2012-07-09: I Raged


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Summary: Quenton tells Cale and Nicholas what happened…

Date: July 9, 2012

Log Title: I Raged

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Woods

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

The woods are a nice quiet place for people who like that sorta thing. And Kaylee is a person who likes that sort of thing. She's sitting on a bench off to the side of one of the paths (not too far in) tapping away at a small laptop. Probably on the edge of the mansion's wifi-range. Maybe that's about as far into the wilderness as she's willing to get? It's still nice though; shady and not as hot as some of the other areas…

Nicholas decided to go for a walk earlier this morning and has gotten lost, horribly lost. His mind was else where and before he knew it, he was deep in the woods with no clue how to get back. For the last few hours he's been trying to get his bearings, and with their being no roads he had trouble following his phone's GPS. Looking a bit dirty and tired, Nichols finds his way to the path and not long after spots Kaylee. "Please tell me the school isn't far from here."

He didn't want to be noticed. Standing at the highest branch of the nearest tree, he's leaning against the bark and staring a police badge, which rests in his palm, his thumb drawing along the front of it, over NYPD. He's wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, sneakers. The old get up. Tucked under his arm is his hooded vest and jacket, but his mind is lost on them right now. Eventually, his crimson gaze falls to the two on the ground, Kaylee and Nick. He closes his eyes, letting out a low rumble in his throat.

"QUENTON!" comes the high, strident voice of a terminally pissed-off Shane, followed by the sound of dirt being stomped and twigs snapped under the girl's heavy boots. "WHERE THE UNHOLY *FUCK* DID YOU GO?!"

Kaylee blinks up at Nick, startling slightly. "Er, no! It's only a hundred yards or so that way…" she pauses, "You didn't get lost, did you?" the young mutant smirks a little. Then, if she was startled when Nick showed up, she yelps and leaps about a foot up in the air when Shane makes her appearance, sticking to the side of a tree.

Nicholas shrugs at the question from Kaylee. "I get lost easy." He mutters in a bit of embarrassment but as Shane yells, he jumps quite a bit. "Shane, everything alright? I haven't seen Quenton out here, and I've been hanging out here most the day." Lost. "But then I've kind of been all over the place. What's up?"

The angry teenage girl isn't answered, and eventually, after some curses and promises, she tromps away, Quenton watching her as she does. And then, he tucks the badge away in his back pocket, then jumps. Landing right next to Nick, there's a brief ripple of air, a harmless shockwave that circles the two boys, eyes trailing to Kaylee just once. Wordlessly, he throws his jacket onto his shoulder and just begins to head off in the direction of the manor.

"Hey!" Kaylee shouts, blinking at Quenton as he just turns away and walks off. Perhaps that wasn't the /best/ idea but… "Well, you should call someone, then! You can always call me," she grins, climbing down from the tree and gathering up her laptop… before she pulls her phone out of her messenger bag and waves it around. "We have these things for a reason."

For the second time in a few minutes, Nick jumps as Quenton lands next to him. It takes him a few seconds to call out to Quenton. "Quenton, Q!" He says starting to walk after him. "Everything okay?" His voice full of concern.

Pausing, Quenton glances over his shoulder at both Kaylee and Nick, and lifting his shoulders as he turns and faces them. "Peachy. Everything's fine," he mutters, before his eyes trail down to his right hand, which is hideously and horribly burnt. He flexes the fingers of it, before hiding it in his pockets.

"Yeah well, it doesn't look that way to me," Kaylee folds her arms across her chest, leaning against a tree again. "But if you don't wanna talk about, that's okay too I guess…" she trails off, remembering after a moment that, well, it's Quenton. Right?

Nicholas hesitates and when he sees the burnt hand he follows after Quenton. "You went to see him didn't you?" His voice isn't thick with acquisition but there is a hint of it there. "What happened?" This question is more filled with concern.

"I raged," Quenton mutters, vaguely, not going into much more detail then that. Even as he says it, though, his eyes squeeze shut, and he leans against the tree (not the one Kaylee's against, luckily) and knocks his head back into the bark, causing the tree to shake and leaves to fall.

"Oh…" Kaylee trails off, sort of getting the gist of what that means but… she shrugs a little, glancing over to Nick questioningly. Maybe he knows what's going on? Who's this 'him' anyway?

