2010-07-04 I'M On A Boat


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Summary: Tony drops by to see what Kaji is up to on the 4th.

Date: July 4, 2010

Log Title I'm on a Boat

Rating: PG-13


It was the 4th of July weekend in the States. This meant that everyone and their grandmother was planning a bbq, or attending some event with their closest friends and family. There was an event planned in DC, one of the largest fireworks shows on record. Iron Man was slotted to make an appearance at the beginning of the party. If not for a well placed email message from Pepper he would have forgotten it entirely.

Knowing that he was required to show up in DC in a few hours left him with several problems. Having abruptly left New York two days ago he was not in possession of the outer layer of his suit. A six hour trip got him back to New York to grab the case holding his armor, and several energy drinks later he was suited up and flying to the nations capital. It was all working out in the end. No one was wise to the fact that Stark had nearly forgotten to show up, and when Iron Man landed on the stage the crowd went wild.

Quite a lot of grandstanding followed as Tony took over the stage answering questions, and took time posing for pictures with the performers that had been setting up on the stage. With Iron Mans personal stamp of approval on the Independence celebration Tony finally was free to fly off into the sunset. As he hovered above the promenade he scanned for the location of Kaji. The resulting search yielded a location that was unexpected to say the least. Seems he wasn't the only one to take a boat out for a spin.

Out in the ocean, facing towards the shores of New York was one of Tony's yachts. On the deck of it, just lounging in the setting sunlight was Kaji. Of course, he was in his most comfortable form; that being his anthro form, feeling the ocean air just waft over the deck as the sun kept him warm enough to just be in his swim trunks. Seems he was probably waiting for night time to watch the fireworks.

Flying past Coney Island always amused Tony. It never failed that someone would run into a wall or drop something they were eating when Iron Man streaked by over head. It didn't take long to locate where one of the yachts in his fleet was located. Tony skimmed along the water till the boat loomed ahead of him. With a quick rise he rose over the bow hovering in front of the wolf. "Fancy meeting you here. Best seat in the house?"

It seems the wolf had found some shades to buy before he left the harbor as Kaji lifts the aviators up to look over at Tony. "Well, now that I have a door blocking my way. I ain't too sure about that." He sits up and quirks a brow, "Seems ya remembered your showing. Heard about it on the news, quite an entrance." He leans back in the chair, getting comfy once more.

"A door? What?" Tony asks hovering slowly over the deck till he can land. The helmet is removed then tucked under his arm. "You catch that? I thought the piece about the military went fairly well. Even if I'm not in that game anymore I do still care about what happens to our soldiers." He walks across the deck to the sound of metal clanging wood. "I like the look, kinda reminds me of Slider from Top Gun."

Kaji gives a thumbs up before he chuckles. "Just a small joke." He sits up once more, stretching his arms above his head with a soft grunt. "And thanks, searched high and low for these things. Was lucky to find out that they fit my muzzle easily enough." He looks back at Tony with a chuckle, "By the by, do you always hire crew that know how to mix drinks? The captain can make a mean Long Island."

"Modern miracle that you'd find shades that worked," Tony comments as he searches for a place to set the helmet down. Eventually he gives up by simply dropping it into a chair. "Now that my spiel about world peace, the nations security, and yada-yada is done- hey! What's with breaking into the on board liquor without me?"

Kaji just smiles as he listens to Tony, mentally counting down in time with the swishing of his tail till he gets it. Ding! "Hey, I didn't think you'd show up. So I figured I'd get comfy! Who knows, ya might've had fun in the sky playing chicken with fireworks." He stands up and looks out at the ocean for a bit before his gazes goes back to Tony, "Though I did like your jab at the senate during the national security bit."

Shrugging with his hands Tony walks over to where Kaji is standing. "I take more shots at them than a Baldwin ends up in rehab." He laughs, shuffling a booted foot against the deck. "Also, that particular firework was a dud. Pretty though, seeing as I ate it in the face."

Kaji snickers. "Ah, I figured." He walks over towards a table near the edge of the deck and picks up his drink; motioning down to the second one on the table. "Had one made up for ya. Figured, ya'd like something to relax with." With that, he leans against the railing taking a drink out of a rather long straw. Least it isn't a crazy one.

