell them, don't worry i didn't use to understand fiction either", he then looks to Evelyn, "Whats venison?"

"Yeah, except Mikhail thought it was cute to randomly attack me. I swear I'm surrounded by crazies. It's amazing that I've survived here this long. I was going to install a piggyback onto the communications tower so that I can monitor the communications going on at the school, and make sure that we know quickly if there is an attack. I was wearing the armor because people aren't supposed to be hanging out around here, and I needed a quick way up the tower." Theo lowers his arm and doesn't engage the debate about fairies. "I'm going to go ahead and continue my project, if I can do that without getting assaulted again."

Evelyn blinks a few times, then shrugs. "Venison is deer meat," she explains. "And there is nothing wrong with getting people to engage in a little friendly jousting for a ladies affections. It's romantic!" She tactfully leaves her opinions on fairies out for now. "Won't the teachers see you with their cameras and then you'll get in trouble?"

"Fairies smell like flowers so how would you be able to tell the difference?" Sage asks Mikhail. "They're not fiction, they're real." He doesn't sound defensive but more as if he's stating a fact like the grass is green. He then looks at Theo curiously. "I'm sorry for saying this mate but I've never met any of you before today. All I know is the school has been attacked and there's a warning that there might be some dangerous Dunlalaps around. So you come walking in and armour and then fire a..a…thingy not to far from me but what am I supposed to think? Maybe next time a hello or a greeting won't cause miscommunication." It all sounds completely logical to Sage. "I'll introduce myself. I'm Sage Windsong Chipmunnk Holbrook the Fourth, I'm new to this place." He then looks at Evelyn with horror. "There is nothing romantic about anyone fighting. And then to bring horses into it..that is absolutely appauling. That's just out right cruel."

"Well, you're very pretty, maybe I can fight for your affections after a while," Theo suggests to Evelyn, though with anything but a romantic tone. "But right now, there's some important things to attend to. I don't really need to worry about stuff like cameras watching." He walks back to the grappling hook, and reaches up to connect it back to the suit. "So you guys have fun playing with fairies and pretending to be knights of old, but I'm going to work on saving us from getting turned into slaves of supervillains. Maybe that can be romantic too," And with that, he grabs the backpack, and is hoisted up the line.

Evelyn groans with dismay so hard she almost falls out the tree. "You really think I'm serious about making people joust?" she asks Sage, cringing. "I'm just teasing them. Largely to direct the conversation away from the bizarre notion that fairies live in the woods. I've been to schools all over the world and not once has anyone ever claimed something so strange."

"I don't know what American's do." Sage says as he hasn't caught any hint of her accent. "I didn't think that there would be psyocic people attacking the school in my first week here so honestly, I don't know what to expect." Then Sage looks almost hurt by Evelyn's words. "There's nothing strange about what I said. It's fact. I'm sorry if you've never gone fairy watching or left out food for them but the plants at the farm I am from wouldn't be as prosperous if it wasn't for the fairies and other creatures of Gaia that help them grow."

Mikhail is confused, "Ok, so are fairies fact or fiction?, cos i was told they weren't real like Santa and Daniel Radcliff", he stands up straight as Theo leaves, "Whats the point of the horses in jousting, why can't people just run?"

Evelyn shrugs. "I don't really either. I've only been in the country for a little while," she offers, changing accent through boredom to something similar to Mikhails. "Fiction would be the majority answer, but I think Daniel Radcliff is actually real. Someone might have claimed otherwise to stop you falling for his charms?" She sighs. "I must admit the attacked by people part caught me by surprise too. But America is supposed to be pretty violent! I did expect there'd be more guns involved though…"

"I don't know who Daniel Radcliff is but Santa and Fairies are quite real. I don't care what she says, she's wrong." Sage says. He doesn't say it as if he's being arguementive but he believes whole heartitly that they are real. "I didn't know that America was supposed to be this violent. Or that there were a lot of guns involved here. What kind of place is this?"

Mikhail raises an eyebrow when Evelyn copies his accent and copies hers, "No i'm pretty sure he's fictional, i've been told so plus it makes sense", he looks to Sage, "My first Christmas here i tried tracking Santa and never found a scent that didn't match on of the teachers".

"He's an actor," Evelyn says, a faint hint of despair in her tone. "But anyway… I'm guessing you've never seen the news then? Or watched a movie or any kind of modern set tv series. They'd all show America as a pretty violent country, after all they can legally buy guns here. Some /banks/ give them out free when you open an account!"

"That's because Santa Clause is magic. You can't smell magic, can you?" Sage asks Mikhail. "We never watched or read the news and the only movies we watched were mostly cartoon. The Fox and the Hound is one of my favourites though it makes me cry every time."

Mikhail shakes his head, "No i don't think he is, i'm pretty sure he's a fictional character", he shrugs in responce to Sage's question, "I've never tried to smell magic before but i'm guessing it would make my nose tingle, like before a sneeze".

"So anyway I seem to have forgotten to introduce myself," Evelyn says, swinging her legs. "I'm Evelyn, Evelyn Greer. It's nice to meet you both! Codename Pounce and I'm currently on Alpha Squadron, although I don't know why we're called that when there isn't a Beta Squadron…"

"Like I said earlier, I'm Sage. I'd offer a hand in greeting by my wrist doesn't seem to be doing so well." Sage says still holding his wrist. "I guess my code name is Locks cause of my hair. It's a pleasure to meet you as well Evelyn." He then looks back at Mikhail and shrugs. "If you don't want to believe in Santa Clause that's up to you but you won't be getting any presents at Christmas then."

"What about presants from other people?, if Santa was real i don't think he can have dominion over all presants", Mik switches back to his own accent, "My name is Mikhail and i'm on the Corsiars, but i'm not sure if it'll change after the summer".

"Yeah I bet they'll change us around," Evelyn agrees, nodding. "Half my squad has graduated so they'll have to find people to replace them. And I doubt you could reach me to shake my hand right now anyway!" She grins. "You should probably go get that checked out, it looks pretty bad."

Sage nods to Evelyn as he finally pushes himself up, with his hair, after all it pretty much is just another limb to him. "Believe me, he does have dominion over all the presents. All of them." Sage says with a grin before giving both a single nod. "Well I think I shall be heading to the infirmary here. It was a pleasure meeting you both and have a good day. Cheers." He says as he picks up his rusack and heads back to the school.

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