"Shit." Nicholas says, what else is there to say about that matter. He doesn't knows what else to say, just shoving his hands in his pockets. "If you wanna talk, lemme know. If not, I understand."

"Either way. He's dead, now," Quenton mutters, and his good hand comes from his pocket to clench into a fist, hard enough that those loud pops from his knuckles can be heard. "And I'm still alive. Isn't that supposed to be a win?" he wonders, voice choked, and it's probably uncertain whether he's talking to Kaylee or Nick. Or himself.

"Well, yeah… I guess…?" Kaylee blinks, "Does this… er…" she trails off, "Have something to do with that thing you were talking about doing?" she bites her lip. "I mean. If it's revenge. Sometimes revenge doesn't, you know, fix the problem… but…" What can you do, right? Like she even needs to say that.

"Is there such thing?" Nicholas mutters as he lets out a sigh. "You raged, you didn't want to…" He can't really find away to finish that sentence. "You okay?" His eyes turn to look Quenton right in the face. "You don't have to talk about what happened but, are you okay?" Even though he knows the answer.

"Is there such a thing?" Quenton echoes, while he runs his hand through his hair. "Got my revenge already, Kaylee. He's dead. He's very dead. I've never felt so good just…" His hand goes out, and his fingers and thumbs curl into some odd gesture, before they slowly shake as he pulls his hands apart.

"Well, then you've already done everything you could, huh?" Kaylee shrugs - slightly unable to see whatever it is that's going on. There's something but… she's not good at reading people enough to know.

Nicholas moves a hand so he can run it through his hair, he's really not sure what to say but after moments of quiet he looks any where except at Quenton as he asks the questions that's been on his mind. "How are your parents?" The tone is quiet, as if he's almost fearing the answer but he's hoping for good news.

"Mom? She's… like Jill now, except hateful and crazier and… dad? He…" Quenton lifts his hand to drag his palm along his face, shifting slightly on his feet. "Tried to stop me." And that's all he says about that, though his eyes lift and flick between Kaylee and Nick.

Kaylee lets out a long sigh through her nostrils, grimacing as she imagines what /that/ must have been like… What can you say to that? She shifts her weight from one foot to the other, bracing one sandaled foot against the tree, and just kind of gazes upwards for a moment.

"Oh fuck, Quenton." Nicholas says in disbelief. He just stares at him for a bit. Like Kaylee he doesn't know what to say. "I….Quenton…I'm….I'm really sorry." He wishes he was there, maybe he could have stopped him or done something.

"Yeah," Quenton murmurs, rubbing his face, before his hand drops to his side, which curls into a fist. "Me, too. I keep… keep playing it over and over in my head again. Zoey found out. She… fucking hates me, now. My whole family hates me and all I can do is just fucking…" He lifts his maimed hand up, as well as his good one, and both drag his fingers through his hair.

Kaylee shakes her head. "Well, I dunno. Sounds to me like… I dunno, you did what you could." She lets out another long, depressed sounding sigh. A couple weeks ago? She'd really wanted to go with him. Now that it turned out such as this, it's probably better that she didn't…. perhaps. Still, she'd been pulling for things to turn out okay and… Things suck when they don't? "That sucks. But you did what you could. I figure, you know, you being you, you don't really wanna talk about it. At least, not with me. So, I'mma go inside. But if you want to, you know where to find me," she pushes off of the tree and starts to walk.

"Give her time, maybe….maybe she'll realize that with your Rage….it wasn't under your control." Nicholas says not really believing his own words. "I'm really sorry Quenton, the last thing I wanted was for you…anyone, to…experience this. It sucks, a lot and it's gonna keep on sucking. I wish I could tell you different but it doesn't get easier, at least….it hasn't yet. I'm….gonna let you be alone for a bit." Might be best for Quenton is Nick's opinion. "You ever need to talk…" The offer is there.

Quenton's eyes settle on Nicholas a moment, watching him, before glancing after Kaylee, before his hand draws along his face, before, instead of replying to either of them, he abruptly takes off, into the air, zipping off, at the speed of an Olympic runner, lurching off in one direction.
….On the ground, however, left, is a badge, NYPD, covered in dried blood.

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