Tony looks over at the drink. For a moment he considers not taking it but in for a penny in for a pound. Tony looks down at his gauntlet covered hands with a frown. Slowly the exterior armor spreads out away from him in a sort of dance till it stacks on the chair nearby with the helmet. The inner armor recedes into his body so that he's standing on the deck in his UM clothing. "Thanks, been living on energy drinks for the last hour or so. Not that this is going to help but it sure the hell tastes better." He lifts the glass in salute to his fuzzy friend.

Kaji lifts it back with a smirk. "I know that ya shouldn't have it. But, seeing as it's the fourth of July. I figured ya should at least have one. Besides, I don't know anyone else that I'd rather watch the show with." He looks over his shoulder at the Statue of Liberty and smirks, "Haven't really had the chance to watch it from all the way out here."

There's a tickle of happiness flowing through Stark. Hearing something like what Kaji has just said means a lot more because it is something truthful and not the typical ego inflating comments he's used to. "Trust me, being far away from explosives is the way to go. That and no crowds. I hate crowds. The press of bodies, the eugh…" he shudders just thinking about it. "This party needs some tunes. No since in sitting out here in silence." Tony turns around waving at the Captain in some sort of Morse code that works between the two. "To tea parties, barbeques and pool parties!" Tony says a second before draining half his glass.

Kaji smirks. "I think I've had my share of explosions this past month. Something about fighting robots that could just blast me to smithereens kinda makes me want to have a nice relaxing day." He looks over at Tony before he raises his glass in a toast and downs the entirety of his glass!

Tony frowns that the wolf can drink him under the table. It would be fun to give it a go just to see what would happen but he has a feeling it would end in yet another draw. The drinks continue to flow as the time to the firework show counts down. "So then he says, 'Mr. Stark…did you really sponsor the entire Dallas Cowboys cheer leading squad back in the 80s,' to which I said, the 80's? I'm still a contributing donor.'"

Kaji glances over at Tony after the drink and he says, "Don't worry. I think I'm going to stick to soda for the rest of the night. Caffeine has a better kick." As the night rolls on, and the wolf drinking more soda than a teenager doing a raid on World of Warcraft. He lets out a soft laugh and he says, "Really. You sponsored the cheer leading squad? But not the football team." He shakes his head with another chuckle.

Tony waggles his eyebrows as he turns about the small space he's been pacing for the last fifteen minutes. "Don't get me started, really, not a wise idea." The laughter keeps flowing until Tony is pretty much a step away from being manic. "Honestlyifyouputtheoverdriveintotheengineitwill-whoa!" He spins around as the first mortar is launched. "Shows up! Whendiditgettobeten? Ithoughtitwaslikenine!" Tony continues drinking his tenth or so soda.

Kaji watches the fireworks before he grins and glances over at Stark. "You know, Tony. There're times where I love bein' your friend." He pats the man on the shoulder before he slides his hands to grip at the man's tanktop. "But then there're times where you shouldn't just leave me alone." It's an easy throw over the railing of the boat, just enough force to put him a safe distance away from the side.

Tony is so strung out on energy drinks, sodas and liquor that he's not even aware of what is happening till he smacks the water. Spluttering his way to the surface he looks up at the boat to see a gloating Kaji. "What the hell was that for?!?!" Tony treads water looking up at the man. "Why am I down here? Why do you have a Heffalump on your shoulder? They exist!"

The anthro has a smug smile on his face as Kaji leans on the railing and he chuckles. "Take a chill pill, man. Ya need to calm down." He shakes his head before he walks away from the railing, grabbing the tube from the wall before he throws it overboard to Tony.

Tony swims for the floating ring, "Calm down? You just tossed me off a boat into the New York harbor. Do you know what lives in this? 3 eyed fish that's what!" He swims for the back of the boat to where he knows there is a way to get out of the water and back onto the yacht. /Goingtokillhim.Goingtonowaitshavehimbaldthenkillhim./

Kaji pulls the empty ring back up as Tony heads for the back of the yacht, and he wipes his hands dry on his trunks before he waits for him to get back up to the deck. "Ya shouldn't drink that many energy drinks, ya were about a half step to go more insane than you already are." Just lookin' out for him! Honest!

Tony shakes himself off while growling at the wolf. "Look, ya could have just said you were pissed that I ran off and didn't call you. I did send a message!" Tony tries justifying his disappearing act with his somewhat lax messages that got spammed out to about five people. "You wouldn't have wanted to come along and I was going to be in no immediate danger. I figured you'd like a vacation from me." Tony stops to thank a staffer that's appeared to hand him a towel. While scrubbing his head with the towel he turns towards Kaji regarding him with an apologetic look. "I didn't mean anything by it. Hell, we're missing the show because I'm an idiot."

Kaji leans back against the railing, the explosions in the sky lighting up his black fur rather nicely before he says, "I accept your apology, and it was a nice break. BUt honestly, without you around, it's rather boring." He grins a bit before he looks behind him at the fireworks, "Now then, think that shock got the energy drinks out of ya?"

Tony snorts as he walks over to lean against the same railing to watch the fireworks. "No, but at least I'm not seeing pink elephants anymore." Tony drapes the towel around his neck, "I'll try to be less impulsive and more forthcoming in the future. For now, I want to see something spectacular because this display is pathetic. I should have brought a box of stuff out here myself."

Kaji glances over at Tony with a grin. "Check down below in the cabin. You'll see somethin' nice." His tail swaying behind him would give a clue as he looks at the meager display of fireworks that's lighting up the sky. "Though, this is a nice display all in all."

Tony quirks an eyebrow at his friend. "OH, I'm taking that how I think I'm supposed to be taking that am I?" When the wolf completely ignores him Tony huffs. "Well, I think I'll stay away from your 'somethin' just because I don't want to get punted off my own boat again."

Kaji smirks a bit, looking over at him a bit. "Fine, leave the fireworks downstairs. It's not like I brought 'em to launch off tonight anyway." He smirks before he says, "You're always impulsive, dude."

"To think I actually thought you might have taken the boat out to impress someone." Tony teases as his gaze once again travels to the sky to watch the varying explosions of color. "I've got to cut out on you again once this is done. I'll be back to haunting your paw prints on Monday. Don't get to wonry without me."

Kaji smirks. "I figured. Least ya get one night of rest." His tail flicks behind him before he grins, "Oh dear, what ever shall I do." In response to the paw print haunting. "Least I'll be able to update my wardrobe a bit more. Might be able to find a jacket to go with these shades."

Tony pulls a face clearly showing disgust. "What is this obsession with sleeping in my bed? I don't need you to keep my feet warm." The armor begins assembling, "That and I don't think I've ever been on this boat to date. First time for everything!"

Kaji laughs. "Because as a wolf, I like comfort. And the bed with the most comfort is your's. As thus, I use it when I can." That'd explain why he slipped past him back at home to sleep on his bed there. "A reason for everything." He blinks before he laughs again. "Ya should spend more time on this one, it's nice."

Tony rolls his neck as he leans over to pick the helmet up from the chair. "This is all sounding terribly wrong. You realize that right? Not that I'm saying anything but I know how irresistible I am." He smiles broadly at Kaji before stuffing the helmet down over his head, the lights flickering on once its in place.

Kaji shakes his head with a laugh. "Sorry, Tony. While ya are rather dashing, ya ain't my type." He winks a bit before he chuckles, "Sorry to burst yer bubble on that one."

"Sigh, I am mortally wounded." Tony says back in his metallic sounding voice caused by the helm. "Watch the bubble bursting actually, you'll meet Speedball soon enough. That…I'm looking forward to." Tony rises up off the deck enough so that the repulsors won't scorch the plates. "Happy 4th Hooch."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh. "You'll find plenty of gals, dude. Now go off and do what you do." He gives a two fingered salute to Tony before he turns back to watch the fireworks.

Tony is amused by the banter. As he was about to leave he got an idea. On the next sequence of mortars he flew through the display so that the repulsor blasts gave away that he was flying through, playing chicken. Only for a moment before he takes off to make the rendez-vous that he had set earlier in the day.

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